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Monday Flash: Celtics win, Lakers lose, Tiger and Phil compete at Pebble Beach

Feb 13, 2012|

Mike Adams fills in for Meter and covers Sunday's sports stories. One Celtics' player had a fantastic afternoon and so did Phil Mickelson.

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-- This is the second. We'll need to worry about Garnett had -- completely hot night. Rondo grabbed the rebound gets fouled by Lucas it is a triple double barrage -- -- -- -- how would you ever trade that guy for a freak in Lama from the -- NASA are you kidding me did you see the -- the other night -- yeah yeah and Washington's agreement now he's always McCain really good with these hairy and you know he should really view of an element of them for yourself -- no not not not just had to give -- -- to get him. No way no run those my guys there at 32 points fifteen assists ten rebounds poll says this of the media. And yet after making them wait 75. Minutes. He completed the -- he is yeah that is it is rude and care of economic. In Dan Shaughnessy -- the bull that weight but. Is it necessary not to tell mama -- featuring it on purpose -- game you have a great game and you know the way. 75 I can statement making a statement trade rumors seem mad about -- -- get all star game you think that's what does that mean straight numerous. And people blaming him for the two losses to the lakers then there Rutgers -- crappy answerable first ball. I wouldn't blame unspeakable and it shows he secondly you'd -- Doc Rivers she wants someone to blame you. Walked on the -- quartet to Ream you out against Toronto which was my favorite moment. Doc Rivers coaching career that was. Really Rondo can certainly be childlike but you know I don't -- one of the team up for what did you think of that Friday night. -- walking on the court Leo Doc Rivers he's -- and he deals establish the replay it it seems -- enough movement gives way out of it a lot of time out. And they still don't know they just stand around and he says enough I'm surprised that team because. He called the timeout when it was like twenty feet on the floor of look like he was ready to go. Play defense system and then he just read these guys now I've never and and Mike Gorman was incredulous he Sam Dickerson. Greg have you ever seen that. Ever I've never -- -- doctrine here. Right it is extreme certainly. No you out of her about the Laker game yesterday were they the got a real break they were up sixteen points earlier this game and then late they were down they actually that. Toronto. Overtake them they -- for the last three quarters and then -- can't inbound the ball so Kobe has the game winner with four point two seconds left and you know I hate him. They could more than almost anything. Yeah as the bulls coach the bulls are much bigger threat to yourself no I don't hate that as much serious there or 171000. As the numbers and an assessment team. 181624. People I think just about all of them -- disappointed. -- not set disappointment. There rose -- plan wasn't even there but Rondo was pretty happy. -- -- -- It's a free him up to have a triple they don't do this state don't even come close to win this game rose plan no rubber -- hurt. Probably not but I don't -- that was -- with. John Lucas the third. And and and the three now well mr. Steve. 22 points -- eight for 23. Derrick Rose plays this game it's ugly it is another loss. At home and talks of tantrum but he. Questioning his team the lakers are definite drop down and everybody excited article the lakers I'll just go back to it because I hate the lakers that it's the bulls is they played the Derrick Rose -- bull -- almost blew the game I -- but I'm just to -- talk -- the lakers because when my favorite players -- world peace is that team. -- world peace be bigger and that at last they've changed. The announces -- -- and comfortable thing. When -- -- brand like for -- -- these guys thing world peace it's stupid it's that it's like with prince change is. A dual logo nobody wants to deal with nothing is that the initials don't lend themselves to say like RG three you know no right -- -- M. MWP he doesn't. And laughter and double what my column had a team and better world that you should call meter meter world -- tomorrow see her words how that works were. And by the ways or anybody it's ever in the history of any. Basketball or any sport look more like mr. potato -- But at a us. He just went to west -- night when when they make the movie of Mike Brown's life they have to get -- mostly snipes was back in the country. Divorce is -- and fashion she's still a feeling of fugitive. -- -- -- Tigers of the Mexican League juice or not but I don't like I don't anticipate these cumulative anything. Or even even survive more than we he does these things now he wrestles for a week -- -- boxes for a week becomes this study of these just freak. Hey you guys know of the coolest people in every walk of life. And no matter what it is -- -- February. Now Rajon Rondo was one of them well it's good to good start but how about Michael Jordan about Bill Russell. Doctor. NFL Jim Brown. -- February. Hank Aaron Babe Ruth already kings both reported February the greatest linebacker. Lawrence Taylor February the greatest swimmer Mark Spitz Oscar deal a -- -- all born in February but I'm not through. Presidents Reagan -- of course George Washington. From the world of of -- science. You've got Edison born in February Galileo. Steve Jobs. And of course -- that house for a February day. In nineteen your woman nineteen Norman Rockwell Buffalo Bill Charles Lindbergh Christie Brinkley I can gore for days boy if I know we every time you know. It's it will that's why they made it to where they arm if you read -- -- but Malcolm Gladwell book they had an advantage their whole life they were older than the other kids in school right support so they get all the breaks yet just like you that's what's the fewer people aboard his favorite -- naturally if you were days so it's helped me was born on February 20 ninth. -- he's only the ten years old. On the -- to -- here at the battle yet. But it's that's just thought its interest and has nothing to do with you know what -- zodiac when you go to school. Really that everybody wasn't as a whole study on hockey players in this book the -- referenced what is make everybody born December just wait to go to school and -- desire -- -- -- at UB agent that now at the -- That's. All I got. Did you notice. Anything -- on. And the PGA tour is they Mikey anything pitcher. RE AM oh the guy with the blue the moves because the other injured. It doesn't them how he does he's got little movies that they Scott shall we do all he does -- tiger get his ass kicked out. Yeah that was have been there might say it's a pretty good day for you for anybody. The only really lost to Phil black hole eleventh show that yes eleven shots in one day it's good to be an entertaining afternoon it's sort of fizzle out that it not. I like that discus. Yet I mean it was just of flogging you know what tiger was out there in front of the world he would continue to. And hang out with Tony Romo and other amateurs in the TV and and in on the it was just. In a fishbowl. All day. And couldn't get it done and there were two parts of the graphics and one was to -- two feet seven inches and one was two feet and inches eight inches. Nick Faldo said it was two feet one inch and two feet one inch. I like I have watched tiger. Genome and whole career poker career I've seen a lot of Tiger Woods have you ever seen him miss a two foot one inch -- Win. Probably. I don't remember not to in the same I don't even I don't remember two feet. Maybe three feet but two feet though and by the way when he misses it ends up. Six feet to leave its heart in its arts and we'll -- it was unbelievable and you missed the hole completely that you now -- -- the hole and isn't the round of five feet -- -- pass a two foot. One inch putt I never thought of seize the day I mean he's obviously been one with the driver news. At some problems on the course -- you working your swing never seen that by the way. Any -- -- -- gonna show long putter you watched long putter release that are so what's -- belly up to I don't know what it's gonna do some. As long as we're talking about the measure bulls two feet one inch two feet eight inches would you like to explain the Jason whitlock. -- that has Larry job's got such I don't you think I don't really think of -- when I see an agent do you think that. Do you think maybe an Irish guy replica Mikey yeah you did that but. It it is offensive on so many -- yes -- -- and they like to say you know next door at the PBS. -- somebody who -- already see exactly he tweeted after. -- had 38 points I believe Friday night. Someone in New York is gonna yet. Two inches of pain feels -- which is -- -- tonight suggesting that he -- -- -- -- you don't have sex with his girlfriend and she was gonna -- two inches of pain stereotyping. I guess it is race close as awful yeah. So Larry Johnson has been fired yet. Of course he know he will be -- so I do you won't even be sanctioned. Our -- and thinks he should be fired. And it's got his job it is to and and the code but in his case and again I think he won and they over the what is a cut and dried thing -- you gotta fire again. Almost that it the pain is more offensive than that -- stereo template. It sounds like he's gonna go rape someone you know like and I think it wouldn't it wouldn't be a two inches of pleasure. Would you think that if you wanted to. It's it's misogynist. To say that he's gonna bring two inches of pain it was corporate or some woman some woman. And by the way I'm sometimes those honest attempt can be funny we joke about -- with an Irish. Irish Catholics and or you say what -- doubt too which is can cause pain or pleasure now tell me if you found this offensive. Or funny when Jeremy -- was in the garden Madison Square Garden an Asian woman. Held up signs that said who says we can't drive. I find that however has very cute I was drive insurer to -- -- And cheese and -- this -- in a week Carl from you know suddenly so. Holman do you find that funny yes -- on the -- know me you know. So why it's like well developed side correct right that if somebody else to it would be in trouble. It doesn't work differences who says we we asked him -- -- drivers. Who says in -- and it depends but in this case some people thought that was offensive. That was funny. And it's a stereotype people reacted negatively. That's on that was I can find that the. That's -- the white men can't jump you know as a movie title it is ours it's harmless tennis. -- white that part of what Jason whitlock didn't tweak it's it's another columnist Dan Shaughnessy. After hours on rock of performance last night said somebody's gonna. The old. Apple pay. Fired fired fired on the spot right. Yeah yeah yeah the apologized sort of look at the and.

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