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Danny Ainge: The Celtics are getting healthier, better

Jan 26, 2012|

Danny Ainge joined the Big Show and sounded optimistic about his team's ability to turn around their losing ways early in the season.

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Joining us so live right now is he does each and every Thursday here -- -- show president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge. -- how you doing today. I'm good and -- -- you. -- -- you're pretty well if your little healthier for -- they were. Well I think it will opt in and -- -- Election now. I was pretty impressive. That you guys had to be pretty pleased I'm not sure I expected that. You're gonna get that's a couple -- -- don't go away. -- all I think so I think that was. Not looking like it -- opportunities trustee but -- in the game but to win going to weigh. It was a great performance. You know I hope that we'll get it we'll get a good test tonight Orlando will be ready force after. Under that scheme but -- should ever on -- a question. There are a lot of things -- -- on the game. Obviously number one is Orlando not even cracking sixty points but. Another thing that that I saw and lots of Celtics fans are seeing. -- the performance of Avery Bradley on the defensive end. Is this something that you foresaw. When when Bradley was at Texas or is this pretty recent phenomenon your opinion. Dissolving into terrific athlete and great defender I think everybody's -- -- everyone on the team and coaching staff all have known that. I'm not so sure I have ever seen a point guard. Dominated. An NBA game pathetic than ever it principally. That was impressive. So I'm -- what what are you doing them Danny if you have a Rondo is not gonna play tonight put. Do you think that that -- is open to playing. Bradley and Rondo together for extensive minutes and they played together but just long minutes to -- it seems like you -- have both of those guys in the floor. With their quickness and defensive ability it's it's quite an advantage even though they're not the biggest guys in the world. -- a little excited at the issue with either one of them I think they're both so long and half are defensively that I think that it easily guard. -- bigger mean. Keep it. -- we did a fantastic job with its rate throughout training. You know race experience inside was able to hit that shot that immediately. We're all he can handle. -- and -- they would pay out and treat it like you know besides I don't think -- -- and we've seen Ron -- out there stretches -- our way to -- on the you know those are things you want steady -- -- -- it could easily play together and provide a lot of our -- is one of those guys it is intensity. Throughout section by possession. Really. It's just seen it all and they love playing with him and about passion that he Green and yes some games you've got a -- where it was a little bit more you gotta get it -- it he'll figure all that out as he gets more experience. He obviously when he came into the league he was a guy that was ready to play defense at this level. -- certainly getting playing time and confidence right now he can't DN nice complementary type player to command. And and you know change the pace of the game but what about his office to India. Can he get to that next level where his office will be good enough to keep him out there on the floor. Put your time will tell you know doctors told him you know get out there on the court with defense lecture off the deep ball. He did a terrific -- with a the player everywhere he's. Into the it was a 37%. Three point shooter at Texas he played more minutes than any other player has seen a year they started out seventeen -- -- Agree was on the right that -- -- a freshman he shelves. Capabilities of being eight. Excellent mid range shooter. And I played nine games in the 7% from the three point line. He's gotten better he's not he has never and the eighties. A true point guard. He's always played to their positions for that transition or else. But that's in progress just in the in the few games he's played he's still not comfortable competent. And on the other side -- I'm not so sure but he can. Can shoot with proficient when you put put forth the effort and energy which you won't be as. I think that for the -- thing about ought to teach guys to play defense like a linebacker. -- and let the quarterback. That's very challenging. I'm not sure -- know anybody in the league that I can remember ever. -- -- -- -- Dwight Howard says he's he would be open to listening to the Celtics if they were interest is so when's the last time -- -- Otis Smith and where is was a trade happening for -- an hour. -- and I tried my. It's certainly it's going to answer it made a few dollars and plenty of money. There. No I can't I can't comment on other players fortunately. And not up but in general how often do you how often do you make phone calls -- other general managers. The talk about potential trades -- and as that happened in the last few days. I've -- phone calls and a receipt and also. And they usually happen every day. At that. I don't know make sure that we don't share road with you when -- up. -- -- Old. Commissioner to hear an answer hey guys are crazier rumor all manner not just are crazy rumor today and fox sports Ohio -- on the -- that one but the possibility that. Cleveland Cavaliers have been treating LeBron James back -- that when the interest this stuff come from. I don't know I really don't mean there's so many people meeting. I don't know where council. There's there's a lot of stuff that is just. Complete garbage and so it's really hard to sit through it. Sift through the troops in the garbage in you know it's still. It's frustrating for me by -- position you know having answered immediate that are have to check in an average will remember it. And that it's very old but also. -- not so bad the people -- Works so much harder to try to find out all that stuff is true. And in the stands. I happen believe at all. Did you save over for the media people -- they had to work on those hours that it is. I would have got. -- -- got to work harder to find out the track -- -- -- you know I know they don't like you I don't know that they read these rumors and they you know they try to sit through it but. His. There's so many up about the EU members. Never felt you heard from the field that sympathetic toward its people for you. -- -- Like media guys that -- I'm not you know I just I don't thought you had any compassion it's -- but. We're. Just as -- we've been talking about this different sport obviously but you want a couple of championships. And had the opportunity to you go to the White House and meet the president Tim Thomas had an opportunity he didn't go. Where you guys when we knew where did you view it as. As a photo -- did you have any reservations about -- -- how did you view that trip and and what do you think of the Thomas situation. Well you know I I don't know the exact. On the situation I don't know why he didn't go I haven't read really any of the statements are being back but -- -- feeling here is that. It's a celebration and you know it's the opposite president shouldn't be based on politics this sport. It's -- acknowledges championship team -- country. You know what what parties president affiliated with -- what. Scooter battered government does -- more patriotic. Thing I think everybody should go regardless of our political affiliation. With picnic about the president. -- correctly Larry didn't go right. You know I don't I don't even I don't think Larry went and I had nothing other -- -- Jessica had nothing to amount to -- to. Now in I have no idea what was Dylan something for a select if it heated ideal if I remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact that some of the free agents were start seeing guys signed right now. You obviously keep your eyes glued on that guys that would become free agents at the end of the season. We seeing him a much smaller pool now do you think to be a small coal available free agent players in the. Yeah I mean you know even guys that are signed extensions. No we we didn't care. Plan on any of those guys being free agent because even if they were street and most likely it would end. Restricted free agents and match. And there's still a group hasn't worked that worked offered extensions weren't able to work out field -- say they've most of them were offered extensions. A lot of those guys still gonna be reached its free agents and -- Teamsters. Can match. For you know they can get a -- lesser value with only 4% increase per here at saint -- -- and giving them. Contract where they give -- 7%. I just remembered disk as you were talking about the media -- sure your maverick. Self which is to give on an annual award called Jack -- award. They for Jack -- who was -- writer in years ago the glow. Of the award was for. The player who most cooperated with the media during the course of the season around -- back is the general manager of the time. -- gave it to Cedric Maxwell who went the entire season never had a single war. I thought. But it was like. It -- so that means I'll give Max and as we know yet positions are -- he didn't match that award. As being the most cooperative with the media never spoke to the immediately or read it was a -- given you -- you don't -- red ribbon in -- Wildcats say don't answer is that said that any of -- word when talking about our. Backs to his credit never picked up the award they would they were -- -- their offices out of the the old -- new movie robbers they finally found -- -- Jack -- award. It that way like in some lots at. That. But I like that you you were nice to the media. I don't like authority -- actually have a good. All right guys -- to give back to the Super Bowl excitement thank -- he's got now. I got the -- -- -- and what articulate their quote -- but I think the patriots -- this is. Going to be ready for the near east at Topeka especially -- that you know with the conditions of the year and indoors that'll be used. Have you ever -- gronkowski played basketball. I have unbelievable. I tell you low post presence you could not you can -- yes I think he could've been a terrific best tool up. You know it's what you know it's funny did you that's a general Buford who said it. Chris Collins were brought this up last week. And he said don't be surprised at all with the success right now -- that. -- lot of coaches that are gonna go out there and start looking for basketball players you know maybe big -- -- -- whatever they have -- let you know that are athletic they can run up and down the field. Because that make -- that position now that tight end position. The way gronkowski plays it may change the way we look at the NFL. You may be losing guys. Players that you think -- basketball players that they get the swayed from over -- for Brandon Bass up simulator. Well I remembered I remember one of the best I didn't default iPod Christians -- grew up in me and my own -- that he was a fantastic basketball player. And baseball player that so this may be substitute I -- Israel. -- -- -- There. I don't think so hope and things got no chance. Yeah and he got a static -- am -- not ordering and by the way about the way to imagine you know on the other players. I doubt about it later in your scenarios sports particularly. Yeah I did it will -- it actually category I regulated -- president of basketball operations for the Celtics. -- it will give back to the Super Bowl we'll get back to Tim Thomas and other things review of the bunch.

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