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Actor Rob Lowe tweeted yesterday that Peyton Manning won't return to the NFL

Jan 19, 2012|

D&C open the show discussing Rob Lowe blowing up the twitter world yesterday after he tweeted Peyton Manning will not be returning to the NFL. They also discuss the Theo Epstein compensation issue being turned over to Bud Selig and more on Pats/Ravens.

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Just so you know Rob Lowe says he not only knows where Prince Fielder is going to sign. Later today on Twitter he's going to reveal the cubs Red Sox compensation. Final was a you laughed you laughed -- happens -- Peyton Manning retires and then Mark Wahlberg says beyond that if you were involved in the negotiations the compensation between the cubs the Red Sox -- been done quite a long long time ago no Rob Lowe says Peyton Manning's retired Mark Wahlberg I'm knock knock it not on my watch -- what if what Rob Lowe was -- -- the mercy there friends according Peter K you know somebody just got off the phone recently late last night with Rob -- And he said is Jim Irsay the source of your information quote. Apps lately not it wasn't Jim or anyone close to Jim. -- said he heard many would retire imminently from quote a pretty darn good source. A pretty darn good source. At the first rule Dennis and Callahan program the first and only rule we have. Don't show up don't believe problems. Reports -- you must show up yeah no matter how bad you feel no matter how bad the stomach a letter of what city you're in no matter where you've got to show up and -- Looking into the room and I see no meter. Policies sort of a facsimile of meter in the room but middle seater here -- Are you hear me do you know -- -- -- where where are you -- you're nodding your room. I'm in the queen's school these figures they got your place right now isn't yet feasible -- -- in problem microphone in your little room. Let's get -- the queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina and sitting inside a 55 gallon drum it sounds like. Nam in -- vast environs of ESPN radio 730 insurance are today -- what started. -- -- are you the only one there yes yesterday actually let's turn the lights on his boys at the next break wants to -- them -- like the bosses are still some stuff go to withdraw yes look like gift certificates. That's a good idea that we do here. I started. Got -- half an hour. You're sure North Carolina yes for a watch while tonight I go over to Raleigh to call the BC NC state -- did you know at all. Yeah clocks -- couple trying to threaten long -- from me the Perot got lots of friends you big show I -- -- I am huge and show you know it started on the plane for me yesterday when the dreaded it. Take your window seat and sit down and the guy next he doesn't have anything to read. Ended recognizes you all -- it occurs. I oppose the BC baggage but it was. It was by distinctive face like you hate that mean I hate it when people recommend that he recognize issue as -- -- from Boston was -- Charlotte guy who recognize you from your days of infamy in Charlotte. Knows me to grow from Boston. Yes it was the yeah. Paid Archie that judge -- a parcel on the radio listen that's me that's what you wanna know what you talked about well guess you do. Pats pats -- -- are they gonna do we know what are we gonna do it. Yeah what do you think our chances are champ car sits it's a third team guy really have two hours of eleven minutes to discuss this snow is. Just ask you via a -- David. Chapter and verse about my career how I got to where I got to my son's a communications major and you have it turns out. It is today how my son out. Bridget but if you call -- wants the law should sit he'd have a much better chance of uber chic but. That's what I did say -- say you know it's a very stable industry for a white male. But. That was so it was like I have such a nice guy I really -- them to ship. Both you and -- involves -- not from the talk the whole flight. You know he got the -- guy about an hour and Jerry that's when I dove in tonight. My. You as resurgent wave as you guys -- and your card exe old. You know IBM (WSJ) -- give me a call sometime maybe you'll ago I'm glad it was nice but what this guy was in the health care industry so I guess that's. -- tell you about really not really execute those but -- humans seem like it somewhat of a big player. I -- opposes those bide my flight down here. Two times Good Charlotte. Got to Charlotte above four and did you look up year old flames in Charlotte of course you know well when I go go go what to. Jerry knows displays minis are syllable are -- Jerry talent discovered that's the place that. That we -- that yes he was doing a remote across a crowded room enough talent and -- -- -- remote in the show was pac man went with with this -- -- -- prime time of the part of -- -- man -- Packers. And it was hosting the big -- mostly -- Earl -- away and and and some other post. And fans hanging around and in the corner was the little skinny geek. But he was just. Throwing bombs and make it on the auto racing make shift key. I'm looking -- ago that park. -- And in an atom and everything. From Boston. He calls them and when you news wrote punk yeah. First article -- -- -- Charlotte and would probably got a mug just in time before they killed him before they. Oh yeah to his hosts and burned it down. Did you -- wanted to kill me -- threat can be threatened by life and there you can handle him I don't beautiful although immediately if you were called visual when he looked like he had the Coke bottle glasses yes yet but goofy hairdo the -- who I was -- -- -- would spend a lot of time on the Internet great team. A great team or off really baffling. You know real valiantly cute -- keynesian government panel shirts sweatshirts and ban that was got nice choppers. -- -- two dollar haircut while do you think -- sick vision when he's called an old girlfriend. Look at me now. Anybody like me now with Toby Keith -- I don't like now. And at a good time push seem against that at CU action you're girlfriend's do you buy it -- -- over his little bit from them not huge in the capital area apartment Raleigh from where you are. Two and that also you'll -- nobody. Now know well a few people go to a strip clubs and will be recognized or to hurt your gold from Charlotte. And North Carolina State and Tuesday. And by itself with -- good -- there's Jerry implying. Point two minute flight it's cheaper to fly than it is to drive I just as of flag -- I sort of got it's it's a hundred dollars. Cheaper to fly one of those little shaky or don't don't don't don't the -- he had dug them. Don't even have Rome -- -- they'll tell -- like to squeeze Seton and look up front -- you know you see the pilot measly. Turn in the key note when you're the co pilot again with whom. -- -- -- But the good they'll wind up wins yellows or did -- I would look at what is the curtain not a door between you and Gavin senior pilots say. I've never seen that lack be apple or probably enough probably just. You want a bull or a -- like during the explores a -- thought we'd -- out. More papers didn't say not as wind. But Louis starter Charlotte Observer sports that selection top the top of the page. Now just hold their induction ceremony at 730 Friday all man and Darrell Waltrip what are your favorite it's about time -- you know about time. He's not and not and this is the third class. Of the best of open which is just down the road show. I have no idea rich yet and yet -- but that's a big story today -- needed. -- -- -- we just checked with the airlines. To be happy to know your pilot's name for the flight today. Captain should you know. Pitiful I couldn't think of for instance -- -- The -- -- is gonna fly from -- New York Post called the chicken of the sea -- Up front page at a and what are they saying about the patriots ravens -- down their means it's their closest -- countries of famous people and for the ravens -- two car buzz on the front -- on the front of -- Harbaugh -- wins in the and the niners win that the two Brothers will go against it sounds you know I'd -- like yeah. They're Brothers. And -- god really. Yeah and and if the patriots went in the Joshua and talking about disorder and what he's my -- out it's a rematch of 2008. Between the girl Julia I think both in the playlist. Like four years ago yeah they do remember that swear to god they did. And the giants and patriots -- not every match Brady goes against the pound team. Our operators from Michigan no -- from San Francisco long haul him Taylor he these are all new storyline is right -- creator of the just idolize Joseph -- swear to god Dino. I mean don't they went to the world at Thursday we got another day of break in this thing down. And it's it's slim Pickens to be sure in no particular order we find about. Find out about the fact that double check admires and read your kid in today's Paper. We find out that Vince Wilfork went to school with Ed Reed at the U. We find out that Kevin Faulk who's been to four Super Bowl says it's a circus. Don't let it distract you. And Brandon Spikes as he's going to have to master his emotions for this game and not get to -- -- we are scrape the bottom of the barrel baby. And we get two more days three more days or more days which leads into the observation if -- when the patriots make the Super Bowl this two week thing is going to be. Yeah nauseated deadly tunnel about the Celtics are about to go wrong Willits at giants and the patriots and assure that play in the Super -- I think socket look -- -- I -- -- have. The Internet here. I can look up and confirm I think it was. Giants patriots and giants one we will spend I think a little bit of time every day talking about the giants' pass rush won't. That we will wreaked Havoc. Four years I -- us I don't get a principal actually played super that a limited a British and its coaches by the Belichick and profitable. There -- edits your neighbor quarterback Ricky Jerry came to quarterbacks -- it's about revenge in we'd love revenge. They want thing that's that's happening it's happening to me. I can feel it it's happening. They're doing it to me again you know that's why I bright and try to read my prediction on Monday yes -- -- wanna get it. Get up before they they it's that where -- -- winning you over -- wearing me down and one guy who's done -- one guy -- -- Portland. It is pissed that -- is the -- -- of your media person. Ago one of four ways each week and there's only one if -- Boston it's really -- the real Safeway in. No offense to UBU -- on the same way you meet -- say. Ravens in a blow ravens and close game patriots in the blow patriots close game. If you pick one of those four in new cool -- above the fray if you pick any of the other three year in danger of being in the changes. No -- -- by via Internet assassins in the in the fans in the homers in the stooges I mean if you pick out last week I picked. The patriots in a row over the Broncos and all week. You're gonna kick some but what's wrong with you don't you remember nine -- member of the jets last year. I tried to look at the game isolated look at the game on its merits as topple that has nothing to do it just and I believe them in fact I think -- loss helped them. As motivation I picked that game and I think I've picked it right. But. If you pick obviously you picked the ravens. Guilt in not prepared the ravens -- -- -- only way to get. -- -- to just above the freeway and stay clean. The year is to say I think it's going to be real close game tough game patriots in the win 2723. That's that's the way to do. I didn't do Monday I'm not gonna do now but but back to the news. Adam beat me down or Mangini and these don't -- its facts and it's just gonna did you expert analysis it is not. You know debris is the best -- have and Lewis is a tough guy and don't forget 2009. Terrell such -- Soros does is great strips I mean didn't did you see -- -- X now that's a little illustrated azalea and it but here's my question is. He's talking about scheme mostly wants three guys in the other and not that they can only works not these in the middle so good. But he shows how the -- Brady who dropped back and coverage who they cover. Who gets in and gets who's in in Brady's face who makes him for the ball to quickly. And of course who picked it off on the -- It's a great breakdown but but the question is my question is. He can't be about scheme because teams can scheme. The Broncos could -- at the patriots won nine straight -- You can scheme which you need to personnel to execute -- yes so so that's all relevant it's important scheme matters. They'll have a good scheme patriots -- good scheme but you -- have the players they have the players. Certainly better defensive players in the patriots that a defensive plays from the Broncos -- but. Do those plays this rate the -- you know Ray Lewis 36. Degrees 33 who the players we -- You know. Recently because it doesn't matter what they did two years ago doesn't matter what they -- in 2000 when the ones who possible wooden -- -- those -- place so superior to the last nine opponents the patriots play and -- so good. That they can do things. That the Brady hasn't seen and do them no. With with with that criticism and and and do and do them so that you can take the hottest offense in the NFL and is grinding tool. The answer to that is yes but I would add only for a limited. Amount of time between Brady and Belichick if they do some things the ravens but the patriots have not seen and it's effective early on. Notre the sense that Brady and Belichick will figure that out and just like they've done like and half the games of the streak right or losing in the first quarter. When they were and now on when Denver ran for 163 in the first quarter they went from a 43234. Back to. For more -- buffalo when was it 21 not just one or not right anyone not Clinton. They've been down many times before it's not just an explosive off -- -- it's an it's an explosive offense that and adjust. On the fly in the and make. In game adjustments and went to halftime than a week to week that they do as they. As the game's going on and they do as well as any so your feeling a little queasy about 23417. No that was Monday as a -- No that was Tuesday of Tuesday's 3470 -- than it was 3520. Imminent government went today them. -- -- -- obviously it's shrinking five predictions from the get one right -- -- The other 6177790852038885250850. Brian St. Pierre former -- April broadcast partner on BC football yeah join us -- eight -- Doc Rivers at night and giveaways Celtic tickets speaking of predictions. -- -- -- Has been busy. Playing that's the other thing -- -- used -- Q schooler cleanup that he had when he and without guys suicidal tendencies of a child. Accurate score has played the patriots ravens AFC championship game ten. -- and times. We'll have the results where we get back.

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