WEEI>On Demand>>Steve Bulpett from the Herald joins Grande & Max for tonight's pregame

Steve Bulpett from the Herald joins Grande & Max for tonight's pregame

Jan 26, 2012|

Steve Bulpett from the Herald joins Grande & Max for tonight's pregame

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Which brings us to our full court press here at the Amway Center in Orlando and you know sometimes. We become so customs people that just -- in this out of the park for many decades now as it. We just we get all enamored with the electronic guys in the twenty whenever that we forget. The bread and butter. People that Boston Herald and then prime guys that the go to guy for years. And doing this here are full court press you feel sometimes like everyone is all caught up in the Olympic weakness and a 140 characters and make. Forget about the bread and butter -- -- stuff. Sean I particularly milieu anymore I don't throw it hurtful it is terrible. By the way source for breaking news here's some you can break on Twitter. Christ's sake herself but that I unseated. You know I don't I haven't I haven't. Did it just talk to him talking earlier today but I I don't think Craig Craig it's a little bit out of sorts because. He's looking very muted his nose of his -- on it so. Perhaps is titled beyond that taxes that you don't wanna call it you don't call to -- is he's liable to have high pitched lights up and says Miami Beach it's something you have no idea. All right you've that's Carson -- -- busted if you've seen. Thousands of game whose team and watching it for years to -- -- -- he would ever but he instead written now the early part of the season for the team or you. Pretty much in the -- with everyone else that. Things will stabilize if not -- back to what we could cost them to -- I think things will stabilize a little bit. But I think it's an issue that we've encountered over the past few years and it's not something you'd better and it comes down to whether. -- the question is whether they can't aware that they won't and I think it's more the latter I think is he knows what what to do. I think it knows how it needs to play but sometimes too it's just not there you know men no matter how good you are. And you know I'm sure -- to speak or even speak this as it's played. That no matter how good you are you still depend on the court and and set hard picks and make hard cuts into -- little. You know the the little things they teach you in you know once you buy Opel and all that and you know for two from the times it's just not there these these guys so I wonder what you wonder you look at this team you know from top the bottom. And you look at some of these places where the FAO. You DC Paul Peterson on -- rounding into shape I mean anything so while the heat with so didn't have anything explosive. These last couple games seems like he's in the back he had worse for them and Sean and me it was off while. You know one that's what a terrible indictment of the -- But -- he's he's getting bit better -- but I think you know the thing is. You need an inside game the ball's gonna go into 022 free appear outside shooters to make things work. And I just think right now you're you're asking Kevin Garnett to do that. And while he's capable of doing it he's never shown a propensity for doing it on a consistent basis and you saw you -- Last year the playoffs game one wasn't their game to dock comes out and says he's got to take twenty shots. He does but fifteen of -- -- jumpers he game three he goes inside. And dominate dominate again and then game fours -- shot in the paint his five and half minutes to go on the third quarter. -- here's your issue. And it's not just him that but if he's the guy that can really go along way to solving things. You saw how much different this team played even on Monday against Orlando and sure the defense started with the Avery Bradley. And pressuring the ball on the back court but. You know. Kevin was was much tougher inside and so was Jermaine and that's what this team has to be that. Effort to get guys like Ray Allen and and Paul Pierce the bread and butter guys get him some free some some better looks so if there are no change at the deadline and we will get to that can -- -- any influence. Out of there as well isn't recovering community and better than anybody who's really covering this team what is the upside of this group and they are currently -- Well you know I would say that it. Constituted now -- are now they have a puncher chance. And I said they're coming into the year and I honestly think that the shorter schedule shorter season plays to their it to the celtics' advantage. But they would need to get off to a good start just to secure a playoff berth. I think that's still can help them. But as far as the puncher chance goes the way that they played prior to Monday. They didn't show willingness to even throw a punch so is really kind of wondering whether these guys you know what they wanna go through with this or not. But with the players they have with their capabilities. I still think this is a team. That again -- you've got to give them a shot in any series they might play in. But you close your -- you can't -- this team beating a really good team in the playoffs right now whether things are looking at with this team is is the way they don't school. And that's even with Rondo be -- that you know run and I have run that you beat the magic and even beaten him I think he -- -- at AB feature and you're not gonna win games like that if you're not able to put up with ringgit -- opportunities where. -- has them -- get open and I think he'll be the biggest guy who's gonna be happy when Rondo comes back into the fold yet and rainy if you look at -- he's kind of the barometer. For whether the Celtics are running their offense -- he's like step for five on the chain as far as if guys make their proper cuts at the ball moves properly. If it pops around and he's a guy that will get the looks. But I but I agree and I think but the next I think the most. Intimidating thing in basketball. Isn't a big guy that knocks you over think the most intimidating thing is getting easy baskets. Because when you can play good defense -- reasonable defense and make the team choked down a point to the point 42 clock before it gets its look. You know then if you can get -- and -- got it going the other way I think that would demoralize an opponent and I think the Celtics don't get enough of that. In a bunch of that's got to be affected hate rush on runs at the ball someone's gotta run with a I found it amusing last week when was the quote unquote story came out that Danny was open to treating one of the Big Three when. His position on this and you've talked about in years past you've written about it and you. You know with him for so long. His position has remained consistent from the first day we surprised that people were somewhat surprised to thought that was the story. You know -- you know I'm not a judge of that -- -- -- on to say that that. That as far as breaking up the Big Three goes in February of 2010. Danny tried to trade Ray Allen to have a few Sacramento for Kevin Martin and was very upset that. At the deal that that the kings took from Houston. So I mean he's always been willing to to blow this thing up I think he's. He was here near the very end with the previous Big Three era he does not want to go through that but if -- -- if you look at it. It's not that he's not willing to to make a bold move it's the what are his options. And right now he's better options are to let. It Garnett and ray Allen's contracts expire. And you've got Paul that you know sure he can move Paula maybe get out of time for him but. You know if you gonna attract freeagent maybe that guy would wanna play with Paul for a year if you contract to which -- doubtful. But you know you could always amnesty -- so you know devote as much as it. It -- -- some people who want action now. You know the best thing is perhaps just to the way things out in. See what you can do when you have some money in your pocket which brings us to decision to teams have made over the last couple of days or you were you at all surprised that some of the names that. Even -- restrictive freedoms are long shot anyway. That whatever that Ryan Anderson who were gonna seat tonight Eric Gordon bit players like that are going to at least be restricted free agents knowing gaining do what you do what -- players you see in that group that might. Make him go well oh sure absolutely but you know. I just think what you gonna do there is perhaps the most you can do there is drive up the price for the team that that it hasn't now. You see -- you look these guys don't run a lot of money. For the for these players and you know -- Kevin Love made himself a good deal like getting a chance to get out of Minnesota freedom but you know it's. I think there'll -- guys who interest for the Celtics but I think it's going to be hard to find people you know people high high enough quality. To take the Celtics money remember. After that the big year in Chicago they couldn't give away their money either at that -- -- they -- given way to put the wrong people. -- so you know it's going to be hard for this team that and I think look. I'd I'd gained there's only one person. That thinks Ron Toronto's a better player than Roger on Rondo thinks he has and that's beanie and -- -- so he gloves Rondo always -- try to trade for Chris Wallace he sees Paul. As one of those magnetic guys. Who could who could entice someone else to come and play with him here. So I I think that was a big part of of that effort. In the in the pre season so you know it's all about what he can what he can get or. You know hanging down low and up maybe to to go through quite year or so or to. And then make a big draft perhaps get lucky in the in the draft by bush -- -- to -- they have -- solve these -- -- you know in the middle of Norton in compliance was actually I I heard our -- elected different are Cilic in Daytona. Who would -- could -- you were doing this if we can fly around we stay at the airport. We do it off who -- blue TV's cool over different because sweet sweet job stable -- the Boston Herald and our folk or breast still to come our conversation with the head coach what we -- -- -- take our trip. A rowdy and be able to say about which free agents got extending it which won't be restricted freeagent. Home next summer and when the score from last night that's next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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