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What were the biggest surprises during Super Bowl XLVI

Feb 6, 2012|

Mut & Lou discuss some of the plays that surprised them last night during Super Bowl 46 including the performance by Danny Woodhead, Justin Tuck sacking Brady and possibly injuring his shoulder again, and the missed catch by Wes Welker late in the game.

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-- steinbauer -- elude ID 37 WEEI make it our way through it was a tough day for patriot fans illegal sports fans. Other Super Bowl loss for the pats and a long long off season. -- for the 2012 season your phone calls up until two and the big show at 6177790852. All 3888525. 0850 biggest surprise. When that game last night I'll go first. Could not have been more wrong about the patriots and speeding up the game and going no huddle to me we Derek Keys of the game on product from -- I was number two. I thought for sure they would -- no huddle. That would spread out that giant defense they'd make that pass rush have to worry about depending that was short passes they would speed that thing up and be no huddle. 4050%. Of that game. Cape -- a guy Chris price WE yet dot com points out there were no huddle for only nine of 62 snaps in the higher game. Only 15% of the game's scoring drives as it seemed like only nine of the 62 that was late had to play a little in the huddles like I I have to go back and look at exactly when those took place but to me. I was surprised -- more than anything. About just how much this team huddled up and prepared. For -- to play instead of speeding -- up and I was wrong about -- that's -- part of it. What did you think they play a little bit faster more up tempo against this -- defense last night. Yeah I did and and the percentage of seemed like once again to listen get the ball three seconds. You know early on a net -- -- see the ball the first quarter but it's in the second quarter net first drive at their record they did exactly that they sped it up a little bit now. Go back to what happened after that what happened after it was Justin Tuck put Brady to the turf. In the shoulder and he just wasn't the same quarterback so maybe that did have some -- with a -- that they did have success when they did. Run them what does that the biggest surprise pick for me was to symbolic of the personnel. You know having. Release I -- Underwood the night before to activate Alex of Astro -- defense -- it is blatant you know Steven Ridley you -- is active. On no Kevin -- Really doesn't play Nate Jones corner you'd think all hands on deck doesn't play -- biggest vote for me was -- and adamant. Really -- was return kickoffs. It wasn't their offense at all more -- wasn't their defense at all. Noticeably no personal guys -- anatomy and surprised at the scheme of struck was a 100% -- of the person almost moving into a -- a heritage -- I -- been really surprised realized I grew. Matt and they did a nice job irritated next play in the slot Tracy White starting coming got a good personnel Thailand I can think of yeah. But the anyone had been that much of -- fact we thought he played. And we said late in the week because the way the patriots won that no huddle he'd be affect the federal I don't know huddle and he was huge disappointment keyword here -- -- would have friend BP right. Meet your touch down -- -- in the playoffs and that play a mythic it was obvious to everybody. Especially after about three quarters at this this was an MVP quarterback -- period the couple quarterbacks. Were exceptional to that point. Now Brady didn't perform and a fourth quarter Eli did they that was one of the biggest no brainer who's gonna -- that MVP. I about the should have been more huddle was shocked -- -- more about no huddle offense will mix that in with all your phone calls reacting to last -- patriot loss. -- what is ahead for this team Mike is in Rhode Island -- next up Lamotte -- Mike. Hey guys I think as that vote that made. Good point about what classic you know biggest. Also the game -- those long passes that weren't complete. I had -- Welker at the interceptions. The other one to branch what what's not being highlighted is that Brady is not accurate throwing the ball on the field. He hasn't been all season. Meaning is that accurate. Brady's one for fifteen this year and passes over thirty yards. For the season. I'll give you want from last -- finish again the ESPN trends -- talking about earlier. It said the patriots offensive line give up a lot of pressure -- also point out the Brady was -- for five. When passing more than twenty -- yards downfield. It's Super Bowl 46 that included the potential grounding play. That led to a safety and it and his lone interception of the game the last time Brady failed. To complete a pass of that length at least five attempts was back at Super Bowl 42 so last night it's a giant defense giving up some big plays. Brady was not good an attack in the middle that defense for the year. Yeah I mean it hasn't been good all year Manning. Conversely it was at a QB rating of ninety point five -- passes 31 to forty yards long Brady 39 QB rating that same distance. Manning have a QB rating of -- 111 point nine antacids and forty yards. Brady have a QB rating of 59 and forty yard passes. Ridiculous deep ball more it was office do you think. Mean involves that type of play more -- or mile. The giants -- but they're -- active that it he'd -- he can't not complete any long passes and have a good. A good luck at any week we give Brady all the credit when they went I think it's fair to criticize them when he comes up. Miserably short in one aspect of being a quarterback that's being accurate throwing the ball down field. He hasn't done at all -- -- who didn't do in this game -- He threw the ball back. You're really again know why why hasn't done all year long Mike. They didn't give me the deep threat then why has he -- -- the the deep ball since Randy Moss left effectively. Because he's he's never been a terribly accurate one ball grower you know he was an -- seven -- one year he was cadet it. Good to be honest with you that was -- mosque was still running he was able to run when Brady would throw inaccurately -- was so long he would make those catches. Key when he's -- accurate -- guy like Welker he'll make the catch most of the time that wasn't even blended Welker is not the right way to look at this game. Brady's been consistently inaccurate throws the ball on. He actually was like that at the beginning of his career we used to criticize them for. He went a couple of Super Bowl and nobody talks about it anymore. How much I I listen I I agrees not accurate but the -- set early in his career we -- on who the deep threat early career. Later Oregon whose deep threat you know later in his career when moss was here. I'm pretty sure they connect us and deep balls that it when you run an offense week in week out in very rarely throw the ball forty yards deep as you don't have one of those weapons. If you don't worked on in games you know if it's there sometimes you probably not gonna be as accurate as you would be saying if you're you like Manning. Who has a guy like Victor Cruz he threw deep to or -- nix you know meaning it is different weapons at different style of offense or it's gonna that's gonna he's gonna be inaccurate that. Where it really you're saying it's a different style are sent -- saying at the shortcoming in the quarterback. Brady put up good numbers he'll continue open up good numbers next year in the hereafter. I don't think the patriots will win with a -- back. The same thing happened with -- everybody you know he was his career went down till the last few years it took everybody for five years realized. Mike Mike Mike but I that the reason that I have a hard time following along with your line of thinking that it won't win this quarterback is the following statement and and -- cracked me from wrong. If Wes Welker makes the catch. Haven't covered it about him being one of the greatest quarterbacks that crime exactly that's why did the grand. Prognostications about Brady today about anything really patriot letter very tough they I think Matt Chatham absolutely nailed it in the post game on the station last night. It came down to execution a place there were plays to be there you get out schemed -- get out coached and get -- played. You've got out XEQ did in the most important times that football game placed there Welker dropped branch Brady deflected Brady. Interests that it plays were there. They didn't make and you lost the football game. Helping this is some sort of statement on where the franchise is right now the defense is young offensive line for the most part is very good and Brady's still Brady. Since it -- not go with this quarterback when there were a well Kirk -- away theoretically right multi -- catch. That's the final -- breaks -- -- so that's the fine line welcome -- -- catch. And we're talking about one would -- the greatest quarterback COLT. Now we're talking about a -- it's past his prime again which are what he can't it can't do. He hasn't -- very good deep ball and I'm almost say is it's not part of their offense. Yeah it was when when moss was -- better ball the ball bended -- as he had a -- and -- get written. Army times you think he's used to throwing the ball fifty yards to Robert gronkowski on middle not to -- Got to play in playbook don't think that -- -- don't know what. -- got -- I thought. Had the highest quarterback rating of any Super Bowl quarterback in the history of the game what 144. According to Alex -- WE -- dot com sell this to put a stamp Ollie non. Kinda get them out of their employer and you -- operate. Didn't make plays in the field but there's no way you're gonna silly on that is the long term view it. I'm the guy lost -- Dallas the soup -- any losses lest you. The rather be considered the best you know maybe a step above Joseph -- entering Joseph Monty is -- now ring below is not. Belong to the best how much it is that's fine Montero sport on these games doesn't suck to be the second third a fourth of all time. Sucks today's patriots fan we understand that part consummate. I'm what do you have. -- -- -- I don't want -- China and Greg today and I I guess I watched as they gear ready a lot but. Welcome Brady wasn't under pressure there and nobody within five yards a lot like yeah Brady -- stride they have a better throw well protection that burst barrel. -- I -- 59 media -- up like six or that it can't that they. He turned that entire body around and at the -- because after that ball. It already has to do is drop that's what good political results are shoulder or into our shoulder that's about the prospect -- what. It's a bat well. Now and ultimately to their Daniel Altman's c'mon what did you call any bad throw -- wasn't there. What was matter what but it is an awful oh well I get a chance to catch -- -- -- say that that's what it if it Brady. Was under the same pressure. That you I want pretty good at sort of Manningham like it's the packets you're being questioned but he had all day on it will -- out there look at look at that know what happened. -- Montana makes cut throat Troy Aikman makes that throw. And make the throw. I understand at all about you know one guy can't make it look he's come down to singular moments. The difference the turning of the tide. Montana make some sort Aikman makes those grows. Britain and make the -- let's put the blame where it belongs alt key Walker's drop record 50 1000000 times this morning where Brady made a bad girl. Somewhere -- who put the blame on both. -- -- -- -- -- I'm not accusing it. Who specifically got that is what a target of about other publications although everywhere -- catalog you know been named. Notes and strata started -- just out of the entire show -- we knew Welker Brady pass this this passerby because that would of course the Super Bowl. Via the -- -- -- three points to give the ball back to generates no time left even even if they got a minute left. It could go -- score touchdowns Eli Manning but. That was that was the game that was the play posada and beginning both players of the blame could have been a better ask Welker could've caught. I appreciate your candor that are preaching you guys be in the want to do that but. I edit me that they are people a lot of their way to return Brady in the spring when clearly he's at least partially couple extra. Pre share it ethic -- dental sites we've we've got the text back and forth not a court a short passes awful pass sprays awful. -- a -- -- caught it I mean it's back and forth from the for a one much your homer in minute Brady didn't have the game you need to have not locals fault at all look at a bad throw. Welcome wasn't led into the ball's thrown behind him and over him. It was not a great throw but the colony bad throw. I have seen a lot worse throws collapsed -- outpost numeral from this year as bad throws -- up and down that thing. It was a little bit up but -- a catch Welker makes you get two hands of the football yes. Is it a catch that we were shot because he didn't make it not to throw so bad I think so. And it's on both those guys absolutely but thank you the figure when you opened a right to say it was a drop by Welker welcomed in -- to the boards in the post game. Hot ninety seconds Chris John -- and -- -- -- your phone calls are coming.

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