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Former NFL Head Coach/NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick previews SB46 with the Big Show

Feb 3, 2012|

Brian Billick joined the Big Show live from radio row and gave us his take on the Pats vs. Giants in Super Bowl 46.

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Which -- that again what's your name my own name -- -- -- Portland. It's crazy but it radio weak and Michael -- you're in the picture happy to be joined by him right bill. Coach from Fox Network and of course in -- were talking about so often here. How many times we mentioned the fact that we -- talking about today's -- Greek defense like those three teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But think about the three -- In Jon Gruden Tampa. And the reason that was we were transitioning out of the quarterback. On transitioning -- -- ways but Reno's Montana's. Kelly's Aikman. We -- -- I mean the time he Manning. Man out through breeze. And so you could play great defense on the ball don't bowl sound in the -- and it would championship you still need to do those things today. But at the end -- -- have. No. What you would do Brian if if you're in a situation Tom Coughlin there right now. And the patriots obviously know some inside information on Rob Gronkowski they're not gonna share it. What the media or anybody else but -- -- on the opposing side your -- got to prepare. For the patriots do you prepare for can gronkowski as normal do you have a plan B in place what's the approach. Yeah absolutely because when you talked about that that trifecta inside -- house Q and as well. And that's the strength of the small ball options that they have. 8080 defense of plans appalled that triggered by the personnel groupings but you've got two Macs two wives. Certain some calls -- down and just -- three wise if you got in the case of New England. That that three wide too tight ends you have group calls they'll have. Gronkowski and not Gradkowski calls because their calls are going to be dictated if no other reason. If gronkowski is not a 100%. Can I now put Williams the line back -- the safety Gradkowski and that's enough normally wouldn't be so I got to adapt to that but if -- get away with that. Now that allows me to double up and take Hernandez while some do things away it makes a big big if Heidi find out. Wells under present well you won't know until we get into the game targeted my game don't remember the last game when and the last game was scored the first half. Yeah -- it reminds me of a heavyweight prize. Of guys exchanging blows. And there really wasn't a real a legitimate blow landed until what the fifth sixth seventh round why because I'm feeling about what your tactic how we might get my shot in there. That game that first game was little bit that way how your approach. But that a great deal of adjustments by two very good coaches that once we got in that third quarter and then that last quarter and half right it just took off. Because they now -- OK now I got it now notre doing now I'm ready attack that's and it's going to be a scoreless first half. But their goal -- a lot of feeling out of reach first -- The patriots you protect the quarterback from the front four do you try the three Titus said it's been effective all year long they've got bulls were back healthy allows soldiers to do what you do it's a combination of things which you asked most quarterbacks they're gonna face a good -- You army in nailed and the edges get protection reliant to a -- and routes limited emptied out. Give you more options but now you got to account for the edges on and I asked that a quarterback so timeless these production meetings on Friday. I haven't found one yet it didn't say -- and spread it out let me you know. Because the mistake to think as I've got the extra guys in protection now I'm safe we'll know you're not that -- still ticket. I imagine Tom right now -- change up do a little bit of both but I imagine Tom Brady would much rather flex -- now. Secure -- side I'll take care of any outside pressure. And -- get the ball out of mind quickly the difference being with his giant group. They may be able to get home which is that Forman rush that's different than team like we saw last week with Baltimore actually did pretty good job but it took the fifth sixth seventh guy. He's the patriots need as much time for Brady is back in the pocket in that. They're different offense than they were four years ago. They collaborating on you Randy Moss and allegedly on the field -- -- -- the small -- mentality very much favors them this time compared the last. Still has its difficulties they still need to come up with a big play. But note this getting this allows me to get the ball out of my hand upon Tom Brady much more red. And it did a -- to NFL network religiously. Probably a lot more than ours did. So I see all these shows those -- in the Dennis gave the giants and that's -- hasn't and so he gave the giants and heads when category to remember. And you gave the giants the edge in the coaching category in the show I was watching -- Coughlin vs Belichick. What -- gives it -- to cough and over Belichick and no and here's the only -- they're both great coaches this is that's what the intangibles here I don't know if he tried to recruit two great quarterbacks. Here's the advantage I'd probably put on the battery coach and probably doesn't belong there. But I believe because of the last two times these teams played really meant something. The fact that the giants have gone through the baptism of fire that they have the tough scheduled day at. Having to literally be in a playoff on the outlook from the last two games on. Playing the Pittsburgh courier having to play. Green Day in New Orleans and the NFC east. They've been through the gauntlet they've stepped to -- this -- in that stood back. We've weathered the storm what were were ready for this. The patriots believe that but again much talked about what -- we got the championship game that they be a team with a winning record they believe that they can beat the giants. I think the giants know they can beat the new England and. Which are -- Brian Billick. I'm I'm wondering when you look at these two teams right now is there anything out there. That you have not heard discussed this so much over analysis of -- and and I took it is there anything out there Brian that. That you can sit there and say you know what I'm an amount an analyst here for a network I get something nobody else's. Brought up this while I'll bring you some from a coaching standpoint. For someone -- wrong there's so -- matchups to talk about. You know Julian settlement you know against Victor Cruz on the inside I've been saying all week only half kidding me. Bill Belichick the coach deserves to be all things today. For being successful with Julian Edelman. In the nickel package. Bill Belichick the general manager ought to be fired. For making Bill Belichick to coach. Live with -- Jewish settlement Monday -- -- both great draft you have -- get someone better than -- development. To be injured nickel package analysts say that have exceedingly. I take the match up argue when I don't know if anybody's brought up enough that one that'd just be we talked about my coach show. Then a phone network obviously looking at Justin Tuck and -- -- Paul on the outside have a matchup with tackles or you nailed down the edges were tied it with a backpack their term line. And every week I see why do games -- but it will take their best pass -- keeps improving side are you gonna matchup inside against the guards in the senate that don't normally have to do to. They're gonna take both touch and Peter Paul and put them side. And how -- period in New England offensive line holds -- against that that's going to be interesting matchup to watch. Do you think the giants defensive line we all know they're tremendous pass -- -- Philippine stack up. Against the run -- to say look we're not gonna drop back in these guys are gonna ten years back we got no shot. But we wanna run on yet that the fact that they get in at 78 man rotation that they can be they can put that package in that they want. Tom -- we'll take advantage of the run if you get too loose on the outside you're gonna take care and doubled bracket the a small ball. I'll slip to draw the quick counter in the trapped in their -- -- these guys are pretty stout that way there are complete front -- not just the past -- -- Brian it's always great -- any you can. Wait at Coach Billick. Now you like Jim -- did do like at 2 o'clock through the morning no and and it's strictly football cause people don't give a damn right there are one movie -- saw. Hopefully you get a tweet from me it is just. Football club and ask your a question that is it's kind of football but it is kind of person to. Well what's it like for you a lot of people may be a lot of people notice that Mike Smith as your brother in law right. What was it like coach with him on the same staff and now you have. Eyes and saw you do a couple of his game right absolutely what was it like coaching with them and what's it like analyzing your brother have Mike's great coach and it was great to have them on my staff did to be around him and then. And obviously because of years we've been around one another we separate -- college coaches. You know you get together with family get together -- last we're back in back room talking filming football drama plays was a great resource for me to bounce things off. I've really enjoyed doing Atlanta games you gotta put your analyst hat on -- be a little critical times and kind of size it up and and we work and I know the government does -- anymore but we were much of the Don't Ask Don't Tell. You know because there's a professionalism and there really -- -- I'd give my wife to ask his wife and that -- -- get more information that waited and I can find him not to tell me and I knew not to ask so left. But it's been fun it's always fun to do games and and and watch my -- success that it was the game. You know what it's such a toss up I can you know like everybody kind of think maybe the giants but. I'll make a better protection Korea whoever has the ball last -- I think it's gonna come down the last drive right -- you can -- does an excellent all in all look at Coach Billick. Okay quick break it right back -- you -- an eviction.

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