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Larry the Cable Guy says Go Pats

Feb 1, 2012|

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy joins Mut & Lou to share his thoughts on Super Bowl 46. Larry also talks about cheering for the Oakland Raiders as a child, Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, and tells a funny story of the worst tailgating food he has ever eaten.

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We're back here live in indeed -- and Lou got -- 37 WEEI. Sweet -- Maloney is. Like any right now I sat next to what are your favorite Larry the Cable Guy wants a movie that's our allies and our stomach -- still an affluent. Gated. Negative boys to do you so he would would you name Mason. Bush had my Asian Asian mind game. Some Kitna -- that in an and that vision below leave heaven -- and in the door -- an apparent power I think it is still out though is part of that I showed. Expect whatever as the extra stuff in the -- you do in the voice over it looked up and as they looked at me he was he picked up little told -- to cards can. You know what the hell you gonna look at fact that it was a but he made it. That's the bad thing about the movies I really that in my part so I put on 520 and then it's near. -- that though when -- what you want like always offensive -- here this week if they want attention I'm the only guy -- only do -- so that's a good. Don't know about that lawsuit -- -- -- earlier. Trot Nixon Kevin -- are no matter what happened on the field I would just here. That's only right there peculiar aren't they recited to you 24 sevenths that because they are good Americans -- -- on the other bullets do it's. Get a lot of these events like this that you get to hang out with with athletes and its teams that you know athletes. These days let themselves go alone. And I thought these guys walk right arresting these guys later on but let's average down thirty Nikkei. Lines that -- are ones that have been you know blame -- I don't know I want I I don't know I don't see it as if few big ones here but not. Those -- -- those with the offensive -- knows I can see whether still kind of date big Nebraska chorus of oh -- as matter of fact I'm following signed and dated date these days got a couple good ones or it was that very human at least in Dallas. So yeah I'm following a pretty good were trying to get. Andrei is Pete. Announces at 1230. Little special spot check way to go -- make sure I'm around them to see the only you know exactly when these guys are signed that's -- locked in Nebraska football here actual crazy Mario lunch at 1230 he announces -- when we're looking forward ounces at 1 o'clock to Lampe then do it. Now it goes the NFL's giants and -- I'm -- Packard I. Oh well I hate about you -- is aware -- that filled -- open a breast is so I grew a raider fans. I'd just like the raiders men love my favorite all time team in 1976. Oakland Raiders. And and when they moved at Oakland Dan is now a little bit and it is the idea is -- branch at guys like. Then went out Davis started making trades like -- and I started think it's wrong -- this and then I was in Florida and then I just I was around the dolphins and the Buccaneers and I didn't really like -- -- -- kind of limbo. Then about 2000 line. I still root for the raiders kinda. -- -- The Brett Favre did an interview he would learn -- cable that Gator that leisure ego and then somebody tell me that my CD was only Stevie that never left his CD. And I became a packet and I married a girl was on the balance. Of elected locked -- -- big red carpet. Brett Favre is. -- there's -- packer fans maybe not -- at the way Brett left Green Bay that now on the air Rodgers anyway well since rock. That Rodgers. I like Brett obviously because. I don't know. I changed a -- -- -- broke nachos would command them on it but that life now my life. That's different story he's die hard -- So when he laughed and went played the vikings. Everything came down all packed years called Favre -- gone. Arms never exist that are alive. So she Egypt and went to Minnesota that was that you referred them through in mind and move. Minnesota -- one of the Minnesota put rose to employees there's no purple and are now as a Nebraska in Hampshire and it would delegating maybe get some food and drink yet answer you kidding me. What's the what's the worst delegate who like when you. When you show up at a tailgate and what's the worst tailgate Lee's -- brings up the to a tailgate that that doesn't belong vegetables for the if he ate the meat and eat -- -- -- thank salad anything like it -- you have done in good food that's why when you get in which would. You know that -- of just you know he needs thread I did I miss that when -- -- -- around the country. If you go to Oakland. You need -- him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you tailgate in Oakland but again at the maker of beanie weenie cornbread Castro is negative for a -- going -- -- Castro would -- it we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got. Stirred that would bar but he's. -- in a crush of corn -- And not doing what you're glade plug in -- started carpet there on that early on audio parliament did you guys -- particularly regular part of -- -- your pants at the last -- -- and you would be which is a -- he would it is it's but you'll definitely need the brands and potency. After you had that that's what I was doing we were going all around. Two. The ball games and we haven't a contest. Three category tailgate. Your favorite food in your team's here and you want to take the Super Bowl and -- prices. That's what we're do and there are big growth of one another and pig roast in a row but at that figure today. Either in -- hotel. Which wounded but we're inevitably no fruit no salad. And -- You know he routed to you know I saw you so when he shows in Vegas know. -- like she knows only in America that you know -- -- America on Wednesday nights on history yeah using every Wednesday night on -- I'm constantly known to -- -- -- show Friday in Springfield Missouri -- yet that the films we've got another one Saturday and can't. Can't -- it you know what. I don't know I haven't checked the schedule -- on there all the time. I mean we work there all the -- new home always the movie if they do that's the spot the Mohegan. It's one of my favorite room every time I've been there three times now and we've done -- so that shows back to back seven. You know you gamble and -- you know come out of it Amber's here in. People aren't. You know I remember I was and the next moment she's she goes. Look at the numbers are coming up in order you've never seen one through fifteen public forum elevate. But I put on. That ultimately. -- all year people or that website tailgate and dot com slash contest at all these entries and hang out with them aren't fans in the northeast when you come -- bogey on the -- time. Yeah unbelievable people would never you know I get labeled as a certain kind act. And -- assailants. You know I am I'm just you know if you wanna laugh -- -- -- -- one liners come back to my issue but in all honesty. My biggest crowds are in the midwest and northeast. I mean upstate New York Connecticut New Hampshire Rhode Island. I mean I do really well up there on the downward in this state for iron Rhode Island this year. And -- morning the man you know I mean I was one of the first guys ahead commands so. It's just it's just been awesome you know all my crowds are great -- did folks and they just like to laugh and that's what so you know you need it. Oh absolutely laughs it's all bundled together and here you don't boss here in New England giants' super -- make things going on here and got to give those patriots mean as well in the Gator -- when island in the unit I just so I get it. I don't like them. But that incident over what Emmys anyway and got a lot and I think I guess I'll bet -- there's payments and -- it. Because it's like he went. To the man both them and took every item. You -- there he's good -- Million and supermodel wise move Super Bowl rings it's like hey Tom. Take one -- And get the violently in the announcement that it may. That has got. A pretty good life the who got. Who get -- it obviously I liked and that was negated after -- impotence but we can't. I tell about well obviously the patriots go in the game -- commodity kidney. Play than letting. It. I you know that it's going to be a great game. Since I don't got a dog in England patriots -- I got nobody gauges lives up right got a lot of friends up here I got you know -- -- I think they really. Meaning that can really be -- right up the the -- Bloomberg national -- in the crush of trials that kept. Oh yeah definitely got to do -- got to take some OTC you know what you flag -- them the farm aids these guys they use them -- yet. You know over the -- -- no idea. Landed several more hours ago a problem and it he. Thanks for hanging out and appreciate -- -- have me go patriots and hopefully do well and a big tutored and everybody up there on the fans is thank -- I mean this just blast. Out here. -- euros dollars spent a lot of fun thank you -- next time undue pressure doctors really good. Appreciate that we'll see a movie and suddenly assume there are you guys -- let -- hang out with the you'll take a 92 break and talk to -- Chris and Chris and Jerry and bill. All your phone calls but Lou 93 cents.

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