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NFL Sunday Picks Their Winners for Today's AFC & NFC Championship Games

Jan 22, 2012|

The guys go around the table and give their picks for today's winners and Super Bowl participants.

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All right let's go around the table and figure out what we think is gonna happen we'll start with the NFC championship game the New York Giants visiting the San Francisco 49ers but you guys like -- one. I think we're gonna see a replay of the 1990. Embassy is 1981. January 1981 between that that that they classics but that -- in the forties and again not down on Washington knocked out in in that -- coming in and taken five field goals I think you're gonna see. A fairly low scoring game because there at the conditions I think it's going to be a slugfest though and I think the giants are gonna win that the interest. Nearly -- does that 17141714. Does that date me because I play with minimal. Yes well yeah but Matt Barkley thank everybody played for five Max heart -- -- -- met that bar is to the NFL what what what dom was a Kevin Bacon has never can Trace -- favorite entries expected that bar just in Detroit audio like in this. I don't what though the -- than this and I think in a very tough and in physical football game and close football game I really love both of these football teams. But. I'm gonna give it is to -- -- I dislike. What -- horrible has brought to this football team he seems to get them motivated and gut. Tom Coughlin you -- at the -- game but it is though a heck of a coach and my man. And you would never a doubt in my book. I'm gonna will also take the home team in a very tight game I just think it's very tough for the Packers are for the giants to travel to Green -- to win last week. The home travel to San Francisco and win this week. I think it's a tough match up for them to in a very tough defensive minded football game -- -- the 49ers. AFC championship. We know I'll know who the opponents -- let's start with you Chris -- -- I think the patriots win this thing 2721. That bit about that seventy point spread is at least in my mind. Israeli actor and I think the patriots are going to have to struggle at times and I think this team is going to be interesting for about a quarter but again that did that have to turn. The debate it's always seemed -- acute whether it's you know scoring at the end of the first half for scoring renegade the second half. I think it's gonna be enough to get a little separation between them the ravens I think going on wins this game again embassy twenties and 21. I think the pages have found of folks that think they start this in this game and his score right away and they score. Alton in this game. I don't see the Baltimore Ravens have in the personnel to be able to slow that slow down. The patriots weapons they have on confidence and obviously for the Baltimore Ravens only to have enough firepower to integrate rights of the game. Collins scored B 3113 when. I want to do me a favor you're one of the four honorary captains out on the field for the coin flip before the game if the patriots win the toss I want you to say it will take the ball -- And don't even give don't give. Captain chance to say today they went -- -- say the words right up we take the ball and hopefully the referee will just take and then on that would be about legitimate that there might not I'm with you guys IA I think patriots when this thing is well I think there. They have too much fire power. And I don't think Joseph Flacco can keep up offensively. I'm I'm gonna give the patriots a couple touchdown win here 3521. I think you've got the patriots and San Francisco in the Super Bowl Troy thinks you've got the patriots and San Francisco in the Super Bowl. Chris thinks you've got a rematch of a couple of years ago the patriots in the giants in the Super Bowl a couple of weeks from now.

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