WEEI>On Demand>>Wyc Grousbeck, Managing Partner and CEO of the Boston Celtics, joins Sean Grande during halftime of tonight’s Celtics-Magic game

Wyc Grousbeck, Managing Partner and CEO of the Boston Celtics, joins Sean Grande during halftime of tonight’s Celtics-Magic game

Jan 23, 2012|

Wyc Grousbeck, Managing Partner and CEO of the Boston Celtics, joins Sean Grande during halftime of tonight’s Celtics-Magic game

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Back to the garden is still with the magic guard -- time to -- and portly for the Celtics point shorthanded tonight 46 to 36 before we get back to the third quarter. Our pleasure as always couple times a year if we -- weatherman to partner the government Boston Celtics were prospects here and on this night especially. I'm reminded of a few things when we talk in the night. Talking on the floor. About twenty minutes after the championship when Freddy was still the wars celebration at seeing the look on your face the only other night that compares with that. It's for it's -- -- here at the garden but suns classmates schoolmates. Ceemea them and -- again. Is really you've been -- this is the market itself -- Well we love it the guys lemon that guys love going to Perkins. Camera foundation supports fans or support and they can text you -- 222. Support Perkins with the tax. It's just great you know it's part it's why we that the Boston scrutinized and it's sort of part of Africa that's really appreciate everybody's -- -- -- People don't know the story Max -- sort of you know putting together -- -- it's time -- things that you can really Trace the championship back anyway you want how things happen how things all come together. But your decision to move across country was really like the first step in what the Celtics are now Korea yeah. There were there are a lot of people along the way the very first. Time or not but I'm moving back to Boston where I was born within 94. Came back in 95. We thought of the idea by the Celtics -- -- and got it done with a bunch of people great people great partners. A lot of people at the Buick championship but I would be involved with -- for your organized if we did. You -- back because Africans -- -- -- how are you handling the relief turbulent in this this particular year there's a lot of a lot of people that you know. Are accustomed to. A certain way about his early part of the season tickets but typical group. I I'm still a little tired honestly from the negotiations they were. Exhausting although I'm probably the -- one of the youngest guys in the room by the spill on the -- now when it was over didn't feel I didn't feel -- -- The season came up quickly and obviously came up quickly for some of our guys the -- said he doesn't think the team. Arrived ready to play on Christmas Day. I start to see some energy out there like he inflicted and it will be good in team efforts have good defense though. I'm just trying to remember there's the February march April then hopefully today and may even June knows I don't wanna pick the -- but. We're gonna -- we're gonna get better through the year. And -- hopefully because conference. People you you made reference to it and some -- -- we've books written about that the lockout and the process and these extraordinary. Ebb and flow and point with people the folks that seemed to close and so many times did you ever lose they. It was good obviously mr. I was just talking to Mike Foreman the Fed every time we saw me during the lockout I seemed optimistic or home. I -- -- the time that wasn't optimistic but I felt like we always had a dialogue we always have respect them both side. And I've felt that we always had that feel like if you could -- a couple months ago where I thought I was gonna end up. If I felt like that was video we could probably do that was probably give -- please do luckily everybody compromised and it's probably fair deal for everybody. You've never won again in the the number text donation to the Brooklyn school this by the way of maximum excitement this. This is like the greatest invention and make you -- now just ninety but comfortable. For people to make donations is the militant and well if people feel move. The facts that support for him directly through the shamrock foundation we just have to read through Nuvi 20222. On your cellphone there's charges and support. No doubt wireless cards at home but we would appreciate it you would give five dollars for that way. Anyway we appreciate WEEI always in the war. The charities together with yourself and you guys lead the way insurgent. But we really appreciate having well we certainly refute if you won't we'll keep giving that information and what we when he getting on put. Both rinse on Twitter. Well aware of the Green and I love -- right put it -- couldn't read them tons quitter and she speaks for both with the zone. What is gratefully thank you John thanks -- -- the you do appreciate it appreciate you as well -- growth like. Managing partner of the Boston Celtics who lead -- -- magic -- who -- 4636. As we get set to Begin the third court match hasn't wanted to -- you're welcome this. Welcome hang out. If you upgrade America's -- won't have a couple. And grab the ball into the game. Up until the ball. That it gave the -- fell yeah we -- not let them and give it a meteoric. I have up while there he wanted to beat Doug Mientkiewicz and you know that they're now that you have that sell he could. -- -- of -- that he regrets and to this very good to turn over. Are pretty thankful that elusive.

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