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Ochocinco makes a funny, and his teammates all love him - The Big Show

Jan 31, 2012|

Glenn and Micheal discuss a candid moment in which Ochocinco showed some of his self-depricating nature and made a funny in front of his teammates, which made them love him even more. Even if he's not contributing on the field, he is in the lockerroom.

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I'm really accounts of Ochocinco that was from this morning as the radio row. He was not the the most chipper guy here today at radio row I expected that. This would be shining moment that he would have a field like that maybe he would too -- cost of similar to some of the other media vote. Was not the case that reading -- Gregg Rosenthal stake from pro football talk dot county said Ochocinco was downcast during the time spent around him. Seemingly miserable and waiting for the experienced and he was asked if he was happy. You're looking for the crazy -- he hasn't been here all year Ochocinco said while staring down the reporter who asked the question. Why would -- be different now. I mean I can't do that can't do that. You need to -- What this story's. I don't want to hear. Gregg Rosenthal state. Does a fine job by the way but I don't what are your state. You've got some information. Looking -- I think the other side imbedded deep into patriot. You know lead the team in there. There's a different Ochocinco this morning this very morning and Bill Belichick addressed the team. And had a serious moment at the end of it. Tell the guys. One of -- has lost something of great value. And I have. And so. You know I'm sure by now that you've lost this of great value do me a favor whoever's lost it raging and tell me. Describe it and it will make sure that we get it back to you because it's of great now. What around the room. Nobody raised him suddenly Ochocinco -- the -- And Belichick said Chad what did you lose my game. And the guys all started laughing. They broke up laughing he made a joke about. Himself in front runner up. All of leaked the the patriots won and they and they loved it Belichick apparently -- -- -- -- choking fit it insists they're scripted. I don't routine I don't know I think it was impromptu I think it was just Chad kind of making light of the fact that he sucks. In the whole team laughter -- -- of nosy it was a funny I was told. It was a funny moment. Funny now it was it was a it was -- this is this is today today this morning before media yet that's where. Very early -- addresses -- team and says. What do you wanna view this loss and I think bill was sort of -- legitimately somebody lost -- -- a little watch watchers something I don't know some. You know some jewelry item now we're RG a ring to -- now possible now worried about the chemistry of the -- I think they'd -- Now I was told Leno that. But somebody in a -- they said you don't get. That. They like this I'm sure like that there's a real. But but the whole somebody has lost up to your grave site so you would do that we you know -- Ross. The people what you're doing the message out to you think somebody might step updated lose anything they may step up enclave. Like let me just say hey guys I've found. -- Rolex. Somebody lost a -- you should be able to say that if you're the New England Patriots. You're all of them. Should you -- the company your payments. Somebody wants it now. Like as the leaders limit your family would you would you would you would you play the game would you just say -- What have you lost. A very expensive value just a regular at the brings something -- So they like him. And they like him the -- you know one night I almost think they get a little irritated. That we kind of bleep well so I think they all know that. He's not may be great contributor I just beat the hand out of the headphones which was legit. One over break. Lot of players really really really like that it was a it was a it was a good moment the so well in -- -- around teams before so yes it is. Sometimes that works I don't know. Well. Let me ask you. This year your other theory why do you think the head coach. Who was at it again today. Biting the head coach has been completely. Different human beings when it comes to. His media presentation. -- -- a different guy Bill Belichick has been. Why are -- I think it's the national media I think it's all by design. I think a lot of people are coming out saying it's bill thinking about his legacy you've spent enough time around Bill Belichick to -- That he'd like to see is important but it's very bright to a winning him the moment. I don't think he's necessarily sitting there and going through and saying. Okay I've got to do this first and then this because it'll all be how history is going to treat me. One and 85 in the rocker if that was the case he was handled despite -- much differently than he did. Bill doesn't think bill thinks in the moment of how am I going to win the next game. A pitch Heath Evans and infighting that -- -- with Heath Evans this morning. Hitting right on it from four years ago I think Heath Evans is right on target because for one have heard this week. Billy is clearly doing this the happy they -- and the -- fast today he was -- -- the podium. For one. Our as a nightclub entertainer little kids were coming up basket and little questions and he was answering every one of them. Okay heat we've seen amid much different movements on Mondays even when asked after they gave us. He answered everything he went out of his way to answer and he did it with a smile on his face. It's not here to sit -- going how are they gonna strictly in my legacy down the road historic now. It's I think maybe. I've got to change. How I deal with this thing. So that the players picked up on my mood while I'm doing in its different. This is chief that this is my -- forecast from this morning's Dennison Cali and program. -- don't criticizing. What he felt his coach handled this game four years ago. To some of the bill come thought maybe we were. Maybe just overlooking the team and announce that we were it was just you have a bad day you know in bill opted to put some pads again on Thursday which is that the reason we lost the game probably not but. You know if there was a way to freshen myself you know in the second thing which is. Kind odd and I suspect we'll do it again this year to. Saturday night you know with the kind of the rule on this let's get the the players in the team away from the family team hotel away from all the distractions. Let's put more we can kind of get on a normal Saturday night routine so everything structure perfectly I could -- in week one through you know -- team. And it really kind of backfired hotel was horrendous we literally had guys with M sixteens walking around the outside of our hotel. They warned us don't go outside by yourself we -- literally in the in the hood of Arizona. If I mean. My room smelled like smoke and I remember Randy -- just being like I can't sleep -- is actually about why wouldn't you know it double dip in country I can't talk like he does -- was funny you know. It was just little things like data -- that the reason we lost I don't know but you look back context when it when you say well what if you know and and what -- would have a little less of a hard practice on Thursday when our legs have been a little fresher. Bottom line isn't giants -- It won an assembly I was I was I was told today that little -- and -- -- think. Yeah probably and he started I don't think we picked up at the beginning that he actually sentiment is something probably shouldn't be critical -- competitors on yet. The hood where. Where where where -- that I guess that's where are from Scottsdale sudden ability thanks to an -- or I I spent ten days they're never written to the hood. -- a -- Florida but this is apparently with the players. And coming on for sometime. I was told it over the last 567 weeks he's really lighten up he's been much different with them treating them differently. Even the players. I mean at the hotels have become better this year. Different. That he's treated the whole experience a lot different in this week is just a continuation of that but it's --

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