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Jets players criticize Mark Sanchez

Jan 11, 2012|

Mut and Lou react to the 'unnamed' Jets players that ripped Mark Sanchez.

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So you're taking a little pleasure in the pain of the New York Jets this morning heard across -- -- the voice. At that that sounds like your lol like silence to get a T -- over what's caught on down their New York yet this is a horrible gonna stretch but. When you look at this guy and what he's done a post season it's a pretty good games. The -- rating better posting it in the regular season so but it you're some of these quotes then -- -- a blast and it. Monopoly jet ski gimme more I want more this will be the first David this is gonna be a lot like chicken and beer Red Sox in October. Ought in this begins at least until someone steps up and talks and it will get the back here to second but we've not yet read it. I'd post early this morning in the New York Daily News website. Many she -- who is the -- the jets beat writer there. Now lot of players alluded to something that I'm not sure how you feel about in this case but. Talk off the record there's not lot of names on this is not Greg McIlroy go on and Alabama TV and ripping. His organization ripping his locker big -- -- this a lot of unnamed players and I'm not sure where you wanna start because there is a laundry list. I'll unnamed players and players an unnamed quotes here burying. Their quarterback and there's a lot things that are -- in here. That one of the most damning things will get through a lot of this. We have to bring in another quarterbacks and a veteran player. To make Sanchez work practice he's lazy and content because he knows he's not. Going to be benched and we talk so much and Brady was on this radio station with the NC this week talking about -- Is. Attitude his work ethic was forged at Michigan where he had to compete. With another guy in the first half first quarter second quarter that we decide who plays in the second app and a level competition level compete you gotta practice the way you want to play. And we laud him for his work ethic. This makes it like Santa's exact opposite does a lot of practice easing concern about losing his job doesn't wanna work hard and if -- rejected today. The last thing you wanna read you what you quarterback to work hard work and two parties watch too much video he spent it too much time at the facility. Sanchez's lazy and content that's sees a quote their today at best of the stuff that bother you the -- I think you know his practice habits. Nice he's content with steel and dismiss it passes not perfectionist that at their practice is not a guy the kind of -- he's just. He's caught all of people questioning even zone players -- the unnamed sources tell how much of a -- be really have -- us go to the AFC championship. -- he's not being challenged the Smart -- and also gonna take his job is not my nose is they hear the case of an emergency. In game time decision you know he goes down -- eight summit at different driver to it's maybe mark pronouncement before but -- -- He's not ready you know so there's no fear. And and you talk about the the arrogance you know that that you might have taken that I'm the guy I'm the man what a body to improve on. That got sick HI sound that got it might be up so much who they gonna start. Now let I don't think so I'm good -- or AM. That Larry you as an athlete in a kind of sounds. That accountability sounds a lot of what we dealt with here in September with this team. Always accountability -- -- desire to be great to be better and knowing when that happens that happens a practice where is the work ethic. There's take advantage of his skills right now wasting talents. That that's. -- boss and we start talking about Mark Sanchez of what you think he can become what he thought he wants. When you read that today you have to remind yourself that they finished the 85. Loss -- the post season. Sanchez had nine turnovers the last three games nine turnovers and you wanna talk about the relation between. I'm a comparison between the Red Sox in the -- here's a guy that was he was doing what he had to do to get out their play. Red Sox pitchers and we think Josh Beckett in particular who were doing what they had to do to get out their pitch but they weren't at their best. You read about Sanchez here today your team fall down the stretch and in the picture -- that last game it's the dolphins got teammates call and you lazy. It's a great comparison not just because I'm sure New York fans love the Red Sox up as much as we're gonna love the jets stuff the next day week month whatever it is. It's guys who were maybe not putting in the full effort and that is. That is damning if you're quarterback in this league if you wanna be a -- considered in that group of good young quarterbacks. You need to bust your ass look at what Brady had to do to get where he is and you got a player coming out a third paragraph out of the story that a year New York Daily News. He's lazy and content. That is the last thing you wanna hear about the player wasted -- talked about all time guys who don't live up to their expectations. And and young and in the one who really got me is it we talk what the -- playing in Boston playing in New York yelling and fairly evident mental toughness. Now about this unnamed source apparently is the eight prominent player. And don't be truthful to and they treated like a baby instead of a man he goes in the hole it's upping -- tells the truth. That should tell you everything it just doesn't have the mental toughness to be great especially in New York. That's -- -- You know for Santonio Holmes is is one thing you guys not likened his attitude he has not a leader. But you have eight a disease is -- calls at eight prominent player. Who says that he has the mental toughness to be great in New York. That's that's not a leader that's not what you want from your quarterback. On the flip side we give so much crap too what yelled the bid to empty bowl effect right on this team. Mickey's team thinks he's mentally tough. Might not have the skills might that it doesn't the skill set the Mark Sanchez has. You know as far as there being a quarterback but as far as mentally tough go Sanchez's in his leak. So you got. You -- this just happened that last game of the year when they lost now this is going on for some time -- -- -- the entire season. Those questions aren't there and Tebow threw it is that -- how much effect as you have in the defense how much effect -- you have an arrest of his team. Much of affecting Mark Sanchez had his team players don't think he is mentally tough. He can't handle it DC baby he's -- baby is take his job seriously the work ethic isn't there. That just go right to the entire team they don't trust -- -- a believer -- -- pick you can win. He's not a leader Tebow is a leader that's the difference and they believe that the organization recognize this too because the player came out. And basically said -- baby this guy. You've got to get after him in practice. You look at what other guys have to do. Is he improving at all wanna Sanchez's teammates said he thinks he is but he's not he's shown us. What he is Capel -- they don't wanna be truthful with them what kind of like a baby instead of Amanda he goes in a hole. Had someone tells the truth yeah I mean that's me that that's up and it's not. Notice that could oppose it allowed you to be honest with -- -- -- if your marks interest interest in. You know and they -- columns that I I get I'm not sure what the caller today and -- many of unnamed sources have called him enough. But guys like a said he looked back in any just a guy that is estimated to a football game you know he is not. Going to be on this year April 26 Russia's most every didn't years past it's not. You know just managed the game. But when you look. That this post season numbers. Says some good teams and he really has has protected the football. You know last year to protect the football it is doing even against it in net loss against Pittsburgh. You know he's he's had some decent -- to just keep waiting -- to make the next step and it just doesn't happen. -- Mark stitches and even his class because Matt Ryan does a lot more during -- regular season skip pull off in the playoffs he's a long way to go and got its Arctic and guess Arctic and elsewhere don't you mean you have to start Dick okay lot of quarterbacks in this draft. Let's start talking about -- somebody to push him to maybe take his job maybe not just quarterbacks in the -- what about guys that might be available via trade ego because. Not only -- the players Rick Sanchez in the story what is on -- -- freeagent. They also give an idea for who -- who can replace Mark Sanchez. One player asked about Peyton Manning. Come on that's a no brainer the source said if you get a chance to have a healthy 36 year old Peyton Manning and you don't do it in your stupid. Do you get a helping 36 year old Peyton Manning than hell yeah I would trade Sanchez we are ever as coach Bob Barr. What's -- field general get several lined up you'll get it's playmakers the ball we can win the Super Bowl with patent. And what isn't said areas -- there are players on that T want to not put their names on it but talk about it. -- -- -- -- -- a Super Bowl Mark Sanchez then all of this is delicious. All Serb media every day. I feel for -- got a text -- a Sox -- -- jets fan living cut. Its -- locker room controversy. -- you -- lot of ball players speak I cannot operate out Greg McElroy yeah he spoke up he put his name on a give credit I still think it was stupid. Nothing -- displaced is third string quarterback seventh round pick this past year he's a rookie. It's incredible put his name on it. In us that before -- a lot of time to Begin to have a story for a reporter if you get a gonna -- of these guys are probably not gonna get a story. Right -- say about the teammates they're gonna just now trash and a teammate. The media the season is over it's has a lot of things you don't should deal with a chip notes don't tell marks -- what you think of them but you tell Rex Ryan what you think of what. Out of what you're seeing their practices in collier bay being -- -- habit of conversation maybe definite -- manipulate any comparison on the media. You mentioned Rex Ryan isn't this a complete. Crop a shot across the bow by his players against Rex Ryan me think about why players students you obviously they fell apart they live up to the expectation. Rex but the suitable stamp on that team every single year. But if they felt like they could trust Rex to do some of the stuff that I'm not baby. Mark Sanchez to take this thing seriously to recognize this guy's gonna work harder. They wouldn't take to the media like this if they are expected Rex Ryan for what he's done the discipline and a chip that he runs there in New York. You'll feel the need to do to -- this is a shot directly. One of those big targets. Right on the backside. Goes wreck alive for this you'll always look at the leader get sick we did with threats mean. I think it was the right -- time to move on they needed a new voices you know they weren't responding to him Rex is style created all this chaos. Panicking -- say whatever they want it and you know Mark Sanchez is our guy when she's in his -- hole below press conference is very nice. And and you know what you should say the right things but they also notable Schottenheimer tune into. Week in week -- Ambon and Rex Ryan. Took the FAN and press conferences and spent an hour at princess like Allison -- bombs -- the princess per hour and say that shot is going to be back. Asked the question be back would be the offensive coordinator we expect him to be back -- -- to head coaching jobs and -- Ryan shot hybrids -- offensive coordinator he's the guy. Thirty last night. To prop as -- in Schottenheimer out here's the quote -- mutual decision share one's soul your crap. -- it's a little wrap it two teams in the Atlanta Falcons and you -- the New York Jets both guys look at the offensive coordinators in saint. Yeah I don't pick a wanna bring them back but still the right things to you know our guys might get that job Jacksonville and he got it might make -- you force they were real happy for a removed on. We don't love -- brought him back next year just didn't work out well. One team got off the hook and that's Atlantic as Mike -- is now the coach at Jacksonville. It's well deserved by the other tickets -- to a happy it's the Jessica's now that standup Intel's and they really think. John I'm -- get it done. In Jacksonville. Those YouTube candidates god bless you good luck in future. What the -- Mike Malarkey what what what do you think of when you think of the Atlanta Falcons underachieving offense. Matt Bryant unable maybe to get over that hump and old are you that guys I don't know your dealers here -- -- -- -- -- -- out of the building you know. And you'll. Go after this guy. That's your guy. Has she done. It to make you feel good about the fact that -- -- we got that she got the talent of Julio Jones the talent of Roddy White. Torre can salad you Michael Turner's your quarterback I mean running beckoned in Matt rank your quarterback. And you continue to wonder she get a blow up a few games but that should be a top five offense. Let's go get Hampson did a falcons it for you guys sell the right things today we love -- brought Malarkey back but -- we wish him the best. The jets you forced it. Get rid of I he took over the head coaching duties in buffalo 2004. And he's -- as an up and some guy right Mike Malarkey. They finished seventh in the league in total offense that's a good start. -- -- the 24 the next year Malarkey is the head coach and buffalo went fourteen and eighteen. Before resigning after his 2005. Season use in Tampa Pittsburgh Miami at all. He gets the job Jack they've done a dollar and Miami to read -- statement. There's some interest a year but Miami 06 in 07 loss to Culpepper Ronnie Brown next year but still twenty ninth in the league in offense. This doesn't. And you wonder and you wonder you know good friends with front office people -- this give this -- job but he just wonder what teams like Jacksonville just. Will be enough that arena and again next -- to have this is the jets chicken and beer beautiful in May get worse because they need somebody step up and take the -- there. And people are speaking out including one of our favorites Herm Edwards who -- Smith if they think the state today. About the jets -- all bad things happen mid. You'll hear from her coming up a lot not a lot on on on Wednesday she'll Willie McGinest robber Willie. Was in tremendous player for the event and I work for the NFL but orca was rhetorical. Out Willie McGinest at noon on all things patriots and Tebow. As this we get ready for Saturday night and and it -- 1 o'clock our guy Brad Marchand weak spot I'll give his reaction to suspension and everything else on that happen but in about ninety seconds here Herm Edwards stock of what's going on in New York keep. And as far as the players' comments I mean -- thing always says a goatee it you've got to be for the player. -- is always open if you wanna go to the press. If you wanna go to press puts your name on it. Don't be a source don't be anonymous player. Put your name on Lou you wanna go talk about. Joseph Kerrigan put your name on it and you'll rip. Manager rip the quarterback. I do that right. In this case look I have no dog in the fight. And I'm being hypocritical here that it gets it is the cheesy way out it's the it's the coward's way out some ways but. It's kind of fun reduce -- that's the I mean the best -- approaches you know if you know of anything good -- Not today not only do this interview up to a -- The -- Greg McElroy. Who he goes on radio down Alabama and says his thing than you do it I -- He'll grab my boy will he made it -- He talked about. The situation in the locker room everybody blasted the board gab but at least he put his name on this a little rookie now a lot of veterans are talking about this quarterback right now they're going. It's his fault was his ball well guess what is all of you guys ball because you set they're allowed to happen now they hit -- just step in this too. It is right and -- he did it it's put his name on. Luckiest it was an error and I agree with my I don't think it was the right thing to do it to give. It's a recalls yup this is hey we pick Mark Sanchez just I'd rather not talk about that slot though. What is that sent -- what do you think his -- would Greg McElroy did or what multiple unnamed players did today to the New York Jets what do you think is worse what I think is worse is is is probably doing that interview with an unnamed source. That's -- Of course the stupid. Yes well you say stupid I mean he's the third string quarterback we see young kids first year in the league -- back home Alabama played there. You called stoop I Colorado and Alabama radio thick -- here he listed just an Alabama pretty Smart guy with the Internet now we hear every blind today David and thank. You have probably thought that was a good move. I look. And I'd rather have Greg McIlroy do what he did it justice and Redmond might buy. But my view is a jets -- I was a jet -- I rather have. A guy all the only puts his name to it and says some negative things or dial hides behind it takes shots an entire organization I think from eight. I have more respect for guy -- will open its name because he knows he's going to get backlash he knows publicly he's gonna hear privately. My guess is that the jets' organization Lou -- this stuff today. And they cut -- idea of Hussein one. -- David -- behind the scenes other players and other executives they have an idea but the you don't get the venom you get from the fan base. McIlroy no holds the -- Eagles that's based pitino's. That I'm gonna get. Not only grip I might teammates behind the scenes are probably customary and outs on his dirty laundry the coaches that's going to be mad. Might my position on this team is no no certainty by any means a third string quarterback. At least the fans will have my name on. Guy gets more cowardly. To do what was done here today in the daily news what was done to Terry Francona. In the Bob polar -- I eat ice I have more respect for Greg McIlroy and guys to wanna put their name to a because they know they're gonna take crap. They know they're going to feel from a fan base this today. Love read it's like one of pick up walls rag -- sit at the grocery store line to pick up the -- those crappy things are called to kind of pick through and -- I'm sick of myself for reasons why am I paying attention. I feel that way about the daily news beast that can't put it down but have a lot of respect for these players that don't wanna put their name on. That's -- field. I disagree I this and I just think that when Europe. In your career. You know it's a short career so why do so that put your career jeopardy you know just to give nothing good to say don't go to the media don't talk about that's what a club -- for. Every club -- says. Somewhere in that clubhouse you know what happens here stays here. That's always should be. He had a problem with and be man enough to go talk to Mark Sanchez you in a private the coach go talk to the coach. That's the way it should be you never use the media. Elect said your career is short in any professional sport -- to anything hindered that we'll get away of that and I think Greg McElroy might have. As far as the jets organization goes no maybe no teams as you know what I like we spoke up that's kind of guy I want. Odd deal will help but I don't know Damien Woody played for the patriots and the jets he talked about this morning as well sports. It won't be turned over and all the other things happen. Got through the -- lose respect for you that is -- -- more but there was any player and as a football league so until his play picked up on the field dramatically. It will be important thing. Dudes vastly overrated. As much as Rex Ryan and -- and bomb a company wanna stand by hand these comments today by unnamed players. I'm sort of give me an idea of how they feel behind the scenes there are New York on what they're gonna do but I know they got it would dresses and and I get on Rex Ryan about Woody Johnson the owner of that team doesn't epic amounts if something doesn't -- that. Have some sort of comment after these things come loose in York team. Spent a week trying to tell the fan base the job amber -- -- anywhere and he's gone today it's Ronald -- even at what they want. It's just. It's a mess there organist hitting your lap about it cuts after the Red Sox and they -- the new York and plus the country pileup. Will love this. Saturday night speaking of every once -- rooting against. One thing here locally or trial it's patriots and Brady Saturday night when you feel -- the rest of the country. Entering for -- on the Broncos. Really. Real no no because at -- a polarizing ethic that it. You know you talk about people that like he popular don't like -- and it's not just in knowing that -- these people everywhere that don't like Tivo it's what this thing over with -- one at all with Saturday night. -- you said last Friday at just wanna -- and what Pittsburgh did demolished into ebooks I don't -- you with -- anymore but you were called those comments. I think a lot of people out you feel the exact same ways much and you don't like the doing the patriots. No but I still I think people would die with it you know Tim Tebow -- I just I just think people don't want any more Tebow. I don't get it aren't a problem with -- one bit and exit coming here I think they'll lose on Saturday in its gonna go with. But is much is people I think people -- crossroads it was hate doing the patriots but they also maybe don't like to people hate Tim Tebow it gravity Tebow go away I think you're crazy. I think if you took a national poll. Of NFL fans across the country. They would deal look one more week Tebow. You get the patriots out in the first round again. I there's still a ton of residue from the three Super Bowls in four years the smug nasty perceives bond is a Bill Belichick. Brady is the -- boy quarterback. I think it's going to be and Saturday night Tebow talk -- have. If he wins again another week of it got a bit if you win when the AFC championship. The end of the week go to that lead the lead up going to the Super Bowl how much more Tebow can one man take. And I like -- guy Tim Tebow is asking -- dead I think some people -- feel the same way. I do -- this week and -- of no question this week item one and develop educational what you. Patron masking -- to youths are you taking patriot and out of -- per second you'd think on Saturday night. Joseph six pack in DeMulling a couple of cold Beers outset -- are watching the game and his wife. He's root for the patriots rather than Tebow is in atheist. Earlier and we're not at there is no religion Tebow talk on the -- -- out what do I don't know about crap today well they're well nobody would not Jimmy where North Dakota -- -- a six back you get up may be sick and tired of it -- I can't get inside his head about what but to say. Woods is not a factor he's always -- about football and he's watching the patriots and Belichick and Brady and number one seed in Nantz and Simms fawning all over. And he's watching T -- the left the campus and -- Maybe stick to the local sports talk show they're double Leonard is in North Dakota wherever we go embargo. I think that there is a huge huge fan base across the NFL. That might not like Tebow gonna root for months and the patriots public perception wise are going to BA nature. Decided underdog on Saturday. People want the patriots -- out that he put him away another choked up -- -- -- the dynasty crap they want and Belichick Brady it wanna hammer spike in help. -- do it this way. People in Denver trying to make this vs evil and somehow try to rehash spy gate putting all that crap. -- -- -- And the one -- weeks of that song. Here and it. Beat goes for three and sixteen yards again against knowing the patriots. I think he's such a polarizing guy you either love them or you hate him I don't think there's a gray area when it comes to Tim Tebow I don't. Regardless of who he's playing either one -- old with a you hate the Steelers. And you still want to -- list and you hated the Steelers coach I despise the stairs in which you want last week I was root hard for that -- best quarterback alleged rape scored why's that so you. General public going this weekend I'd say it. You hate it when the patriots just like you hate the Pittsburgh Steelers get according to wanna witnessed last week. So as a drop of -- Okay I'm girls basketball coach so I just love to see that when he comes in the -- like that two minutes ago he just dominates because I like to show that to nineteen. It's. Still an -- what was it later you'll you'll post at the same scenario last week you hate the Steelers. But she -- like Tebow enough to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers you don't think there's more people like you you're saying -- no one else out there in a world like you that you just home. I'm just saying gotta get more people are are are installed apparent anti page your remnants now we at the check the tape GO did you just say. God forbid Tebow win this week overdose that contributed -- god forbid did knowing -- pitcher to win. John Steven Mandy your phone calls are coming up at 6177790850. Till 388 aid. 5250850. Willie McGinest at noon Brad marsh shot 1 o'clock your phone calls on 937 WEEI.

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