WEEI>On Demand>>Ochocinco's girlfriend, Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozado, dishes disgusting dirt about her and Ocho's relationship

Ochocinco's girlfriend, Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozado, dishes disgusting dirt about her and Ocho's relationship

Feb 1, 2012|

Evelyn Lozada, Ochocinco's reality star fiancee, is doing a spread for Maxim magazine, and dished some "dirt" (literally) about how open there relationship is. Too much info... just too much info.

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I email beyond that and told -- the last game like he's the MVP you still get points -- -- and are willing to the point that I'm very proud patriot fan. Feet on Sunday. That he couldn't boa constrictor don't let them grieve crush them annihilate them and tell -- -- -- It it. -- your real your girl -- was it's actually not your girl knows that no not at all photos and goes grow. And that it wants to earlier the an audience won't -- in the or kitty handers but she's on the basketball -- you know on even president of basketball life anymore. Whenever she's an ex football powers and answers about -- -- -- I can't help it get out technicality. It shows that the bath demographer with the -- okay basketball game. She's desperate in in match and guided it to match yes. If so she decided that she was gonna tell the world. Something's about who knows that. -- needed to know that you needed to -- anybody in my life on doubles. And it rotated. And he just throw line. I -- about a comeback while I mean I think it's Daimler's. Everybody Q. It was very crazy with a lot of which I think that. Plus the back passes which is -- tool is definitely not a lot. Just comes to play and that's been comfortable right now. Okay so means -- It believes that there we'll be able to go head under the really weird story behind so -- friend of -- and our house. He's like oh my god it's not like your house announcement. But if you know somebody -- the -- it -- and it was I mean look I'm like oh okay. He's started now blaming me and I took on more and act like. Me. But this -- again baby -- politics lately and -- like that at the baby's life. And that's kind of the -- has started calling him -- He that it -- the planet. You wonder why don't. You wonder why he and we took our own. Dwindling and enjoyment bullets. Are you wonder why he's eligible have been deployed diplomats -- -- -- -- Wow with a lot of things that but in the back questions and it was pretty cool. That is a lot of us that's not a liar -- -- Yeah I can't yet. -- a lot of -- a lot of errors which includes cooler which were starts with FHL should should there it is. -- with a lot of things that. What about questions -- that was pretty cool. I would be okay if you if you stop there because then you're you're not really sure which you me. They -- not specific. When she gets to your story I was leaving chat. Norway -- of pride comes I'm. -- baby wipe them all in the toilet and he liked -- estimated life. -- What if that now and I don't know what's more embarrassing for Ochocinco that he only fifteen catches this year or this. It's doing. We'll go to the back recipes and it was pretty cool. Yes that's love that is. It's something maybe it's well wouldn't let her watch. -- Though doctorate. Or are excellent at all went -- -- -- -- -- -- right now. Well good stage for it yes. It just right that's that would change it. -- the back passes let's bring the actual thing that happens a lot out there bring people together in America that people. Husbands wives audiences. They -- the -- from now. You've ever been in the shower had a girlfriend come in and do that it's really going it's not cool at all. Now do it do I -- that's no way I would look again at night is not too. I I would guess 25%. Of couples do it I want to -- -- -- person I just die if they do not against you. -- -- present I brought it back compresses those Powell. Acknowledged that. It's I just don't think that's cool little -- a lot of people do. I don't I don't know next year are we going to. We gonna miss him because we're gonna we're not gonna have these little tidbits we salute. You know emblem was not alone in -- Ochocinco was tweets or or is -- a matter of thank god he's on you just don't have to deal with this. -- to use that word again only if it an attitude that that the child. -- signature for hours straight story about. Tom Brady twelve things you you know about talking about Tom -- by the great Elizabeth Merrill and -- it back now. I'm I'm thinking that this kind of information is not and I don't Brad elder Gisele is revealing that I. We'll baby wipe all of -- toilet and he writes is at the baby's life. First of all much of the two of them think it's cool Gisele and -- and -- and second of all -- -- never revealing remember hearing when we get along. When it hit inside the walls of that castle mentioned that the Bill Clinton California every incident where. How does that happen. But what happened yeah -- Forget everything that's. That you know maybe got a phone call -- -- -- -- -- the Burton interview we're Burton asked them to some of our commitment used to play them again is that the I love that. Yeah they -- Monica back. -- We beat it completely on his game. You wanna come back. Which is positioned right -- right. We knew we didn't. We can definitely took what he's given the first event. So as well. Christian Americans -- throughout always what do you think this we think the chances of improvement units. Brought it back questions and it was pretty cool. We really the chances. One point 5% I think you're exaggerated once again the point I think as you think that they -- like 50. No chance zero. Not yet never -- they love the guy never stays as it did with the bill bella zero can't do it just didn't do 06 million bucks next year. Doesn't it doesn't have a chance -- blow up a small allegedly get to your next at 617779. Stairway to you know special UN and Ellis -- I. I could I could feel the election. -- there was.

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