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Patriots CB, Devin McCourty, talks about Tim Tebow, Patrick Chung, and athletic QB's around the NFL

Jan 12, 2012|

Devin joins D&C to discuss Tim Tebow's throwing arm and how tough it is to sack him. Devin also talked about the possible return of Patrick Chung on Saturday night and how teams around the league are beginning to draft more athletic QB's like Tebow and Cam Newton.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline get it fast with four GAT and T rethink possible it is patriot defensive back Devin according to morning Devin how aria. -- go -- -- don't find what have you seen watching film solve. Tim Tebow and before you answer that did you watch both his performances in the Kansas City game he was horrible. And last week's Pittsburg game where he was very very good. You really -- all of us that there -- the biggest -- locally as. A lot of work to get into the situation and don't come out and attacking play. Going to be confirmed or at least they know you'll learn to work so we know well because it does game he's going to be very prepare. He's gonna try to come actually there are levels so -- -- potentially be allowed to compete and try to you know where the world Indian and then just a -- guarding. -- up until last week he was reluctant to throw the ball and it tight spaces trying not to throw the critical interception that would kill this football team. Then his boss John Elway said just let it fly just let it fly he let it fly against Pittsburgh would you agree that you saw a different. Attitude from Tebow in the Pittsburgh film than you did in some of the earlier stuff in terms of letting it fly. Yeah I -- I think a total of more remorseful are actually. He's playing more and he's seeing things better you know let -- to go to the regaining what talks about. You know I drove the ball will use -- -- default to those he's thrown the ball off. He's going to we're only got touched me not a particularly good. Was. Maybe it's hard this winter you can protest. You know he -- rotator -- and -- We know we'll get -- there you know achievable coast I. What do -- Steelers do wrong against Tebow. Well you know I think similarly it looks as though everything major problem I think -- -- emotional plea deal. I didn't actually know all of his army marine. I don't think you're thrown into the bridge the rather exceptional. But you know -- -- they concluded feature users got a chart shows. How tough of a guy is -- to bring down when he's running the football you solve on December 18 that this equate to eight. Big strong full back in terms of difficulty to get them on the ground -- It will mark Segal yet Tivo -- studio art is definitely. Let us here at the corner position which you don't realize enough so he's heard some people when he when he decided how to deliver. You know you have to relate particularly barely got to try to get a tackle. Does the return of John mean no time at safety for Deborah -- your last dime a safety. For you -- to mean. That's what every on the coaches -- and on Arafat will go forward this play -- is he alerted the side -- And we've been debating some some comments that Herm Edwards made. He's talking about Tebow assist Tebow is sort of a new wave part of the new wave of what quarterback what some quarterbacks may be in the National Football League -- that he was meeting quarterbacks who -- and run. And try to take -- linebackers or safeties. But guys like Cam Newton who have a certain amount of -- let a system. They can get them out of trouble they can use their feet to extend the play and still try to pass the football first and foremost and run as -- second option. He cited Michael -- you cited Cam Newton now -- Tim Tebow. Do you think that's a trend of the future -- gonna see more athletic quarterbacks come into vogue and and less stand in the pocket guys like Tom Brady down the road. Did you learn you know these these these different. You know how to come out. And there are I think the dictators they're filled in Butler what -- you -- -- -- How they're able to run the ball you know. It hit pretty Carlyle linebackers -- it'll still be able to drop that Netflix. That's wrote people also I think it's dangerous you know quarterback I can do both it'll let. I think each player -- differently and that's also will become instantly actually Latin. What is the scenario by which the Denver Broncos can beat the knowing the patriots will they have to run it down your throat to be successful or they can can they do it on TiVo's arm. Oh I don't know how well -- lead early focus hero you know what the throughout the strategy you know to beat us so we just focus right now. Just -- not China particularly relate. -- lead less secure -- -- play well so our goal right now are saying about how we can -- actually it is. Good luck Saturday -- double talk the next week. I appreciate it up according to Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline get a faster with four GAT and T rethink. Possible I know I know we were discussed this before DeVon join us but. Tim Tebow threw 271 passes this season Tom Brady threw 611. Event. Guess who got sacked more. The name of the new wave mobile guy or or Tom Brady hinted that he broke at 633 times. Brady 32 times your top guy in -- Alex Smith is number one. Tarvaris Jackson number two. Ben Roethlisberger number three. I mean this just two different definitions of mobility the guys who can run. Gets sacked they do stupid things they run out of the pocket guys like Brady and Manning slide. I think if you wanna make. Make norms that argument you look at Aaron Rodgers who can do -- all. You know he could slide she wants a -- can run if he wants to run but if you. Every time he runs his coach says no you have the ability to run and it needs some refinements certainly on T and T both part not not to try to run and -- it run over linebackers also. -- to get rid of the ball. To the took a sex because you're trying to do too much body could do to I guess that's what needs to be -- -- and he doesn't theoretically that athletic system could if he has coached right and takes to the coaching and refine his game in that regard. Could make him -- better -- that's true. But the preference of the coach up every coach would be to have a Brady aura Manning. For a guy who are you know Marino most of I would -- -- the classic drop back that's it that's why Andrew Luck is the choice of every personnel guy not not most mountain on -- every personnel guy in the NFL. Refers Andrew Luck over RG three everyone except. Tony Dungy. Because. If I don't think he likes the atlases but guess what it looks athletic. He just plays the position the way it was meant to be played in the NFL would have been mentioned and injuries you know that -- In and guys like Roethlisberger get 'cause they think they can run out of trouble and guys like Manning. And both Manning Eli and and Peyton and Tom Brady and generally durable as hell because they don't get hit. As much Theo Epstein joins us at 840 for his first Boston interview since leaving for the cubs Doc Rivers at 905 also the 8 o'clock our -- sell the tickets will be right back 93 point seven FM Dennis and Callahan.

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