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The Dodgers Andre Ethier PUNKS Red Sox 2nd Baseman Dustin Pedroia

Jan 25, 2012|

Dustin joined Glenn and Michael on the Big Show, and they asked him if they could take a call. Dustin agreed, and the caller then went on to rip the crap out of him. What Dustin didn't know is that the caller was one of his best friends... Andre Ethier from the Dodgers.

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Does that surprise that you were. -- -- It's Punto and of Felix they're talking about both of those guys may -- it simply tuning at that position. You obviously played with a feelers that last year what do you know about Punto. On what worked out nick -- -- eight TI just playing with them up. All over the years I mean he's. He's a gamer I mean there's not you know -- you know he does the little things that that that helps -- you make double play to make some spectacular place. Every medical put itself so -- what the heck was that and he gets it -- first base so. You know he's gonna he's gonna play great effect secret Barbeque at Enron. He'll get that -- in acute situation. And then and then -- you know -- -- -- that the player with some last year going strong he's -- he's. Got a lot of power I mean he's -- -- and -- from that play against a -- remember you're back at it and O meter on nine. You know we couldn't get -- now. And you know -- -- but I'll hit it got a great arm and -- cottage on a few years ago in -- the year by. He's got a rocket or are so. You know it it will -- be finally figured out. I would targeted -- the jurors we do every Wednesday here and a picture -- and we've been. We haven't taken full calls last few weeks and this one guy keeps on call every single week and I feel bad as the guy like that the fourth week in a row which called we haven't got to himself. -- you don't want if we take a phone call to -- I'm a pretty good idea could have put Yegorova. Not Andrew from a car you're first up with Dustin Pedroia. He talked he talked about and -- vote. Nobody. You talk about that group and it -- -- be -- and do you become a bit now. And I'm glad you think and what you call from your car. Mike Huckabee. Can keep nobody you. Know. -- -- I should you weren't that good. I why are you what. So you're not they are not that he's watched you over the years and he said you're not that good and he was. -- not a good -- that if you talk to you Google. They don't look at the government you don't -- -- -- do you do. At a critical oriental I got a couple feet to the -- while so I'm pretty damn good. What goes the hardware. Delegates elegant closet or something forty got. Yeah not -- Republican that I'm looking hire somebody to come in its brand out or re -- got a job. You. You can outlook here and it. I'm all our. Land her in the city after a row seat next Eric. If you have any idea orders. -- It -- it's it's your best friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I can you tell me your best for their -- for and got a guy you just chill got to Lopez dropped like you -- best. On knock knock out nobody popular feature that belt and great -- I'd brought there and you will support structure the next day it hit me. -- and the -- that but it does the public debate. I'll stop it stop that's not blaming us you wanted to do -- on man I actually thought. I don't some don't some balls here on you wanted to. Of -- that there and -- did. And I don't -- I want to -- the Obama. At all I did it was a great great stuff and it was violently at the judges -- give up a play for the Red -- -- whatever whatever the group that made it look at it again it worked -- that he definitely get them out. And it would -- -- -- portrait portrait -- Ferreira sent to hear his name mentioned Cuba people menthol does that tell the last couple years networks. Might be the downfall of your career the obedient and -- up the good thing. Yeah I don't we make it up nick and -- repeat what America get all over drought let me ask you this. How much weight as he put on the Nazis it keeps our television every week he's working out he's in the best shape of the script I'm a pretty go to -- about to each one. Hey let -- I'm gonna life and that got a little. He's achieved an article which is predict all -- -- An Iraqi -- I don't I want but the other. Big Brother is on the right. Yeah on the right the right direction he the typical Google they called men worked in your knowledge that I'm gonna look like now. I must tell you we do said that to -- two weeks ago when I first met you. Input socket many years ago you looked more like me than digital bloody -- okay amok. Yeah man I ever want got to cut through learning experiences they told that should back and relax and I took it to a new low. And I gotta take it to the extreme summer to work will work out your jacket try to get body build each number to relax certain my ties the hanging out. Hey -- how often do you guys talk during the season and -- different leagues different parts of the country. Is it two or three times a year or is it a little more in that. More that it depends on what went obviously. You know we technically -- Each other doing nor. When not if you don't want it definitely don't want our guys -- -- -- -- -- going on and put the work. I'm -- TV it is in the game. These are up its act and do what you got more -- -- more but where. But not that would not. That lineup you know lineup the big bodies on the way to get on -- did not -- -- but output -- -- Apple going on with these. I graduate thanks for a for call an end in and movement of money. Love it was him out our fitness stuff -- It. -- -- -- I can't even believe that you did not you know they thought it was not it was somebody but I don't -- -- on ocean. Put together pretty good accent there it was great. So let -- tell Orlando calls -- all the time he would is that I like character that. If you miss -- -- Not about any kind of got a little bit -- a real threat. -- you know -- why should take that that we kind of lead -- a little bit like -- and got about an Elvis album don't put the name out of that given away don't they injury he'll figure it out. -- art guide article Rick right now I got picture corporate built some well come on play jokes on cable talk to next week. They are eager partly -- Dustin Pedroia review in the it. Remember we got -- with Greg Murphy -- time with the Franco got we got great.

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