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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Tim Thomas skipping White House visit

Jan 25, 2012|

Tim Thomas passed on trip to White House, hear what Brick thinks of his decision.

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Our Wednesday conversation with Andy -- is brought to you by -- power equipment -- a tractor visit -- power today to enjoy money saving your and promoted -- days check out -- the power dot com for more. And by -- Chevrolet in -- the first place and the last place. You'll lead to show operate new or used Chevrolet at Berkeley joins us on the AT&T hotline get it faster but forgy. AT&T rethink possible good morning mr. Brooke how are you. -- -- All auto believable just one thing after another it's like this buff -- to a sports topics -- is so certainly this is this an opportune time. The Bruins to take a break to discover just about the right time for them. Absolutely that's the team that through a month in November December just the ram cable basically the national like -- This came with -- the get eliminated -- rate is still a ways to win the majority and they play an awesome and they just. They dominated their forms and many games and that beat very few mistakes and now there's strategy game where. You'll they made mistakes they still want some -- and I think that cable flashed Howell. Poorly they played in stretches whether it's in the course of -- more over the course of the week but six games nineties. In the -- January -- those are not easy challenges her team especially at that politically the first. You know 40% of the cities and I think this can need to break it given the fact that what happened now Washington's -- The speaker currently is gonna step away from Maria yeah this recharge their batteries and yet we spoke. They didn't get past the mistakes last night there were physical mistakes there were mental mistakes they return overs of the lack of focus there was no defense I mean this was. This was a team that was just to blast seemed to have lost its way last night. Yeah and and that's the pitcher on -- you know it's it's been creeping into their game too frequently because they have great goaltending. Sometimes those mistakes can overlook that that coaching staffs when he have meetings we have video meetings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't wanna be -- -- what you guys know that it's just too frequent and it's the good news is that it's correct. -- and it'll be read the -- -- I was peace in the -- of it today very. Interesting on Tim Thomas and his relationship with his teammates. He writes that sources. Said the thomas' actions this week merely reveal what his teammates have known since he got here. That is a solitary. Me against the world figure who often puts himself in front of the team. Is that what you're observation is that your understanding from being around the team that that's the way they look at Tim Thomas. Well I don't know what I'd classify it that strongly. Goaltender -- different reached -- it was. Is Katie because she's been such a survivor professional career. The mentality needs to have in order to play at the level competed the level that he needs to compete at the board be the player that he is. Got to have a little selfish in this interview that's okay. There's -- sure. Full disclosure which you seen the players understand who you are because this team has. Unconditional. I have your back teammate mentality. That that you put up with players flaws in their personality in order to have that kind of attitude so it's it's all vote team. So there are some selfishness within the group I don't think that makes him a -- week. But actually within the heap structure and how these guys kill or that that's very -- Did did he violate that team first thing that this team seems to live by did violate that this week and do you think quietly. His teammates are unhappy with them. I think it disappointed. I think there's an opportunity to really changed team over the individual. Everybody certainly respect and -- and and what people need to. All but this was. Probably not the best decision she would have thought what his teammate because that's ultimately what was celebration of this. And despite his political beliefs or how he feels about the government. I think it was actually to be mediators are Charlie wanted to make a statement. -- that comes through loud and clear when you read the comments that really don't support or say sure it's fine we have no problem with that everybody just talks about the same thing they say it's today's decision. That's his beliefs we all had a great time going there and seeing the White House -- he said it is what it is I don't think it really matters what I think I still enjoy the day and took part in the opportunity. I know the other guys that were there a lot of fun it's something that I personally will remember for the rest of my life -- you read that anonymous. And this discussion of it was Timmy being Timmy. Leaping selfish. A bleeping selfish -- one team source suggested yesterday so -- you're right I don't think it's sitting very well with these guys. I'm a firm believer that time heals all loans. And I think that'll be the case here maybe the all star break helps maybe it doesn't I don't know what's gonna capital they go to Ottawa -- attention to thomas' good again. But my concern is focus in and where this team is if you believe time heals all published does it take it you on this you know. If you could -- have that attitude that this team words you know tall order one for all there are issues that arise. The vehicle would be in these parents were that'll Paul Kelly following up the NHL PA that -- advocate beyond that barrister and Baltic and would be any. I had a header that hit in which -- it was a bad hit. The police try to get out of the game and the perception was that he didn't have his -- bad. You know people get involved in public. Issues you know away from the game away from the rink we app that's in a major player. But if you watched in behind him you have to be aware of what's going -- the players have been aware. At least it has beliefs. That that need to be played players within the team so that they can have his back when it comes to deal with the media. Brick do you know what was the team are you aware were you aware of Tim thomas' beliefs and and and to some of the ideas he -- with his statement the other day before this took place. Maybe -- the referee but not really. Well my experience having been in the locker room for many many years that's a player that we didn't have a little political discussions -- We talked about a lot of things but that was very rare that -- Post during an election year and if something was happening in the world. That was -- no stated all. Something that was interest in to replace them conversation -- epic but that was very rare. As far as you know -- It was never going to guys and say hey this is what I think it -- about tracts of information sort of proselytizing and being a disciple for his beliefs correct. I know are not the level where not that I'm not tonight in the air -- -- you know in this circle but I do these as quite often and it stops and that I was aware. Do you know ditty -- at the hotel room. On when the team was at the White House. Unfortunately I was accurate -- to myself on a personal matters a -- I didn't have an opportunity even little White House myself this by the media so. I do not know -- Tuesday. -- flew all rights that thomas' decision however may be the first step in. Goalie and team parting ways. His no movement clause expires at the conclusion of the season. Thomas has one more season remaining on his four year twenty million dollar deal Rask -- restricted free agent at year's end. Should be ready to assume the starting job in -- 20122013. This the Bruins could reap. Reap a significant return -- club seeking a number one goalie. Do you think this might greased the skids for him to go out of town get out of town. I don't I don't. You know I think the Bruins are shown certainly -- this regime that. They are always aware of dollars and cents and making like where there and it starts we're weaknesses as. Our SAT. But I don't say this move this decision based on a political beliefs. -- government believes should be any kind of impetus to making it he'll talk a monopoly Alex and I would say note of that it makes for interest negotiations certainly right. And there's gonna commit probably would Tim Thomas. It's into a certain point this career where -- think about moving him because you have. A very good goaltender that -- younger that you additional limits or at some point when does that happen but it. I don't think this should act is that this that. Do you think next year 20122013. Bolt these guys are back and sharing duties. And it looked that -- -- you know that's -- fortunate for GM to figure out and they need to make sure they know all the good parts are put. Could I see that it's a scenario they're both there yet to receive severe it was just one on -- and it would be to rat. Given the way that they are going absolute. All vets can -- get Tim Thomas he's just not showing up for the all star game Barry Melrose and ESPN rip him a new one for not go on what you think about. -- bench and pouting and to for three games. It needs to be there no question about it he could make our -- fate of the sleek. This is a celebration. Of your partners your business partners. It's a necessary evil I guess what we decided wouldn't talk about the -- it was such thing that a lot of people -- interest David Weathers. It's players or art for hockey fans that they enjoy what hockey -- all well. Got a turn in two largest exhibition ministers I don't know how. I don't know enjoyable is really serve as we know what you really like it so up but. It's part of what you do and if you're part of he'll be through the need to sell the ski game party raining you gotta be there. It's it it's sort of like a festival now and hasn't lost even a little more luster brick because the winter classic that has such a high profile in the spotlight. Absolutely absolutely -- -- really reconsidering restate what utility -- our week at night and relative to where classic big. This is. Some of the players really believe in -- where where where. And -- away get support via. From audio support of bargaining sessions that need to be. That need to be resolved. And I think the all star game in order clash again police gonna hit the list is definitely out of. Now Tim Thomas said they'll be no further comment if that's going to be hard to do. At the all star game at every every game you know and his media has access you think he'll stick to that a do you think we'll hear more from Tim on the subject. Well I hope you -- more. To do a decision of this magnitude and -- has potential effect on this team. And the equity churned out an invitation from the White House. Requires more explanation doesn't it. Yes yes and if in the statement as you know is very open ended and you get more -- more questions and answers and you really need to know. More before you of former opinion -- I would like to know what he really believes. Well that way I go back to played them try to make -- -- what happens inside a lot Brooklyn player players the players need to know which -- coming from two. To say I'm not gonna be part of this celebration. Alt key and I wish he would put the the team first because if the plays don't understand it -- it enough information from here and we're certain that. As an explanation as to you know just that what state that you must make I think that's a little irresponsible. And Eddie you know how this thing works or will work if they come back from the all star break and lose four to five people point to go to the -- White House situation and say. There was the tipping point after the team fell apart when -- point -- fact they were start to struggle and get -- on the -- before that. Yeah and it's. Lack of focus that's bothering me you know. The. Peeling -- of the situation and then they're disappointed much the way. Mr. door down in the -- -- -- they'll -- salary actually got drunk or relevant. Do not take focus away from my players these the guys should be to take it that they are diminished in a difficult it is to. Keeping together work as a team in the fine line between winning and losing in. An agency that would disprove -- team right now and that paid attention -- -- -- -- can -- just -- -- the netstat -- -- there is actually in this -- especially for. Actually twenty Fortis you know of the thirty teams that are earnestly so. Yeah it's -- concern for me because it -- Iran it's just. It's adding to the issues that they are they couldn't focus. Because of the situation because of the -- -- now you have a real problem. Nine you got and we have -- -- -- trying to figure out who the anonymous sources that's always good just like with the -- yes yeah it's September and do you think said that about Tammy. Denny theories replica and that's a -- No can't help it if you work on that -- the conversation as always appreciate it we'll talk to down the road a friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enjoy money saving your into -- deal days check out -- of power dot com for more. And by McGee Chevrolet in rate in the first place and the last place you'll -- to shop renew or use. That you know -- weeks -- weeks ago who the source was from baubles peace talks of arts and you know in said the organization that would do that two of them. More clues and only got -- -- we get there is too but I'm trying to do that today in the bruins' locker room it was Timmy being Timmy bullied and unselfish ball league says one team source and sources say. The teammates have known since 2006. And 2007. His first full season. That he was a guy who puts himself in front of the team. Thomas is okay that's no no Tuukka Rask is source dollar deal. It's unclear whether that's even -- out that made it. Source I don't I don't doubt it would suggest sources w.s to Europe and spare time I'm that players know who talks to. Oh yeah sure 12345. Guys made -- salute regularly and they look at -- one which -- those guys. In the end of the -- 777 -- 0852038885250850. Still to come on this Dennis and Callahan program. We'll talk patriots Super Bowl in Rappaport from the Boston Herald where your phone calls we get back.

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