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Ed Reed criticizes Joe Flacco while Terrell Suggs defends him

Jan 18, 2012|

Mut & Lou discuss Ed Reed's criticsm of QB Joe Flacco. Are there going to be issues in the Ravens locker room now? Terrell Suggs defends Joe Flacco and thinks the team could turn those comments into a positive situation.

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Leo at some point this week the ravens with start to talk right that's sort of their MOP filed with Baltimore Ravens team. They got some guys that are very good player -- guys -- that like to talk yet thank ads start a little bit yesterday just know they be about. Other patriots stop it talks trash about the Texans who they beat on Sunday afternoon. About the own team this is team on team crime this is the crews say we lucked out as you'll go back to the superdome played the saints are you guys since prince and yeah -- lucked out. Is we want the giants we want Green -- is that back and forth fine quiet to -- played a game but. -- -- All you leave -- yeah dollar -- yes there's a -- quarterback of course. -- that throw Sox I would say he believes that. You notice thanked the good. You know Green bigger importantly go through all of -- we clearly see and we go forth and evade paying San Diego -- ago a lot of it's both of it a lot of good golf and that you know an NFL. I would never count Joseph out. I would never count Joseph out but court Bengals beat anybody. My quarterback while beat anybody. Anybody mob boys like I say I've never count my boy you out my boy and go play the best though. That's why we're position wherein a majority of the league that Paul Watson and play. My quarterback has been in a playoff every year he's been in a in the lead. The real deploy use my quarterback has won double digit gains every year he's one play -- games so. When it comes to compare isn't. The case did did not a lot of quarterback you can compare him -- boy with some quarterbacks feeling that they -- playoff win it. While boy have been there every year. My boy -- -- boy my boy elect has -- Boy he is defensive on him if you watch the video -- ESPN yesterday. He he's or Craig skipped out crazy eyes go. Two are also -- like staring into the camera over over my boy. My quarterback. My boycott pump a mop you know Stuart -- a good enough fond of Smart up and gosh darn -- people like me. Suggs got pop up a little bit with cell. I mean right -- -- your boy is what five and three. In the post season five and -- by entering a 43 on the road I mean he's won on what's in games. Your boy also lost the AFC title with a thirteen for thirty against Pittsburgh is first year 141 and three picks. -- your boy also lost Indy. So the next year. Point at 351892. Picks. I mean there's a pattern of a C -- guys get six touchdowns and seven interceptions. So there is. Your boy Joseph Flacco. Has been in a post he's been very good teams want you to last four years he's won at least one game in -- policies but there's there's still some inconsistencies that come up. And when teams. Eagle after Ray Rice try to shut down Ray Rice -- at a given Joseph Flacco he's shown that when that happens. You know he's a little bit to a consistent a boy and go play the best though I'm not so sure about that really now has got to like trust Tom Brady put. -- Suggs really think that his bowling and go play with Tom Brady. Know fire up this week. But if you'll get comparisons to quarterbacks -- the even now what happens this week we don't know about quarterback we're breaking down tears of quarterbacks right talk about the elites Brady breeze. Rogers we had a second tier of Manning and drop -- burger I'll put rivers in there on as a line -- It's Flacco events your three what is Joseph where does Joseph Flacco fit beat down that list right east middle of the pack. Right there square in the middle if you ranked all the quarterbacks. Probably know the road camera -- rivers -- that's my boy. Before you liked him a lot and -- we just want to put a material I had no and I just wonder where he is you know is it is it coaching. Is it just having to deal with Norv Turner and good luck with that for one more year. It it has the talent you think is there you see at times but it's your front runner -- army that that. They are people look at this guy may think he saw he's got a tough exterior and you think he's a tough guy but. And yet the kind of stepped it up when it counts. Matt Ryan. I have a slightly ahead Joseph Flacco getting that right the better quarterback this image a bit but only needs when he -- TDs approving it would apply going to be used to prove he can win a game a big game. But Joseph Flacco to me is justice is -- there -- to a consistent. And you know that's not me saying it either McCain. It would Meister -- Suggs loves them mean Ed Reed Ed Reed future hall of Famer nick talked about his boy. No got a router -- a little bit but I'd be. They have a lot of guys in the box calling. A video game wore a big. He could hurt you know -- audible they'd say it like that Churchill would not but it is still look like he had a hole or alt. We can't play like you know what would be the latest -- out the -- former Gregg came out of bacterial. He got pushed down in the spirit -- all. You got what don't what sort Schmidt on outsider you know what. I mean it irritates me you know rockets say that should -- sidelined endorsed him and I didn't in the day you never know somebody -- see it. Pierce that you just. -- say that lady makes yourself feel better at the end of the conversation where he gets ripped his quarterback -- he's got decision making. It's offense or read recognition. You rip the play calling you -- he got a specific plague were Ray -- spellbound he still on the football. So we ripped his quarterback goes after the coaching some of the play calling that's here second. I can't get on the -- got to the end here's doctor quarterback just about to say it. -- -- by quarterback I don't trust this guy he's the weak link its offense defense the right now the defense is carry our team. Barrett and I hear that differently than you did not know -- -- -- you right era and knows what's funny is that the week three week drug deal Britney should -- thing about Brady a buffalo. Four picks -- -- just a I was wide open on one play any check down he's trying to force an integral while I'm wide hope -- what the hell is that the whole. Ever hear something like that path -- and from this team ethic that's a good thing. Go out there like a couple days after. NASDAQ breaking down film with the radio hosts and some of the failures of year old quarterback. Was he right guy who's right. But doesn't mean as written it don't Flacco wasn't the only victim here Reid went on to say that the ravens offensive line must block better. And the Cam Cameron should give should have given Ricky Williams more carries. Against the Texans on every best free safety ever play the game. And now on criticizing my -- does he were tree is -- MI NFL network -- wait a couple years ahead before you start. You know a lot of -- Baltimore team they it would Dick quarterbacks -- shaky and get a block more can't camera I don't know what the hell is thick and O'Leary and get a directs the ball more. You wanna Ricky Williams to get more carries I take it was and it sounds like that the defense. Recognizes. They have to carry the water for the Baltimore -- usually Brady says but the the defense valuable but he knows it. They know the office knows what the deal with that joke about rip the defense that's likely pub. Look we have made your will to do this publicly. What must it be like behind the scenes of but it won't talk to ravens offensive line and Matt -- who went to Harvard Harvard grabbing does a lot of radio. Seems like a good deal will get his take because you got deepened the players and yet the offensive line up blocked better. Ricky Williams should -- got the ball more Flacco made some bad decisions. Not get his thoughts on all this just seems to the outside that. They even the players recognize on that Baltimore defense. That we have to make so many plays to make up four and cover for our offense and they think that internally. What kind of pressures Joseph Flacco under this weekend beat talk about which guys are your quarterbacks are always at the center of this conversation. Flacco in particular wants to be treated want to be counted wants to be paid like an elite quarterback. He's got a defense of guys that has already won a Super Bowl before a 2000. This guy Flacco -- not -- any of it they're saying this stuff to any of satellite radio. Five days title game. What lost that feeling be like in Baltimore. -- that you know as a defense. We don't trust our offense will call about four. And it's a good champion would you play well are up it might not be able to do enough for us to win this football. That's a tough spot to be with the FC championship game now or five days. If you look at Flacco a year -- and it's the sunscreens that consistency that's garlic his career but this year. No we talked about before now beaten Houston at 70 this year against you know playoff teams. You know Houston twice since he twice Pittsburgh twice. Sampras Cisco. Those those four teams. You got Pittsburgh number one defense in football used his number two Sampras number three as -- -- -- -- before at a ball most recent he's number seven. And in those seven gain in those games. That's pretty good. You know is 62%. And touchdowns to interceptions. On the season is 57. Three is better against those three teams a fourteen alt pop defense is that the games he had. Pretty damn good. Those last couple games of the season wasn't very sharp against Houston give -- that he didn't he looked great against Houston is a lot of issues going on there. They're good defense -- that defense lot of credit they showed up. Maybe the by a weak first playoff game. You go after a little bit knees shake off some of the rust at Cincinnati fifteen for nineteen -- a year about a 130 yards one touchdown. Managed to gain of fifteen for nineteen. A separate Cisco fifteen to 231. Touched -- 161 yards. -- he managed he deliberate more on the other ones they -- early on near Pittsburgh threw for you know three touchdowns 224 yards Houston two for 300 yards. They'll Pittsburgh again to -- 300 yards series. The but the last few weeks managed the game and I think that's what they're going to be looking for him. On on Sunday is about much Ray Rice get. You know how much is the allowed to to run this football get a lot of defense should get a lot I totally I think you'll get Garcia -- and catches out of that boat yards. And of Ray Rice in control this game on the ground -- open up play action in your Raskind Joseph Flacco to manage the game which he has done. Against you know four of the top seventy for OK -- you you're you're spending your pretty positive picture. Are you gonna ever gonna mention in any point you know the beat fifteen for 32 with two picks on the road Tennessee. The 21 for 38 throwing an -- 37 your argument must have a minute to figure this out yet. We have some guests -- the other Ballard exports radio -- -- here today but I'm not gonna break -- stats that -- fit my heart rate at QB are. And it fits my argument of let go of course to leave those games though we sucked on the road this year. 18 they let him throw 52 times in Seattle. To. Would you have rewrites and it just goes back to pick up lack of its Cam Cameron right. I'm looking at Peter king's story yesterday. And -- deals get -- by Monday Morning Quarterback we all -- Tuesday picks the couple different things he spends time on Flacco. -- it's hard to tell what you're not their daily in Baltimore but looking at the offense -- watching the interaction between offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and Flacco. They're just seems to be a disconnect. Went the last extended period if Flacco -- up an opponent. Peter mentioned Saint Louis maybe with the -- it's -- explosion look at that Saint Louis game is 27 of 48 for 3893. Touchdowns -- -- Maybe the December game against the colts should help peer writes that's a good moments but thirteen TDs. In his last thirteen regular season games. With the -- Flacco has is going to be killing him the passing game has struggled this way how much of that is Flacco. Is inconsistency that you talk about how much is it Cam Cameron who has come under a lot of fire in Baltimore because. He seems to wanna run these things offensively and and -- go. Either can X acute as -- -- talked about the wrong guy or they're better off handing it to Ray Rice seems from the outside looking at it. A little bit mismanaged offensively and Flacco is gonna get the brunt of the camp camera and get the brunt of it. -- -- good games but I just point out on the decades he has dodged a playoff teams. -- these are so it plays down to his level competition I guess so that's got a great to know lavender. May as a quarterback -- it isn't but he's not gonna slip on a -- please not tonight is that a plea down against -- -- this patriots team this week right. I mean going against some of the better teams of the playoff teams what has he done. Yeah that's that's the one fault that's what you get the patriots credit for the little slip ups. They have first quarter D'Andrea first half -- -- Buffalo. Bill agreement apple Miami here Washington there was some shaky gains but the end of it they were w.s. So yeah they might have come out low flat against some teams that impacted in -- ever said this is a loss that's won the next week. They finish games off and they dominated second half to give him a lot of credit for that is Baltimore team got snippets and slip ups. And all its -- and slip ups at Saint Louis and Tampa. This -- your team didn't release slip up you know down the stretch and they played down the level of competition maybe for a quarter for a half after that they dominate games. I would say right now -- start with the football Matt -- peace center for the ravens gonna join us here knew he's a Harvard -- he's from Minnesota. -- now plays for the ravens are longtime pro bowler he able to and it's that you will get his thoughts on this game. Up -- do some other stuff -- well we have to get into Ott Carl Crawford and his situation in the Red Sox the last. Really for five days what is on there will get -- it's baseball Bruins last night a rare. We sub par effort and -- -- in stable get into some hockey. -- -- go around the NFL because not only -- have an FC championship game because some coaching moves and I thinking of the very very plum job out there and -- even have some fans. Of NFL teams that lost games in the playoffs. A little too lot of control a fair to say. One thing at a particular and it's it's that moment it's on the -- it's not fair c'mon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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