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What Happened to Devin McCourty This Year?

Jan 29, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang discuss the downfall of Devin McCourty and what may have happened to him since his rookie year. Dale, Smerlas and Chatham discuss the possibilities be it injury, a confidence issue or maybe last year didn't tell the real story about McCourty. In a pass happy league, getting burned at CB is not a rare thing these days.

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I -- on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI frets -- -- Matt Chatham in the house one of the frustrating things that your player for the patriots. And I know Richard Seymour talked to me about this a lot it was frustrating to. They never discuss injuries in -- -- guys heard or not you never know what percentage he's playing at. All you can judges how to play. And in -- case there were times when he might have played at a significantly less than a 100%. Level of play like most and you know many to have bad game and get clobbered for which can't say anything you can't prevent yourself. So IIE I say that is a prelude. I don't know what kind of physical problems -- according may or may not have had this year we don't know that we're not allowed to know that. All we can it was judge what we see on the feet but it's not an island on -- so all I'm saying it's something you've got to at least think about probable. The teams do the same thing I don't I don't bill really get pissed off years ago and would Marv Levy. Was it was a panel we was it was general manager but they weren't putting this report out to -- he was putting out -- that's on the -- you know put mine out. -- -- -- that one human -- but I think they all if you trained all I can do is judge what I saw drug what I saw was a guy. Wasn't even close to what I saw a year. How does that happen. One thing to say in in any corners offense. It's tough position. Amid amid quarterback especially nowadays yeah exactly. So it it's one of those positions where one it's awful little bit. It goes down really fast treasure out there and vote over -- island right so. When duke struggled a bit. I think it's definitely a confidence position I think it's cool Billick. Baseball -- -- Islam when you know stop stop hit the ball dispute conflict you know it's just fractions it becomes sort of you know yeah exactly. So all the sudden you know what came natural these YouTube was a rookie. You can't find you don't know where it is struggling. Some of the defense is a vote -- allowed. Basically I think a lot of -- where he was -- troubles and there were animals are revolving door in the back in with some of those issues. Some recovered became a little less aggressive so you saw play after play given plays in front of -- It was frustrating when it's time in Jamaica Plain and that's another thing as a player and I know enough though like not wait too heavily on it because I don't know what these people. You know I don't know that he's I don't know looking over it we don't know the coverage call we don't know -- the -- but he doesn't have some frustration in the have -- and tighter than to not being coached played -- But it's a fan OK Alan I'm I'm watching the game. As a fan I don't know the game the -- you guys who have played the game pretty -- I just know that I'm watching -- -- I look I know he hasn't been coached. I'm not look for the ball culture voters -- -- an how many times this year did you see ass is completely simply because he didn't turn for the ball sort of is like man brought up. Baseball if you miss. By a chorus of baseball it's a ground out instead of -- or pop up toilets in your monitor errors so small. If you're nose tackle and I missed my top of him by a little bit like it's the economy Canada but as a cornerback. Fume. This time ago job by a -- of report a second. And that guy's level elevate before you who gets the ball and I start thinking in opposition to get a reacted not think you got pretty good coverage. And I get a anticipate my job are gonna anticipate turning around. So his natural reactions were -- the last united thinking about this series that think the board support them -- thought the slower reaction to a became. Very methodical in his process instead of very reactionary. That's simply and it's not physical it was all mental Allman I think it. Again I don't know -- personally. Bought I noted it. Most reports about him is really bright communities and the -- here are global works out all of those kinds of mentoring guy so a lot of times. -- I've considered my one of those -- hustle play against guys that you know kind of turns the study and you'll those kinds of things and that's how I got a lot of my advantages. Sometimes that personality. It's -- little more free wanna goes bad because you care so much more you think a lot about it sometimes -- quarterback position up a little bit yes sometimes -- their quarterback position might happen might be better to help the guys that just. Is a notice what's going on around them those early care so much because. It just comes now chairman of flats are doing now I'm not saying that's old apple -- and I have no idea. Well I think there were times where you song doings things -- -- look like him we just looked uncomfortable of course she's never gonna say publicly I'm. You know I have lost confidence -- sometimes you got that sense he's telling designs and it's it's offered as a quarterback you give up for compute to a completion you have come back to the whole new kind of the cameras catching you see the viral or. In in his as a teammate you wanna congratulate him in just -- music quite remarkable wasn't a normal and fine. Guys like Deion Sanders. Even you have mobile Claiborne Rick Cleveland but the clock is gone for good fun I mean the guy. But king trash talk by a wide receivers. In cornerbacks. Have to be cocky and confident and relaxed and I think you're the greatest and whatever happens is not our fault because -- finished if you lose that kind of aura. And you stop come to think during concerned and -- to the report portrait of model you're gonna get killed those guys have to be the great athlete also. Very competent in their abilities so they can make plays without thinking of the instinctive doesn't it look better its safety and doesn't quarter. You know I think you one there but gradually made them move and what they were doing what is Patrick Chung was yeah and had a ball gets hurt every single play it's seen VA employees do again that's I think it's always there always are central to situations in those situations you -- Richard I think had a ball. Deserve a lot of credit I think he's one of those guys if you talk play lot of us feel that he is operational -- -- at least holes -- shall we keep some sort of social social issue recede and going down to redeem grimacing he's played -- -- season. As an odd percent and he you know that bet that this issue and of itself I think with DeVon. Versatility is always something that this team has coached first and foremost in the draft along with that in mind. And I think one of the things -- remember when memo was drafted a lot of people or structure and system according general. Special -- special teams are worn on special teams -- that was the first process competency yes so I don't think that there's a lot of a lot of surprise that he has opposed to do a lot of things I think a lot of times guys struggle it's helpful to him to. Maybe she thinks from a different perspective. Maybe put things kind of in -- or what's a -- place. He's good athlete he's ever gonna hit twelve smog so contact Louise archer road guitar and of course overnight two routes -- reaction time. What his instincts a bit of a two bit flawed right now. So now he plays safety he runs -- the ball real well he tackles for a while things -- a farmer bill stellar effort to separate stuff. He's the old if you he's a safety -- got the -- and he seems to be. I think -- stuck -- seas three to enjoy them more and moreover there has done a pretty good job being at the skeptical. And and you know and I think -- -- happened there at the last week I correctly missile snap that in your son DeVon bounce back down and look comfortable I think a lot of times it takes the pressure off you don't have sixty snaps were like Fred says a push for a one time it's in the world. -- to do a little different things and nothing else from an offensive standpoint you know guys there. At the same spot every time we saw quarterbacks do mr. -- girls were would like virtually the -- in the Hubble. Locate him and thrown -- Colin -- to -- and and again if if a guy it allows you -- recover some of that confidence needed -- lot of different jobs on the field you see from a different perspective to come back he's -- got a draft in the first round last year he's going to be here for the tournament if it clearly I -- it doesn't -- in that. It is. Spikes can't play a certain scheme -- excellent strings parliament where we can place a Belgian girl I was looking of that you it was slot that your -- regain confidence and then moved -- around and have you played different spot you're not thinking as much. I understand that the three the three components of a defense are all into related and how the defensive line plays has a direct. Our core relation to how the defensive backs play but I look at the three units for the Patriots defense secondary is the weakest of the for I don't think that's unfair to say that okay. So I'm looking at a giants team that -- cruise nicks Manningham nicks may not be 100% based on his shoulder issues but. Some good wide receiving talent and I'm wondering if the patriots don't get to -- like quickly enough. They have the guys who can cover those wide receiver. I think it's a fair point for your milk we know that pixels and there the first week and that's just an extra power -- -- -- only -- -- I think what's unusual. Is yet he. Oh I think too often in this sport it's it's a store sport right were we the camera points of one guy external ago with a near the ball. -- mores and then we don't know. So because we don't -- tells me every Sunday. Just could you don't know the name doesn't mean they can't play SO saying and I I don't -- the -- -- play much for that I what I watched sterling Moore these few weeks that he's been out there. And if you rip the name tag off the back of his Jersey. And he was player acts I tell he's a great player -- continue around -- and I would be -- -- wouldn't know he just -- ordered a football -- to me so -- chips are really well good -- -- well ball reactions everything -- -- tackles well he's conscientious he looks like he knows what he's doing. So I think too often we follow strap were you know. Sort of the national media or any of the locals hold with a -- you -- -- -- they'll say it happened they'll say a name all -- -- Loser you know like it's just it's meant to be who are these guys all the insight Jones. -- like that that -- the depth of your analysis because you can say is names circulating to supposed to mean that'd mean -- you don't know all the. There are no good but also is important is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The linebackers have solidified the past -- the defense is a little bit better. Also what pressure is a defense and offense. Is worried about score enough points to beat the patriots did you go to school point should not play San Francisco and you know you got to score points. If you gotta keep up if you miss wants it puts pressure on that giants' defense often.

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