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JaJuan Johnson with Grande & Max post-win

Feb 12, 2012|

JaJuan Johnson spoke with Grande & Max after the Celtics beat the Bulls today at the Garden.

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-- John thank you so much the best team but he NBA goes down near Boston this afternoon ID 591 as the final. The Celtics when it and we go to the start that in itself which we're gonna be without Jermaine O'Neal going to be without Brandon Bass. And it's nobody is gonna have to step up and that's nobody wants to want Johnson. Who and played a career high of 22 minutes and any one game issuing 33 today career high twelve points. Four rebounds you had to go over to the gym today to want that you were going to get the big -- -- right. Yeah that -- you know there's there's news but it is that plays. On QQ Martina at a minimum you know his team ready move you know since the you know and we'll see you know the load off these things. -- I was happy to be it's attributed to the it's a rookie it's always different when you think about -- in the game and you haven't played for awhile that you watch guys play. With what -- you -- -- learn by watching the Catholic so far. I mean look at the -- it was. Got to use insurance and -- is running room floor so I try to really on the fluid. Today announced or things coach -- those obligations you know in -- -- on the -- and opens -- a lot of things were. A lot of different people in I think he had a lot of the transition. This. It. It's as a rookie. There's pros and cons to pulling out of very good team if you're not like a good team you're gonna get to play a lot more than. It's -- you plan on all favored to be difficult -- -- -- meant what I think the biggest message that Doc Rivers has given you. About Spain's rating during its. It's never -- that you know Thompson and injuries that seem. -- -- certain -- that it's whatever -- -- just that theory. That's probably worth and they. It. Yet that marxism it. I had that -- view is is that as a rookie at the that you always the as a rookie. The company's U verse you know practice what you with Goran is yours you almost have to beat Houston up at the -- these gas so we use the problem. -- you know but you know that's plans. You'd use. It. To me so it is economists and it is important you know players. -- cute but what -- -- as you can with what you what you tell you what. Is the always with the story to tell you what they -- bit lucky he didn't. Yeah you know they it's one of that it. Of them right now -- who dude. You know you know with. He. How cool hasn't been for you to be able to share this with -- on after the years -- -- together plan rookies it's. Where two guys same school late in the week and make the -- let alone have the experience yet. Agree. Either of us expected it. It's to have so it's probably in those who. You know these you know -- you know it is. Of course is that possibly motivates you. To want to great YouTube videos you know by the way you two guys talking on the cell phone. On -- That's both. It's who's. Or is like this where you appears that the Celtics winning by one to one degree -- --

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