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Andy Brickley joins D & C

Feb 8, 2012|

NESN hockey analyst Andy Brickley joins the discussion on the video of Steve DeOssie at a Giants pep rally and look into what David Krejci’s placement on the third line means.

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We -- conversation with our good pal -- Brinkley is sponsored by Norfolk power equipment -- -- -- tractor visit -- power to data into -- money saving your income -- deal based check out -- power dot com. More and by McGee Chevrolet and random the first place the last glacial need to -- for a new or used car good morning. Or good morning mr. Berkeley as he joins us on the AT&T outline how are you. I mean really collect a Riley this -- don't have to -- -- a couple of broad gains although it it's we could be put in on Monday night don't broadcast and so. So in Washington -- broadcast approach that's tonight. So would you be rusty on your next escapade. Got to get a -- stayed in the day of the gamers up. There are -- excuse and a couple of days two you know recharge the engine will be fired upsetting is that. Good you're good at it now before we get and a hockey topped the Bruins and -- she's line in animal hollow Bergeron playing whether buffaloes as bad as they've looked for the getting better all that sort of stuff. We spent a lot of this morning talking about three things that didn't look or sound too good after the Super Bowl does sell just tells comments that were picked up on a on a cell phone. The pats party where -- was dancing with the short off I guess that was dancing or -- compulsively not on the dance floor. As Steve DeOssie. Our analyst for the doing a patriots on a couple of different outlets here in New England. Showing up a giants pep rally and sort of fanning the flames to get the giant fans all jerk jacked up. Do you have do any rules or regulations about how much you were willing to look like a Bruins supporter out in public when your away from Jack in the -- and Booth -- Absolutely absolutely have to be aware of you know the life that we lead and you know all the social media and you know with the availability to be shaped their shoulder whether you -- anything you have to be aware of all that stuff you need to be sitting at a bar have a couple of Beers and a people taking pictures W totally unaware Europe so. Which that in mind you try to do the best candidate is educated decision as you can possibly -- -- understands that that there. We're in a world of making decisions than dealing with the consequences and sometimes those consequences that are are layered whether it's personal professional -- If you try to make the best decision educated you know could make the right decision every time but -- still the consequences that that separates you from rhetoric by. Now you have emceed a bench for the Bruins on the ice and done a very good job that I wouldn't consider to be cheerleading if prior to you know the Stanley Cup finals. There was a or prior to them flying up to Vancouver for the the you know the middle games in the Stanley Cup finals there were a rally in Boston. And they ask you to get up and and and lead the rally and and and do what Steve did and cheer and fanned the flames would you be comfortable or uncomfortable with that role -- I don't know -- -- the play -- -- -- -- -- and what it is my role is who might audiences and what is he intentionally and it is in where's my teacher. From being -- I would have to apply all those variables before I mean an educated decision in I didn't think it was going to be any fault that absolutely I would do it but if it was some kind of a conflict of interest. And I have to say no I can do. You're you're always gonna appear objective or maybe even overly critical could you sit next to Jack but what. Do you ever get. Notes from their elected him and given that the owners of the team pissed off. Just like you said during games. Yeah but don't look that's been made aware it's me Jerry. Which should be about a badge of -- right. I would think you know. Well yeah sure I'm proud of that but it and I figured your initial orders probably wore the accurate answer because -- such contrast Jack. Fall. You know that I normalcy. Real right now when it comes it is now horses but community to take -- are lesser example. If you watched that appreciated bricks where they which -- shall be read these and that's the template that the over -- -- Pick up ever predicted the brewers orders a cup so I thought wrong last year at all. Pick up children -- couple -- individuals from Roland W currently awards so it would make predictions at the beginning of the years. Just try to make educated he'd break it down the corner and then you make an educated yes sir what you think it. I was gonna play out but. I think -- do a disservice if you don't do that. Rodney Harrison told us on radio row at the Super Bowl in Indy that since he's made the transition from player to NBC NFL and now the analyst. He's had a number of players in fact former teammates and mentioned Vince as one. Who has contacted him and said they were unhappy with some of his comments you ever get any of that from from Bruin players that. They pull you aside and say -- -- you think that was fair when you said whatever you set about me. I could think of only need one acutely couples John and a bulletin get on a plane after a home game with its team. And -- on on him up to me -- street don't become heavyweight. But at that. He won a golf. Got it right away I don't wanna be on his -- -- don't know that and I say that you know he -- you know somebody that most places so actually you when he fights that can be anyway right guys that their. You know 65. To sixty. You know it is you know not only about 61 maybe you know should he he used to literally so much size and reach and height and all in my point wise you know you don't match ups outlook on the right -- with these guys that you can't -- -- no problem and I'll try to be complimentary. But he may have heard it as you are not given credit for being published actually. That conversation. And and I'm glad he brought attention. Usually it comes down like. Placed generally don't hear people in Heatley -- from this follows or do you think it's the -- -- later in the play out you let. I very rarely does. That is probably very rare that it's actor when they hear from a friend befriend her friend of the wife tells somebody else by the time he gets back to -- it's a little different -- the way is set to. -- it gets a little luck some translations -- -- -- those conversations but the beauty hockey hockey players is that that they get it they get experience. They understand -- to the states and they they hit a constructive criticism they understand what. An analyst job is because. You know it's just seems to be in -- -- -- sport. If you happen to be the head coach of the Boston Bruins and you're not happy with how your number one by larger number one center has been playing after the all star game. And he finds himself wearing the gray Jersey on the third line in practice and demoted if you will. Are you taking a chance that it could go one way or the other that this eighth might light a fire under his butt or you might lose the guide because it happens from time to time. All you euros concerned about the tactics you use the get the most out of your players whether it's this kind of -- with -- David preachy or going public statements. Coming out saint piracy and there's this sort of meetings and that's -- he's healthy scratch and that he always kept -- major issue India has coached in order to get. Get the desired result. But I will yes that the -- -- go to that certainly aren't. Things have happened prior seeing this move to try to get more from David -- It would you don't get it -- -- -- because he showed that he can be LB player. And it turns obviously last year the -- -- a couple of legally score that was impressive. He seemed to play it that's the biggest games. If you need to gain a year -- play in it you know you can get a Bergeron and performance and they don't know. So from time to time these of the things -- -- to do get its attention in order to get more. -- she was hot going to the all star game coming out not so much dust the move licensed by I suspect. What what is he doing differently what it is it is it energy is a commitment is it mental errors is the focus what what do you seem -- I like all the above John I think it's a little bit of everything depending. Shift to shift in the game period period -- You know that lacked consistency an -- drive and a lack of compete. He's -- and I haven't -- them or not right now real palpable to please him between -- teach important. Apparently future with totally different element -- that writes that adult. He's in preach here it makes I think it's proven that the -- but the stretch where. It hasn't gone away but David creatures could not dictate how that light place. Has not been good enough and quote needs to figure out a way to get more on government. Luxuries such substation with a -- that they've made adjustments on Howell are they portable pocket they wanna break out of it or fortunate given a personal and explain what. The Dallas got to the point where -- I'm gonna win hockey games by putting in other words together that I know what -- any tips from David you make your adjustments playing with these two. Is the fact that he signed a three year contract just south of sixty million dollar play into this at all and he did it earlier this season. How to -- the way it plays into it is it frustrates. Those that are that are trying to get the most out of commitment when you wanna be. Regarded as the top player this league top players salary wise on your team it's our cell structure is concerned. -- what you wanna be perceived as a -- a week what little reputation that you help build during last year's playoffs. And you have to do it on a more consistent. Night in and night album. On about how much believe we have an activation and how pure we are in the playoffs innings. He's of people that take topped all the time watch you play particularly at -- unique reform. What consistently high level and it is so he can. Each of the problems -- that have to work a week. Final question on the subject of performing at a high level consistently is just Bergeron best NHL season. -- -- -- Absolutely absolutely and and I don't I I really don't even hear what the numbers tell you. The eyeball test so she just just how good use and which means to this -- Lebanese and all -- owns his attitude -- role model status. You know this kid get to east that he was eighteen is all it is the second -- made it he ran out of his first year. What are the things that I think people sort of global about -- let me it's first year little -- -- leading with a better player. They knew what it took to play at the NHL level -- -- say oh. And I wished -- young players were afforded that luxury or or understood the value of you know what is it actually it has the added in -- what took that route a year ago. As great as he is this year maybe he's even better in more short it's so I think that was a big big here. After they have for Patrice surely. Do you think quietly he was upset that he didn't make the all star team. Absolutely absolutely. I think that yeah sure that's a ridiculous -- for. You know it it it's the all star game is not what it used to be Jerry but it still. Is still rings true to the players that play in the game that they deserve the recognition so. If you fuels and to be a better player the second after the -- well that's the Bruins better. A brick is is Bergeron one of those guys the -- just doesn't have to worry about there's no stress with with Bergeron and -- sort -- like on the analogy would be on the -- a -- referenced that mean and -- different but. Self starter type motor. Will to win will do anything he can't win and help the team and a number different ways is a good analogy Pedroia and and Bergeron. The except for the personality yes right right yeah -- sure you know what you mean of the team how they approached it. They're they're their job enough professionally and it decided to win in the decidedly every player around them that they epic play with better. Absolutely and and that's. That such great luxury to have for a coach except for the Bruins speakers if you can follow his lead you know you don't have -- -- you -- the -- he lives. But when you come to the rink every day and all the what he does he learned from him you -- yourself now after he goes about get ready for -- even practiced that matter. You'll be strong organization as a result. Bruins and sabres tonight standings say the that the buffalo sucks but it their plan better late right this is a walk over. Well -- know that after they have to play better their bubble team right so are -- to climb over teams you know all three point games. -- a tough -- coming up you know the end of this month at the eleven day road trip. That you play a budget teams that are bubble teams -- -- one of the awards at the minute that area no final -- it before the trade deadline of the problems. If they gonna make it patient would like to make it -- or of people but during that road trip and get this is the new players acclimated to achieve. But there's so many teams that are on the bubble you know who he targeted in Italy to make deals right now he probably we have about sixteen that are out -- play -- structure so. Interesting well I -- in the NHL enough for the brought to protect. Sully got conversation for the next time we -- Greg good -- do you take care we'll talk to next week. -- brick with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline for GL TE with speeds up to ten times -- -- three GAT and T. Rethink possible and is sponsored by -- for power equipment and -- to tractor. Mr. -- for power today to enjoy money saving your -- to deal based check out more for power dot com for more. And by the.

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