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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, on Tom Brady’s shoulder, Tiquan Underwood, and Wes Welker

Feb 7, 2012|

Greg joins D&C to discuss Tom Brady’s possible shoulder injury due to Justin Tuck’s sack and Tiquan Underwood being released the day before Super Bowl XLVI. Was there a specific reason for this roster move? Greg also shares his thoughts on Wes Welker’s missed catch and contract situation.

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Stopped to instructor at new best friend Greg Bedard globe would be right on doing -- patriots they certainly a very knowledgeable would talk some meaningful football talk on the radio Greg. Saw him we we -- questions weary by the way just it just kind of tie -- what we have been to a canal. What former New England patriot all roll hall of Famer. On seven from the seventies who wore number 73. And his nickname was hog and come -- that would. Darman I know that -- is gonna have to throw TUR network well done. How are you my friend. Pretty good I'm now back to Boston in. It's never looked so good again what you don't see my kids. I'll bet public that's the case hey -- might never might be a little skewed by the -- pretty accurate here is is is this breaking down a Brady's performance anything more. -- looking at the fact that he was on almost a record setting. Passer rating run. Both for the top hit and sacked and shoulder. At about 142. An after the sack and the injury and when they had were warming up he was a 32 passer rating after that. Is that. That's not just coincidence to think there's something. Tied in there. I got -- that something absolute and that. Don't we also Bob Brady after that hit I watched him come off the doctors come over and he's definitely a little piece and you know I think -- -- to bet I thought he. Was initial -- that you didn't. Did -- the same look and design and you know look at all Tom Brady is any number player on that -- on all sides of the ball could make. One more way to put patriots over the top. Why if you don't you look at the final point six minutes of the game. There Wednesday. Hatred as well -- -- point six and write me you can just not acceptable. You can't that someone had to tell Brian Hoyer to get loose right Greg someone. Coach and that coach and a reason that -- way to get loose. Yeah no question and then the doctor. I am not sure which one but he has been disputed keyboard over the Brady there's another. Trigger right there and now there are some definite concern there for about. An -- it say about 45. Second. Maybe somebody told you or. Circuit loosen them and many about. And I think we'll find out in the coming momentum we won't find will try and only and you and and others will try to find out Brady's physical condition. And none of us will be surprised we find out this -- separated and and you know surgery needed but. Onto onto other things Greg we -- surprised they weren't better prepared. Or. And the limitations the gronkowski had -- he played he played 44 snaps he was an effective. Come watch and again last night saying he from the beginning he was obviously not the guy we used to see and why weren't they ready for that. Well there are picket the case so what else today. What else were they gonna do I mean you get to that point in the season. You like how many you know regular season being receiving game. Well eating -- that you are you wore at that point it's really hard to change -- and I and I thought that. But that well that -- Gradkowski would be able chew. But it probably. Twenties. A little bit because you wouldn't be able to get -- appeal but I thought that he would be more active. In the red zone but it didn't really meet him I just -- it looked. You look -- what we're really cute short Chad Ochocinco are. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I -- he's healthy. Ochocinco may be -- -- whatever so I was gonna say Tai -- Underwood but obviously you know they come. It it just seemed like they weren't prepared he wasn't effective. He didn't look good and yet they stayed left in the new for two weeks it was -- -- just got -- in the first quarter the new for two weeks and then there was no. Back -- plan. Well I don't all pay you for -- week could that mean they did shut him down a lot and look I'm sure there were -- hoping and -- -- that you know maybe when the adrenaline kicks in or -- the painkiller made -- really use this guy because practiced that situation. During the week where he's playing in the global. Taking a pain killer -- to warm up that. You can't rehearse that situation -- maybe ignorant a little bit hopeful that there. But could finish you know in the papers about you. They were in that situation because they don't happening other options that Chad Ochocinco have been Super Bowl. We're two weeks to prepare a still I can get the operators worried should lineup -- were asked -- -- in that situation. That the -- them and they would the world falcon. Oil. -- one play away from winning the Super Bowl regardless. Greg do you have a theory as to well why the Underwood thing happened they didn't use his his replacement maybe. Maybe they thought they had enough in terms of offensive situations and they needed Sylvester is some sort of backed up give some other theory that sounds better than that. Can we were glued to -- yeah it is here or something along -- I think I wanted him outside interview. We have like EP year something at some point during the week -- you might have been the only player. That is what people conspiracy theory yes we. What. You know -- of a -- Lack of rest after. A boat should open it I don't know I don't know. -- truck with a Greg. Bedard deal Boston they'll beat writer on the patriots beat did you expect to see more no huddle and more no hurry up into the action that is yes great why do you think we didn't. I did and I'll play you do what I think the reason once. Mostly with the trick. It's a -- screwed everything -- and because. But it could be printed just been on the field for about six minutes on the opening drive there and stop the numbers -- took six minutes. Often get the ball back. First place straight he all of a sudden they're kicking again the cut back on the field and there on the field for another pot -- measured. All of a sudden a peek at the opera that played one play and to be president but on the field for almost twelve men. So what the pictures came back again addict experts were of the -- and rightfully so of org over a year ago Korea now in April to throw the -- and back out there I think for the -- of the politics. That put them behind eight ball and then we considered -- a little bit and in the second half but then again. They inhabit -- production that also partnered in the. You ever had a real interesting piece today on on boston.com. I'm -- who Welker. Quote unquote drop now we've discussed is beaten to death already Greg might you know might. It was it was high. But it wasn't to the wrong shoulder because -- the safety Phillips was closing fast. You say. He and sort of the same thing but you say it's very rare that Welker. As claimed knicks made that it's a thousand times but he really hasn't. And -- and you know this how. I -- all -- -- five or at target last night and yesterday. You know hundred block all 195. Targets and the yen and the only war actually -- Only four and not words not were. You know up off his head twisting the other way. And expect that's during the regular season. Got it close I mean economy coupled back shoulder but -- -- -- to a -- or Khrushchev could Brady is that accurate and get it to. If it didn't happen that often that you put in that situation a man. I think it I think that Brady was the blame for the past I understand that he. -- -- beat but there are plenty of situations during the season where this -- -- just the quotes are even closer in -- new. That -- strike is. You know rolling into contact -- constrain the old wide receiver doesn't expect to get a ball. When he's wide open space to get the ball back over his other shoulder but it was incredibly. People -- a warm welcome to make you -- and a -- that during the regular seat and sort what most of what Bob -- I would say I agree except. If it's them -- support lore. It's it's funny makes the catch you go to the ground. They win the game safety doesn't get close to -- amid I think the reason it is actual owners the safety the reason it's a little high is. The inaccuracy it was it was too high. Yeah yeah I would agree -- that and and also. Notes for this week ago. I saw him a little bit and actually -- What -- closing Welker you can actually trying to gain an Angel because the -- too flat to Begin with we've actually just tried not to get beat. At that point -- what British have done what he normally does it. It'd be your pedal -- pop the ball to -- out side which which gives walker chip equipment body and your honor. Just -- Britain for this big speech impediment -- like you don't look for a light on the ball in 99 yard. Touchdown pass. You know a little bit -- -- he can hold up her and actually blew the play with the same type of play. If Brady threw it in my shoulder toward over the shoulder of the the defender and walker caught it was not a racist they could've had a very similar play their respective release it to dinner and market. Hey Greg I like you have not look at all of the deep throws we resembled the Brady has made this year but my eyeball test my memory tells me that when he's missed them he's just a few of them. He doesn't miss them short and that's what happened on the interception is it fair to say when Brady missed -- somebody. Streaking down the field you whether it's you know tore the poster toward the corner if he makes a mistake it's long and nobody gets it and that was not the case with the gronkowski interception. Yeah pretty much every -- Dick Durbin a couple of instances of that incorporate the under throwing it a little bit personal retirement but wanted to -- -- interception being. One of those but you know -- -- yet he does over the world but I think most of the time it at the plant shot well. He knows the play their first it. This was a little bit district it was below the desperation -- a little bit black footed. It quite as much on as you want new and they're electric car right yeah I'd better with a good chance to take it to. They're -- black corners and coverage you not agree to cover linebacker. Aaron Hernandez -- -- -- and I just think it was a situation -- Barack. Would ankle just couldn't get back and make a plan a ball like he normally does. The Welker. Not catch and the Manningham catch aside in your estimation what was the most harmful thing that happened to the patriots in that game was at that interception. Was it the three fumbles that they couldn't recover was at the branch missed the Hernandez -- something I haven't thought about Greg Bedard. In my opinion I think it's the play of the offensive line down the Stratton did you know they give you know 79. Advantage and they just needed one more knock out punch and they could -- -- game and. You know it put that being said I haven't gotten through the or offensive skill yet I'm still one out walk and watch it myself the really -- offered to watch but I didn't take it was a good down the stretch and I think that's what cost the opera. -- is it as is the Wes Welker contract situation a simple matter of franchising him. Or or is this negotiation gonna get ugly -- Well I think we're gonna have a situation worse -- because the patriots are definitely gonna franchise and now that question it does he play nice. And got a -- or go to go to -- make it through and I think it's possible that. He'd go take that approach because you know look at what weight should nagging at me. You know worries over thirty now he's got -- -- it's as a guy who just. What all the receivers in catches were second in yards has been phenomenal since 2007. There you you want that security doesn't wanna block third. One knee injury away from -- -- not been so. Maybe walker goes straight to the patriots you know war. Good luck where Chad Ochocinco and who are well. Bring back middle ominous sit out you give me my money and the other -- so protect themselves I think they'll proper. With the receivers have also. Possibly -- -- Tebow watched the amount. -- it's a great point because would you expect from the pay. A Wes Welker what Larry FitzGerald over a hundred Johnston island and and Calvin Johnson with -- make it the in the answer your knee jerk reaction is no but if you're Wes Welker you're saying. -- make more catches than those guys I -- was almost as many yards on just as important I'm wins I win more games. And why should he get that kind of -- Are valid it's -- -- handle both sides have compelling arguments about her from from all sides. And you know I don't know which way is right I -- know there now despite some sort of common ground they should be able to. Up what looked a little I can see the patriots big man -- you know not but it seems a receiver or thirty you'll spot where they can take the beating. All the time that's not money well widely span and I wouldn't be surprised -- that -- walk -- map by. You know maybe crap step in. Well not fear card but look it's it's going to be altered called me yet it always it and I think it's definitely every incident to see what happens as we move forward. Greg does that infamous Li -- caught ball change any perceptions about -- -- Hampshire problem doesn't in the in the real world may be nothing more than if he doesn't sign here people -- well he didn't get the big ball on the Super Bowl does that make any difference in terms of value. Dollar value or what people think of them in the organization the matter. Well now it I don't think so what I'd do one more thing I'd do I did find Brady's. You ought to -- Welker. Pretty interesting that need to be honest about it's I was somewhat disappointed that authority. Probably query comes on and he says you know what I make about it grove. Something like that what you consider there that was very curious. -- wide out and deep receiver side. Where they got to concentrate their efforts where would you concentrate your efforts in defense of our defensive end pass rusher. Or shut down cornerback. Or somebody else. Welcome most people this league -- now quarterback and controversial new order Barack. I've I've been figured that they meet up tortured for years now yeah we all develop -- just will not give himself a proper cure right. That was my draft they column last year built built built creature so you never dropped the first round outside linebacker you're -- or coach. You want to you have to catch day Goldfein who are you want it all of its -- the work. You know whoever was in Iraq. And -- I think -- structure should be up there you need to sack the quarterback. That's the name of the game now and obviously they need some help in the secondary in order to what they did not the defense played well again -- That he could help doctors. Who what do you think we might not be back waters. Lights. Branch. All Ochocinco. Kuo who will we not see again in a patriot uniform. I think it could be a middle line for. Ranch. Enhancements. Probably Ochocinco I think -- you bought from that it took way -- law. -- it you try it. Innate sense it could work out move on beyond. Well I'll be -- -- value on the -- and the route three or receivers go quite. Then why is it really -- -- called for me when I watched the ravens team from 2000 and its first game back in the brought that he could block even back then -- forty yard dig in things like that. That -- They got old joke right now. The -- here Broncos anymore and I think they just meet who bought and try to get younger and better or receiver as. You know they -- they need more playmaker. Interest in football topic Greg Bedard -- beat writer on the New England Patriots beat Greg that was fun appreciate the conversation. The information we got tomorrow Greg you evaluate that game on the season with a little rankings and ratings. Actually I'm not sure why -- tomorrow but definitely -- -- moron and the world -- not catch. And that probably -- Super Bowl gamer view either tomorrow -- -- and on topic out. Welcome all we'll talk to down the road all right thank god might be you guys -- Greg our. Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hot line AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T. Rethink -- really is kind of fascinating he sat and watched all 195. Targets to Welker Welker because Welker said. I make that catch all the time he has he does not. And he makes three bullet points well Welker not a acrobatic catcher. You know he sometimes makes a diving catch but this thing is now in traffic you know finding the spot right now in the opening. And a back shoulder catch is rare only four times he make a back shoulder catch. And none of them was -- Trying to send -- mean look at again he's reaching yes normally back shoulders and shoulder but he's reaching its just if it's I swear two inches lower and he makes the -- get six rated than it is. It wasn't a great pro but. Everybody everybody agrees from -- The west that the Gisele is got to catch that Connecticut to -- I heard Brady's press coverage body was pretty -- to get through most of the boss let me say that I would make the appropriate time I love him roster -- love him. -- was running down the field and you know looks like they've missed the coverage up a little bit and through its -- them. You know west went up to try to make it is he always says and we just you know didn't connect so. He's a hell of a player and I keep throwing the ball to him you know for as long as I possibly can he's phenomenal player and teammate. And I love that -- What is is wrong -- sound like he was intentionally now leaving out the part of -- Mino for ability didn't say was it's on me added put it right needed to put a little bit high I think it's great was talking about. Does it -- deliberate like a month and on the blame on this and Alex I think he was. In his mind says I have to say as many nice things about Wes is I can't take the heat off of him. And he -- said one more thing I could have thrown a better ball I think -- secrets to Greg talking about our -- your phone call 61777. Nigeria fifty. And authorities reckoning. Videogames have you one more win and one will do that we come back and take your phone calls.

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