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Rodney Harrison throws Asante Samuel under the bus for legendary David Tyree catch

Jan 31, 2012|

Rodney Harrison reiterated on NBC Sports this week that David Tyree was Asante Samuel's assignment on the weirdest/biggest catch in Superbowl history. We discuss it, plus more with CSNNE's Tom E. Curran.

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Dolls clamping elsewhere cover four and hills man to man coverage and no one really knows this but als society Samuels and and I wanted to throw -- under the bus but basically. He kind of let him go he freed up. And I thought that he was gonna be tackled but I'll still claim opposition -- -- perfect position for much too wide receivers I had over here. And then all of a sudden I see an ex skate and I just see David Tyree -- ask you a receiver wide open in the middle of the field and I just did my best to try to. Separate him and avoided war. They go Rodney Harrison laying in all my fault -- society's -- Mike. Which -- -- -- -- me I think -- just explain what happened on the play and relate breakdowns we elect people to be glib but now you're going to be who -- wounded who live kind of did I mean let's tell the truth there's no question about that. And as Michael said earlier people knew this you know four years ago but that's the difference when everybody's talking about it for years later and you sit there. Thrown out there. And it was man to man coverage and no one really knows this but als society Samuels Manhattan courtroom under the bus but basically -- But -- I good. The grid goes the darkness -- I don't Grumman and about. Hey let me -- eighteen Wheeler who. I quit what are they run news was gone through in the when he was asked by Eli Manning Tom Brady gave it I think that I asked him about that. Recently you'll -- the -- on which which which will be -- third Indianapolis -- well the whole thing but I Lois said -- She is I think his what he maintains is that if you objectively look at it over the course of 2011. You -- Manning has been more effective fourth quarter quarterback in Tom Brady so if you can take out 2001 in the drive in the last ninety seconds and you can take out 2003. And the things Tom Brady did against Carolina Panthers we can forget about all the teams that he has brought the patriots back images look at 2011. He says he'd rather have Eli Manning. I believe it -- -- what you believe I do. But -- this is hit is telling him that. I think that if you said okay you're the coach you're a bold stand right next year. And said one of -- can't imagine he's gonna look Kabila in those years so about the. But you know what he's doing a he's doing a different job and that's why -- -- to -- You've got at least give it to Rodney is that it because. Of his situation. Most people look at him and TV incident -- eight. Page eight Indian against in the patriots grabbed onto -- -- -- -- so right he's going to tackle the of the way -- objections different. Is don't accidentally for the patriots images -- you know what Anthony makes a career era. Both of you don't impeached he's making a career out of congress I had a really good molecular. I would say it is very clearly. Right the year before good that'll be good close to -- excellent server and on the on the way. I -- groups of remove the Roman tick then that could -- that that's what Rodney for Rodney is going. Out of his way to separate itself from the -- from the patriots with his new job I respect that's part of what he's gotten that fit into. Still there and you have to be objective but I think you know you might be able to defend to a position. And make a statement like that it does say oh yeah he's not always -- patriot. So I think that he found the spot to do that Andy did that again I don't know if you would really given the chance. You get the ball in her own twenty down war we sent out there run. Sorry Tom let's go to. It's speaking Rodney Harrison is on the -- a lot with Tony -- they go back and forth and obesity. And you were telling early get a pretty good conversation with dungy and dungy was talking about -- short. The main reason I wanted to talk to -- about this is he not only had Nick Harper in the 2006 Super Bowl against saint but he also. Was Dwight -- 2009. And he's well aware of everything goes on the colts organization both of those players harper particular had a similar injury to a gronkowski suffered harper suffered his ankle sprain. Against the patriots in 2006 AFC championship didn't practice. At all for two weeks and his dungy said you see him go out on the field. And they're able to work through it and they look OK but it comes a moment. You know critical mass is finally hit and the pounding on that are already injured spot. The lessening of the adrenaline the lessening of the painkiller all starts to impact you. And often during that long thirty minute halftime it will tighten up now if you wanna re shooting. Can you get through Dwight Freeney could not get through it was ineffective Nick Harper could not get through and nobody came going to be perfect place. That's what they might be looking at you with gronkowski and you only get half -- It makes sense though that it halftime it's going to tighten up we've been talking about that ourselves the last couple days. Some caller called a mean to suggest that we play in the second. And dried up that stupid what is it accept it if you're down fourteen to nothing -- seventy nothing sit there saying well or already in the in the hole here. And it and it backfires -- -- receiving from -- training I almost as if there's any athlete that I've seen that is capable. All not feeling any pain and convincing his brain that he is under percent out there it would be this -- That this kid will give it every possible chance he cannot -- now physically whether he can hold out for the entire game I think that's very. Very. Questionable for -- screw loose is a very appropriate term yet for him back right now he's gonna screw loose and in a good way for his profession. But remember to TERRELL OWENS a guy who. Was tough and did fight through people to give them enough credit for perhaps -- toughness. -- on severely injured leg in the 2004 -- and he was great and he was ten Yankee wait a good instrument you know had an idea and not legally did. He might have been a losing team MVP in the it was awesome is arsenic game I mean I think in some cases he wasn't they would do in the normal TO thing. But just the fact that he was out there was surprising I think five or six weeks after. Injury after the initial injury. It a lot of people would have been able to play at all or even walk right. I was pretty good one interesting thing I was talking -- -- -- series who played with the patriots in 2003 about this. What he's fascinated to look at is a little more wrecks and -- stuff is really going to outline gronkowski up along the lines from it because if you portable that. The powerful guy. Who will hit you in -- Q push off with you're sore ankle you're gonna trying to do that well. What if they take broncos' Ian in with him in different spots they gonna have talked follow him. To give him that Campbell they've leapt almost on the same side -- -- a lot of teams to an interest positioning. Because policy it is not as talented as good player but he's no defense -- would be here Paul whose responsibilities. -- gronkowski going to be. I even do many of these which the immediate and then I -- -- conduct -- it was it was a little strange having. -- some space this 35 box -- critical watched the jumbled tomorrow. 35 bucks -- the quick slant to the cameras there. Grizzlies it was -- having come quick slant the day with the developer -- the matrix yet I don't know I think that it was a good thing about that to you you bang and sick to work has been 35 -- what's my bald spot waddle around on the field. Also let's not only -- by about their thoughts on its group. I wish I see that years ago there were four more football questions asked. In the one boxer brief question that was asked was are rolling eyes -- most of them though the sportswriters and and forget. Are you able -- -- -- and you get guys wearing costumes. You've got a bunch of kids out there are asking questions you've got the a lot of good looking women who were up there asking questions one woman was trying to get Tom Brady's attention I don't know if you there at the time it's. And he was that he could be here to answer questions in the of this bunch of frustrated pull the microphone and have dropped it to the ground after camera crew start walking -- -- Can't we can't get a question. All the sports writers. To sports writers. And get old now overall we've lost the -- We don't know -- players like the players enjoy this war only good thing I don't have to talk about the game. You know -- tell me about you know -- when -- first super ball recollection was I think that. We have -- This date to the foolishness -- Wednesday and Thursday at Logan may just talking about what Donna what. You know talking about Madonna were there asking her questions about the the halftime entertainment but the play -- -- see every night I mean I spent more time. Walking around him ask him ritual -- about Twitter if you don't follow ritual and -- round would have by the way you need to immediately so freaking funny who's. Rich or -- -- yet here's your -- yeah. But yet we've Hulu plus that what we've lost the media day war it's an event you're not really gathering anything news was not -- guess this isn't right. Pure comedy that it's. You know -- in the noticed that her day it's her -- and -- it shields and. In the NFL loves it and maybe the fans love it -- I mean how how much more -- we talk about. The game they're there should be a day or hour. Set aside for this silly this in the goofy not left handed -- to -- -- the -- this again -- have all talked about it we. Got Gradkowski playing the second half of the game because he can't play the first half we got trick plays. We've heard at all. So we don't we haven't toward Tuesday you'll get a lot goofy between now and and Friday they'll be a lot more stuff out there. We're talking earlier about Belichick and the fact that he's like a nightclub entertainer out there via and other countries and talked to a few people around -- tell me that. I think it's by design they think that in her earlier today. Heath Evans was on the Dennis and Callahan and he actually criticized Belichick and thought that they. We didn't push them that it was a little too serious for years ago. And he'll skip the feeling that. Everything -- does. There's a purpose and the purpose here is some people. Theorized that. It's got to do that his legacy I think it's more of he feels he's got to take the foot off the -- It's got to lighten up getting back off the guys a little bit try to make it more of a full on the arrangement so that it's not as pressure packed for them on Sunday where you. I I'm deny it we think it is a concerted effort by him and I asked about that I have couple minutes of them after the media session on the side. And I asked him why he's being so much more personally. Usually pretty good. -- -- not a sit in those interviews than not that awesome sometimes they'll. Without him and -- he he basically said we worked hard to get here. We can that I hit down a little bit keep in the big game in mind but I I think that it has something to do with. The week he will be remembered. I mean how many was supposed to going to be -- -- the eighth out of 46. Will he be to another one will he have this stage this platform ever again. Media to be better if he leaves a lasting tasted as well lot of the guy who. It was just consulate in 2006. After BAC championship las. You know sure it in 2007. With. Everybody you read this in the press conference afterwards or is he going to be a guy who. Is somewhat gracious while we didn't entertaining and -- I figured out -- -- has to be loses either -- -- -- -- -- what you're saying you think it has something to do with Belichick thinking about the team -- obstacles like. It's more Belichick thinking about the ways that while he's if it isn't like if it's his legacy if it's his legacy that if they lose this game on Sunday. His post game press lovable loser would be gracious right will be that's right right I do not believe it'll -- -- I believe he loses this game. You'll get a get the same. Post game and -- losing attitude that you get I don't. I would -- has been through element to what you're saying to I think Michael you partially correct I think -- finally said okay have had enough crap about this enough people to optimum children say. Can lighten up a little bit of these things. But I think that there is probably a larger element to what you're saying. That it's good for the team because they said this to to mail before the Denver game. It's just acts. You freak out when you killed fields playoff -- to Patrick Chung called -- -- -- But nobody feels really expected -- whatever miscommunication happened there. That's nerves now that's a short circuit in the brain and that's not anything to do football yet. -- -- -- Calvin Pace for his first pick it 350 attempts LG crop would not catch the ball that's tightness. And I think that once they get that Denver win that deep down they gave them that was the best remedy they could get. Was crap team that had no business being in the playoffs -- was able to beat teams diminished by injury was he will be the sacrificial we have to get them right again. Thank you mean Michael or a. -- -- -- All -- brilliance of the new elements of its view. Check them all like the little -- that you did Jesus think leaked rough. Thanks -- good excuse them. I -- stuff but during the course of the Lewis and say yes and and -- dot com -- UP three dot com and and you got a lot of coverage and you get all the laws. How many people helix well aware three media Mary validity -- -- you have a couple of stars your arguments -- leaders. Although it's of the security. His name right right right back at July from Indianapolis Bruins -- you don't take.

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