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Doc Rivers & Sean Grande preview Celtics-Suns

Jan 20, 2012|

Doc Rivers & Sean Grande preview Celtics-Suns tonight at the Garden

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The Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden it is the Celtics in the Phoenix -- only meeting is here between these two teams. Our final piece of business is always our favorite it's a conversation with the head coach doc where were brought to you as always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care. Work better. Speaking of health care work better. Evidently we're actually health care work faster is probably -- The all right before we get to load the the consequences of what happens without -- one of the things that we saw in the game. On Wednesday night was him getting to the free throw we talked a lot but now the more he gets there the better he shoots -- want to talk yesterday about. One the other elements with not a lot of guys getting in line with the numbers. You were you were the bonus in every quarter. Yeah which is huge -- you know if you look at our numbers. Most cameras down. All three bouncer down -- start to -- Due to the free throw line is huge bills have been down there -- start the -- -- three point shoot the start to improve so those are the numbers that that we need to improve on and at least we wanna take more shots per day. And we started to them as well. All right Avery Bradley will we seem different things from him and obviously what your concern I imagine being his ability to run a team defensively seems to be taking strides this old foggy there. Yeah and that's what we're stardom. The completeness Lee's mind. -- -- -- in that room and appoint yet or may not be immediate two elements that are four -- office players with Hillary. And it gives him a better chance the -- team -- people sick and you to run the team so that's. And thankfully there's nobody on the other side is that the face an experienced. Yeah I mean it's not like she's sort of disagree -- earned over there. With the the other reason though is that Steve as early -- -- the ball right. And so that does allow. They -- the run the team a little bit better but. It was gonna have a chance to -- when there she is doing is it is remarkable. Right now. How well explained and the condition that he's in his it's pretty impressive. Well in before -- back to two Avery any point in younger guys who have their opportunity here the -- compare Steve Nash yesterday to Mohammed Ali. That's coming for you that's that's secret current -- with -- put together. Well on their absurd you just looked at me for approval yeah I think that was that was possibly going to be a sort of America America. It's that you're showing that's that's -- -- -- when he analogy you made yesterday was Steve Nash and Mohammed Ali. Well I mean they're they're very similar in their brains. When you think about Ali he was Smart and everybody towards -- of his career. He wasn't necessarily worker anymore you know the George Foreman fight. That reminds me of the -- like broke though everytime -- -- -- back tomorrow and that's what you do when he's when he's just a step ahead of everybody -- it. Adult conversation here about eight in Boston. I'm not sure people watched what -- yielded to Carmelo Anthony. -- -- -- believe me. But Georgia last year -- -- -- in being in charge it. It's east or more times ago. Into this role playing defense cigar. Were early in his career he was not known for its use the great -- -- player. And you know it just it -- your guide it loves basketball. And will do anything this on the floor. Who was he. Going to be. For people don't often scary it is for us there are young people you know get to bleeding get -- program you know when he was in college for a couple years MBA. Who was -- on track to beat the you know. -- you know I assume that the borders and so -- he's going to be the first. That's -- you're broke me just be. His ability to attack the basket from the -- And his ability to the I don't think -- now. It's -- But I think. We would have talked about LeBron. Mimicking. And he'll like we talk about who can Jordan. If radio -- -- and help. Who were you going to -- for a but it's not so whoever it is that's that -- public in sun next the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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