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Tim Thomas decides not to attend the Bruins trip to the White House

Jan 24, 2012|

Dino and Gerry discuss Tim Thomas' decision not to go to the White House to meet President Obama. Did Thomas make a bad decision or was he standing up for what he truly believes in? Callers voice their opinions.

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The following words and expressions. Were used to describe a Boston athlete in the newspaper today. An embarrassing classless spoiled brat. Speaking bush league self centered unprofessional immature shabby blather. Tim Thomas -- Curt -- And up virtually that was vote bush and bush so this this lofty mount Rushmore of -- heroes from last year's cup. I think is getting some paint balls shot at him in the media because he chose not to go to the White House yesterday and he's lucky keys. One of the best players in the game one of the greatest players in Bruins history. If he were just the guy. You would never recover from Curt Schilling was the World Series bloody sock hero but the cliche was the morning after they won a -- never have to buy another meal or another drink in this -- absolutely honest Alec nobody else has. And use it detects when -- idols in others argue that I I've. I tweeted that last night and Thomas has to understand one thing I don't think he does. It's all changed him now it is all change for him now in this town is all changed in now with the media. His reputation is different he might be OK with that and I know Schilling as he can and but. This is just the beginning you think Margery -- Kevin DuPont. And ends with them. The globe has even written an editorial note the New York Times hasn't chimed in yet I mean. It as -- -- -- college haven't jammed in yet his statement was 6 o'clock last night. And before we take calls the you know we have to make one rule you and I think we can agree on this and -- Is. Does anyone think. He didn't have the right to skip the ceremony you can get past him and get past that path and -- -- statement that I read a thousand places including gold and Harold. You know it's usually rise and America who doesn't think. Stand up raise your hand speak now if you think he had no right that the government should have forced him go to the White House -- so -- advances and other rights in this country to skip correct Sarah -- to say and say what you want a cigarette okay good grass at the discussion I wish everyone would save that we all agree -- -- the right skip -- Secondly I think. It is is statement. Raise more questions and chances and you can't and you cannot say it will make no further statements if you have some say brother you got quite the -- the pulpit. Use -- you know yeah you sound like a Smart guy and articulate thoughtful guy most of them. The players at the -- -- system they have no idea talking about you know just show up like -- hockey wielding martians engaged they're not I think Tim Thomas has thought long and hard about this. I would like to hear him say more maybe even write more I'd like to hear -- Her suggestion for -- to that in a second Kevin's and brought -- your first with the -- had our number two Kevin. Demonic morning let but I think you people -- want to blow it out and about attempts. At American there. Is that listen this is not about the president I'm just make a mistake and I think everything wrong with government I'm not gonna go now having said that. In Massachusetts that it is it any -- he's going to be from the side. In the Pratt and and with the local politicians that just struck me what I I applaud them for at least here. He's got the wind -- going to be -- everybody else. -- yes he has SE is Kevin. -- huge deal out of it and he knew what they know -- I mean this is. This is the best player on the team this is the biggest star in hockey. Last spring -- let me ask them -- by not showing -- he knew you know we all -- major advantage a much this is a routine thing this is just the ceremonial thing -- a nice job make a couple -- read the teleprompter -- -- go play that and -- -- the capitals -- -- Thomas didn't come it was on -- it was the lead of ESPN. It was a huge story in everybody knew. Okay well. Thank you David decision I -- it -- it's promising only American born player on the broad. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay but he just sat there and I mean people are just gonna crucify this kind of elected this change your personality did it change that promise. He had the week. Yes. No didn't know -- -- changed personality who is here as -- it's how he's perceived him -- how the world -- Massachusetts all the sports world proceeds to let me ask you this Kevin. You think there might have been. A more efficient way -- a more organized way. For Tim Thomas to make his point and and make it even in a one to one manner. And still support his team and be part of a team function and not be destroyed and not be a distraction this guys who -- now answered questions about what to think about him not showing up so as opposed to. Enjoying this moment in the spotlight. As opposed to going to the White House and trying to steal and -- trade -- probably has in his back pocket and having it be a fun and interesting team event it became. What do you think about him was -- better way to -- Kevin. It's going to be -- and attempt to speak on that BP's not speaking well well let's -- Maybe ten that balance family and friends that live a better than you might not agree that but I want to give your -- for a. -- and -- -- problematic and it's evident right now admitted he felt. -- bits and the only way no jet black eye not undertake lightly but. Mine I'm not -- good. It might. Already spent -- I was talking to Peter -- relic about it -- Spoelstra rally about two months ago that wasn't gonna go and surely had been trying. The convinced him to put his politics are put his beliefs to put his protest the side. And come with the team as a team event and participate in any way you want to or don't want you to stay all the way up the side in the back -- But do you really want. Throw some more guests on this fire -- here -- sure rally it's I'm -- you. -- you mean the basic simple question emotionally it's would you go. I would go I would go I would go -- I think can be really cool to go to the white house with my teammates I think to be really cool that you see the place. I still wanna know if you can see that the closet with Clinton did -- Clinton and Monica there they would not allow the Oval Office. I don't know personnel to deal office I would do and I'd probably get more trouble with Tim Thomas wrote them Tomas I'd go there and let's say. Do you I mean you demonize the rich we know that's kind of the campaign theme do you think I don't pay enough taxes. I paid two million or something like probably played two million in tax out of -- million dollar salary last year and may be more and if I were. Tim Thomas just asked that question and you only get time for maybe one. -- yeah I thought this yesterday a little bit and and and -- breeding Kevin DuPont this morning he puts it even more articulately -- I would and I think it's it would be an excellent thing for him to have done and in fact if Tim thinks about this. Would this not make you feel. More satisfied inside more like -- accomplish something if you took and I again I this occurred to me last night and and and DuPont writes it very -- in the Paper today. You -- how easy how far more courageous and honorable would have been for Tim Thomas to go to the White House quietly picking his moment. To utter a few simple words of disappointment to the president. Hi I'm Tim Thomas and I appreciate the fact that my team was invited here today. I don't what like what's going on in this country I'm not the least bit impressed with the leadership. Boy am proud of what we did I'm proud to be an American proud to be a Boston Bruins and I'd like to see everyone in the government. Do a better job of adhering to the constitution. And all of got a question for about power plays. Tim Thomas yesterday had a chance to tell the leader of the free world. What he thinks it means to be an American not just any American mind you but an Olympian. A multimillionaire. And a hero in the city where he works and a member -- championship team. He would be vilified either way if he did that he'd be -- -- a fully Obama heard it. Than what was the point of it means that you wouldn't you followed a drop deals that are more satisfied to be able to -- that's what I would do -- I'd probably get in trouble and someone would say easily said the president and then the globe and herald would kill me for a you know for food stealing the spotlight from what they couldn't steal it he would get vilified either way what -- until you -- not being side by side with your teammates and accompanying him are we David -- that takes away way. The -- and this is an excellent piece by DuPont. But. I cannot believe what I read here when he talked about Peter -- But Tim Thomas being Olympian at the metal and Raikkonen oh and all that and very proud American when he was an Olympian. And then he says that was two years ago not a lot has changed in the US over the last two years. -- I -- Tim Thomas. Would beg to differ and a -- he would point to him that the debt new point obamacare and the number of things. Changed over unemployment is least. Reads and where -- -- -- and I lobbyist problem actually is my I was on the failed. And abruptly and it may be happening in it and I'm okay. I'm glad that. And climate state make a statement he made the best statement about we actually hit a -- at the end. He made the best I can possibly make. I'm not going out unfortunately that team they -- you know he's got the team any of them any American. YE -- -- the environment and everybody else that -- and confidence. To get that out of anything like that. -- -- insurance. My brain child of god in the in depth look at stake. And I have yet again that I -- anybody except the pay gap like MYLB. The black and trying to -- -- and I want to get into any. You know this lot of references again as skipped the ceremonies like Dan Hampton. And much tomorrow remember that -- yes -- he was kept asking you though Lewinsky's tool and is that ever -- hot tub you're gonna try to find this out as ever met someone who got in the president's face. Politely but said. This got a problem with you yeah I hit it probably was kept under -- I'm sure somebody absolutely under -- the cameras on them while maybe in the private and absolutely time when he -- and saying what he said like all they would wanna do that I don't wanna get -- no not up on the -- -- moral standing on the -- when you're in the wherever it is -- reception areas and he goes by -- their bodies -- -- that Mr. President types so disagree with. This -- the other. But I respect the thing happening and I had to -- happened. I just don't I thought that might be some legendary. And the stories and nobody's saying you know whenever Mike -- or -- -- -- the -- grill but I can't find the story about -- -- your phone calls Jeff in New Hampshire Taylor's out in California up early to even -- -- August and -- Boston get your phone calls us to get back ninety seconds from now.

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