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Grande & Max with Doris Burke

Feb 12, 2012|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell sat down with ESPN's Doris Burke during halftime of Celtics/Bulls

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I'm John thank you it is halftime and normally -- -- and a -- Now 11 of our favorites is -- Doris Burke is here for ABC one make something happen here. -- favorite I don't know. Conversation between -- endorses you must listen like for the open Internet podcast we whenever I want was gonna miss out on this opportunity part first the ball. You've seen. Pretty much all the -- he's now at this point. We're basically of the opinion Chicago looks like the -- so far you Lenovo. I am and you know it was QB -- has sold me on that differential number which is I don't know I just talked about backs the one who's that was different about this is the this that's his thing but I mean you know -- he's been around a heck of a lot longer than I have than the other -- -- -- -- guys know them from the celtics' last championship. Won their multiple effort team that fortunately contested -- to do a great job rebounding a big deal was renewables. They're really good defense -- have to -- championship I. Your mindset is their night in and night out and maybe the best thing in and and acts of love your opinion Carlos Boozer playing at a really high level how. We're just -- I think that's the big thing when he's playing like that he brings so much in the few -- experience what they know what that fueled by the we always talked about this. We talk about Derrick Rose but. They think Derrick -- obviously great player but everybody raves about the that the kid that he is the place. These extraordinary just spoke with them and that we are trying to get a month -- -- show today and -- -- I've looked to leave better ask coach to let that happen which isn't to say absolutely not no way. Fifth what he has he's he's humble he's kind. You know cares about the city where it came from and I think it's a tribute to his mom mom mom announces. That a seventeen girls. And I watched Kevin Durant mrs. Obama and McCain when I have them practice and now that I hope my seventeen girls watching that. Derrick Rose is the kind of person I would be comfortable with my son turned into. I don't need to -- while there I mean as a man somebody's dedicated to its grant who worked every single day and the people around. Some real true humility about him. -- -- -- What -- -- he is it's that the team that moment and look at. Myself with news thirteen to fourteen of the NYT nine did you don't want to be around you don't put him up by this deal with school they go. Or you. The -- W have to -- -- but -- it's total. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You must have a real appreciation for people ask me about what duck is done for years one night for disease. Kids play sort of stealing a line. That is over -- over yet. Extraordinary act. Physical. And emotional discipline for him to do it but rather ordinary father. It's that is perfectly stated. That it's perfectly stated. Always tell parents who are not good parents that may be expected to. You've noticed that's until you are a parent you simply cannot understand that kind of emotion your children will vote for you good and bad. And also include the likes of which you are going. To go teams this -- to support them. The best thing for me I've talked often about his -- I have and the hands. I don't mind presbyterian early and Paulson told me the best thing about my dad he's just my dad he's not micro. And -- said. I feel already as a coach I'm not -- to Afghanistan. Where you belong that is if you talk about me being the father let. -- -- Britney episode itself he's the father. Goodness and he's telling me that reaction is because again. Getting a look -- that ran it on it -- I was aware of the arm of a walker appeared earlier rallied to try to -- my image during -- thousands of yeah celebration and the as you bring Jack -- On the court. 21 things went. When we all talk about you like you that when those people need to. This -- what I don't know we're -- -- -- you know really. You don't ever want people know this is positive exposure to we'll tell you opened doors for them for a long time. You are were also to -- an unprecedented amount of criticism because of the nature of things now with wood or whatever but for. Apparent reasons you were going to be -- -- -- he wouldn't now. How do you. -- I have no patience -- they'll tell you for anybody pretty much any time anyway -- in the criticism. Like how do you deal with. The outreach is calling you. Sort of thoughtless mindless criticism that you'll -- it because there. Yeah I do get and I'm I'm aware of it I'll be honest division I stopped looking good this one's not like it Google -- -- And they're never gonna end of this trio that was sort of directed at you really took me back and it's it's broad ranging. -- -- about my loves listening every woman wants to look -- your name is ultimately life I don't. I would like to look like him. I got -- -- apparent that friend of mine she's a terrific reporter I have not accustomed way thankfully in this. But there's others where one is you know it's it's it. Objective industry not everybody like you and that's the case a lot of people don't like may have gotten hate -- pages and pages of in the mail what frighteningly so sometimes. I'm Mike seeing as they just -- -- ears listening when I think it's you don't light. Me as a person or personality I'm OK with that. But if you're going to be critical of seasons in these critical look at things as safe as an analyst it's not about my skin nerves and I'll say this tonight. Every NBA player every NBA coach I've ever encountered has been incredibly good -- days and I don't. It myself. In terms of gender when I'm gonna game the game that's when that becomes a conversation that goes out. So this is part my kids it's incredibly hard on them my daughter's gone on FaceBook walls on the and basically taken came along because of sentences in my son gets -- tonight's listening. Here's how you know the job on the list it's the kind of simultaneously and it's. Eat you know people it is it is -- is in Vegas and NBA player you can relate more. Because of the constant criticism that -- level that you. It's the nature of the beast I'm I'm well compensated to do job I think I'm OK yeah I'm just gonna -- I put my head down I work hard and massive. Starts thinking of the standing that you try to tell you Q1 thing. That people when you are doing the job like that if people aren't talk about Q you're not doing your job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did that's when you should be word as long -- -- -- talking about Q you were relatives and in so that is how you swing that -- is until I'm all the time. You -- because that's it but people on the because the quote you put their critical because you are relevant that -- deal with. -- And it is actually answer my kids. Just don't tell policy say I don't get Charles Leo of the Providence ring of honor that you wrote in depth to your hall of Famer in all of our books -- responses to this did this before off and of course we all of those jobs. The effectiveness. Of thank games there -- -- things. John earlier.

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