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Doc Rivers & Sean Grande preview Big Baby & the Magic vs the Celtics

Jan 23, 2012|

Doc Rivers & Sean Grande preview Big Baby & the Magic vs the Celtics tonight at the Garden.

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That represented by Alexis continues from the garden our final piece of business our conversation with their head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard pilgrim healthcare making health care. Work better. Of that title even more and more every single game -- organize them -- the pats yesterday were back to work. The heyday of 20032004. Go to the Super Bowl and against -- appalled it to do. And maybe inspire them yeah maybe so but that was there was a -- on both obviously that's. -- -- with -- -- we can watch today that have been reached our room whether an iPad reluctantly I had the deaths and that was pretty cool idea Hugo like there aren't good. Yeah -- them better now about people who put this stuff from me is that going to -- -- -- with -- although only to score. The -- did everything -- that are. Our. Rebounder. He -- all four. There's a moment we're watching him try to do the things that he has always done. And he wasn't able to do the prolonged time which has to be rapidly that's got to get your head at some point and and it wasn't like anything gradual it was almost have yesterday it just came back. Objected to the last couple days you get closer and closer. There is no way. You know not Norton -- -- it was going to be a -- a moment and obviously yesterday was that was your. The thing that was great about all he was never really that frustrated by. Because he understood unions that the process -- -- And so he's really never got that frustrated by -- I'm sure you've probably more frustrated -- all the talk about. It would be my idea yes but other than that you can do. All right 51 if you started you have left Jermaine had a rough outing here on Friday and it when he -- yesterday. You couldn't win with games like that. These student of the couple like him it was to rip it just it is in the -- in the hours. I believe it's rate early in the game radio and and that's the problem -- -- from consistently every. And -- the thirty year retirement different guys that you really couldn't afford to be without for any -- time we become so accustomed to. Ray Allen just -- 35 minutes tonight team here every single game. What's the biggest thing it changes without him well. Our space and and -- firm motion. Is his more recent years you know him tomorrow and things like there I thought that -- last -- is really. Read the game. So you know. Other than that that much yeah. Well on the subject three point shooting you get two games we -- Orlando Magic tools you 25 of them game how do they get there. Three point looks. His name is to -- yeah you know it's it's really that simple. They run McEnroe and most in the make you open it don't know if Thompson. High percentage and if you go and make it three and they know they have a -- the two. Ago and it. And equipment. You have had in the past you had great success being able to play him basically. Straight up. With a roster that you had we've seen other teams employ the hack at the white most notably from mark Jackson State a couple weeks ago. To what degree is that more in the playbook that it would have been in years past. No I mean you know -- -- -- and -- support -- just fugitive. -- Tuesday. You know the school I went to use you less -- And that's not -- -- when you hold on 1:2 I am checking yes I know this and then and then. Applies you know if you are immoral war and shoots 60%. It's -- worked out -- report. Baby was an interesting player obviously for four years and I think the that the melodrama with fairly well publicized as the returns tonight. But at the end of the day he was a rookie walked into a situation here which he was a rotation player for you for. You know one of the greatest recent runs in the it in the history the -- And yet they. Are wrong you really -- -- a lot of good things -- In -- and we appreciated. You know and and I think that's -- good system for him. Yeah it was I always thought. With you have someone else behind him. You know. Some. One we leave -- agree. It. -- -- was. Broadcast quality better. And with this theory. If the Celtics and magic -- maximum WEEI still live radio network.

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