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It's Going to be a Cold Night in Foxboro!

Jan 14, 2012|

John Ryder continues to talk about the Patriots vs Broncos. We hear from several callers who are in traffic on their way to Foxboro. Listen in to here what the vibe down at the stadium is so far.

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Just right of equity of these saints don't score that drives. It down around the tenure like gift punch him in and it's still scoreless -- -- here Cisco takes over John Ryder. We -- -- Europe until 630 were talking patriots and Broncos anything else. NFL playoff wise who want to get into I think is the best week and when becomes the playoffs than divisional round always reported idea top seeds involved. And in some great matchup really intriguing match ships. I could see almost anything happening in the other three games although I think Baltimore. Beats Houston -- closer than some people think but certainly the NFC in the game going on now between the states the 49ers is kind of -- coin flip. In some respects to me the giants Packers are actually of the giants. Pulling the upset your thoughts on any of that if you wanna get and anything else. As well we could do that we'd be up until the Celtics game as they take on the pacers which could get all ugly I think tonight in Indiana. Back to back a team that to rebound in day and the pacers have the the Celtics cannot do. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250. It you can text -- as well 85850. Its compact because Rick is it. Rhode Island Rick. I don't doubt I'm good recovery of what I couldn't help like that so pulled all the all the media hype about the game. It's because of Tim Tebow. Who's taken. -- under the national spotlight now when you see. Operations such as Fox News others that you know don't cover sports and news channels talking about Tim Tebow. And it's also Tebow vs radio -- there was Tebow vs Joseph Flacco and the ravens are TG IV aids that Texans. Probably wouldn't get as much stock is -- Tebow going up against Tom Brady. -- I grade and that it's like. -- mark excited about that I went to provoke article I I don't know what I it's not the block goes against the patriots -- -- -- As -- -- Denver last week and Tebow all I. You know. I'm actually on the depth stated who won that game. Last week did did the brought called planet -- did. Yet the Broncos -- 20/20 92923. You know. Well I mean you're right I'm an -- fight no respect for our our -- ball -- he deserves the respect that and a great year. But I think -- the river side of the -- to partner respect and I'd love that they are quiet that they have very quiet the media. And not let that thing now but. They typically are yet with the exception of Wes Welker with a foot dock lecture Rex rise. Our our -- or Welker Kamal what we're not sure am but again now I don't think there's any of that. That would really be breaking news of Tim Tebow all of a sudden we found something like that out but I don't think that's gonna happen. But I -- especially three hours before kick -- That's but I'm Nicole. And that can be a good game. But a little production I think hopefully the it really -- -- on the PR battle cry. -- Sources repatriate these. That match -- where I want spaghetti and what the patriots -- to the going to be -- hardly Alibaba -- -- what they typically do I still think it's going to be throwing the ball all the different weapons they have especially with -- takes the cholera. Especially Brian Dawkins is questionable. Missed last week. He's deal with a neck injury to veteran not not the player he once was with the with Philadelphia anyway Khamese 38 years old -- -- get two rookies back there and as safeties and Quinton Carter and Rahim Moore were -- at different times. So I think they're gonna throw the ball a bit more when it comes to quarters yet they have. -- Champ Bailey vital that was the player he once was either so I think that and to me it's more. What the Patriots offense does against the Denver defense -- I don't see this Patriots defense at the -- going to be about the same. And again I mentioned and people keep talking about this Denver defense has blunted. Denver defense. -- in terms of yards allowed checking it out here. Denver is twentieth and the NFL. Points per game which -- look at even more. When it comes to a defense. Denver. And points per game. Gave up 24 point four points per game would that surprise throughout the 32 NFL teams you'd think the way people -- by the Denver defense. The Denver would be definitely in the top ten in terms of points allowed no there. They're 24 the 24 point four actually the patriots are fifteen that 21. Point four. And against high powered offenses. Denver's really struggled with it back to the patriots game 41 points allowed -- Detroit 45 points allowed. Green Bay 49 points -- against high powered offense typically. Only. Teams would you know decent office is that they stop San Diego and I was when they were going through their problems. Which Denver won -- -- Diego. -- other than that I really can't point to too much. It in terms of offense that. That Denver faced peers Nate he's on route one an eight. They have done you don't good men are you. Rate and that might be or the ample Broncos fans that some related to a. Stadium seems a lot of Broncos fans have had your about through the fourth or fifth Broncos fan to call. Well that's that's encouraging. Let them lifelong Marcos and I'm not people bandwagon jumper or anything like that I was actually flew out to Denver for the fifth birthday last week. Incredible. All that. I think the -- that chance today I'm gonna share if you are kind of division that came to me and you know. This island while our vision that says Tebow like in. More you know I don't know of those people it is that somebody put -- -- it -- an epiphany to epiphany that that's that so. The probably going to be over on the ball patriots defense and they're gonna. Apple pie as not being able to pressure Brady and when the turnover battle to tooting they're gonna need to do. Well those are three things yes I agree I mention the top in order for that's quite a bit is that. Yet it so they're gonna go ahead with a touchdown 32 point four or something like that late in the game five minutes left or so. Brady didn't orchestrate a brilliant two minute drive score with the bottom and a half left to put the patriots led 3130. But it because of that in the -- to in the give the Broncos football field or integrators are kicking game winner as time expires. And where's it going to be fifty yards ounce of like that 448. While well archer dividend in the in these conditions this is high altitude of Denver. Where -- if you notice greater -- had a very good season but. Most of that coming in Denver. Well that's that's true where. You know that are now out of the realm of possibility and you know which usually terrible even but I don't know that's -- your Broncos fan and look at the NFL anything's possible liquidity you know your last article portfolio that goes out about all those great -- they don't deserve to be a playoff. Look at it haven't beaten a team with a record 500 off season. So well that finished or had finished with a record above five into the B songs that we're about five ultimately. Right okay but as far as the quality opponent that the -- it you know that's in the -- yet patriots wouldn't be in the championship game there and they're really strict quality on to beat them so so granted that you can only be easily. I delegate Jennifer and and their playoff team they defeated again there's their schedule and and actually going into the season thanks to culminate -- again. You look at it means that it's going to be nervous schedule in Kansas City at that it'd be you know more of a down year than last year playoff team. Philadelphia's mostly the dream team Indianapolis before you do about Peyton Manning. So at some of its -- something's broke their way in terms of the schedule right but. I still don't see the patriots lose and all those things that our last caller said happening gears up miked Warrick -- out -- -- They -- I don't what's up like -- question all the waiting game and it last week. And the new overtime rules about how the game can only and all wanted to -- became king and is back if you score on the first possession don't to tie with a touchdown not appealable. Right when it touched on don't you think -- it in any future game -- that scenario comes up that pick whoever's. Where we're gonna have the ball and -- the -- -- gonna air it out or at least try until like what happened last week. Well it also lately you know the -- it. It really were acted in give Denver credit into their favor not only of the coin toss but also the play calling their on the very first play. Andy and Dick -- a guy that has seen everything 74 year old defensive coordinator. Played by Denver's gonna play that first play conservative. And it wasn't expect him to pass whatsoever so give Denver credit there I I think that. If it's Tom Brady of its Aaron Rodgers -- -- -- -- -- throw the ball Drew Brees or even the even I guy a mediocre quarterback even I've put Alex Smith. Is potential throw the ball above Tim Tebow definitely. I I think I don't think they're going to be playing that type of defense. Right I just had to -- and bad because of the way it worked out. Any future it seemed that the -- Mario Matt in in that exact situation up and they'd accidentally got knocked on the loose let's -- along ball and stood up and. Well I would I would think that I don't know on the very first play. And I don't even know when you know the next time we'll see that -- typically playoff games don't -- no overtime anyway. Typically games to go overtime. On RT yes and while with the new rules and also typically. If -- you don't see. A touchdown on the first play. So that might we've got to wait a while before that happens again. Probably not in that was remarkable just another of the you know this Tim Tebow miraculous season. Just in probably the exclamation point on it so for. John redwood Uighur Christopher price of W -- dot com coming up David -- and you've occasional get your call restroom as well -- as 6177792850. All 38885250850. Can text us at 850. 850. And a Gator sports flashback more.

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