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Tom Brady talks about winning the AFC Championship and advancing to the Super Bowl for the fifth time in his career

Jan 23, 2012|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to discuss his performance yesterday against the Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Tom wasn't happy about the way he played but was happy his teammates were able to pick him up. Tom also looks ahead to February 5th in Indianapolis when he looks for revenge against the Giants in the Super Bowl.

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Are -- -- conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by north east electrical distributors. Brighten your day with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing cost. And by auto trader compare brand spanking new -- some special offer side by side at auto trader dot com. And by Lexus of watered down to invite you to a new. Level of exports Tom joins us on the AT&T -- get it fast with four G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible good morning talk congratulations. You're headed back for the fifth time I guess it doesn't get old does it. Never that -- doesn't it was very it's it's tough to get to this point there's. You know really 32 teams that are battling and airborne -- out of the beginning of the year and kinda beat. One of the last -- Ministry's special for all of -- It as as I watched that game last night I thought about it again this morning it's seems to me the and and columnists and bloggers and talk show host saying this is what's probably gonna happen in this is how it's gonna play out all of us virtually wrong I mean -- -- It in no particular order did anybody think the patriots to win a game where you scored eight. Points below your season average Baltimore possessed the ball for seven more minutes than you did. The Patriots defense couldn't get off the field on third down nine separate times. Flacco had a better day than you did you I think you even admitted that and the New England defense would be required to bill you guys out nobody saw this coming Tom. Nowhere and nowhere did it but I think that's that's why we played a game that way. You know it. No one ever knows -- these teams that week legal there was a certain game plan they can. That from her putt there and did -- get a break when it. It makes more sense to me to -- saying that there and but he -- what the -- Made -- -- no for an area that it. But it does on her about it. -- know what up Baltimore specifically did. To have you have an off day with that on your own did they do something to take you out of your comfort zone or reviewed just. Not have a what are your better days in and of itself. Yeah -- if you know the interceptions hurt you know I think that it's hard to be productive offense when you know the interminable so. It's it's it's certainly you know ignore these scenes with the plan with the with the game plan and and you know they're they're very good defense and they. They got some you know from all favor her for alternate -- that defense though. Every yard we had a firm you know there was the respect -- -- -- -- -- I think it's just. There's some games where you feel like -- guys are open they have hit them and the move -- it all down the field and you know get the ball in the end zone kind of like we did against Hamburg for another week where. You're battling for rehab feel that you look at that goal -- situation we have where its second half yard you mean you think your -- You know there we handoff on third you think your hand and then you -- you know and we got this sneak on fourth down -- it. It's just that's the way it was all day and so that's why. Those guys are you know there's the ravens are you know as good as they are because they consistently play well on defense so. You know I thought we we we really didn't move the ball well at times and we just we can do great job in the red area and you know I wish -- would that the interception but other than that I thought you know we did we did a pretty good job out there we and we could have scored more points but you know that. And that's every week for a it's. It's great to in the game. What is your went went condoms -- goes wide left. Who or what is your first thought what are you thinking right there and then. Heck that book you there's you know I've. That you sit on the sideline and -- -- -- to -- how you gonna pollute scheme now and that you know they hit that long played a bold in the east side. I'll man in the deaths of the eleven yard line and with with what if I'm. You know I hope they don't -- And and you know our defense certainly made a couple huge -- there. Unbelievable plays and then they come up -- -- kick in here you're kinda get ready for very well what do you do it overtime -- and the ball they're going and I elected billions billions and an overview we we gave each other -- it was they you know pretty cool feeling pretty -- very special that we will vote for a decade. Do you do you feel lucky do you feel like this team is blessed than. And -- just -- human destiny or just the team where everything is just break in right for. Well I mean honestly I don't think you get to this point in the season without a certain degree of luck -- -- And for me we've. We've been a lot of -- game all year and you know possible about the ways and and you can see the same thing from the giants haven't made they've really got into the postseason look at them they're playing their best football also. It's just the way it is and there's. You know 56 weeks where we're talking about really two teams the Packers in the -- You know him. Who is really just. You know commitment by a lot of guys be more mentally tough than than their opponents and I think we've it will potentially like we have they have certainly have all the pretty. You know we offences. Has has played really well at times the defense certainly is played really looked as special teams we get -- places such opinions. It's really been a special season that we just have to the finish is the -- we all want. Tom I can only assume you have that nagging morning back -- after the the -- in the and so we're you gonna get a reverse -- league opposed to bend that way and then -- look. Rough and -- gave you shot as well. But you didn't seem to be affected at the moment. Yet not feel -- today -- that if the hopefully good way here in the next. 48 hours before we start practice on Wednesday that. If -- a lot better where you went up say that he's up couldn't sleep -- whole -- -- -- I don't feel -- good this morning. It makes a good quarterback sneaker because you seem to be one of the better ones -- an effect there was little wrinkle where you sort of pulled what outside the garden at tackle on the first one -- was ruled down. Have a yard short correct I was little different formation. Well you're you're trying to go where they're not so I was you know you're looking for any little hole -- -- and the offensive line did a good job you know release trying to figure that we're really on the same page where are trying to go so. That was really important and and and it's like -- city. -- Ray Lewis until further example loading Cody and Jarret Johnson can afford to go every have pure yes they felt like it was. Have a peaceful and and Iraq I think so which is where we start the game we go to the three and out there the first series -- the -- from opting discord there on the second period of particular field goal. You know those are things really you really wanna get off to a good start set the tone for the whole day. You know if you don't which we didn't. He's still got to continue to fight in our guys fought for the period. We were you surprised when they had told of the taken the with a minute left in the half. You know those coach's decision so you know with this. We do it or whatever little that's what do we thought we played particularly well on offense felt they had some timeouts left. You know I think they're just with a group of gold going to -- its effect. I know you'll say that the the Super Bowl 42 from four years ago doesn't matter but does the November. Sixth game when they came in the knowing going to be two guys does that matter. Does that affect the plan as you go ahead and get ready for the Super Bowl. Well we're we're you know you'll what we're certainly look at that game. Several times -- -- that you see match up you see how your guy is a matchup against their guys you know on route running blocking and so forth. It'll have actually -- impact on the game. -- mean that it's the same time you'll hopefully we can learn some lessons from that game you know we really lost the turnover battle back game which really hurt us. You know if it was a great game and you know you I drove it seemed out of discord which is a few seconds left but. You're the great -- that suffered great rematch between teaching is really over -- the right to represent their conferences in the Super -- -- It's a great feel full of players is. Not that are taken for granted you know they certainly haven't but you really realize how hard it is to get there either when you have great teams like. A lot of condition whether it's also more order. I agree and they are just made her feel for fiscal. That would take great season but you know there's only -- they can play in this game. Tom the only other thing that surprised me more than the offense taking a -- at the end of the first test because we're told elect a scorpion of the first happened at the ball coming up for the second half and score there. Was the aggressive bomb to Slater right after spikes interception. Would it did it not seem more prudent to try to put together -- at an efficient time consuming you know six minute drive -- -- like seven minutes left in the game. As opposed to go on for that what is somebody sees something that told you that was gonna be open. You know we have really taken -- shots so and I thought we were trying to get them come -- falsely on a play and you know that was run hard and Pollard got a candle then -- recently greater exceptions so. You know look we learn from it of that certainly wish I didn't throw the interception that was released but try to play that kept me up all night last night. Our defense really think that they've first hand. You know it's. Even though it -- offense that played great as it was. It was referred you know -- to look at the field it really. See the defense playing you know play their butts off first it's our game and really get us some very hard fought win. Specifically to Vince and all your years in this game have you seen a defensive linemen have that kind of dominating performance and think it was out there for 67. Of the -- seven the offensive snaps. It just dominating game and so many different ways. -- about either from the humble fighter and he's. It's is agility and quickness his power. I think it's tough but if I mean it. You know any any any great adjective you know you you want to describe it you can't he's. He's a great teammate you know a great leader captain. In the whole team rallied around him so. He's just say. He's done an incredible job on yes they've all season and and you know everyone relies on him her for that leadership and he's certainly provides that he brings it every week so. It's it's great about. We heard immediately after the game we heard a number of people say -- this morning on our show that. Because you had an off day yesterday you'll be more determined than ever to go out there and just have a great Super Bowl I'm not sure how that works could can you be more determined. That have a great -- and you would have been otherwise -- -- is there any motivation any extra motivation needed when you take the field that the suitable. -- there's there's. There's. There's plenty of motivation there. You know let as just says the Denver game had no impact -- yesterday's game if it would have no impact on the game two weeks from now -- you know on out of worked -- perfect in the next two weeks to be prepared. And hopefully go out there play my best game you know hope for the best care of ever played and a and that's -- -- expect and that's that's what I expect to it I know that's what my teammates effectively so. You know we're gonna work about profits. Coach said last week you put your blinders on and and just focus on the target in and you know are targeted two weeks for them. Yes today and in all of our energy and attention is going to be focused -- Well we need to do with this game and -- it's going to be a hard fought game you know we're gonna have to earn it. It's going to be a sixty minute game and you know -- that's gonna win. If a rookie of -- -- you -- -- sterling Moore arrest you what's the most important thing Thomas need to know as we get -- the and the Indianapolis what would you tell. But that's a great question I mean it's the end of the day it's a football game you know also we've we've just got to be prepared to play it. There's a lot of other distractions that can get away and now there's there's a lot of requests from a lot of people that that already circumvented that at the same time you know our jobs -- garrido played the game and believe me if if you lose this game there's there's there's an awful feeling in your stomach for a lot of years and so you wanna do everything you can't have to be ready and prepared to play it and the -- Letting things get in the way of our finest. Do you still have an awful feeling in your stomach from 07. And at that time go to the army you know -- I'm engaged I still care what highlights from making you know it's I think that's just the way it is that's Syria. I think you know get to the -- and we had you know great opportunities there and really squandered it convenient place. Our very best and thank you realize that this game you're playing the best competition in the league for her first -- -- everything on the table so. It's it's a great chance to be here and and this team is deserved it and it's a special group of guys sit. I guess that is great camaraderie in the locker room ever want. Is there for each other sir it's great support and you know we just got to go go out there and you know win or more days. It's -- can articulate what the ravens and the 49ers are feeling this morning they were so close you could almost taste of Super Bowl. It's snatched away from them the season is -- over immediately. Very quickly and you also face with. Lighting up all the things in your mine that went well and went right for that team to get to this. A spot and never make it to Indianapolis. -- and you know we've done that you know -- few years also in several years whether it was. You know seven where you know ladies and 2010. Those seasons for the -- but it's tough for me you coach always says it's like you know your your on the treadmill that some of -- a twelve mile course Britain. And also you just hit the stop button. And it's that's that's where it's in the field two weeks for -- You know what if there's such a sense urgency every bit volatile these past six months everything that purported to be prepared to either. Get ahead or to catch up on. -- opponent -- and even during the bye week you're trying to get ahead on the opponents so it is. -- lot of guys have have really committed themselves and figure. It's in the -- with a medal for the first 55 months now so. You know there's light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. There's there's one game to play and it means everything. I think I can't wait on the side and I. I I really enjoyed yesterday's win and I guess that I wish -- done a better job if they've got. I'm thrilled to be a part of this game in and to be a part of this team. And and the lead or keep more of the field -- and the. Can you compare the giants defense to the ravens defense today is it trickier did they discuss things more as a more straightforward. Oh while they like how the different. It's it's a little bit different. -- yet they're two totally different defenses. So I mean the giants have a have a very good defense they got guys that cover one of the best pass -- That you recently very physical factors and they tackle well. If it's a very good defense that we didn't score a lot of points from last time so. Leo record -- to turn over so that last game we think we fortunately were asking. Here are going to be adjustable. Work. We've we've really escaped last few weeks turned the ball over. You know YouTube really. It's one stat in the game losing the turnover battle you're pretty much correlated to lose and a whole bunch of times and. Not yesterday with a two week yeah. Outside the question do we Tom brought do you buy auto trader now compare brand spanking new guards the special offer side by side at auto trader dot com question -- -- -- talk is these spirituality. Robert Kraft to referenced a couple of times during the course of the season. Unified respect and admiration for Myra Kraft playing any kind of role. In this team's success and it's team the team's ability to galvanize that one. Well I would say she's you know she's with that every step of the way and and we Wear those patches are your receipt and I think that that was commissioned. You know -- team as a as the president to mr. Kress that's in the locker room. You know on game day culture will be. Super Bowl Sunday to -- It's a reminder for us that. You know what what a special season misses bird. No bureau thirteen consistently and all the people who love mrs. craft so much so. You know there's there's plenty of spirituality of our locker room and it's it's really a great reflection for all of us as to have that Patrick's Jersey and hopefully will be well represented well. It or religion go what did you say to Ray Lewis early in the third -- when he had a little words what -- he say back to you what -- Suggs thinks I'm sure he got a couple of gaps in there as well can you tell us. I you know I don't remember where it -- I'm sure I would know what about -- -- if it did it it I don't quite remember what have a funny come back for you. Now now we're -- -- You know we're both getting into itself. It was pretty attempt at that point. Are you one of those guys that just gets tickets for like your immediate family and everyone else you know you just pawn off on you know someone else and and and just deal with -- and don't let them get new way don't that the new album the friends from my school distracted here. Yeah you know it's. You kind of go through the procedures and and I've been through the few times this part because you know it's not like there's a suitable tree where you just you know it's -- doable thing Katrina weakened just. Regret to equal tickets we only get a certain amount you know whatever player in the league and every every coach only gets themselves. You know I try to get as many as thanking him and for so many requests as possible but. I wish I had -- I had 500 tickets to give everybody that if we just don't get those. You can let Benny out of the closet now you guys as he thinks he can be for -- -- Figured out there. Distract them. Yeah or so. To regrets on the wind regrets and get the Super -- talked it down the road we're headed for -- we will -- of their Tom. Erica I think so I think you're already -- Dennis and Callahan on AT&T -- get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible conversation with the quarterback is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors. Brighten your day of electrical solution capabilities can assist you in saving energy and reducing cost and by auto trader. Compare brand spanking new cars. And special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. About Lexus of Watertown who invites you to a new level of excellence coffee with the quarterback. Brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts.

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