WEEI>On Demand>>Doc Rivers and Sean Grande preview Celtics - Wizards today in Washington

Doc Rivers and Sean Grande preview Celtics - Wizards today in Washington

Jan 22, 2012|

Doc Rivers and Sean Grande preview Celtics - Wizards today in Washington

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-- Celtics today continues. Actually what they want to present moment like that now. 3321. This published today presented by Lexus continues from the Verizon Center in Washington DC on this conference championships Sunday afternoon. Our conversation with the head coach is brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care. Were better I do wonder when that tell you the basketballs and the background so to rip it. Really think that's in the it's. So yes you're you're actually hearing the sound effects as we have this conversation yesterday or. Why don't with your all encompassing powers of that request that you will weaken even if the sound like we -- keep your exit before this each and every time it gets me in the moved thirteen. Anything we can do. Especially to take your mind off while what you call -- call -- offense after the game -- so awful it's awful. What what does that mean -- start. Well it starts with me. No it's our society. What that meant was what it was it was awful you know and today it was at a slow pace so even appropriates had a great. We would score -- night at that pace of play. We did get a lot of opens. And I think -- -- that. But there over jump shots there overtly block shots. We had no second and third options. We didn't. Move the ball and you know those things we shouldn't do those things that we. It's on me to get him to get back -- Is there is the ball getting -- into the postal or do you have guys who wore. Or where does she. Need to be it I think to vote. I think that didn't in the polls where I want I think the guys who were supposed to be in the -- argument of the post world. And out of that we have these patients off its way to get to the second and third option which is that the year. It would gory sites so it rhetorically if you're not an off from best -- that -- -- player. Or there are teams are we're not we -- opposed the we're a team that are its -- -- And we're pit -- team with on we have once mr. McEnroe player. But he's not here so we have to do the other things that you're talking about it harder for rate -- -- I think the last two dangerously guard well and I think. That's part of -- than the other part of it is yes the execution. It's one of the effect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Avery your thoughts on his night against Steve Nash -- Friday and then today with a 180 degree difference in the guy going yeah I mean it's like. Played a knuckleball pitcher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's the difference. For Avery. You know. These that you would have minded. And just described in this and Steve discovered -- -- and you know you don't know Ryan retired two years ago regulatory reform. But he -- ago. It just ignite a Brandon Bass on Friday in net. Earlier we saw him take shots without hesitation almost to the point or Macs -- are having some almost comedic fun with it there already is our. Well it's more fun for us that might be for you an individual situations. He clearly is a guy who likes to shoot but shooters who are really long deep veteran great shooters when they missed the -- -- they don't mind taking the fourth does look like -- area. -- it's -- that we gotta lock him to give them there you know but listen that's that's most good players in the league you know. That's the difference between good and agree you know Larry Bird. Mrs. Porter -- he -- which it is yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- things are total I don't care how many times you miss. To pick in the open shot. And that's easy said but it's got to it's got to get through it it will. The daughters and a lot of unlocking to do with this particular group here but if this week is any indication. He started trying to keep you I can tell you upward drift. You know there there are different. Watch on. They're the plan would about a spear. This the first time in three years that you've watched this group guys and you can say that while they're actually plan together and try to win. And it's licensee. But we're gonna miss some football early today but that will not stop me from putting you out on the limb as to. What do you think we're going to have a high rematch as I've pointed in the patriots giants went for it like don't yes you know -- that's good that's what -- for. Your thoughts on the on the events today about a month old. Wanted to -- -- that way these we have layers of scary. I think it's going to be more scores -- people that week but I think it's the pages without. You. He -- the game. -- the other game I can't call. I can't wait to watch I think there's going to be some hitting a minute updates -- -- -- for I think mystical skull. -- posted this -- turns out that way as well so that the wizards next to the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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