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Sean Grande and Doc Rivers preview Celtics-Bulls

Jan 13, 2012|

Sean Grande and Doc Rivers preview Celtics-Bulls tonight at the Garden

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Celtics are represented by Alexis continues from the garden itself with and the Chicago Bulls team the best record in the NBA a year ago moments away the first our conversation with the head coach. Royalty is always by Harvard pilgrim healthcare making health care. Work better. Here's which said. After the third quarter to our friend Doris -- on Wednesday night quote our bad offense is dictating. Are bad defense what does that mean. When you miss shots you you start to hang in your head and and thinking about the play before instead of going down. And folks and on defense stuffs and didn't defense stuffed -- clearly what our regain our offense went from both -- And it really came down through team there was going to get the most stops down the stretch was gonna -- and. And they do. You -- to throw around here and got a little bit of it at practice yesterday from the media for five stars no wins over 500 teams yet. You know this a panic button mentality that goes on around here. But you have to say what you have to say but it really it just seems and spent little time with you that it's genuine you really like what this group could be. Yeah I like the statement but I don't like -- were -- an entrepreneur out of we have deployed their -- perform better and then you -- have to get that out of but overall when I see this team and -- -- particular in this team I think we're going to be really good but we just have to do it here and it's not one of those years where you can wait you have to do it yet -- -- it out of. Paul obviously is struggling the last two games we've seen a thousand games he's played in the NBA and these are obviously really struggling times for him. This may be counter intuitive and maybe wishful thinking at some level is that you know I was on the optimistic side or they're opening it up -- could this long -- teams and it. For a guy like Paul Pierce actually help him in terms of rhythm will won't know. He's gonna do it in the rhythm I'm not sure she sort of I would say yes I mean it has to help room just didn't into the rhythm of gains proctor itself to. Us army it's it is so important for. Could we saw what teachers can be on the court. Ken Peters played Roland that plane with him in practice. Yeah that's no fun -- against Edmonton par us. Found that -- already. And Beatrice he plays like he played in the game exactly that -- in practice and it's great for our first unit because they have to do with that. Chicago's tenants do that in Oklahoma the best record in the in the coming in here we know individually what they can do. But are they an indication of the teams that have largely kept the roster intact and play a system of their familiar with with the coaching staff coming back and a roster. We're familiarity. Really gives you -- -- stands -- as you know. I think it's it's it's two things than just familiar but I don't think it's. If you look at the teams that were agree regular seasons. Like them and and did that that haven't won in Miami and in Chicago and Oklahoma there there he came into the season so right away. And they've attacked the season and I think you have the right approach. I think that's -- you have to come into the season. What is an attack mentality. And I think who is a wonderful job it is to. At that go to the Celtics have a both of his next of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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