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Danny Ainge on the Big Show

Jan 19, 2012|

Danny made his weekly appearance with Glenn and Michael and talked about the Celts trade rumors that are swirling.

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I bet you're a big show. -- way Michael -- Here until 6 PM. I did Angel join us in a couple of minutes and we'll get right back to your phone calls at 617779. Euro -- for fuel to the of whiner line coming up at 10542. Day tomorrow. Lot more football. Is patriots Friday tomorrow on a Friday Tommy Karen the dragon will be in here about 322320. Force like. Most -- at 3 o'clock but he's not going to be here on time -- our our partners and moderates and between yesterday and and thank you very much for a -- that -- because I guess he was on Jim Rome. Yesterday who was harder on Rome -- was in time he was on time -- why is that -- don't you feel distressed argue. I feel. This yet get the audio from that but -- -- to pavers podcasts. A spectacle not paying his picture -- -- -- He's very good camera. You can. All links no double -- north. Have to pause at -- When you're talking. Jim -- but that's guys got to him. -- those guys who do pauses but I'm the -- shows -- -- and stupid way of nicknames I was and we know like. We know order weighs very friendly with Dan Patrick may and Graham. He's very -- and Dan Patrick -- still system I saw Patrick. Wanted to show Bernanke amounts and if you'll want to consider. One of the best quarterbacks of all time you've got to have multiple. Super. Hate the poll below are going to. And Patrick that was a replay today to hit it. Well I talked to is is does this morning he blew out his knee. Any it's a neat that was the best of that was that was just that was that was yesterday -- -- it in the -- -- couldn't buy a replacement. I -- placed -- -- and talking about on replacement host act quickly. They couldn't find it quicker but he was on time he was on time for Jim Rome -- wasn't time for -- -- one on one leg up our tickets to see the Celtics play you can text decode or bird. We spell it for USB. IRD. Does know why thanks for thrown in Larry bird's name you wanted. I tell you what if I did not do that a guarantee that would have happened doesn't but as well. B I RD that would be birdies and Larry. 285850. Within the next ten minutes. You could win tickets to see the Celtics take on the Orlando Magic terrific game April 18 over the TD garden party back to back home and home. With the magic brought to you by not like the official beer of the Boston Celtics detect bird right now to 85850. Larry Bird that's OK and you make a roster to speak and Tommy the American roster today. -- spoiled and very happy for you don't well. Israel's current inequities in Ottawa can we still have a good to wish it would not subject we want and I bring it won't please don't -- -- I won't. He's sort of rational applied now not bringing it up. Because you literally could make an argument hate hate to all of that if you took a play that you know play the game 4050 years ago I tried not him in this current bank. But you'll -- don't expect to win the game was played how -- was back and he couldn't play the game but if he grew up in this environment. In this type of training program and you know nutritional programs and stuff like obviously they're gonna be different and probably going to be. But I don't get into tomorrow Tommy just. Echo that Tommy -- the MBA like he's doing quick slant. Julius -- Sox next dog and quick. -- -- -- To elaborate on that a little bit but he was adamant in your screen because her ball Oscar Robertson. I can't not can't -- the joint servant of the one I thought it was apparently said. Our rusty Russell couldn't make a roster roster right. I -- -- -- -- is only an NBA roster but Russell and Bill Russell wouldn't make an indie -- got no place for -- -- story it is it is definitely something wrong with that. On a stock to the at a basketball operations over there at the Boston Celtics the NEA's -- today. Good day or it might Danny was going on man we're doing great we're doing a great idea feel better about last night's game does that make you feel really any better about your deal. You know I I still don't think -- -- like we're capable -- but I ice futures are. Well -- personally urged mr. I was trying to figure out what the result of that we ought -- You know that we should be our -- court so -- get overly excited but I think it. -- -- A few interesting things here today Danny in your. Hear your quotes Rivera Gary Washburn of the globe. First I was trying to figure out earlier before he came on this is Danny. Trying to motivate his players. With these comments wars this. He's just answering some questions about. What he would do with some of these players and team -- it was a real answer. Well first ball you know I I don't really try to motivate my players that the media. Except in a ball I don't think it could expect our guys have been around they they get all business they get all saying. These guys these guys talk even care about that are there they're trying to -- they've been they've been through this before. So that that would it be possible I wanted it to -- possible and it would be discouraged by the content that process. Discussing what could happen because they they know -- open business and they know what what goes what goes. And also expectations and bought our objective is to win. But I just -- requests and questions that I get caught. I actually like it's almost like you know -- -- Answered the question about how much -- to see pay any and he says 50% in capital gains. Become huge story when he. Albeit. -- But you know some people don't multi obvious cents. That's because that yeah that's because the media doesn't understand for some reason but that's what everybody praising capitol does not want to get to a political conversation and you're Romney guy but that's the it was foolish. -- just -- It's an -- The national story that's like nobody can stop -- about it -- -- -- not vote at. What what what amazed me last night and I don't believe that all of the media and I know some people think that the media is just out to get all Republicans want to hear that from a lot of Republicans I'm not sure that's necessarily true. But how can so many of Lisa -- had. To not understand the tax code here it's just. It makes no sense. Well. But but that's sort allied deal with is that it's it's just obvious. There obviously. Of course that we get a pop up an opportunity to make the trade it will help our team will do it -- Well anyway I I just get kicked out the whole process I guess devastating -- there's going to be like a really big story. I certainly didn't want. To answer our older style but hey Paul keep -- you'll all -- I don't like he'll let them back. I just not become distractions that. And my other question from the article. I was talking to -- about this earlier. -- quoted as saying had a chance to not -- he had a chance to trade Larry. For chuck person herb Williams and Steve's the Popovich and he had a chance to trade Kevin. Ford debt -- shrimp. And Sam -- in a heartbeat now. -- tough game. I just look at at Sam Perkins and that -- shrimp I -- I guess a couple questions one you think the equivalent it was a different day in the NBA do you think the equivalent of that. Is on the table today in the NBA when when teams call you about taller or ray or Kevin. -- them. Lou -- -- okay that's that's trying to it's different here at the opportunity are there but people don't. Good at those two players where I mean those guys would be told guys -- Sam Perkins with a significant 611 players to shoot rebound. And all star like a debt and depth at that. It not perked -- -- The top fifty player all this well is the Kevin McHale that go -- incitement or for the rest of his life. Kevin Mikhail so you're getting too young partner at the -- on the -- position. And you know people might not remember how good -- player those two guys work. I do I gotta say it's gotta be honest stick with senator earlier people as the only get a serious things. Full disclosure I don't think it helps them that much darn sure to -- about that -- Sam Perkins but. -- Sam Perkins. Was really -- 69. And it was that he fancied himself with the three point shooter Jordan that would protect your different but what we're. Michael Michael Michael you're late you're you're. In a way way wrong I'm not on me it's like like seven double portrait -- I -- what are receptors Korean daddy 45%. I know but listen listen listen they were very young at the time they were they were starters in the -- they were on good teams. That looked became an all star like that said I mean I'm not saying and they they were -- none of those guys were -- could this happen. But I'm saying that happened. Was done as a good player at that time. And Larry had to be both the speed in half a Achilles tendon in -- and had back problems. I mean we're not talking about Larry Bird and Kevin McHale we're talking about. The remnants of Larry Bird Kevin McHale. See that's like this is something that had let it Larry an apartment by the way would have done the same thing to -- -- me they would have done at saint. I've talked to -- he wouldn't but I will say this and that's where week we come to where you marked today. Because we remember what happened then to the Celtics they stayed with the old timers. They traded away a thirty year old and you change. They tried to see if they can work some pieces around Mosul timers. And then in the -- any they got a limited in the first round of the playoffs and 88898990. They work. Playoff team but -- ordered early dismissal playoff team. All they could do is get an aging Dominique Wilkens to command and takeover that's Xavier headaches Abiomed demo aging exit your McDaniel to take over that spot. How do you avoid. Getting put in that position could you know it's not difficult in this now especially with three other teams playing at a high level. To go to have a huge gigantic drop off -- 3456. Year. Well you know also not saying you know like this headline today. You and I have discussed this the last two weeks. And you know argues that you know like note and being opportunities there area -- challenge -- those questions about -- those questions for two weeks. So be -- as is that. It's a different era the rules are different so you know you always have to weigh what opportunities come through. Create through I think cap space -- system tray you wanna kick back trading contracts. Because you have to trade contracts -- contracts. Now days it's not the same week you trade anybody for anything it didn't matter. There's salary cap there's luxury tax the captain getting harder all those things it's a different world that we live in today and that day. So we've all known that there's a window. -- this group. And and so you know we're constantly evaluating now and then evaluating it for the last couple of years. But. I don't have anything on the books. I don't have anything imminent there's nothing out there -- -- actively doing this I. Our team and being patient with this group of guys they believe. They believe that they're much better than they're playing right now -- believes they're much of playing right now I believe that single. And I wish they would come into this situation that's either a little more prepared mentally. Spiritually physically. But they'd be bitten and so now we're dealing with a bad start in talks can hear the finger dot and then. Amazing. In his last five years -- When we come out of the gate scrawl. And this year we we -- and it's certainly not Bachman he was very very prepared this year coaching staff so. You know we've had injuries we we have seen our senior our players believe in it in the two outs. I'd I've mentioned this earlier -- you go back to 1989 -- it was 32 Byrd was 33 pairs was 35. Granted they had some physical issues all three of those guys so Ray Allen right now 36 years 34 KG 35 they're older. Then the old Big Three when we're talking the same reference point here. Obviously between now and march 15 you would have to get somebody else that's willing to be a partner. To give you something that makes it worthwhile dealing them away but when you get close to march 15. What of the local beat them reference point. In evaluating these guys. That they can win the entire championship if you look at that your team. Let's face it. You got seasoned veteran players you're gonna make the playoffs you're probably even gonna -- a few games and in in the last what you reference point -- debate. To sit there and say I need to blow it up right now. It I think if it's obvious land -- like what can what is the outlook is that value in return. And what can we. What can we do. Like how that how you. How good can it be this year and I. But if you think -- in my championship. If you don't think you can win a championship. At that point granted as I said Danny you've got to have a part of its quality game is something that's that's of that the good value TO. But if you don't think you can win the championship he's still ride it out. If there's if there's nothing that I don't have any choices sure if there's no good option. It -- that's the thing that you you don't just take anything about because there's great value in in having flexibility -- summer. We don't wanna match that up at the extent to take you back and you don't want. Just because it's some. You word about the flexibility next summer though Andy you get. All of these salaries are -- of these salaries off the book including a cage he's off the -- And then nobody wants to come here you got all the money remember Chicago left Jordan laughed. They all have money -- processor and I got all his money and nobody wanted to come employ other. Very well know a lot of it is a big hit them anyway there's there's people could locate them and their center where -- -- geared -- -- And that -- again in game changer. Right and that's and that's the danger that's why I said all along. That cap space is it not is is a little bit over rated but what in your court bargaining agreement it does provide. Opportunity and at that and again that they're not a quick check. You know let you can get franchise players become in your salary cap space like what happened in Miami there's a quick check. You know it Danny I'm surprised and I'm wondering if you works on the back this up instead of a couple of minutes ago and and docs edit this morning to. Guys were ready they were not in shape they are in badge company came into camp. Are you surprised. Disappointed that these guys I mean you're talking about one of the most well conditioned athletes and in the league and Henry Allen. KG is it is a machine. While Paul Pierce are you surprised at a veteran group like yours came in in such bad shape even with the locker. Well is that that there's a couple of things I mean I think that the new -- have something to do with -- -- -- -- trying to piecemeal a team when you start training camp on about the same deep inside reagents and we have six players under contract. And you -- your best -- -- players hurt. Cheney in practice or play in the first part of the season. And try and get and so only like during the season. At a rapid schedule already. You know I think that there's excuses and things to be -- as a reason why we haven't performed or level. But I just feel lot of pride guys -- reducing the commitment that they have and they do see. You know what a great -- hope. In what these -- provide because I watch -- work each day in and help our state. Prepare. For each game and how much they want to turn this thing around that they don't like being. Playing not well they don't like that it doesn't it well those guys end up. So that they give me hope they -- surprise Eagles or two years ago when we were 27 point seven and you know -- -- the best basketball of their entire careers were against Cleveland and Orlando. In -- when everybody had written -- -- And I mean they're going to game seven in finals but I -- those two those two professors say you know -- it -- really surprised everybody. Chaotic as -- make your decision. I dealing with this so difficult and you've got pride for players who have won before understand it and I certainly think in the NBA. That right now we're seeing the -- run the old guys up and down not just in this building but across the league if you watch and these are the games. I'm not sure that's gonna be the case when we get to the latter part of the season even of the playoffs. But. -- get fooled by that in that these guys you know can give you something in the playoffs but they just might not have enough left. In the tank to be able to do what the ultimate goal hours. Sure -- a question and you know -- they value their enemy competent at that you give. Give us everything there. And you're right they think you have a great deal of pride and in some ways they have that side you are already. To this point in your career they've been incredibly durable. An incredibly resilient. And professional. And I think that all of them. Have basketball last been here without question I'd like you know Larry who had a double Achilles tendon surgery cabin with the group amnesty. You know these guys have been fairly injury free. Haven't had major reconstructive. Surgery on their body. Have had minor surgeries in. So that that does make it more challenging. We got the guy the guy who's defied. Defied gravity and and everything else the most Israelis or may -- of the Alicia place. I'm -- who I've made a point several times. Last year he he had career highs in field goal percentage and three point percentage at his age that's unheard of for a shooting guard. It really is I mean it's it's it's it's amazing what they've done and I guess you know when you got mom that sooner. -- says he's -- -- on this probably genetics in the air but. You know ray works extremely art takes great care and -- -- very disappointed. In -- on top of that -- the shooting guard I mean he is. A guy that played a lot on the perimeter. Where. KG and Paul are paying union and then play a lot more physical. Ballgame and get into the free throw line in you know pounding -- A lot more a physical and KG -- playing inside against. In -- strong body here and year out. You know it's a different type regain the book says have been pretty amazing as well. I -- Oklahoma City came to town that I Kendrick Perkins got a very nice classy not only ovation but montage. From the game operations crew at the garden. And and we joke about it here's some times you know we have some callers who column Kendrick Olajuwon Ewing Russell. Because after he left. I think a lot of his expansive city a lot of people who underestimated him sit out and realized how important he was and we hear from. KG and -- and her. Excuse me and Paul who all talk about. Kendrick in and what they've missed from him. You think you underestimated. Just how important. He was to this change. I don't know. But not a lot can go through the -- drafted Kendrick say so what they helped raise -- I'm a big hand but no I don't. And I don't think it's. -- struggle that our team had. During last year. During the playoffs really had much to do it that. That's just my opinion and you're out of never change that and you're in. I'm not -- I can look at it objectively and you know listen when things don't go well I remember when I was treated Celtics that was the beginning of the demise. Of the Celtics was it because they treated being. I don't -- Okay but the -- Okay so I I agree with you know. A but I look at an NBA all star I was playing good basketball player has ever played. Up to that point and they took me away and I when he played for another team but. It had that the ability W Patrick took the demise of the other guys that are carried in Europe. Listen to my next I want he was going to be if they dumped the all the way. And delta one of those other guys -- way and you couldn't deal Larry let's face Ari could not be dealt Kevin would have been the guy that would have been dealt -- -- You would Dallas if you could pull the trigger you pull the trigger now suddenly we're talking differently now with a Danny -- year so I would argue the point that you might have been about a team. Certainly you would have said more longevity. On that on that run had view had you gone that direction. Right out -- my -- and now. Right so you might be right on but at the I mean are you trying to keep the guys that you know were. The major difference -- all -- and turn it built around them and that would be eighteen irritated me awaits virtual Kline -- and that it can't be sure to. You know lottery picks back to back years that were young up and coming. Big guy that can help alleviate some of the pain of losing. McHale. And parish and -- and age. So I mean it's a lot to those that didn't work out -- star players are the ones that make the difference in this week's end. That in my philosophy is. It's really. Challenging to build the team. When you see when you overpaid role players before you you stars. It's really challenge. I'm -- let me ask you at this way because with with and I don't wanna. Nationalists hold Perkins thing yesterday -- a brutal -- -- you brought into it on the front and Michael ever showed -- ideas on children have I brought up a lot last year 'cause I was I was confused and you know that any -- I've talked about I was confused. Because you didn't have I'm healthy guy healthy center to play that position at the time. And now since then. Jack -- cannot basically said he told you he wasn't going to be health. Now that's not true by the way so he made it up the book or. I don't know up debated -- -- you know have what is what's the word -- Clemens you may remember this review I forgot what. So my timeline. My time lying about having that conversation -- -- with different contracts. I'm line a backup I -- but anyway I. The fear because you did a great job in the Glen Davis Steele could you decide to me straight in the white. Andy got a pretty good players here in return he's been very good with -- -- I don't know if you -- Glen Davis last night but he protest that he follow. Thank god he never did this and Boston and dropped distraught we drop his pants last. You had a T forty dropped his pants in the battle only it's in the middle again the only got a technical -- and I got a got to take. Stabilized -- first base just -- -- -- -- -- bars relative pros out stay study was in the locker room in our clubhouse. In general is just -- question I have animal will electric. With Perkins you'll obviously like what you're getting in return. Why did you ever think about could you knew that there were other teams that -- -- and you didn't wanna pay him the money that. He eventually got from Oklahoma City to get a -- about keeping him for the rest of the season. Making that one -- strong and you'll what you don't want Davis. -- trade. And get something back and return at the end of the year form. Sure. Sure that was there was strong consideration thought process that. Why does not so what -- before. Because we like we were getting that we we liked Krstic and we like Jeff Green we thought that they were what we needed. We needed shooter at the center position we needed you know Beckham and the bench to complete the three and four. And you know we liked what -- repeating that the clippers first round draft pick we'd like all that. And so that's what -- -- -- -- and and you know seriously though I am a huge either. I'm -- -- and I really don't wanna talk bitching like every -- you know like I tried it on and talk about it and click on. You know dissing her in some way and you know that's not it at all and I'm grateful that there's people out there -- Tampa that all mobile our players the way they do it because what makes our special. I love that I love the fact that everybody likes to play you know and all exports account. -- the knicks are in front of a neat though in your job. Business is business that can be -- they can be complaining about you hiding money in the grand Cayman Islands instant and we're we're yeah over at. I. We'll talk -- actually are evident when -- -- -- -- right here depiction.

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