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Drew Bledsoe on Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck

Jan 26, 2012|

Former Patriots QB, Drew Bledsoe, joins Mut & Lou to discuss Tom Brady and Eli Manning. How is Eli Manning’s QB style different than Brady’s? Drew also touches on the Colts possibly drafting Andrew Luck and what that means for Peyton Manning. Drew was in a similar situation like Peyton Manning when Brady took over his position in 2001.

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Not -- it tilts are here on Sports Radio WEEI we get to these phones 6177790850. Till 3888. By 250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call can also text us. On the ATT text line at 85850. Had a great opportunity toppled former patriot Rodney Harrison. I'm an hour ago that's up on WE -- dot com later on today -- got we talked to -- second NFL draft weekend. Drew Bledsoe former quarterback of the patriots joins us we get set for Super Bowl 46. -- would -- -- your boss to great to talk with you again. -- -- -- -- you're talking about Super Bowl 46. How -- the reception you guys got on the field on Sunday what was that like true. That was really cool when really cool you know. You know Robert -- -- assembly vote -- doing that organization in terms of bringing. The current players back Brigham and default. Is really cool guy and it's certainly greatly appreciate it. And -- personally you know upward of one of speaker. Brilliant -- and Troy but I just know we talked about it afterwards it's a really -- you're back out there in front of the fans were so good control measures. Yeah we wonder numb Kyra what took so long in that fourth we -- Thousand no brainer we out there and vineyards have been some why they couldn't get out of him. If Tibet which it down first and make sure you get treated get out here. -- You know obviously when. When Robert called. Certainly we're -- out of that opportunity was there. Curious what color that jacket was that a mustard -- But a it is about a code mustered few years of that -- -- -- I don't know what -- -- -- -- -- for gays pretense that a guy that you guys had a he took at least a little but it time I think out of his out of his day preparation gave you guys little hug any words. -- there. The Dodgers told -- just told good play well in these you know these. He's done and you've got a long -- -- -- doubt pretty good but as well tell him good -- goes it was good. Obviously with -- with -- and that is is really really unique and and really in the history gonna on the atrocities had done at all. And maintain the level -- it's almost unmatched so but it probably direct. You know it's it's been trouble too. Is the story true -- terms of preparation for the Super Bowl and in New Orleans went that the beating in the rams where were Thomas fall asleep he looks so fiery -- looks. He looks like he's so fired up every single game I find it hard to imagine he's that calm cool collected before game where it fell asleep reportedly. In the locker room before that first Super Bowl win. You know it did you gotta understand there are a couple of interest all. Nurture play in the position quarterback it's it's different than other positions you know that would actually. Those petroleum and not an uncommon thing when I was playing I would coach about a mile -- in my head back. And and I don't know that it's that surely told usually but it but it's you know really -- relaxing and don't think you have to do when you -- put in a position as you require you required in any noise that the senior brand you want polls. Albeit shut up you can really focus can completely on the job and the so. And you know you can relax not to do that. Religion and into the game Vietnam story. Don't think you're both Goldman and the target they've appealed to you go back out on trying to -- one of the toughest thing to -- played that game. Is that you know the biggest gain realized that and you know after you get all warmed up you go ahead and that's like 45 minutes from the time you go into -- locker you to come back. -- we're talked into Deion Branch and Troy Brown attacked but their emotions trying to keep me check at the minute and a door opens. The US Britain out there and they're that they're pretty much wind it is nothing but they can't control themselves. In it's an exciting thing -- about the exciting than you think could be life. No plan and that game. You know I found the ticker the first one. The prettiest Packers. You know we're all pretty young men and all that that it took. They -- really the first series or two to kind of subtle hidden the fact the principal organ in the eagle at. Fireworks and all the people watching all the goes into that after after the first your attitude and you can kind of shuttle out of and applicable but but it certainly was you do look all the emotions of extravagance. Forget the build up public but logistical stuff you -- tickets and travel Troy talked about that in some cases being. Overwhelming drew as the quarterback of the team how did you handle that. You know I I knew that I that I couldn't it couldn't be from the time weight problem. You know the system here locally that don't go out of my mother stepped in and handle all the famous. -- just physically take up all the tickets to -- -- she could have the right people and she -- but. You know president because of the quarterback -- -- -- Clinton during that we quit. And all the media and all the travel and all the to construct you have going and then trying to make sure that -- Totally prepared for the game trying to handle the -- -- register for the restaurant -- -- just wasn't going to be possible. As a quarterback you watch somebody like Eli Manning's a lot of discussion only win this is an elite quarterback is he. Brady Peyton Manning to breeze -- -- in those that collapse there. Do you see any changes from Eli now that maybe three or four years ago earlier in his career. You know I mean everybody pictures and then into the position. A little bit but the one thing that I their -- couple -- they're really respect about you -- -- game and actually. Inaudible text conversation with his brother that are very. But because the guys just playing like a warrior I mean it's it's one thing you. You know one thing -- to throw the ball well when -- directed -- and you know you can move around a little bit and throw the ball knock knock down but -- -- -- Against the miners and his. Grabbed commanders they do it but it literally on every -- And continued to stand in their deliberate -- It would have to -- to be here at the general public. Recognizes that. When you play that way you earlier in the respect of your opponents in your hand and and more importantly your your team it appears. Which are really respect the way the guys planned. You know certainly you know you all the court practice and as everybody does. But you know and you would you rather a restriction or whether -- -- cornerback and are you Lieberman I mean because. The and you know. Didn't in the post season in particular steps opened. And plays and plays great -- straight down the stretch and in need them. And I don't think there's really discretionary as to whether he belongs to Italy quarterback connected to that he absolutely those. We're talking major Bledsoe as we get set for Super Bowl 46 you talk about the top because of the life against Sampras Cisco standing and that pocket true right down the barrel the -- and making throws. You that same sort of quarterback we were stand stand stand -- to make a play is that they quarterback trade. That is just block board and your DNA you -- ball with that or. Is that top does that ability stare down an offender it's still make a row can you learn that as a quarterback as you mature. You know I mean it but I think you're Smart you wanna get out -- so you gotta -- -- Stupid the stand there and this particular punishment but. You know whether there can be learned not I don't know I think it's. It's it's certainly this is not something that says. That everybody can do and certainly not natural. You know really angry trainer and forty pound man. Trying to recruit cut -- and -- to stand there and take it is not a the -- -- rules you have to filters to fight down reflections and ordered to do it. Couldn't reflexes to trying it out of the way. As any intelligent person was. But. Whether -- learned to not it's it's our leaders are committed to to determine but it. Certainly something that that not everybody can view it's wanted to take pride in in my career. You know we took critically important for. Instead the -- in -- try to make a play. You know rather than. You know just don't -- an -- trying to -- but. It's certainly something that took pride in in my career financial that are respectable record -- actually. You know. On the because the ultimate category also agreed to. The time it's doctor round but always seems to have to build -- -- deployment but urged. Theories that you talk to pay -- tough situation over there you know. Really with you here in New England it's almost that the young kid came in Tom Brady and you were shipped out the buffalo and and even though the key is not there yet officially but seems like Andrew Luck. Might do the same to Peyton Manning how do you see that whole thing unfold. I haven't stood it would be interesting to watch as you know I really honestly have no idea how that's gonna go. I think -- other -- the consensus is that the call -- opportunity. Andrew Luck. Because. You know rituals like the generational type. Talent and you know look upon that organization really don't know where where Peyton Manning is a unit from twenty million dollars or you're not real sure. I think that's a pretty two pretty big leap of faith. That you don't know for sure -- be back. In I hope patent those who watch what's right so interest and -- my understanding is that there really isn't but to injure or increased danger of injury without them when you start talking about nerve damage Mecca that. There's a whole lot of them are between Oakland and have learned a whole lot of I looked after football and it would it would just be tragically cute cartoon. Character and and you know relatives use. You know sacrifice continued in the future. During the -- football. We watched these two young tight ends here merge troop use on Sunday over there gronkowski and Hernandez as you were blessed with. A guy like Ben Coates is that -- really first run with what I would consider maybe a leak tight ends as a quarterback how does that change I -- how how much -- Hollis say easier but how does it change your play as a quarterback when you have a pandemic a Coetzer Hernandez or gronkowski that are so and that there -- -- -- Adept at making plays down the middle of field. This is true they're a great thing as a quarterback. I'm for number reason. You know first ball. Oftentimes those guys are are closer to you just because -- -- -- -- -- so that they're -- they can be shorter throws. And then -- your conclusion to the audience more quickly. But when you have an elite guy and the pitcher trip to a -- The match and -- created and those certificates have been -- The matchups that are created a really advantageous because they're. In other that you did -- to the small for the past go to. Who defense under an acute fracture the linebackers to keep up with so the match up. You have -- guys like that are really advantageous. And I'm watching you guys. It's funny Hernandez that he did tell me that so he'd grown up -- -- -- -- -- trying to make neutral all but. Scroll -- a hundred -- This first Jersey girl you were a little preview of the blood soldiers. Which I think abolish when you think you talk to cult members took a little bit of a jab at Macgregor. Connecticut Connecticut kid he and his brother to eject his -- there was a quarterback UConn here really would've thrown in the ball sure. Oh no question memo because -- all just which two. In. Gronkowski. Because a monster a minute -- orbit you Utica on the on the on the field -- patent on the summit pretty tall guy. And he towered over me users. And then you know he brings what options and output options and with the -- bench create quite a target. Text it was curious jury get that Super Bowl ring do you still -- that nobody get a ring like that. You Wear it around and all of you worn it since you won nothing. Until I go well and I'm the time I was actually really regretting. I was. Somewhere over the midwest actually out of here and it occurred to me that I didn't but it can bring you withdrew -- it came out. Truly for the gamer really reflect Jew or expelled every building where it's special occasions -- -- country. We're gonna Wear around a lot but you -- of abundant as. The local -- and in in -- -- that I got with. You're in that locker room after the -- Sunday for get -- was that like what was that scene like with the patriots. Winning an AFC championship. You know it was so obviously. An exciting -- to be but there's also sent. A team that's a little bit different. In the you know there's there's a lot of those guys and you know there's been a lot of turnover arbitrage and last one but. The first goes. A group of guys on the team -- numbers could -- -- looking at a party. They've been there a couple of times. In a particularly your your veteran leaders of and Brady in Matt light of all. You know some of those guys dependable for a -- You know you've been in the celebration. They have -- championship. There was a very strong sense that locker room. You know -- toward the coast it doesn't that the focus was immediately in the course -- -- next game. -- will be on -- their next week I'm just wondering is Ernie and a double back available out there and Indianapolis committee at some of the some of the Drew -- line. Yeah you know they are actually gonna try it out there. To go in the splashed water on the couple that the -- -- -- -- But -- the -- that I do with my wife and she's immediately. -- the programs are pure coming down her face turns out she's she's been planning a surprise fortieth birthday party that we. So. Unfortunately am not going to be there but fortunately. And it should be pretty good party have there have been organ got to go back things don't really well was -- More rigor April victory -- -- wind economics of the presentation talking about the all the merits of pro law law alignment and no Washington in general my -- recommends that an apple one -- and the altar. Well I'd I'd I'd I'd YouTube opportunist. -- literature. Well a lot of bullet though got a lot of success just released -- third vintage. About twelve days ago and last I checked which was yesterday we sold. About 70% of it so it really go well for us. Refused and continued because. And it's and it's just you know on business to be involved and -- those -- get back to awesome little bit posters down and in New York until just this morning which is interest in going to New York Boston this computer is. And cut the trip -- it was the -- pitchers putting in the Super Bowl but -- -- you know on business trips like that goes with it where a lot of a little -- into the very. -- to enjoy football grow more and tables so it's it's fun. I think I know where you may lean with this but -- a prediction for week from Sunday Super Bowl 46. Just. I think it's going to be a great -- first and foremost. He's Interpol. You know Clinton -- well I think the patriot when it but I think it's going to be close on. -- -- to pick a number it's there somewhere like you know 3127. Or 3120 or tickets and a little. It's gonna be one of those games it's going to be heavily -- or -- before court. -- so appreciate the time here today love talking football with your best to -- go to a darting back and Zeller is -- happy birthday true. And the big 40 can you believe like the door to -- -- -- -- -- school lecturer at a much bigger to Boston to remind me. Not elect of 21 stormed and just didn't hear and it's. But might. My body tends to remind -- -- the that the posters -- render premier. Her great stuff -- appreciate it happy birthday we'll talk to you soon. But -- -- the various former patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joining us on the AT&T hot line -- -- -- Ford GL TEE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible he is a great got to talk -- it's double back one rights Horton. Check that out they'll be shipped back we get that shipped Indianapolis. These data -- barter next week about the room right that allow Laura to released a search for a may -- go around -- its search for -- go back. Just go around to a couple places. House of -- to do so quick break -- your ID how old do you anyways again I've actually got back up.

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