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Andrew Ference, Bruins defenseman, talks about the win over the Devils and his goal last night

Jan 20, 2012|

Andrew joins John and Gerry to discuss the 4-1 victory over the Devils last night and talks about his slap shot goal that beat Martin Brodeur. Andrew also touches on Claude Julien's criticism of Nathan Horton and how he has responded to that criticism so far.

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Our conversation with -- Andrew Ference has brought you by Solomon Brothers Toyota in Kingston. And -- the Brothers used vehicle outlet in Hanover and by Verizon Wireless aid network I head. Andrew joins us on AT&T hotline get it faster with forgy AT&T rethink possible the morning federal how -- Before we get the last number -- well before it the last night's game occupational -- just disgusting occupations. And and and questions that just drive you nuts because you get all the time. Is there a repeated theme when people find out your hockey player they want to ask you something to relate to you Andrew. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All who they wanna know about the most wouldn't be on Tim Thomas or. Which are or trees you know Sidney Crosby -- when they cut when you found out when they found that you're in the NHL they wanna hear about the most. Probably. -- -- -- -- DC the poll in Sports Illustrated that the pole of the a players in the NHL who hit the hardest and Charl won going away obviously you probably. You know don't focus you know he never -- you for -- and in practice I don't think doesn't. All for all that's true you play against -- in the past but that would would you agree with that -- artists that are. Yeah -- -- hardest hit two immunity when gestured at him it's like it the law. A little bit hurt sure though it's -- and -- the other resource -- So interpreted to get a shoulder and equity as usual or is it talks -- -- -- -- -- -- look -- YouTube from natural came in second Arnett caught my use or. It's about that's the got a third period we had come to expect from this team earlier in the season. Does that indicate to gotten back on track -- just got back on track last night. What snapped out of frustration. First two periods were kind of general store -- as. Trying to hard to try to due to the elections and get fractured and thrown -- -- You know -- period. Murderer has some good words still cooperate on security there back contractors and you know are -- -- to -- Ehrlich or. Thirteen really deflated but we have Christopher. Who who flipped the switch and what do they say between second and third. Uh oh well Greenberg the other racecar up yeah it's. You know what's there. Where where Richard effort we have experienced team to know. Do better than what we're doing you know it's sort of frustration. And as a -- up our energy. And so it was a it is a matter you know. Instead of complaining about reference there and -- this just you know going out. -- child do well and taking pride that so. -- too complicated but it's just Internet psychiatry several small Herbert on. And we talked about this earlier and I was wondering in and you together can add to this for us. When you take a blast from the Blue Line and you just rip it as hard as you pat possibly can't. Would your preference would be just in terms of the -- the Specter for the -- off the inside of the post and go in like yours did last night we played for you so you can hear it. I got. Charlotte the diagonal bounces off of memory stick from the wall side. We'll take -- -- -- -- over the course -- staff to the point. My -- topple ball glass table report to fuel its its root there it's thirteen plus it's. It's yeah. So ping -- and it goes or would you prefer to get it. One or two inches inside the post and have it may no noises that finds the net. Are her biggest -- right. Yes so -- -- out there have been even better thing wire. You can hit the water books that they'll work yet -- I was -- three feel -- first in twenty some games. When I had those two back to back I think -- under control and it's all sort of. I heard I think it was Jack it was a -- -- and any Berkeley saying that you have drawn the most penalties. I guess on the team may be among the league leaders is that something. You know you've always been really good that Andrew and he keep track economic penalties you've drawn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you work at that or is that just cause you such a good flop. Well -- On immaturity. Noble rovers there because there's some sort short -- reporters. Maybe it just that the refs that dislike you probably you know you -- -- nice guy approaches our current and the only sees little showdown. When you and someone else banging into each they pick on him again. We're not sure they had two part question here when went quote criticize important publicly and it shows up in the newspaper. Should we assume -- everything he has said to the members of the media he has said by a factor of five. To port that fair to say it. Yes it is not. -- a coach and a try to deliver messages that we -- so cold weather first that your. And what would be your or -- reaction when you hear the coach not only -- you -- talked to you were pull you aside but in practice or after practice. Then go -- speak to the median say this guy's got to play better we expect more out of him is that issue off. Does that bear issue does it motivate you or something else. Probably different and talked -- be the coach. -- I don't know how many guys is there's include. -- -- so that they're not that is going to immediate -- that it that it does. -- steer clear that so it is immune from the poster for. Did you learn anything about the Rangers from 24/7 that you didn't know about before you start watching that show. -- Number I really don't think so I mean they're they're really good team I think that. In other worlds change that you. You know after respectfully -- -- -- -- -- Should that are bigger structure of a well there's there's a policy it's a fair. I assume in your mind that third period set to a nicely aura the Saturday game 1 o'clock for the Rangers. Mean that that's about what you wanna do in the last period before you play a big copy of the week rate. Yeah for sure and injured you're playing a really good hockey tour last couple weeks since throughout the American that are violent ones so. You know they didn't or just push over the camera tired entity that they -- maturity. Gertrude. And and the other thing at this as well we've we've we've Marshall and offer. Absolutely -- It. You know got rattled that are doing all and so in different processes. -- final question does does does Brodeur look like he's lost a step. Lost something off of his game from his heyday. Walk and yet be creative cities as close as prime picture but but he still some pretty incredible saves but. He's not. Are currently. Structure and it'll play again. Those. Trees are your marketing shot in and and most of the -- -- you know it is that your sort there was. I was early in place. Andrew now the tough when patriots Broncos score Sunday's AFC championship game what's that going to be. 41814. Patriots elect the other game giants are 49ers. -- -- what the forty -- -- -- -- -- Either New York Boston rivalry continued it's all about revenge now set. Your rhetoric or pat pat apple -- at least way. -- -- -- rehab offers many unique adaptive sports activities throughout the year from water sports to skiing to sled hockey and even rock climbing joints -- adaptive sports program this Saturday. At the lynch -- Waterloo YMCA in Marblehead. -- adaptive rock climbing session for more information contact -- -- at BS Delaney at partners dot org. One of causes near and dear to Andrew appearances aren't nice game last night Andrew and would you watch -- on Saturday to should be fun. Partner Andrew Francis Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Buzzer beaters and the caption contest winner completely and yesterday we get the straight a waterfront when we come back our predictions are our latest prediction yes -- -- Friday predicts.

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