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Danny Ainge on the Big Show

Jan 12, 2012|

Danny Ainge joined the Big Show to talk about the Celts and their 4-5 record, players being out of shape, and poor rebounding overall as a team.

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Joining us live right now the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics in the -- mr. injuries and are you what -- I am with like emotional what's going on right and I'll show it works now you haven't checked this out this is Mike and I am a single thing. And well you know he had been abdication. -- glance you would you let a locked out how is that any different. Our network and. I guess our granderson takes a vacation -- from usually here I don't like your reaction -- -- give you players on Friday Dallas is playing back to back games. And yet you struggle in and now granted they're terrific team the defending world champs so -- -- -- anyway say that -- you played an easy team last I was a very difficult team. Which you -- an awful lot of rest and yet. Guys looked a little bit sluggish in that game maybe even. Out of shape as doctors a talk about the last few days what was your for a. Well at all for that first -- training camp by -- weren't in good shape as we in the past. You know that Paul had zero training camp. And you know trying to get in shape there really hasn't played consult the district -- -- as -- it -- -- like for sure. But he's not guilty so yeah I think we're still in good shape. You look at this team that we've heard you say it over the years that. -- it's a dangerous thing when you let a team. Give past its prime min and now you're stuck with some players who can't be moved in and are into their mid thirties. Do you essentially have that right now with this group board or is this an aberration. Because you've got some guys who. Who are there an age that are playing. Like they're in their early thirties it would appear that you've got a team that's that's too old. Well that that's probably fair assessment right now to look at and -- gain. Nineteen earlier this season so far yeah I think that that its assessment that. I'm hoping that these guys are better than their plane and that they you have such -- But time will -- Where where where's the biggest change have to happen. Is is it as simple as pierce. Getting back to helping getting in shape or you know what what needs to change for for this Celtics group to be capable of winning a championship. All I think there's two things that it's sort of that stand out in. And you know I'm not taking in nineteen sample like public and added from what it is the hatter. In what has -- our weakness or the last three years. With this group guides and for three years. Now. We have been the worst offensive rebound. And passed off. And then I would say the second thing is as our execution. Of our options are opposites of efficiency in the last five minutes of the game. I think those who have got to prove it and arms you know I don't necessarily know why that happened. It's not just personnel we've had a lot of good -- rebounder on this team. You know I just I don't understand why we yard. We are apt to be first we don't have to be. But those are two things that we really struggle and it's not it's not based on shooting percentage normally when we talk about rebounding. We're talking about -- to rebound percentage so we should forty or eighty. There's forty rebound opportunities that we men and we get. Eight though exporting spare and that's what we're planet that are now we get -- get 20% to be in the middle pack. Or so and I know your banking on by bringing this group back your banking that a seasoned. Veteran savvy team. Will be able to prevail in the playoffs. First of all you have to get -- -- you probably have to get a pretty decent seat because I don't think you wanna play. Miami or Chicago right out of the gate in the first round in the -- it worries me about that because. That's certainly makes some sense you've got those veteran team it would -- veteran teams do this before when you get into the playoffs it's a different scheduled to different world. But between now and February 16 if you don't wanna slow games here at Danny and his were you playing all of the home games. And you guys are out of shape right now when you're struggling to win some of these games. If you don't win these games at home. Aren't you going to be in a difficult situation from February 16 on. When you played a lot of road games and it's the time when you'd like to use the bench a little bit more. To back off the minutes for those veteran savvy players to get ready for the policies. -- yet no question I mean certainly we had three game that we could want. -- -- stretching game we did next he stretch. You know we talked to a -- -- -- -- -- we did I thought we put a miserable game. I mean there were some good sign that stock futures gave it to life in Turkey. A Rashad is playing terrific basketball should only. These -- leadership. The so there's good things that are happening. Periodically but right now. Our team they're gonna be good idea for our part. In our oral stars don't play. They don't have to played all of -- don't play all star level every night. But we do need a couple of complaints -- -- -- level each. And -- you know right now like this week we are not we're. Paul let me Paul has not been in that sense he's had -- good quarters of our. You know Paula not Paul right now get to keep people are doing -- that spoke. When we get hurt I think over the extra fifteen games we'll have a better feel we have we have to have competition right now we're. Activate in Chicago at Indian home did so well that he. So order to get any easier. You write this up an entire way if over the next fifteen to sixteen games you see that it's not working. Based on what you've said over the years about you can't continue to go. With the old timers right down to the end -- might have been a mistake that -- made back in the old days. Com. Maybe we got to change this up or are you committed to go witnessed through the rest of the year. Well you know what we talked about this last week. You know it depends if -- it. The temptation hasn't been there -- obviously aired. So what they've committed to the guys that long is -- they perform. But they've got to perform. And they've got to show that they do have an opportunity to win. What -- -- at least make an effort to go another direction. What did you take on the winning basket last night I know docs and after the game. Well I KG over plated -- bitten and allowed dirt to dribble with his right hand and get to the basket. How did you see it. Yeah. Bill Wolff Paul what was in going -- KG mine could mean he was like -- -- With Kirk and -- gave team not only miracle -- preferred to go left as opposed to right. Economic -- that we're I was sitting I would sit right into the basket and it looked to me like you just open the gate and allowed him a straight line drive. -- -- Instead diskette that body. And it was it was not you know a well executed -- strategy. Do you think KG is trying to do things that. He couldn't do a few years ago because he had that quickness he could body up like that where and I think you deserve the best. You know you know what would -- gonna do we gonna roll law if you want he puts the ball to the floor specially if he's -- you're taking a boy from traffic. He's gonna be a problem do you think KG in his mind thinks he can do stuff that you have the changeup. The way he plays right now because his body won't necessarily do what his brain tells them to -- I think that where he was glorious people's position last night in where her body was positioned at Burke you know I don't hear. Rajon Rondo. He's not catching up to Dirk Nowitzki and strong. -- to why so I think it was a back body positioning I don't think you'll have a lot quicker at all. You figure. Also last night you had at the end of the game. And this is just you know you look at on TV. The bounce pass that that -- on through Q -- and I can tell it was just a bad pass or. Or rate try to shoot it too quickly I think Iran to ask you did a great job sealed off that side were Rondo had I think Rondo had a to a bounce pass but. But I was the canals like maybe -- thought ray was going a little deeper into the corner. And he just underestimated the depth of where -- was what what they're gonna play. Well you know also first ball very difficult when you're running from the basket. To the three point line. There albeit just standing up right on the sidelines. Until -- -- ordered you know preventing him from make in the past. That direction. And re asked to stop and that little three foot area and turn and shoot three. And Rondo out that you did it. As of now the ball over there in belt line and you know in between that three point line in the ball skip the opening a little. It's all very difficult way to excuse it they did a good job -- that angle passed away. They're really opening up front to make passed out to top of the key area. It is difficult -- -- it would have been that difficult shots great -- we know we've seen but. Overall it's it's very difficult course play under any circles. And you know that's certainly not gain. We talked about this last week and it continues to get better and better Jeanne Rondo is playing at an extremely high level. Unfortunately I don't think he has a lot of guys that are playing at the same level she too often. Danny -- he's portion of the ball off the floor. And guys are lagging behind. You can't be half court team I would think and you know would raise off to a terrific start but not sure you can be half court team is not a problem now. And it Rondo was pushing he's playing a different levels and a lot of other guys are. You know I would say that raised -- ever level means for them into wage -- -- offensively raised an effort level. And those two that justice and gains in the last night you know doing kept -- in the game with you know with -- its -- or long shots in the second half. It's sort of got us back in -- in the game by. You know rate dropped or the one that kept this and -- -- -- out. And grandkids are here to it. I was Ray Allen such great shape you you look around and not only in your team. But Michael and I were talking about this earlier around the rest of the league and I'm amazed. And maybe it was because you know the did guys actually think that would there's gonna be no season this year and we haven't seen a Shawn Camp out there but man -- guys really. You know coming up the floor with their tongue hanging out and yet Ray Allen is in -- tremendous show. You are I don't -- obviously a very unique player and number admitted shooting guards in the history of the game can have done what he's been able to do this -- or lateness career so. One of those unique guys. Eat and passion Reggie Miller means -- there's a handful of remotely in the history so. We've got that good genetics -- mom wrote Merrill. And program. And those usually loses the -- -- likes. And -- not a lot of providing rays were skeptic by any stretch -- you eager to have both. And great takes very good care of himself and he gets a lot of shots. And he should seem likes are now that he has routine care -- -- work ethic. That is propelled him to the stage. Has been in his career is that most prolific shooters history of our game. It's been a lot of hard work that -- it was not a great shooter in college. By any stretch he's become a great shooter. I got a a tough weekend has scheduled Chicago home at Indiana playing very very well. And then Monday. Oklahoma City will be back here and you know the good news for you -- Patriots applying a playoff game this weekend so people won't be concentrating on that Perkins straight. From a year ago at least most people concentrating but you know what works. And the media work. Well that's all right and harmony and ultimately issue of Kendrick for Oklahoma -- macbreaking. And they're playing at a very very high level I think they get the best player in the NBA right now in Kevin Durant. And now Harden and Westbrook are fantastic off the players are difficult -- of what we have here. I did it looked like an ex wife have a good right here at the any guard -- great picture a quick break. And then we'll open up those phone lines again and get back to all the other things you wanna talk about -- -- you talk about the Celtics. I'm he did seem to leave the door open -- not that down the road if these guys didn't figure it out and catch on that. You know maybe he would have to change and go into a different direction -- -- properly. There's no doubt about that and now we are talking about this on FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. Now we have a questionnaire on her page visited. Let's hear your two cents or you're 25 cents. If you're the GM of the Celtics what would you do blow up the team -- superstar -- the contracts expire and rebuild through the draft. Jim says blow it up and start over. Sean says that think they should blow it up it was -- -- than they did when the championship. Rob says start staying asthma. Good to look at the Jerusalem. Bruce is 80 Sherman Douglas. Never nervous. Nervous Ellison -- my parents Greg mattered just goes on and on that was that was a lot of pain and suffering watching those meetings. I don't -- to do that again -- you know nobody's saying. Bring in one more piece to help this group. Which can -- can't do that early responses here are saying. Okay it's time to move on. But the good thing about it is that that the people that. Are commonly right now are ranked you can't go to. If you could go get that one piece the group which over the top I'm sure they would do that right now but they don't want you to do that you can't do so you decision is. The -- rebuild this whole thing. And wrap it around Rajon Rondo or do you try to make this one last -- -- some expiring contract you make this one last pitch. I think he's right data is right the next fifteen or sixteen games their own games. You'll have to come up and win a lot of the games. You can't go into the playoffs being a seven or eight seed. And facing Chicago or Miami the first round of the playoffs and expect to go deep in the play out right bowl -- If you get Chicago or Miami lean on in -- playoffs after you've had a couple rounds -- -- -- would go deep in this year's player with a little bit more confidence your experience your savvy. Maybe -- the series anything can happen. But the first round. Chicago Miami unless they've got injuries major injuries and going down the first the first round.

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