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How Many Crazy Prop Bets are People Making on the Super Bowl?

Feb 4, 2012|

Matt Perrault talks with Lee Sterling from Paramount Sports to discuss all the crazy prop bets that people are making all across the country. How many rushing yards will Danny Woodhead or Danny Ware have? Can you believe people will bet on these stats?

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For Freddie OW BI not fraught with do you take it. His top of the hour talking Super Bowl 46. Your phone calls at 6177790850. To operate 8885250850. Predictions spots. Concerns the giants in the Super Bowl well. Before we go back to your calls well. The tough and fought tomorrow is a quirky fun day for a lot of people who may not love football. And one of the ways people love to get into this game is through prop bets and have a lot of -- look at some of the crazier -- your tech games you can play when it comes the Super Bowl. -- if you're somebody that wants to have you know continual full on throughout the entire game going to be party -- -- You could do so prop -- we sterling of Paramount sports the football handicap birdied joint this year on the eighteenth lightly alloy body. I'm I'm doing well Matt preparing further store and more it's going to be a long. Long -- from. Probably 7 in the morning to probably 11 o'clock at night. Is this the first time I talked to hear any. The first and -- we do we Delgado Wright reports -- before. Okay I I don't remember me asking this question about profits however what what is your philosophy when it comes to prop bets in in what are some of the ways. Odd that you think it its full on or early operable to get involved prop -- Well the key if you play prop -- there's over 700. Crop -- the key is defined probably five to seven. Real strong profits. That you feel you have an edge and then the key is also. It did to manage your money. That you don't crop that -- when he -- 30% on the normal wager it's just 10% so. You can go five and four and lose money. So if you're playing thirty or forty -- that you're probably going to lose so keep it under ten prop bets -- if they get the foreign ones like. The point cause but you know it starts with and nationally -- in my opinion. -- Kelly -- Over or under a minute and 34 seconds. I like the under their level you really. She had the tendency to run through these these so called the quicker than than most people. Have been in the past now. Also you can. Put way too Long Will she forget one of the -- And I consulted with my -- -- -- the entity that -- get a work card. Once in awhile we all remember what happened last year with Christina Aguilera she's just absolutely blown me. That the National Anthem so you can get that the plot to fifty for every hundred dollar you wage you can win 250. Madonna. The halftime show would she be wearing an NF soldier easier not. That if you wanna go with law should be wearing it and then of soldiers here and then a culture you can get plus 250 on that so you wanna play some underdog. Playing the heavy chalk usually doesn't comment but here to have the chalk favorite I think it will come -- Peyton Manning will they show him at least the re and a half times this isn't the pregame this is from the start the game. From the final whistle. You can get take me from minus 135. And I think -- my children 45 times I have. -- let me ask you this sleep eat you mentioned that it's. Does she get a word wrong what what if she changes the lyrics the where does that -- firfer did is I count as a win if she if she does something else the end it. Interesting so you'd associate patrol little spin on it changes the word or forget toward the same thing. Now that you also they can cross -- they've added. A they would have liked the players' fault. -- Kevin Garnett were Kevin Garnett points and rebounds. Equaled in New England Patriots. Point toward and how about this you can now wager a future wager you're going -- in New England eight.

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