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Tom Brady talks about the win over the Broncos and looks forward to playing the Ravens on Sunday

Jan 16, 2012|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to recap the win vs. the Broncos and looks ahead to the Baltimore Ravens. Tom also talks about Tebow mania, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan Bonnie patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Your day with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs by auto trader compared brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side. At auto trader dot com and by Lexus of watered down to invite you to a new level of excellence Tom Brady joins us on the AT&T hotline get it fast with four GAT and T rethink possible the morning Tom Lauria. Good morning to your Herrick asked upper unit in uniform dirty at all Saturday night. Now -- we had great protection. There's no question about that thought those guys played. Played well -- as -- as if heavily years as offensive line has been. Our biggest strength offensively continues. It is the -- that way the regular season they continue to be that way in the playoffs so. There's a great effort by those guys and and really all those guys just stepped in removed Spybot and you know Logan then there -- -- you know Logan mayor and other guys are just that. They all played really exceptionally well both the regular the past came. Who -- have a legal protection and face the toughest challenge this year. -- does that qualify that -- into performance qualify as being in the zone in your mind I mean generally it's a golf term bit. From a football standpoint was in the zone. Why so you know the lot of guys played really well and and we are a lot of guys were really on the same show. I thought there were things that we're definitely doing. You know more -- level of expectation and instill I think there's ways that we need to be able to improve. So -- know a couple of turnovers hurt us. But I you know for the most part it was really good solid effort in and it's that. And I don't feel like you knew you were in the game and immediately you're thinking about the next game and so and so there's not too much. You know you take for the game and then waiting and move it on so that's that's what we haven't been here awhile and and it was could go up there get a win. If you've told us and told everybody that last year in the playoffs against the jets that doesn't matter a couple of years ago against the ravens doesn't matter. But in a way Tom doesn't help I mean wasn't that a a warning an object lesson if you let your guard down. You get upset and and you could say the same thing heading into this game. Against the ravens you know we better be careful last time they were in here. In the playoffs they knocked -- off. You know I I don't think he you know the mindset is you know which you know you gotta be careful words urge you you don't think really negative. Talks about you know what we're doing what we're trying to accomplish -- think it's. You know what though a lot of folks -- this season has been on us from what we need to do better so. But look the ravens' third best team we've faced all year -- and you know there's more than Travolta look. You know a team like that. It would be impossible to do so they present it to the challenge is -- since McCain and you know when you watch elect yeah election yesterday they're physical they're tough -- government and get some of the best players. In the history yet have felt their positions like you know -- great Lewis and -- -- and polluting obviously you have phenomenal players that are. So and we really got to work cut out for us where. There will be excited about counsel used the week to prepare like we always do -- -- and really try to be our best hopefully beat because the latest -- Saturday night. A Ochocinco was took an -- -- from. Yahoo! Jason Cole last week and he said. It quote it was like is Tom OK you know he's intense but this was like a whole new thing man. They were like it's that time a year you have this but understand have been around a lot of really competitive people says Ochocinco. But Tom has taken that to a whole different level. Were you more intense than than ever more intense than usual last week in preparing for the Denver game. Well I try to try to approach -- the same way at all in every week and because you know every week of the regular season important. You know and you get to the playoffs and in which is puncher -- pretty natural leader. That's emotional games so. The focus obviously idea where this -- -- its its really just. It's playoff football -- because you realize that. If you throw an interception if you follow movable if you you know misread a coverage that could be your feet and having their. And it's folic -- -- see the real -- occasional -- of next week there's no next week and so everything have to be right in and you try to make everything right and when you make mistakes she got to say okay I've made a mistake about it make another one. In. I -- our -- really did a good job of that the other night and it is just part of its its really that -- here this. There's there's there's you don't make any excuses you know you for your mistakes you just try to play as best he can have -- -- try to prepare yourself as well cumulative if you would it looks like. -- outside observations. And psychologists. From a distance looked at what was going on -- locker room getting ready for this game and said. They're clearly focused on getting that one and done monkey off their back. Is that something you gave much thought to in terms of motivating you when your teammates in preparation for this game. Well not really got married I didn't think about now I didn't think about it like at a -- We you know what it is I mean it's -- -- you know coach Belichick needs to say that -- like we need to have you know big team meeting and talk about look -- -- confused over. In a little you don't you don't apparent think about -- we're losing a game that I really don't think that's part of our minds at least you know you just show up to work. You put the preparation and you focus on the things that you need to focus all of which is probably your best -- which is game plan which is your scheme which is here prosecution and you have to practice. And you go through it and then if it doesn't look good got to change some things. And you move toward the next -- the next statement ultimately it's the of the game that you ruptured -- it looks like so our preparation you know is. -- solid it's been that way all year. You know we won nine straight so I think that's. That's that's been good for all of us but you know it would really be -- and now and I think now it's. It's the slate clean and and win that Baltimore game ended yesterday we know the opponent. And it really comes down to one game and hopefully. We can be your best for this one game. -- -- just putting Hernandez in the backfield do for the patriots and due to the Denver defense. It was a bit of a new look that we haven't done. You know they're in pretty good at the -- and so. When you get the ball terms -- -- to order him to -- he did a good job making guys miss so. -- we hit it over the first presbyterian. Forty yards in week three right. For you know really huge gain -- gets going and then we -- western pressure Oprah so. -- there -- a threat back there and that -- -- what you you know couple that with with rob and his ability to. Catch the ball beautiful -- -- on the left alone with the Ireland. You know then with the any right on the ball and you know any run of the ball hard. It's. It's a good group -- often and so. You know there -- some that we we have some threats out there we just we got to grow up there -- You know keep doing it that's if that's the coaching and keep keep doing what we're doing. And I know you you were focused on your tax task at hand -- opinions be honest with us here. Your teammates were they tired of Tebow mania where they tied -- here in about him. And I don't we ever talked about it I mean we we we need only talked about it. The first time that the debt burden and we played him in Denver coach Belichick really had the team focused on Denver's entire team. You know -- If you don't turn the TV artery you know you know you're not you know. Yeah I think he could judge it based on the questions you get but it you don't really get caught up in the hype of the good with the bad. You know that you just focus on what you need to do and you know we knew that there ever was much more. -- achieve that and certainly one individual. And I think that's really what the team focused on them and you know hook or whoever is. That the media chooses to hype whatever player I think we realized that. I was folks from -- Miller and their secondary coverages are skiing event. So forth that's that's where poker seemed to be felt. That we did a good job to do it. How does these psychology the mentality of the team in general it's visited such -- say the the offense. Change or does that are all change when you apply the kill shot just before halftime two touchdowns in a minute 57 -- 357. Does human nature CDU well we probably got this in the bag at this point or don't allow yourself that luxury. And I -- figured we don't think about well we didn't think about that though that there have Sam and practical big. -- -- in order were saying it was okay it's 00. You know what I wanna change what we're doing and what they're trying to play a good second half. And play Smart football and try to go get -- -- get a win and so. And we didn't really we came out the second half started fast yet touched on the board. I would move the ball we returned the ball over you know Gordon and you know again that they have 1520 -- little girl that was so. And we did change the mentality. So we just you know we -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- him. And we need to keep that -- -- to score points. It would do him in general do you prefer. They view the defense bring extra pass rusher is a -- Trent Dilfer -- over the numbers and ESPN and their overwhelming your. This year when you're facing five or more pass rusher is. It they didn't bring a lot of pressure on TJ Yates yesterday I know that doesn't matter available -- for game plan for you but. In general do you lick your chops when you see them you know. Bring the bunching guys up on the line and and obviously bringing pressure. Yeah well I think there's risk reward to. To bring -- pressure current topic pressuring and really. You're lucky if you're gonna get there with with four guys and you got to bring -- it's -- that's what you gonna do. Which leaves you know -- guys in coverage and it's it's tough to single cover guys all day because our guys when they find when they catch it. They're gonna make the -- with the so. You know if if you -- more go to the coverage then you know I'll have more time back there to figure things out so. You know it's it's just a matter of you know it's like conference there's the pressure on -- we used we certainly don't use one and we try to -- at all so they have been prepared for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what if or hurt them they're gonna change and you know sure we get this game under pressure -- a word of vigorous repression and vice Versa so. We got to be prepared for everything and the last time we play them you know they look different question they pressured quite a bit so. If they have a good -- they advocate -- -- -- they get. A product talented guys that you know I really respect and a plate for a bunch of times. The function you put against a bunch times so it should be a great -- probably. And I'm looking forward to. Are you are you and the softens better equipped than ever to handle pressure because you have the greatest slot receiver ever and you have two great tight ends. I assume that it's you're more inclined to go to your time and and a slot -- when you're being pressured. As ultimately. Definitely well because they're getting open you know a little bit quicker than -- pentagon and outside part of the -- get. Get open and a lot of your adjustments to -- is burning inside part of formations so. Between here and Robert west from the inside. It would deal was able to do on the outside the field the other night along with you know Julie did a few -- Chad had an opportunity that I missed a month and so there was there was definitely some plays that. And we have some some great chances on. They'll both inside and outside it in once again it goes to where they cover but there are gonna covered the government up the sideline that we're gonna try to make up less. And that they do the -- somewhere else but just a matter of whether or not. And I can -- the dumb question you know this is usually -- and -- -- every receiver have a hot route to the does every receiver have a a adjustment they make if they see pressure or -- call of that the pressures coming. No no you know sometimes you call play were all five guys have short -- so you know that they -- -- -- have choices. There's someone there -- some routes where he's headed deeper routes and then maybe one guy will be the adjuster. Based on let's look so. You know it's it can very that could be two guys -- could be three guys it's just -- matter to play that's called first impression that we face self. And Welker always does and yes. No not necessarily not necessarily because. You know sometimes he's -- he's. You've got a got a different he's focused on some different than you you give if you can protecting inside and they don't care what happens elsewhere besides. But they come up the other side. Then you know Roger going to be the -- or the running back you're going to be the guy. So it's it's really just a matter of of -- -- to protect. Kurt Warner last week said the up pressure for you and speaking from his own experience. To be perfect out there every single game eventually takes its tall and wears you down. You agree to federal Tom. -- no well I don't know because I feel like you know my job mr. gore appearance score points you know -- Like from our school reports about do my job isn't so and also it would it would -- put together that's what he expects us to do that he didn't. I guess that this report that he'd never seen America as who's gonna run out there reformer a couple of compliance. Increasing -- -- we thought there were trying to work that would try to score touchdowns. So. You know depression score touchdowns that's. You know every quarterback should feel that pressure that's substantial pressure. -- looking at the fact that Rodgers and three is our bowl out of the playoffs and sure you can relate to how they must feel this morning but I did find the but a downside the AFC. Those can get a quarterbacks in the Pro Bowl which means the NFC's going to be a decided favorite -- -- over the AFC guy's in trouble eight. -- that are partly to do have Tivo. Once Brady bonds out of the probable yet Tebow win the probably. Our time the question of the week brought to you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cars and special offer side by side at auto trader dot com the question is eight Tom. Do you know during the week based on the quality of your practices how your team is probably going to play on Sunday or in this case Saturday. I think it gives you a pretty good indication of the focus. And he really heighten awareness of of the team if you -- we can practice. There's subtitle practicing a little bit uneven in not quite sure how it's gonna go on. You know those other nights where it's saying you don't put something very nice peace and achieving them and you say you know what we know we're still you know we got a -- damn good player. Prepared. They brought their player constant now we've in this country felt that in the go out there of loose so. I don't think it's you know -- 100% and ultimately. What decides the game is your level of excuse something about your level a -- of practice but it. And if you practiced well it certainly gives you a much better after -- if you practiced poorly. I'm assuming you're pretty confident this week leading up to this game correct you isn't it there we got a -- named the -- we named this game coming up ice -- vs Suggs. -- at Riviera federal compared with profitable pago. Thugs -- AD is certainly fan left in you when you see the niners win and -- does it mean anything to or you just is it strictly business now. No -- not a fear of foreigners have been worth it at the well. You know I think that a lot of people in the -- -- that are that are happy and you know a lot of lot of people that. You know our -- to -- it happened so. My college roommate was that the game he had -- -- of one of really great friends simply friends here that we can cure for a so. He was pretty happy right on the afterward it. You were you surprised a lot of people when you said last week you didn't watch the Denver Pittsburgh game lives is so obviously so plenty -- -- -- but. The overtime it was pretty exciting. And different the next room was scream and -- did you watch Houston Baltimore -- there you go to work on that today. You know what I did I did I -- I did like circuit which is. Which is pretty rare but you know it's what you a lot of the other games yet that's probably pornography at a football player but what it is an idea and I definitely. A lot of breaks like that. I got started on the Baltimore stuff so. The simple -- did so there's so you saw and read like -- are actually get carried off the field I did yeah. Mixed emotions. He -- The yeah I mean I I believe you know what I love that -- -- -- could be a -- the word yet read. Or Ray Lewis between those two guys so that we got we got candidate banged up -- I'm sure it'll be there. You know he's if this game means everything to the historic season and so. If it -- any chip supplier which country's vegetable and you're going to be there has been really playing good I promise you that. Does revenge for all of my play any role in your -- preparation or is the fact that the winner gets to go to the Super Bowl provide all you need. That's growing needs that's probably nearly. It does not have about it and I better go tennis but about last week or last season board last month. Or ten years ago it's it's about this week in and the other clock -- And every second that -- -- -- World -- I second closer to get to that game so we got to use -- term -- we've been repaired to the rest. And then be ready gotten face our biggest challenges season. Good luck -- double talk to next week. Tom -- with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T -- get it -- with four GAT and T rethink possible. Our conversation with the quarterback is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors. Brightening your day with electrical solution capabilities to assist you in saving energy and reducing costs by arbitrator compare brand spanking new -- special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. I am by to Watertown invites you to a new level of experts copy with the quarterback brought to you by Duncan don't. You know so scared. -- I think he is zero doubt this mine is zero. Though in his mind that he knows what he'll he knows what to do and who knows with that what -- that the echo assessment -- what he knew what to do with -- you guys announced -- look at that he knew what to do it. He knows what he's gonna do it why can't lose more and it's and Baltimore. They're sitting there at their meeting rooms and do we blitz or not blitz and they know either way he's gonna gash in my. Either way he's gonna score thirty. And Flacco again we said last week Tebow wasn't capable outscored owning a shootout don't score enough. Is -- all -- I think I think Tebow might have better receivers than Flacco. Obviously Flacco was a good running back running backs don't matter widget that you're down 10121416. Points you've got to throw and Flacco cannot. Beat Brady in issues.

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