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D&C make their outrageous Super Bowl predictions

Feb 2, 2012|

The guys talk about what could happen in the big game and whether Chad Ochocinco will be a factor.

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Good morning from Super Bowl forty sex Dennis and Callahan it's starting to happen -- it's starting to happen it never fails it never ever ever fails. To people change their opinions as Super Bowl Sunday draws -- guilty it's exactly what is happening but in this particular venue. It seems like the whole world is migrating over the New York Giants side of the tape. I'm going the opposite way I'm doing the opposite and you put the call out for someone to convince you yes way yes. I'm gonna tell you who swayed me yesterday and I had to make my pick for the Boston Herald I was ready to -- as we've said all week we can. You know close game tough game down in the final two minutes I agree with -- all that I admit that the giants are better team top to bottom. Don't sit there. And I'm watching. That show with your buddies skip -- soft -- you know -- that Stephen A Smith right right. And it was the -- the fading -- a fading star who's calling Tom -- -- hot. And that I had this rich in meaning Pollyanna new York Post Co. millions daily news government's saying Brady is overrated as a faith -- stock was proof of 5000 yards. I was third behind. Rogers and reason -- QB rating you just want. More would have been fifteen games yes we have this team fifteen games with this team including ten in the -- stuff same. He's watching these knuckle heads saying he's fading maximum fading star is just. The best bulletin board material to a good point what can try any harder but is this what makes -- fading star and I think it's I think it's not missed written. What he's doing he has he has -- playoff performances of late I was -- skip Bayless of humility in Africa skip Bayless who thinks Tim Tebow. As a superstar right. Well consider the source -- to sort out but they were the numbers and I know Eli Manning's hot. I understand that he's -- of people quality even I'm OK with that the lights went playoff game. But when Brady get in the pre K when that happened last four playoff games. But that's not you could say in in the post season and I guess -- Denver the Denver game we've done them. But he had a great year. -- aggregate number I guarantee you guys like some media look at it that 69 point five rating. In his last sports and you know what. Maybe he's not as good as he was yeah this whole thing is based on the last I guess would be the last eleven games played in policies except for -- five obviously he had bouncer in a reduction but he is -- thing. Watched again this of the game early this year and it's in yesterday's issue of this horrible. And he was like -- played by by light or game even that turned the ball mean they were defensive struggles he wasn't great. Do you think they can lose -- Brady plays really really well no. Well. We you can you can have a punt return moment or two. Some -- on a short fields and said that if they if there in the thirties does break the -- lose knowledge I don't think so probably shoot out to the patriots lose probably not do you think he's gonna play -- -- -- game. I don't think he has I don't either and I am having trouble imagining a scenario where he struggles again like he did against the ravens. By the way -- the ravens. This is -- reason number two that was suede would what is it -- -- -- mean that. Pushed me to the head as if it over the edge watching the November game again. They don't have agreed DBs -- -- no not at all they don't have great linebackers the ravens had that much better defense overall I think we get. You know we focus on that platform for our focus on just -- head and just talks head scare -- stare at. And right the ice he's got Isaac was shocked and I wouldn't want him dead -- -- it's adjacent they'll be appear policies is hairdo. Because he's just can't you know it's going to be bouncing off the walls. Those guys are scary but the patriots offensive line have not done a good job after the break yes -- happy to date and this sounds according -- not two but. And oddly proud -- much proud bunch do they not want to make up for -- so you've got light. Mankins waters you've got these guys and they -- and we -- -- pumped up right we're gonna do our jobs if they do that. -- -- not -- the openings against that second one. Think so and trigger point about the offensive line beat it beat it it makes a lot of sense that in their minds most people look at this and say you Brady struggled the team loses it Brady played who's out on. The -- Tom Brady it's on them yeah yeah you know I mean did he played badly against the giants in the Super Bowl no he didn't have an ability to play badly Orwell but follows a good point it's also beat the -- The results of how Tom Brady plays are directly tied to how well you know Matt Light waters Mankins and the rest of those guys play in front of no question about that. Obvious some of these numbers he says some. The line is cool hand palm has turned coal. But you look at the last eleven games since the football icon won his first ten. Post season games three super bulls have been downright ordinary since that magical start kids start to his career six and five in the postseason since then. Point four touchdown passes and sixteen interceptions and that includes six -- Yeah -- to eagle -- at a couple things that mean -- You talk about the jets last year in Baltimore the year before a Baltimore included no Welker. Gronkowski Milken and -- we agree that this is it different team I mean not just. On defense in. A top to bottom in different team different outfits different quarterback. A man know almost seven he was great 07. They set records 07 they lost the Super Bowl but again. If they -- they almost won many it out when I was -- it if any of the DBs hold on the ball not just outside the Samuel. They win that game Brady is already the best ever ratings already got five Super Bowls and nobody. Is calling him. Phoenix. And and he did his part yeah it and then. In -- -- -- -- helmets on they've dropped the ball Rodney dropped the ball. If that -- of those things happened priest already get five already the best. It was clearly came before extra about the fumble recovery that what's couldn't come up with in the second quarter right right. I mean that both -- up -- plays are those gonna happen again I doubt this particular. He flew about like an Indy has been great but in November game. He threw it up for grabs a lot to heat does that and again he's fearless is good and bad to that. But they have their chances in November to pick him off to including. He screwed up for grabs on the big penalty in the end zone by Sergio Brown -- that won the game for the giants. I didn't even know where. This ball just through the end -- don't you get a sense that as we progress and and you're going the other way but -- start leaning toward the giants don't much of that is based and maybe they don't even know psychologically. Outside of New England -- thing anybody wants the patriots to win this game they're -- -- Belichick here celebrated. Their route with their hearts and maybe subconsciously they're searching for reasons searching for data. Searching for some sort of feeling or information but that says this is what's gonna happen the giants are going to prevail just because there's so sick of Tom Brady and the new -- the patriots and Robert Kraft all of the -- a -- -- New England patriot. Yet and then not with Giselle on this -- praying for doll that Tommy we don't get to that but I wanted to us ought. His and I -- under the sway the you know why I was swayed and I was literally. Literally sit there with my phone in my hands texting in my prediction. And I was going to it was going to be to three point game so it really doesn't matter -- to pick in the 23 point game. When you look at all the -- the word in the and Super Bowl 42 all the folks with the world. Against the ravens and all the folks the world in the giants and niners game. They'll probably be some -- -- and probably go either way so it doesn't matter umps do watch in the -- Brady. Past that in my opinion have a mediocre game at best for them to lose if he has a really good game they win and I really believe that simple. And -- and they can Brady is going to have a really good game he just. He's just in his prime he's not a Phoenix that he's 34. He's got great weapons around them Welker helps a big deal and great. Feel for this offense and this defense is not as good as the ravens' defense but don't expect him to. Look the way he looked in the NFC champ -- came -- maybe that's we have all been going on here for Brady has that they. -- Plus game or worse for them to -- is a terrible having that you know without glass house courses capable. -- that's a good absolutely -- without Gradkowski absolute. The other thing that people look at is the last game you played against the ravens and they say he -- -- he's not on -- -- -- you know what Eli has the hotter of the two but you just saying that really doesn't make it different because most people think it's going to be three or four point -- your -- accurate I guarantee that the vast majority. But the prediction you're gonna see online haven't seen any boisterous. We're gonna be like 27 point 4242120. Chat chat suspect in the glow what is it for scores -- -- us. There was 42 point 04221 I'd love that -- that takes me to my point I think what we need to do because last week prior to the Baltimore game or two weeks ago prior to the Baltimore Ravens game. We started. Talking about the things that had happened for somebody to win which made a realistic appreciation or run the ball stop the run. Controlled the line of scrimmage when maternal about all that's -- -- I think would be more fun and chopped a blush. I think we -- lineups and outrageous predictions and I mean 4221. Score predictions stuff if you have -- you think you're gonna happen yeah looking things can happen. Wanna be fun to try to identify who what what those are. I'm telling you right now there's going to be a big pick by the New England defense gives. After every night as you know and a film -- exclusive access is like a rule here in in in the meter you have to watch NFL network all day all night beyond. You go you know like -- in the bathroom it's instead of -- get a big screen TV with -- -- with rich guys and I -- the mini -- nobody -- advertisements and there -- the Marshall -- was telling you what was gonna happen in the game. But on NFL network. They show the giants patriots tonight is. 1 of the other. Games I forget which -- it showed different on every night November. Alicia that last night and the one night before the Super Bowl 42 right and it and Eli. Throws a programs all lot I'll crude up programs against the patriots in November he did against the niners. I think he's been great. And one reason degrees -- Tebow he lets it fly -- you know he takes chances. And vague in there are times with these three guys there and his his these guys are great. And then they don't two crew and get it they don't stand back you know like you know random writes woodlands. Didn't get I don't -- get that one he will make -- throw a big pick. All right so I'll put you down it would take one step further cheer them would Jerry's firstar read prediction is the pats. Will pull off a pick 667. Re just us out because he's Smart he doesn't do in the flat he does it down the field. Remember what Flacco did it on fourth and six yeah the fourth then -- Rania of any throat out of bounds. On fourth down yeah. Which is just don't mean it Eli doesn't do that it was not them he would win that down the field. And some stupid DB you know thirty yards on the -- -- caught it. Instead of spike and knock it down. He does that a lot he doesn't care about the stats -- up what you don't -- I think a game changing pick a game changer I have my MVP pick to. We'll get to them will get to that occurred mine is Marty said this a couple times -- -- more than Tom Brady does some outrageous and a no no I. I like it I like it because I think the giants may. Look at the blueprint from the ravens. And say let's drop in the coverage moves and then optimists blitz they're gonna send that they they're four guys might get to him you know what the bridge gets at once against ravens right. Make it to once or twice. But if the patriots get a lead Eli you know just drops back every play they -- prominent and and that that's good. If the pitchers can believe in you take Bradshaw and Jacobs out of -- -- and just drop back every play. Then you know Vince has come -- higher than their blitz and they come and Adam than they than they and and you know Eli hangs in the pocket. That's not a bad prediction -- I'm at my second which Doherty Rio revisited the Bronx legend is going to grow an epic game. And I just epic 810 yards and an ankle -- that would be absolutely. -- you know what are some cynicism all the dean absolutely no one and no and I'll tell you -- and and we all agree. The Belichick. Doesn't do anything haphazardly. As a result on its products the know boot you know the -- once a year ankle. The walk across the field in front of the cameras. The tell everyone you know -- Yeah that's all planned right answer yet. And and Belichick's demeanor is -- attitudes can plan to so. They got no worries they're not worried about Broncos Q so. If that's the he messaging oneness and then that's the message received. And that's what he intended he wants a one think it's a okay. So around here the sand in them Belichick. I would want that the went to what would you -- the rope -- dope when you have him limp would you have the putt on a media day and then to have everybody. All the media everybody watching and then by extension the giants saying we don't have to plan game plan for gronkowski he might not even light into the opposite of that you know. The jobs and that's our plan has also -- go somewhere else. Upset as the platform even though he's going to be an effective and limited even though he's going to be in a plane that might mean that's the theory were. Making its rounds down here meter out here is that -- that really hurt that just putting the bold face on to throw everyone off the. Trail well maybe I should not acquiesce and defer to all these athletes who have had high ankle sprain since I have not maybe I should defer to them. But the list is growing day by day it is another person in the category the says. High ankle sprains are among the worst and you can possibly have. I've had them they all say you can't be effective Kenny can be effective for sure -- time Michael -- say saying now Kurt Warner Marshall walked sterling -- so I'll be surprised to replace yesterday everybody is saying the very same thing. Gronkowski will not be -- to close to being in this game and that's where I think my -- predictions is gonna come you're gonna have this magnets are well. I haven't won 7779085203888525. Theory -- be a big mouth of the background you -- expulsion. She's my longhorns and -- look like Norman. It's a moment Norman size. He's one model a talk show hosts a typical Leo it could happen yup -- happened. -- we got a lot of ground to cover today Joseph buys them will join us in the 7 o'clock hour. Curt Schilling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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