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Devin McCourty, Patriots DB, talks Super Bowl and preparation

Jan 27, 2012|

Devin McCourty joins D&C to talk about his first trip to the Super Bowl and how he is handling preparations this week. According to him, it's just another week of work.

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John Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Friday Mike -- will join us at 805 minority heard from. AT&T hot line. -- -- back for the two of them patron stomach Ortiz on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE with speeds up to ten times faster. Then 3 G good morning -- how -- Or are -- good does it seem any different yet I guess will when you get too well when you get to Indianapolis but as a seem like just another week's worth -- preparation up to this point. Here -- -- murder ultimately go practicing -- is -- fair. For a game. You don't seagate whatever it was just so fairness. Well Derek -- Were you surprised you're either Rutgers coach -- on -- took the job in Tampa did you see that common -- did you when you played formed did you think of him. As a future NFL coach. Well I'm -- he could be. We knew what neutral Sharon SO background you know possibly. Don't know those date I think you opportunistic and I couldn't turn server. When no -- actually great costar Eric term pursuit. What what what meg coming obviously most college coaches go to the pros they struggle it as a metal. A record record a much success for big time college coaches jumping in the pros. What what makes you think you'll be different what what what about them is different. Or no -- he started this and then I felt it was four justices. And just the way people and android also. When there's so organizations. It try to. In this I didn't let up until. Maybe this is practiced in the old system wouldn't say that it's not necessarily go here. They didn't do his. Belichick said when talking about the issue on all of it that he he gets guys ready for the National Football League is that you're talking about what that answer that that these that bill sees guys coming out of rikers. Who seem more prepared and more NFL ready than almost any other school he's got. Exactly. Are saying. That's the glory of what he did their characters. Will be able to do an actual. Eight DeVon did you say anything to the official about it and grab by the face masking yanked down on the touchdown on the FC championship game. He I didn't even notice that actually -- -- -- Arlen. I absolutely that far -- -- Charlotte received an impairment. Or to create replay on the loose. You didn't. It was a penalty at the time didn't feel it was even a face mask of the time. And I you know and ultimately guy's little you know just figured -- farm out here. This so early get a hold your faced left lower level at all. I cemetery look at some film of the giants do you see any difference between the giants from week nine in this giants up to the NFC championship game on Sunday. On the play very well you -- weekly jail so that Beckett for game there's. Updated -- look at analytically and even better than it -- foreigners. There will be put into office -- listen to keep players shall. Or just a little different launch a little mogul -- to be out here. We got the courtesies and you know we prepare for appliances. Unit worn out their -- and Gaza into the air -- -- it. Eli certainly not a running quarterback I guess you could could call a scrambling quarterback but -- it really more a matter of moving around just a little bit to buy a little extra time and extend the play just a bit giving you wide receivers. Some more time to get open. Yeah that would definitely try to do literally you offered. You know who got to know if you'd kill Elaine you're reconfiguring do whatever he can cure or. They -- -- terrible allergic to undermine your leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do veterans told you about one of the Super Bowl because obviously this is your first one of the guys have been the report told. This certainly will just take it there's an opportunity. But most importantly I don't let everything distraction and actually apparently. -- motivation this the big sitting a lot of wars -- to do this book you always got to make sure that -- prepared and ready to go because not that you remember the most. It quickly just gonna say yeah a little thumbnail sketch on their three wide outs cruise Manningham and in. -- indicts. How are they say in how they different. Are they the biggest thing he's well altogether there also you know. The biggest differences the only lot of physical places bullet. They all -- ability to -- -- -- regular controller. Proved to occur so underneath -- -- apparently -- are simpler. You know art in Nixon -- on the taxes are they're in the twenty yards and broke the track. You know -- and Aaron -- people over the top love to -- so I mean that are involved he should go straight to. -- you care and regulatory. You have people -- -- all over the field worker or where the wall. Mario -- so well. -- good -- at Indianapolis enjoy the business trip I assume that's what you're portraying it as is a business trip right near Margaret Berger. DeVon will pocket this week. Our -- according to Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline and the techs like AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G.

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