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Feb 9, 2012|

Danny joined the Big Show live at our remote by the Garden at Hurricane O'Reillys on the night the Celts host the Lakers and talked Paul Pierce, and how there was nothing to the Rondo for Gasol trade.

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I've back there at a big showed moderate white and Michael Hollywood doing it live today it to heart hurricane old -- o'clock start tonight for the Celtics. As they will take on the Los Angeles Lakers tendency does each and every week. Here the big show Danny Ainge joins us -- tell you today. Paul Gasol -- uniform lakers and Celtics tonight. Any idea where that this stuff -- -- -- -- coveted -- it's gonna have at least we figured it out there was a quote from object. Well I -- -- let you know more speculates. About 45 year old all star ball handling point guard got to mayor ordered now everybody in the maybe that's his wish list. Are you more encouraged with the -- the teams played here I was thinking it. Malia teams play much better get a lot more balance I think you've seen all really take it. His game. To another level and that's me that's you know the difference in the world. We were mentioning at all yesterday -- he goes to number two of the celtics' all time list. Which led to a discussion -- you know who would be here all time high for the Celtics. Reports say about I'd love to hear yours okay who is gonna get him -- -- giving -- give me five your all time five and it felt. Well I mean obviously Mary and bill regardless of this about it I've read about this -- -- to go with Larry and bill. And then I think you have to go with the talented who's simply because they were indeed -- of the -- -- Exactly what I -- and now I've Dario I think the fact that I think if you win an NBC news here it's hard to change -- but. But I think it and then you know that I think you have. A lot of guys but I'd probably go with -- you know Paul and -- next you know like in some border there haven't really studied this when I got six guys look as -- -- I still think that's the thinking of all have a lot more basketball left in so. This conversation could change in another year to. But. I think that I think those two or -- five fix them. You guys can't believe -- your best friend now marked -- victory yesterday -- three people have to have a moment you gotta have Russell. -- have hurt us it Mikhail -- -- put your best and that hey listen I love -- been you know but Paul has done it for longer. And also there Kevin Kevin I mean so so Kevin is like Paula means a great player consistent. And Paul. And you know but never was like first -- and that was -- MVP of the league was always you know one of the top ten or fifteen players during his era. I mean there's so many guys in the -- high incidence in jail and or is -- so many. There's so many good players it's it's really is hard it is to go from here to hear of it I think that argument for Paul is. You know watching all of this last these last three years. Up close and personal and just imagine being -- -- -- he would have been like that he played in place of layered on that suggesting that he's better than Larry. -- if he played with the teams that Larry played with you know how many championships that he won in that here and I think there's an there's an argument to be made because of you've been a part of three championship teams as well but. We'll never know those those things and they're completely different types of players. But I think always. Is up there after you've won an MVP in the league that the next group. That's that was my point -- that we argue that to me it's hard to judge from generation to generation but if you with the best play. In the league that year and Larry -- three years for us to the -- five conducted every year. College did it for years and very few people put talented and they don't realize how good he wasn't dominant. For three or four year period Mike -- eighteen and six absolutely to meet. That's the most important thing -- best player in the league during that period. Almost never been the best -- right and countless galaxies and BP voted over -- -- who's one of the top players current in the and creams cry about it my dad now Paul might have got hurt because you look early on you look at his. If it were replaced on on all NBA teams his biggest problem Paul's response to -- the teams are uncertain and that really heard of that he was playing. Which KG. You only got zero for five years earlier and KG in here and and raised in here. Let's put a totally different story in the way with the pupil you're completely agree I mean that the magic -- Larry -- -- -- I mean those guys they've had great players around them which -- their job easier no doubt about it but by the way Michael brought this up yesterday we were looking and whether somebody asked question. Could Paul -- break the line it was a need for instant replay is 866. We through your ass out there we put Paul Pierce in the starting line -- we need coming off the that. Absolutely I mean hey that listen Paul Paul is all -- started for sure. And place -- mean but he might have started in place of others on the team as well enough. I think -- is you know one of the great players like to say because he played with -- bad teams through most of his early part of his career. I mean look what he did look. Past his prime. Everyone wants Daley's MVP of the finals. But no he outplayed the bronze V seven in that we've insisted he was -- what what he did in that playoff run was spectacular. And that's what it takes to be championship caliber team. You know -- asked you earlier about winning nine out of -- and how. How it's affecting. Does that affect the way you do business this team has won nine out of ten Paul is looking a lot better now than you did in the beginning of the season. Garnett is settled in re settled it does it affect the way you think about making deals. Well. You know of course you know the chances that we feel that we have a winning team this year we'll we'll definitely have an effect as we come toward march. We have a long way to go I think that we can become a better team and we're playing now but we've obviously with -- pulse health. KG has been incredibly durable. Didn't really good play at a Jermaine. I was trying to limit his minutes and in the Chris Wilcox has come back healthy and give us a huge boost something that's as good as our team is coming full. We see Michael Pietrus and what he's able to add to the team since you know in the last few weeks. So there's a lot of a lot of good things happening but no question how we play over the next few weeks of the big factors and what we do. If you play your best. In Miami plays its best in Chicago places that can you compete with those teams but the Eastern Conference championship. I don't know I mean I I think that. Think that those those younger teams would have to be the favorites today they've proven that they're -- they're playing that well they they outplayed us last year. So I would say that those teams right now would be good. -- It was a road games and getting a lot tougher teams in the next few weeks is that a better barometer for you. To figure out where your team. Is before that march 15 deadline. Yeah I think so I think that are scheduled for the rest of the year is going to be tough -- we have a couple of very difficult stretch. It's out ahead of us in and some over the state I mean tonight we got to be a tough game tonight the lakers are well rested. Coming off a tough loss it's going to be tough -- tonight and then -- we have two games against the bulls coming up in. Went back to back some of -- and we have a tough schedule ahead of us. What changed with this team defensively I guess he seems like we went to Indianapolis. We came back from Indianapolis and all of a sudden there at the top of the league in field goal and opponents' field goal percentage of there's been able to lock teams down what. You know I think that I think -- and mattresses helped -- defense alive I think Avery Bradley suffered its life. Those just to personnel but I think that this team unity and and conditioning Nepal calls you know we missed calls rebounding. Early in the year so I think that there's a lot of things -- And enters the chemistry is -- is hitting right -- the guys are just getting accustomed to one another and for whatever reason we've gone from. Early in the season and our first seven or eight games we were ranked 23 in the league in defense and now we're ranked second. So we've been playing great defense over the last few weeks and I hope that content. You still think this is a strange season if we settle down. After the lockout and everything else and you start to get into some type of rhythm where you can kind of figure out what's going on out there I think so I mean. It's going to be an interesting here because you're gonna have to give players some rest here and there and then it you know all around the league there's injuries popping up everywhere. So. You know I think that the league -- that the years in the B. And unique here in that regard and you know hopefully we can just give ourselves into the playoffs and and I give ourselves a chance and be 100% one playoffs roll around as far as health and have our bodies in there. And we'll take their chances. You know again as you can imagine we've been talking a lot about the Super Bowl in the aftermath of the patriots losing it. And a couple of incidents have come up you know Robert house keep partying after the game and there was a Smartphone picked him up there. And Italy's to a conversation about how you get over a loss and I think fans take it very hard understandably. That they don't want a party after the game your team loses. You you have been a part of championship teams in you've been a part of teams that lost championships did you get past. Guys lose you lose to the lakers did in 1985. When you lose the lakers in 1987. You know goes off. You know everybody has their own ways of getting over here. And and let's hear what the big deal is about it and some guys have different types of personalities I personally can't imagine. You know go and now and you know have fun and -- and then you know but that's just mean in. But I can I can imagine some of my teammates over the years being that way and that's just a way of coping and dealing with -- with. Challenges I know that. Bronco was very disappointed in the loss as much as anybody else and anything in his personality is just such as he deals with things -- -- away. What did you watch videos in -- he lost those championships here as we watch a video of where you just kind of soft around the house for two or three weeks. It's go play ball and what did you do. No videos. No no games the watch in the film of the gains or anything like that it was so. You know some losses were very very painful and it took months and months to get over. And but you know within a few days here back to normal routines out on the golf course. It but I can't imagine. Partying after that we can't even imagine that over the top as well the user group with very well for me the toughest one was a Phoenix when you lost the bulls in the finals. And we were up to -- and in. Pippin Barkley goes for steel -- drive and only and I cracked and -- credit they couldn't get to of course grant how him. And need to that is the volatile Paxson for a three night me and my heart dropped and I made the three season was over that was that was of. Very very good. -- -- part of the ground they might be easy to you know. Because I think you have a different. You'll have that and Rodney Harrison has been very critical but if you're got a break for example apparently was at his locker after the game for twenty minutes that is. Head in his in his hands. He's probably it's looking at it much differently -- -- -- how many other opportunities in my don't have. It's a young kid who liked -- when you were young in the league you can figure this all happen every year you know those justices. Services than normal thing we do every year. Maybe so. But you know I -- feeling Tom Brady would have been there you know in the second and third here he had lost the Super Bowl game and that's just my opinion and I think some guys are just different. And I think Tom Brady you know put a lot into wouldn't invest time into each and every game and and and their personalities and. Let me ask you this if you saw that the situation was to sell his wife. And you and I had this conversation many times about social media -- cameras in a different change life. When you're playing a lot of stuff that went on but nobody at the little Smartphones and took pictures or that video going and then having it go viral the next day. Do you have to be far more careful now. Around your team and even when families are around your team. In that you know that everywhere you go somebody's got a camera he spent more time with your players. Explaining to -- players anything you do somebody's got a camera. And this could really hurt you and hurt the reputation of our team. Yes we have we we've spent time with the players every year going through all of that now educating them on him. And they don't know obviously whites into the election all it is so I'd I'm not up to date -- that telling what she says. She it was shutting it -- giant fans were giving their hearts are tackling your husband lost whatever. And she was with a couple of the otherwise. And she said something like well you know Tommy he rolled the ball and catch the ball as well you know yet it would all that she threw. An F bomb in in in the middle. It well she was accurate -- he would do well with. But it was picked up on some beats itself. And it's all the players that you kidding me the story. It's usually it's only a story she says -- I like he'd like better than. Yeah. Then there's the story. -- Jesus defending her husband play nice and I come on that happens all the time back I mean unemployment and it happens. All the time -- situation. You've seen situations I star players like attacked the official laughter and our coach and archive. I've -- that. I know physically attacked. Like a rock and not look at our children it's it's -- the promise nobody had a camera to be. Take a picture or take -- -- alone that's harmless and good for her for stake -- emperor has been. But that's the but I got to believe that's an issue you guys -- With players as well there's about tweeting and FaceBook and everything else but you -- problem. Who knows what happens they get into a situation with somebody else hostile -- whatever somebody picks it up as being you know just being root public system to be careful. She's is being human what's the big deal I don't even understand what that's the stories. Is -- in normal over him on the front page of the post in the news yesterday but absent some believe. I think that that's that that the stuff that you get the book it talked about that a -- is really yeah we talk a little bit about your time has. Some of the biggest. Mr. -- game is obviously. A bigger part. What's that what's been the biggest. Biggest story they lost a couple of -- -- -- idea whether the that the growth from Brady to -- whether it was Brady's fault that throws off or Welker. Whether he he should have plotted or pretty -- about -- when you shaking him. -- to an unbelievable and I mean we'll first of all. You gotta make that okay okay you gotta make it. Of course it's not a perfect throw and Tom -- Tom would tell you you know -- -- could drop that down a foot and copy Condit but. I mean Wes Welker yeah I mean there's no way he does not gonna tell you I -- got to make that Katyusha. Yeah I mean and look at the catch is that in the two Super -- that the giants need to win the Super Bowl. David Tyree and who in -- -- yeah on the sideline and goes -- expect. You gotta make plays like that it's comparable period and that's not even a hard caps and just like a routine. Yet it is if Wes Welker would have made that catch nobody -- said oh my gosh that's like a great catch right. They -- just expect. But this right this is what we have to sit down and it's our job man who has looked bigger topic in Britain has attachment that's it. That's but it maybe in the next two weeks when you make that the -- straight. Positive models in the lakers and the Celtics that he should be taught well it is still a big game yeah. It is not like you gotta gotta do something that help people move on we're going over with the seven stages of grief and I think we're. We estates worth it we haven't gotten to that you have that you haven't had your shirt up over here or not. And I think that's right around a lot of I have a lot of I have we ever got to acceptance and hope yet I would try to get there I'd get a good luck and good luck to see here and actually I -- I think that's an awful lot to any into the Celtic. The show we're broadcasting live here American erratic you're gonna get right back to the phone calls -- about six months haven't. 77908588852508. That they all brought to you by Miller -- an official partner of the Boston Celtics.

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