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Patriots CB, Devin McCourty, talks about Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens

Jan 20, 2012|

Devin joins D&C to discuss how practice has been going this week and what they are doing to prepare for a tough Baltimore team. Devin also thinks Ray Rice is a terrific running back and presents a big challenge for the defense on Sunday.

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Boarding -- according joining us some AT&T -- get a faster with four GAT and T rethink possible morning -- aria. I'm sure you're. Eric or whoever has gone well. Does does this feel any different in terms of preparation down there being AFC championship game with a prize being a trip to the Super Bowl or is it just another week at work. Other that is where -- -- the -- way we prepare. You know how much you could actually you know -- This tell me here you all the political -- -- -- won't get everything not because there's broken regardless. Or so far the -- -- as -- more effort into what you know going about English analysts apparently closer. I'm sure you heard that Ed Reed earlier in the week criticized his quarterback's play in the previous game against the Texans now I know that would never ever ever. In a million years happened in New England to play along here hypothetically. Let's say that the best 83 player. Sort of like at the yet read or Ray Lewis on the patriots criticize somebody who is in his second year or so. What Tom Brady went to the podium and said you know what. DeVon -- really need to step up is gaming got a little confused there he needs to play better or we're gonna beat the ravens on Sunday book forties got to play better. How would that sit with you would it make you angry when it motivates you wouldn't hurt you and and probably would never happen in this in this organization. You know I don't know. I hope that we can he really doesn't -- out there -- which side they're trying to get better you know Harry. Not have the -- about that allowed us just so terrible and just sort of regular release. What is Flacco do when you're watching tape what is Flacco do that impresses you we know is not very mobile we know it doesn't. -- for a ton of yards but what does he do well. He's cool he's another guy who walks around there on the field all the time but I mean when given the chance to. Seeking -- outside the popular and well I think the biggest thing is it good -- -- so she's very little babies and our scramble Hitler treated so well. You know move a little of the murderers left. And restart the C you're lost both on the field for a parking lot. This thing just so effortlessly I'm just -- well that's -- you're down -- so. I think there rescued fortunately. -- bureau -- go try to make their decisions. Here the lot of weapons around -- so we got it before Paris they were under cover all the news that. I did right rice have any effect the new when you're trying to decide where to go and -- them a lot of choices. On college but did you meet him that he he talked about Rutgers. We actually came in the same here so. We are actually low. Bleachers where and -- these areas and all -- so dearly loved so we actually came the prosecutor. Did he cheat a few that's what we hear the. Here we are pretty different grooves are about winning that's partial. Oh no now want to return to school Leo we -- pretty different. What's the best thing about his game that makes him so effective -- I think his ability to do a lot of things on the football field you can't just the trend among online. You know settlement supplement alone in their church or. It not only -- -- -- are checked out -- screen turkeys also cookies and they closed down so. Just her versatility it would do so if things are literally sort of. Another practice yet to perform before you play this game but last week just prior to the Denver game. You got the sense in talking of the guys in the locker and the two had a really very effective and efficient week of practice. How would you compare the quality of this week's practice in anticipation of the the ravens game vs last week's -- practice in anticipation of the Denver game. Are -- to compare you know each week is set up a little more so I think that's been our goal though. You know collapse it we'll also put more earned -- and a little harder it is because it just means -- you know last week. You feel very good in the -- whatever you're there in the where -- -- -- -- another Katrina. If you're searching because there's so. Measures that been tried to put their social work enough people there. Tom told us on Monday that -- a great week of practice. Getting ready for game doesn't necessarily guarantee that your gonna have a great game. But he did say if you have a bad week practiced probably guarantees it should not gonna play very well would you agree with their quarterback on that. Did it very true well. We should -- have a look at least give us the chance to go out and play out so we don't delete it perfectly I was just about going out there exit loan dangerous. You know practices and artists wouldn't feed off of -- so. We just aren't good -- and they're gonna excuse. Okay playing defense in practice my final question for me against your New England patriot offense just between the three of us DeVon from -- a C a cool. New offensive wrinkle from Tom Brady in the offense the Sunday. Our our and you see the -- your -- We're still think it will we have to do a little further so. You know -- are really focused or was there to -- there's reverse in order for the -- You know what little there's just all you know full well what you have to do wonder -- -- the together over the field. Went off each other. Good luck to the outside we'll talk to down the road. Near -- according to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline get a faster with four GAT and T rethink. Possible whole new perspective on this game. -- some insight. Amstel. I'll decide which -- ago with. Of the four URDIR. Are highly register quickly there is right there and department -- you know it's not I don't really know what I'm doing. Our quick time out Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Friday check of the caption contest photo a gift certificate to stray got waterfront is part of the prized. -- with -- course the famous -- Santelli and future.

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