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Brandon Spikes and Robert Kraft join the Real Postgame Show

Jan 22, 2012|

Butch Stearns and Freddy Smerlas speak to Brandon Spikes in the locker room right after the Pats punched their ticket to Super Bowl 46. They also spoke to Mr. Kraft, who snatched the phone away to praise Brandon.

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Let's go over the patriots locker room 2320 they win. They're heading to the Super Bowl and Brandon Spikes patriots linebacker he's joining -- some Butch Stearns along with Freddie scurrilous branding congratulations your head to the Super Bowl. Glad I have yeah and I appreciate it sounds pretty. Super Bowl -- Our management of true challenger union if it really it's a gambler. I'll just trying to figure out here right now and sort and I think of it and -- -- -- Flacco show you anything different that you hadn't seen in film on you moved pretty well pockets off things downfield rule out accurate passes didn't panic. Do you look different today planned at all. No way to look different you know we know we need to what we going to get people need to -- in great -- -- couldn't -- You know it you know correctly estimate played -- you know you -- would history he would assume they'll. They -- probably made is going you know scramble it. One -- payment guy you know pay its interim peace and you'll be out there -- -- -- Wednesday at a real physical product. Did a great job you know mile walk up -- also we I think we eating up my -- that the league should alcohol. You know -- -- -- -- didn't have his best day the defense did play good pitches out of his -- they're great at the data -- didn't have his best day. You know I was always saying this team goals as Tom Brady goes but it didn't you defense stepped up. What a story that interception rate which is a key player in the game you ran down -- -- what what happened. Just just -- Marbury you know I was responsible sort of not very quick action and Obama got and one of the animal let nobody down and I wanted you -- my responsibility. Whose record player and have done it and -- -- there right now and it's not gamble that it does it. Out during that yeah I think. They've been reprinted in a couple quick things. Whole minute. Really you can't I heard it -- if -- -- -- And I haven't missed a random blood content producer -- Mr. drafted Butch Stearns and reds early summer you my friend -- -- -- -- and I'll let you we. -- -- And -- the lampposts. Rather you didn't tell me. You can only we're gonna win this game when he made that interception that was so cool -- the men and I don't samarra. So there's gonna -- tomorrow. And watching him the way you listen he's come back and our defense again Patrick. What are -- a lot of businessman Martin. Robert. Eight got a wonderful -- Obama. That -- -- -- -- okay -- did it back to bring a -- that's pretty cool and owners have been in there. It off and if -- -- and it's a they got there and a celebratory mood in the patriots locker room let's go back the last playoff time they had against against the ravens -- -- physically dominated the defense. They ran the ball 83 odds right now feel left about longest run in the history of the playoffs right before the opening game. And they came out and played they played vice pretty well.

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