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Brad Marchand, Bruins Forward, on his suspension

Jan 11, 2012|

Marchand makes his weekly appearance on the Mut and Merloni Show and talks about being suspended, his hit on Salo, and the Vancouver Canucks team.

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Our conversation brought forward Brad -- shop brought you vibrant smoke shops and pure hockey the site of Brad great commercial Brad joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline get a fast with forgy AT&T. Rethink possible we don't nicknames are big thing with you Brad let's start with this brute tang clan are UA big. Would tank fan is that -- get into here with a name you wanna nickname your line don't four. Yeah hired this you know appeared. -- Iranian and let's look future Bangalore. Who they'll. They're. I agree with the nicknames -- it was a trip through the best nickname for you and our -- tell -- a tough night the other night sit around. Lot of -- call a lot of Gatorade watch that game could have been easy. And -- the big hop. Earlier that there and apple a watchful. Yet tough to watch -- go back to the blasting a player Nacchio on Saturday and give you credit the first time we talked this year was way back in October whatever was. You said circle the calendar boys that is the game of the year one of the rare cases -- -- lived up to the hype that was some sort of regular season hockey game on Saturday. You're out of luck if that's. Where. You know way there's -- gave her. You know although -- -- -- was gonna happen -- visit to a -- last year hurt. Heard it I gave him you know it started straight years it. There are citizens -- -- right here. -- -- -- -- Here you guys won the cup last year yet it looked like that game at a lot more to do. Just two points there was still some scores to settle. Look at the two point richest an afterthought. I -- we were or two on the complex here. That he. Worked so I think idiots that voted. I'm you know there are others who should be guys the ball and it. Oh and there -- -- kind of emotional I was there too much here and archiving has ever -- -- unity and not there were about you'll. I don't terms of a guy like Kevin BX. When he when he says you guys don't play Smart is that just the guy maybe a little bit upset Brad about what happened last year. I've been exposed there -- a lot of emotional. From both both seem toward each other lot of -- there. And and learn -- -- that there are featured it's they are sitting. Are due out in -- and it does -- -- a -- to do it there. Are innocent I'm gonna (%expletive) you off here and we talked about this -- now the last couple days lot of talk about it. And I thought it was a dirty hit going to tell you know -- tell me why I'm wrong because when I looked at a lot of gray area and hip check clipping. I just don't think -- get the benefit of the doubt. The sixteen seconds prior shoulder to shoulder here at the only hit him in the back of the head he grabbed a sticky hit him again. I like both goal for the balked at the last major city you know what screw it I'm gonna dump this guy. It -- yes. -- You're right -- it's -- it's great that he built the authority. Will. Or the White House. Minorities got the power of the army. Big -- coming and I thought I myself. All of the glory he would he would punch you in. You might want to retaliate so I was. Because. I'm sure that -- -- Or is there a situation right the guys a lot all of them have come out in a government in being an embarrassment not -- so. There are others try to set that -- and then. I ordered there about all those. A lot of that myself for not always so that's sellers that it. -- biggest when a to a sexy talked about a little bit yesterday that you actually talked to Brendan Shanahan. Was about a month ago Brad can you tell also that went down he was in -- and you talked about it like that's correct. Yeah it's. You form located do I Eric RR I myself. And that's what I thought I was doing that situation. You felt otherwise that while I respect. You know where the airport where. Bundled into uncharted injured -- where your artillery that -- here. I sure that that -- open our go to work -- vision. I didn't reference that it I did the what I spoke to him voted a month ago you said that they'll protect my -- situation with a lot of but. You know really rare -- brought it up and that that. Really that different. -- he thought -- decrypt and situation though. A finding that. Now after that game you actually said you all this comes out and suspension and -- I was in the wrong that's. It's it's up to its in my repertoire that would take it out and is that some that it now you have to change the way you played that hit a particular find another way to protect yourself. -- -- -- though. You know he did it. You know and if it is this where guys are immunize. You know I have my belt and a lot less of that position again where. Game looked back Marty I've got wrecked at this as it is I don't need anymore. Mark there you go on next most of the fired at the way to set it up and that is doing although it. We're talking to Brad Marchand who -- got -- around -- Britain marks on your record a bad reputation do you feel like do you worry at all about. The the reputation view being a dirty player I don't think anyone around here at the injury dirty player we talked -- heel -- -- -- -- your dirty player. Do you worry about that reputation becoming a back in commonplace -- of people -- look at -- Brad and say act as a dirty player. The only time you have a -- quote. You know aimed -- Larry. Under such and other -- here what. And they were out there in the you know my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- American -- -- those same thing salt. I care about how anyone out there on the league or any and the book that. It all out there and -- into effect in anyway. I'm the only time I would worry about -- securing -- Larry. You know with. With elite. You know what with the guys great decision. And I don't feel I've let a player by retired and you know and that battle hardened and so it. Yet it got a lot of guys in baseball guys that satellite guys -- respected nearly got pitchers you know they hit. Somebody or hit somebody -- -- -- -- not an -- you know I do the second time he still ahead -- like the guy that third time you're like OK listen -- what is going on regardless of how you feel. And that -- wanting to know where your body in that some of these questionable hits the slew foot and this one here that was viewed a certain type of play. I guess it just comes down like you said if -- Agassi it's up to your teammates mean I'm sure that if they fell you cross the line they were grabbing they gonna put us in a position. To where we might take that -- hit. Alia. There are. Sort and that maybe. They evacuated voted. In. I hear and not about -- in my. The -- earlier in the in. You know we're out the it would have been one knows what might went -- the other day. And all those sitting at the in the position here. The only thing is that he ordered these are the one where are you union. -- -- -- motto they're trying to. Eight you know figured notre guys that are computer where Illinois. -- battle -- in my heart. Are an old guy and and you know without her ranking. City that that. And you know we don't look back ritual itself. -- -- -- even and you know they're they in my back in they the left side. It's interesting -- that the conduct spread out of this thing they they don't look very good come out of the game I thought some of the comments from their coach. I don't remember a coach coming out habits on the comments you heard the -- the neo comments right. Where -- terms of what he said what was your reaction to that -- -- coach should say some of things that that he said what did you think when you heard that. You don't. The suffered that very often -- a clear threat. You know order and last time. I'm glad that happened in order real well and brokered well the whole legal eagle. Secure our situation. Guessing that the game was outstanding it was aborted take game of the year like a sick careless with two point -- just fun to watch and the stuff afterwards I thought was even more detail Leo dot but the Virginia comets do you but the way Claude Julian came a fire in a way Pete surely came out fine that's a -- -- that we don't really see too often. Though they are Hillary's. It was -- you and there's not a formal parent and there was a lot of -- set of our. That you know it didn't need to set. -- -- -- -- -- -- our team fired all of that data it seemed. But -- be -- not to tolerate. Immunity that. You said there in the finals last year we hate them they hate us and I and I feel like that that's continued here. Is because of the arrogance Brad it is because they just. It's like a very cocky arrogant hockey team from from your viewpoint on the ice is that a a fair characterization of them. As there you'd seen. You know they have an eagle bought them and anyway we. Know we've -- lighthearted and -- that we have we have a pretty big ego he. Broke out all the facts are human and -- and future -- around a pretty clear guys. The order of about. -- for a lot of it well. Oh in that field -- -- when that. Suspect in bit of a battle like we did it. There are playing and you know it really he would be great battle rhetoric. You know what -- overdid it shocked torn jumping on a pile five guys jumping on this panel they'd think that's top I give. Dale we some credit for fighting Nathan -- after -- right after that but. What he did the show on board and that is just so characteristic. Of this team you've seen anything like that and and luckily the -- was right there and caught caught everything and they both went off the ice. Or -- actually. -- very clear up -- -- the rules are not sure really think you play and -- authority. White try to -- -- eight iron about iron or local or -- I don't. And all we aren't there any -- -- sole authority. Figures at that point. He's got that -- the strides -- -- ever -- white yellow dog -- but already -- and I mean I only. Authority kind of the I went belly got loudly that no idea that stories that -- that you'd actually -- equate white and. She saw -- like waiters Hamlet none of you stay there must wonder what there was. Yeah earlier. You thought it was clear. Authorities discouraged out there in there and but the refs sucked at. Police to shut the car authorities are only about boy you know all over. So we want no part thorn but he is going after the -- Yeah. I know I mean clearly there bit the mine is and I think union also. And ovarian. Are there right -- went out there inventories are at their. You know if you are their -- there you are sent. -- -- -- direction earlier this year with -- she talked to Claude Julien about good -- that I just want a candy alias a legend around these parts and he's a big part of the organization. Brad sit down talk to camp after all this went to cam at any words for Asia you fight out the suspension to get back with a Steve. I know I haven't spoken with anyone out here -- After the specialist. So ward at their. You know respect doctor Peter and -- -- -- the -- -- we and it and that. We're ready how are they knew each other and out of it and that are well -- to let it go to. So deserve five days suspension by game suspension mean more Xbox -- they still working your ass off over there at the garden. Other kilometer now I heard about whether to let. Well it's certainly not very ill -- -- our -- now. Daughters and he gave in and that. I don't like or does that not put if I at all that the that there -- -- Nintendo Nintendo Sega all in one. Come on and I've been dominated our. Eyes delicate computer set up yet -- still put the games and they all preloaded in there. -- -- to Begin our leader but like I gave. Well I figured you you might need those games because you know with a five gave suspense it's a pretty hefty hit in the wallet you might never have cable ever again. -- no idea actually. I. Decline in -- got yesterday at all. Electric cars are all shut -- -- all the air pollution alert. It what's that are out that that I've met OK Nintendo super Nintendo Sega what's the big game right now what's the gaming guys are a plane out of those three systems. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A pretty bad Intel HO 96 nothing. Are regrettably still about Lleyton still has not and over again that. If any in any year. Sort of ice hockey with the fact guys in the skinny guys -- your team together. Yes and no I haven't heard that. And that's a Nintendo days Brad marsh out old guy you got to keep you busy get your popcorn a -- got to Gatorade and -- games off to get back yet we appreciate answer all the questions here today brow we always love talking every week and I'll talk -- next week. It areas there's Brad Marchand joining us here on -- Louie joins us every week is conversation. Is brought you by -- smoke shops the very best tobacco in tobacco accessories at the very best prices in Massachusetts. SP eighteen years of age or older to buy and buy pure hockey. Forget the pure hockey low price guarantee all year long -- -- of your hockey dot com or text the -- hockey 28393. Reaching out to be right there. Though it was like we saw. The whole thing with with -- important species -- -- -- like point back to defenseman Nolan you've stated there kind of wonder what there was but. Russia sort of drop some info to Celtic here this we -- what time I don't know I don't what you show and I like you have -- the other guy. Please have talks on a bit I wouldn't fight now gone with the probe silica files the other night the replay and it ended the game for work out Marchand did -- will ring plight. Any cut down backed -- to guide and there's -- with that that beautiful Molly is he's ready to why you of the beautiful mullets why why would you want okay. Given the choice I wanna fight either but would you choose a Quaid opens their relationship in the -- I don't know what it much easier obviously he knows the guy and got respect for another picture -- -- over his face off. I've had all idea. Texas says -- get banking system I want one I agree where you get an Nintendo super Nintendo and Sega put together. -- -- covering that for Chris ever tell sweaters. Get one of those. August up for Brad and it's forty until the questions will look for talking him. Throughout the year he talked to every single week here. On the program 617779052038885250850. Your phone calls big show it to portrait.

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