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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington with the Big Show

Jan 25, 2012|

The Sox GM joined Glenn and Michael to talk Scutaro, Punto, Oswalt, Luxury Tax and all things off-season.

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I care of the big show blood or blame Michael Holley joining us live right now in the AT&T hotline Red Sox general manager -- insurance in the event how -- Yeah I guess they don't they're great round I even -- at 24/7 around the clock you go home and all. Point 67 point 167. Created you know it's something that no human being has ever done before I'm impressed. Now overdo -- well we're where. It's been a full offseason. Good offseason in a lot of ways and where I was so little work to do before spring training so we can start to. Because -- to receive the ball flatter around down there in the they're looking forward to that. I let's get right to and I keep on hearing that the Red Sox right now are trying to stay under the luxury tax. Ceiling. And you're seeing some moves here that kind of add credibility to that. Are you under any orders to spend only up to the luxury tax it. No we've been. We've been over it in the past and you know when there's a compelling reason to go over we've gone over it I could be the case this year. You know I don't want. Talk specifically about our our payroll. But. There's no there's no orders necessarily to stay under that we get a look at every -- deal as a calm than -- may make a decision on the merits as to whether the system better position to. Do we need Duchscherer for 2000 -- -- live from -- know -- -- new collective bargaining agreement isn't there an advantage to staying under the luxury tax. This year that means you would pay less money next year on that luxury tax if you go to goal for. You Lee elder -- that that's essentially all been the case and there's all those I guess I guess there's all the best in the staying under because the standard then you're not tax. The we have gone over. In in in. Some previous years not by much but we have been over at some previous years and then again there's no. There's no mandate to be under. This year -- will continue to look at you know our payroll in in in the context of deal we may or may not make him. And just do what we feel as it is in but just in the best position to. To win this year and and be flexible. If finances factor into the -- Marcos who were open. They have to some degree because. You know when you have that kind of money opening up. You know in addition to whatever there other resource you have it allows you. Good things for the team and then you know really what it was that move what we felt is that we had. We had a couple guys and is -- some Punto that. You know we thought he'd come which can help us get close to. Given us what Marco did and then Marco as good player here and expect to be good player Colorado that. We felt like we had some options there. That we can reallocate their money elsewhere we we did part of that with Cody Ross. And we all and you know as you guys know we've we've wanted to at a -- him -- This offseason and in particular Karl's injury result like protecting our outfield nickel that are a little bit as important. You know it and then you know we'll see we'll do what happens from here if there are opportunities to make the team better. Before we get to spring training and we'll consider those that we've we've on the right guy here. It's not little will go to spring training or even go to this season and you know just know we have a little bit of flexibility in the -- nimble and and he loses the and we feel. They're appropriate and then and the one particular about values. Well what when I was a little confused because when I saw the trade my first thought was spotted there open up a spot for the place is Matt thought. About scooter was very good down the stretch last year and and he played hurt. And it still was productive but I look at guys like -- tone with the guys that Kabila would never had even 600. Plate appearances. If in a season so I look at those guys as utility players why not -- place is for that spot or is he under consideration as well. Oh really like eighty as a long term option for us he's really good defensive player and and you know right now you never say never and now we feel like you may benefit from some more time and in AAA. But certainly he's part of the long term picture of the Red Sox. The guys you mentioned you know put Punto has been a very good utility player. You know he has played more than that it's at times in his career. But certainly he's out there whatever time is up there's delegate jobs and the -- has been an everyday player came up it was an everyday player for Kansas City they're really good job and they got hurt and then -- got hurt they acquired. And was making his way back from the they acquired shortstop in the Greinke deal. In this sort of supplanted. To some degree and we that he has them picked him up and trade last last summer. And so you know we we need to. We need to get him in the spring training in and watch him but he certainly capable of being an everyday player now we feel has done in the past done well big league level. That we think he's an important part of the next we'll keep our eyes out against the way to the ways that. You know further protect the shortstop position well you know will will consider that but. We give you still like and they don't understand that the timing of these things we haven't. Made moves like these like this. So much in the past -- -- to spring training earlier. Moving a player. But we Celek in this case that put us in a better position to do we need to do. Both now and Anders fraternity and perhaps during the year for the -- well. Here's weren't confused when it and help me out as I get confused the laws you know you don't listen. The confusion to me is a week ago and I believe it was that the baseball writers' dinner. The media were asking you about offseason moves and and terrific offseason moves and one of them that you cited was picking up the option on Marco screwed. That I believe six million dollars on. -- Yeah I said that about a week ago I -- and a week in a week in a week later. Mom you're dealing him off. For minor league pitcher -- you might. You know field as a high prospect and could help you down the road and then you're looking at. A two man platoon right now at shortstop not a first thing I thought of was. Well they're they're trying to free up money so that they go after Roy Oswald the top pitcher is obviously that is this the need it but in the old days. You wouldn't get rid of the shortstop that's there especially a guy that just a week ago you were reading about as -- offseason acquisition. You would just spend the money for Royals well. It was very usual for us here in the Boston market. To suddenly see the Red Sox having to unload salary may be to move someone forward and yet you tell me that. There is no luxury tax ceiling here are you willing to go through the season having a platoon at shortstop. Well there's there's a you're asking a lot of questions I am also have to try to. The wrestler at first of all you know mark goes good player here very good player or values you know -- -- of the team and and we've picked up about we felt like use. You know the they options number -- not salary -- -- -- you know reasonable amount -- it did happen. You know that are we had every. Intention of him being on the team we got a point in offseason where it happened to be after the writers that are or something -- presented to us and we felt like. There's an opportunity reallocate that money in -- in them more efficient way to the team we may not use at all and now. But over time whether it's now -- from trainers he's and we feel like we can -- -- options we have at shortstop. We feel like we can use them money. So. But there's a difference between saying that we have gone over the the luxury threshold. And that there's no mandate not to do that this year does that mean that and they budget you know budget. They're two different things there's. Then they don't there. They're not. That they're not unrelated to each other but the the but the opposite thanks so. And so. Budget number lower than the luxury tax threshold. Or is at a higher. On -- not I'm not gonna say what our budget is but I want to say is that good facility that when there's no mandate not go over the not over the luxury tax crucial. And we have gone over in past years as you know. I understand that and clearly the way you've operated and done business and I'm not necessarily saying you because you're at a different position. The Red Sox clearly showed that they were not shy about doing it the way. Things have operated in the offseason including the scooter -- deal. Especially after you had made those comments about scooter row and -- a terrific offseason acquisition. If I think it presents the image out -- to the public. Is that there are some mandates there. Not to delve into that luxury tax category 'cause that's the Red -- business what they if we wanted to get Roy Oswald. We just go out there are delicate -- the ten million dollars and go over it as opposed to. There's there's two that you talked about different things retarded a luxury tax threshold to talk about budget they're two different things and the point the point is that -- and I understand I understand that timing of this could rodeo. Grabbing people's attention understand that point -- -- talking about two different things and the and -- and then the bottom line is. That we have. We made -- deal that we sell us a better position to do we needed to do to address needs whether they -- needs to address now. -- spring training during the season. But it's a better position to do need to do for for Tony -- Winding winding back the clock a bit. We have to remember. Is that. Our ownership has made incredible commitment to this team. And we've made. To that as you guys -- very significant commitments last off season. And have made significant. Commitment then in successive loss seasons going back a few years. That has put us in a position to be. Very competitive could be incredibly talent seemed to be a team that we feel it -- -- very competitive important twelfth. But with a substantial payroll and at some point you have to start making choices as to how to allocate. The resources you have. It's not. It's not to suggest that our ownership is not going to go over the tax threshold because they have. In the past been their domain name Manny not to do that this year. That doesn't mean that there isn't a budget decision every team budget and we're working within that budget and up but it is significant. That quality of -- very good team on the field -- going to be a very good team. And we'll keep working at it then and we have. The means to do things whether it's. Now Oregon in spring training and during the season. And we've got to wait we wait let those things come to us and on that I that makes sense for us in this team. Spring training is it's pretty close right around the corner actually. And we still don't have any resolution to that Theo Epstein compensation. Issue is that. Was it difficult for you to talk about compensation for your former boss -- is that why the commissioner's handling it is -- disagreement over. What a general manager is worth. As opposed to whether a manager were -- were what what what is the issue and why's that why has the commissioner had to come in and and resolved. Well you know up to -- specifically on the on the issue. Him. In terms of the you know where where -- what the status is now you know I think it is. More challenging and figure out -- -- sort of isolate. What the value of an executive is especially in this in get in the circumstance that it would be for a player -- trade players all the time a certain there's the value. The sign that I to a player or constantly examining. And in this case you know it's different it's harder to decide and I. Obviously we feel like. There's certain things that. There's certain things that. And there are ownership skills that there are things that. You know that indicate. That we should get. A certain level of value. -- -- pertinent to keep forgetting the -- the right tired via. And you know the in the have a different perspective so that's. You know it's it's not unreasonable it's not besides typical -- you know reasonable people disagree. In this particular case the hazard because we're not talking about a trade of players. Directorate of players. It is a little bit more challenging to certain narrow in on on what the what the fair value is so you know perhaps in this case -- -- -- that. So do you do you make your case of the commissioners say okay this is why we're asking for what we're asking for and is the you know. Have his that like Scott Boras with the books on his players where he gives you like some fifty page. -- on on why guys worth the money -- Like what what you do you have a represented event there with the commissioner or you just. Send up here. Oh is we don't we don't you know having gotten that point yet. Is to get to that point I'm sure that you know both because of the Red Sox would have a chance that. Expressed their point of view and then be Sheridan then we'll go from there it's not something that. And spending a lot of time on these days. Interest in were talking to venture into the general manager of the Red Sox -- next machine is letting up. Is this deal or bad obviously you've been told millions dancing and I have you sound alike but it's amazing how many people just tuned in. Are cursed they're texting is what. -- to -- addressed that we can weeks ago he said he's used to joke with you in the -- about business speak and I was coming back the guys -- like prized. I never thought that so people aren't ordinary here is about this in my area you might work to your advantage you can call of some of the gentlemen thank -- -- what do you think about got to play the game a little. Asked about Carl Crawford Bobby Valentine had -- some difficulty communicating with -- -- eventually do it. He now underwent surgery he's going to be Lleyton as you mentioned here couple weeks ago we don't know the timetable but he may not be ready at the start of the season. Why wasn't the surgery done. At the end of the year did you guys have the same communication problems getting in touch with -- as Bobby Valentine. Know that that nothing to do that and by the both coaches talked to Carl recently and and he's doing doing well in his recovery. You know the surgery. It was done because. You know as as Carl wrapped up is his off season. Hitting progression that he you know Hewitt at any any policies and get ready for spring training. He felt them soreness you know in that wrist he has had periodic Soros. In the past in the same spot and as the rest this is going back to Tampa -- But at the end of this season. He says eat in you know every every player has an exit physical the end of the year and there was no indication. Any issues at the end of the season he -- that he denied symptoms. At the end of the season so when that happens. In any particular plan ever bury players with the -- they take into the off season. And they go about their offseason. And in this case unfortunately for Carl. That you started to ramp up his hitting progression. Around the holidays he felt some of them felt soreness in there. As we had a captain and didn't newcomer Ryan that MRI. Shoots and changes and because of the nature of the changes. You know we we decided collectively their medical staff that. And with Carl. That it was the right decision to go ahead cleaning out. The relatively minor procedure routine procedure. But it is something answer recover from them and he's into that recoveries doing well and we expect that. You know at some point during spring training will be played at bat then we'll just see how Q how it goes but. Still very confident that of the big part of our team turn the majority of the season. Maybe this is an unfair question. Although I'm a reasonable guy you know this been. How how much do you think that factored into his his poor season compared to to the rest of his career last year injury. It's hardest today you know. Yeah because he's had. He's a -- a lot of hitters will. Soreness. You know risk it. A week hard as you can imagine. They the hitters are grinding on the personal obviously all the time it's been a lot of torque put on that -- So it's not commentator hitters to have some soreness and Carlos had soreness. Periodically in back to do preakness in the previous time in Tampa and obviously I -- -- -- -- Larry was in Tampa so it's hard to say that it was there's any any direct correlation but he could be. You know probably only Carl knows that. You know the only problem was the extent of -- extent how much has bothered him. Last summer. The good news again is that surgery early well doctors confident it. The issue's been taking care of them you know crop and move forward with the hopefully. A clear clear minded knowing that you know as he gets at least get surgery advocates are in this area that is Izturis is -- better. Oh what's the chances of David Ortiz getting a multiyear deal from you guys man this seems to be I thought this. Would be settled a while ago and it's still. Up in the air -- how do you see that status 040s. Well you know when he decided when he accepted arbitration and it's sort of focuses the conversation much morally new deal then so that's a totally focused on. Right now and you know in this case. You know you hear the -- arbitration. Sometimes that can hysteria. Adversarial connotation to it doesn't necessarily have to -- that case you know in this case. We have a guy that we count -- The great player has been a great player great hitter. We believe in -- for obvious that we want him back that's going offered arbitration. So it's really just a matter here -- now you know what's a fair number keeper. 2012 and then one way or another he's going to be hotter team in the middle lineup than. You know we're really glad he's here than in. He's here for awhile. Bender -- numerous reports out today that the Red Sox have made an offer to Roy Oswald but they're unsure he would go. Since he's yet to accept apparently he already rejected Detroit another American League team. Any comments. Yeah and you know there's a lot out there. Wouldn't you know there's required every player that we are rumored to be on which we need the Canadian roster. So you know. We never comment on negotiations specifically. -- -- said you know where we're talking to you know a few different guys were considering different things. There's a way to do. Make our team better whether it's whether to rotation and pitching staff. Well that's another part of the team. Between downs and spring training though we'll do that. But we don't feel like we need to do that was -- like where. Ticket position. And we use spring training started today we'd like to mix we have a lot of plenty contenders deeper. The end of the rotation and then a lot global and ops. So you you would be content going with the pitching staff that you have. Right now. I would we be content go to the pitching staff we have right now him again any any. Any decision you make it comes to acquire a player that is created -- trade. There's that decision then there's the opportunity -- to do that that does there's something -- now that you may not be able to do so. Those are the things that we way and again if there's something that helped the team now that it that we think makes sense that the right value will be that. It's not. You know we'll keep our doors open and will remain flexible and consider consider things search for a trainer during the year there's. Teams at all. You know teams very seldom look. The same way in a liar in this year than they do it's portraying. In large part that's because -- -- such a difficult sport at such a grind it it's a long season and it's hard to predict. Exactly what you're gonna need it hard to predict exactly now. Players that are actors bond. And sometimes flexibility can be a good thing. You know -- and the Cardinals that spring training last year. We're getting beat out because you know they hadn't they hadn't extended the whole season they lost -- Raiders portraying him. And things worked out -- you ought not to suggest that that's. I'm always gonna happen that way. But things change a lot in baseball and I mean we need to stay in Wimbledon and be prepared to. React to things that we think makes sense of that's next week -- next week at the -- and now the Martin now its allies July. Now we'll just take take every opportunity to come. They're been some reports that you might offer Jason Varitek a minor league contract any truth to that -- the door closed there. The door all the -- opened the cases -- talking. And you know ultimately is as I said before I think it's. You know when there's when there's not a a clear. Path to. Guaranteed role on the team them. -- you know we need to work with Jason. And that that that can be challenge for someone who. Has had a career that cases that has meant as much to the Red Sox -- he's meant. We have enormous respect. -- Jason. Not just what he's done deal for the Red Sox that. Guys the true professional in every sense of the word and so. -- always does it even isn't even -- -- much information as we can. And that'll keep the door open talking to them and then listening to what he wants to do move forward so. Other than that there's usually a report on. I won more door and and we wrap up Tim Wakefield open or closed. -- -- -- Then you know this -- consistent dialogue with them as well similar to different different players different people different situations but. Those same same same sort of general. Positions in the in that we wanna so it always keep the door open to talking in. The honest this week about our situation. And let another strong voice in and what he wants to do you move forward. And always cars already thanks for the time we appreciate a guy I've ever been -- been -- in the general manager of the Red Sox. We gave you are to send your comments on this and other things the Indianapolis Colts of themselves they head coach Jim Tressel it is not -- for a while I was wrong again you be shocked that no. I was wrong on staff again. He might -- stepped down. They haven't -- the -- coordinator yet they have but the staff together yet this -- apparently Jim -- liked what he saw with the Ravens defense. It's a gun who is your guy may be -- you have to look at the kicking consultant for the the -- they might be an open air up where. Let -- get -- -- -- the phone call six what 777 nights -- at 88885250850. Low tomorrow.

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