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Celtics head coach Doc Rivers talks about Rondo's wrist injury and the win over Toronto last night

Jan 19, 2012|

Doc Rivers makes his weekly appearance with D&C to discuss the victory over the Raptors last night. Doc liked the flow of the offense and thinks his team is getting closer to being in shape. Doc also touches on Rondo's wrist injury. How serious is it?

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-- joining us some AT&T hotline get at bats with four GAT and T rethink possible our conversation -- Doc Rivers is sponsored by AA RS restoration specialist. Eatery property or facilities manager or insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan in place at ARS serve dot com good morning doc how are -- up. Carter territory I think looking at -- upside down world in the NBA you've got free agents who for some reason wanna go to New Jersey and the clippers which is unheard of in the past leave Orlando and leave Orlando and you've got Rondo handling the scoring and Paul Pierce dishing out the assist last upside down here -- -- -- -- -- have to I'm looking at the spreadsheet and you run -- the -- efficient market got a time six leaders in different sites are. Who we're playing well and so you didn't mind it at all. When Rondo went down you had your hand on your head in disbelief when you realize that he wasn't just trying to get the flagrant. -- -- you contemplating life without Rajon Rondo and what would that be like. If you were -- and slug -- a solid return actually hours. -- -- what you pressures of the decision about flagrant foul rule you know I. -- editors wouldn't follow through that anybody. You freak broke but it. Clayton Powell -- -- Rondo had issued a referral. If you're gonna come out in the game. Or are reportedly broke their work is irreplaceable. Now I mean. You know met for a long term it's short term. -- -- -- You can. Probably you know midshipmen and there when gangs that radio reporters run door or any other current players know they're there they're the ones that are they're great. -- Danny says you know you were you your team wasn't I think was physically or mentally. Ready to play. After the lockout -- whose fault is that it do you feel it do you agree with that -- and do you blame the guys blame the individuals. We're showing up on prepared. I don't know about -- earned that the such artifacts shuttered and strategically more mentally. The mental part. Probably all of those who are but I didn't think we can manage a -- -- That the -- itself and you know -- stuff going. Who. Don't like that is the -- to -- -- -- do you know on the it's -- on the bidding war overrated if you're working out. Some guy and hurt we're looking now and then you know they do -- -- the union and it looked like. I'm not gonna happen from the middle of January -- it probably. Stop working out such and they have a lot of time and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- little -- It up one of two scenarios will probably play itself filed -- course of this year one is either the Celtics get in better shape. And get their legs underneath the expression we hear a lot and then get better as a team offensively and defensively. Or they get injured and tired and worn down is this compressed season plays itself out which one you think is more likely to happen. I think we're getting better shape and I reluctantly network. And I think that's what will happen but I do think and -- our partners in the -- and would retreat and you know I don't. Broker -- the country's north and large to insecurity. I have a little nagging injuries and when you've actually been pretty good luck fall. I've just started well. You know we have you know how to bookmarks -- out and around the -- yesterday that it's important. But I just been demonic things that are being played. You know -- of supplies and. You've said every every time -- -- hello good relationship you and Danny have and how -- you much like. Working with him for him and and one of the reasons you came back. Will you be involved in the day to day dealings that Danny's involved with them. We'll be right there on the front lines when he makes if he pulls the trigger on the deal we're all kind of went for the -- -- see what Danny's gonna do. -- -- -- -- -- -- Literally. I'll be involved. We eat we deliver better relations are we talk about all the drugs journal. The answers here. -- his -- -- the deceit did you ever worry you because he's. Kind of got a reputation and for fearlessness like he'll do anything and enemy. No one's on tradable he said you know -- shouldn't traded Larry Kevin Roberts he's not gonna make that same mistake. Palm could -- B rash can he be emotional or is it does everything. Half the stack up and and and makes sense. Objectively and on the court the -- ever afraid they'll pull the trigger on some big crazy deal just because he is so fearless. Well being -- emotional. Portuguese and emotional we all know that. Seven. You know election and -- -- -- -- was right Katrina and he just wants. This during the mr. and and to get Matt just this year for for a long time and you know if you think even though you have buried emotional. And give them the wrong day okay you ready for. A candidate very. Intruder deported. And I agree. Could. Welcome conservative people. Talk to be specific in the Paper today in the glow. He says that he will not allow this team aides declined drastically. -- Larry Bird Kevin McHale and Robert Parish did in the early ninety's while. If I were presented with some of those kinds of deals that red was presented for those guys for the aging veterans it would be a done deal. Would you endorse that I mean I obviously like these guys you respect these guys would you say yet -- if it it's the right thing to do go and break these guys up. Yeah but I you know would -- -- editors. That's what I really don't get into wait till of sudden like it happened and then I'll respond. Archie Norman learned. Personally I don't think -- still pretty talking about a little after. Biggest talking about -- here and -- -- would do anything into context so what are your rear admiral Albert. Where were you destroy anybody anybody in salary didn't have to match and obviously. Developed this billion time you can probably do walk around. But that's not this year we're working. Do believe coach do you believe there's a natural conflict between the coach and general manager and you wanna win the next K York coach that's what coaches. I'd do it always will be but also. -- wanted to review that we've worked so well together result shall she's a partridge. Hell -- -- -- been addicted to war. Ago. -- don't commit that didn't go ahead mark or three year. And unethical that we don't know what they'll always critical to. You're on the Frontline combat. You know -- -- take -- or on the between destroyed. There and but -- in the Thursday that he seemed a bit pitchers who are willing to do. KG and Paul and ray have been around the block enough times to know that their names -- coming up in conversation certainly is contracts expire. Is that something do you think that they talked about or just wherever it in the second the question doctor is. If they wanna stay together and my guess is that probably like each other and do wanna stay together the zapper like any kind of motivation to raise their game and forced Danny ought to get rid of them. Well I don't know you can pretty much -- and London. You know I think there's -- a lot of -- they know any just kind of -- -- and I don't get it clear. I think -- obviously were mistreated or other. They believe that this student. When I can work. And I really not took an ultimatum at least one would promote open talks about every dimension. They didn't talk about so I just think they're allowing them and talked and just gonna -- it. If you won the battle of the boards last night you improving. Somehow some way with the guys you got on on the boards rebounding. What does someone -- to bring in someone new to to shore up that weakness. We're definitely improving the -- about you can get over the last couple days Mercury that it would just. Everyone that that in that regard I realized that microbial a walkman rebounding guy -- -- Aren't gonna -- group. Tend to continue -- and server and all all the much -- majority aren't and that's important for. It to say elect Michael because on your team as -- on the opposition. -- will go about it and need to do to -- cutter. We shouldn't change though something. And promote the dump going to be different and like -- Did you see what year old. -- big men baby did to get a technical foul did you see what he did. He dropped his pants. In the game yeah. It was at Orlando in overtime so again -- got a technical foul for dropping his pants like. Dropping a short that was -- what motives somebody. It was just a weird expression of frustration and the reached down and drop -- pants. Program relish do you have to do that took it out. And do you know -- -- -- I played hundreds -- a pair so we -- we. -- I don't outside of the Mercedes-Benz questions for the coach or questioned that is brought to you by your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- and the complete lineup. A Mercedes-Benz format all wheel drive vehicles visit MB US -- dot com the skids late test drive today the question is as follows dot. Would you be comfortable unrecoverable would be easy or difficult the -- son Austin at this level. Oh I don't know I've -- -- opportunity. And we didn't upload and dentistry. -- that do have been stripped. Your I would. He could lead to score and opened their virtual. Would you be tougher on him than the other guys to make it look like you to make sure people -- understood you were cutting him any slack. Now I doubt benefited in the debate. I'm going to be pretty much true with everybody and you know or to learn. Minutes to play real player to -- didn't Gordon. Now I also understand. If you didn't turn them. And I didn't and I were clearly and that is getting better at home. But did you ever coach -- -- about the time the coaching kids. No I never approached minimum power. You know four tractors are front and purchase form 1213 but other than that I steroids from. What ever had a disagreement -- one of their coaches because obviously you know your stuff have you ever watched and Scott isn't always Dolan and pulled him aside that talk. Well written agreement welcome I just don't tell. -- government. There's to watch him -- from -- one million Tamara -- do better. But I just keep to myself. -- -- -- Under pressure what does Boston need to improve on to be successful at this level blocked. Well it is okay commitment to -- scorer in the league right now. I don't think. -- that -- -- -- -- currently. Just the -- on the which. Of the ball is where you would have to improve. What what's your Super Bowl -- who -- conference championship prediction yet. You go with the patriots in the giants like most of us. I mean I'm not into 49ers came I could organize itself and meet him credit for an -- on them and our yard shot. I just don't think -- -- -- -- just -- women of America so but yeah I think the patriot really electorate epilogue to that but that's. In football. And I think there'll -- him a little below to devote art. They don't develop points you know look toward their middle of the a key point -- -- that's gonna barrel on. Where does the -- have the capabilities of watching the game on the way back from Washington to Boston could you play one on Sunday. Now outnumbered at an hour flight so -- my -- -- -- in portrait -- Alter ego the duck -- good luck this week. Richard are you next week our conversation with -- -- sponsored by ARS restoration specialist at your property or facilities manager. Or insurance make sure you have a disaster game plan in place at -- serve. Dot com. And it's surprising that this luxury plaintiffs have televisions and should it fly jetBlue as I don't they fly jetBlue I think I'll watch that I haven't -- simple what's the game they should stay there to -- don't want that they need a bonding thing right the struggling a little yes that big a bonding -- go to the hotel watch a game together have a big pool inaudible and takes a number and squares square two squares but then if you statement came after the going to be missed the NFC game. Immelman after the -- -- columnist that he there's a -- come home watchable we'll take a quick time out your phone calls frank Josh Jordan or Dennis and Callahan 93 point seven FM.

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