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Jan 9, 2012|

Ryan Hadfield kicks off the debut episode of the Out of Bounds podcast, as he talks with WEEI's Lou Merloni about a plethora of media topics, from why players fly off the handle to his finest and worst moments in his short career as media personality. (Editor's Note: This podcast was recorded on January 5 and contains adult language)

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He's out of my own. If you own host running game and video talking all things media we know -- -- around and -- WEEI dot com. Welcome to the out of bounds podcast and WPI dot com on your host Ryan Hatfield to those who don't know me I -- for Debbie. He had not come but here we're going to talk all things sports media and culture -- and in studio we have former Red Sox players. Comcast sports -- personality and host of the mid day show -- Maloney. Blue Maloney what's happened and -- I'm not too much to normal day -- Allah you know it's it's a long resume. But can you feel it I mean being the first guest on this podcast too big mall it's a big money on it ranks somewhere like Iran who days different name. -- hammering -- really adds I think that it amazes me more to be to be part of this shows it. Did zero we hear right now you know he's on the dark side well they let you in this building is -- can understand what happened to Iraq it's only -- in the older. The reason I bring up the -- it's as simple lie your front here and you have the dream pretty much -- -- played -- the Red Sox. And then they do than you than any -- the next best thing which is. Talking about the Red Sox words a day and other sport other teams and gotten in the -- market on how is your perspective kind of change from starry eyed kid. The Red Sox player to -- -- -- I figure you you have he's got to change as far as being an athlete and being in the media. I understand the way some of the athletes do some interviews in what they should be saying what they have to say now the media size you wished it would give -- a little bit more. Supposedly -- it's good for business anonymous entity itself was the smartest thing to you have to separate the two it and I think. You know being an athlete and -- a kind of goes on in there it's and not quite. It was cut the way the media awards you know understood that they get a job but I understood that if you -- up there and played bad they are gonna -- the ship that just the way allies and you know you try to keep that same mentality you know agendas if you don't like what you see. That you let people know if you like what you see you let people know. On knowledge comes off but that's the best way to go about it. Or what's the incentive for like a player actually like looking from the players perspective -- what's their incentive to actually say something meaningful like Pedro Martinez friends and 04 in infant like yeah I'll -- for whatever the Yankees are my daddy not yet nothing is frustration like there's no like there's no real end game for that. It's all you ketchup it's all when you catch him I think if you get a guy a moment -- probably would say stupid -- that you know David Ortiz. Sin city should be starting I'm sure he felt that I'm sure a lot of the guys that clubhouse felt that all the fans felt that. But you should never say that you know but she probably caught him in the right moment to where he. Was upset about something else they were -- were losing obviously the end of the year he was frustrated. Short fuse and it just came up. There's no benefit they give us a call like that what are we do we play that thing for weeks even for years sometimes so there's a benefit to those guys and I'm speaking the truth. And you think that players. I mean you think that players are listening to oh my Maloney are -- watching sports like giving that they kind of they get the sense of all of this Kaiser premium and a you know. You not talk to hammered -- blacklist Amber's there's that there is there's some that you think there is because you guys aren't in the clubhouse right as -- as TV personalities and as radio guys. You guys don't have the time to really go into the clubhouse I -- guy like Shaughnessy whose. You know famous for -- Saying what he says he's not you know this column but I Seaman walker amended -- You know -- so yes that does not do it's who they wanna see you in the locker room and they wanna see you around a little bit shows and accountability once Cecil about me. You're right some combo -- wanna see the next day by a problem say some police confront me whatever it is vehement about it now. Lot of times he's with what you do you QGU kicked it in their anymore as lot of people this -- a statistic -- in the clubhouse isn't. I think athletes watch I think at please read I think they listened. So the so different than -- some goal -- -- time the other with there wives there with their kids but a lot of people go back you know everybody reads the Paper. You know and in the drive in some people different routine some people do listen sport real people listen music but. Everybody reason damp Paper so you say so about it. The traffic go to though that guy is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like how do you feel about the whole unnamed sources -- feel about. Just in general how the media handled how the globe can handle that being trotting out that story which is obviously like you know -- gold star story when this same token there's so much. Ons like nothing was really corroborated going into -- Heidi feel about our media side and -- players Sykes at such a good dynamic. You know month. Long period. I always felt like Leo you can control it from above I mean there was some stories coming out that it. I don't necessarily think from players whether it was other people owners front office with a it was whatever it leaks whether it was security guards club those guys. To -- to be some control from above and say you know we find you say anything you've gone that's gonna keep people. From speaking you know I do I have a problem with unnamed source is not really I really I mean if you got to pitching name to a -- Get that information -- given us inside information about what a team is doing you're not gonna get that if it's gonna take him putting their name -- So I think a lot of times it's. But I do wanna find out what's going on or you want to keep continue to get the company line up who's out to coward the players -- say he's a coward our clubhouse right now well. -- -- enough crap going on there for somebody to speak out enough to be pissed off but what's going on. And you know coming from masks and I think that. You you have like a great perspective because you were fan -- is -- among these games than your player in your media -- we are discussed but like the thing that's crazies that. And I drop in the days of Dino -- job it's in breeze behind like nothing brilliant nothing really successful. But now there's so much negativity -- in the thirteen three patriots I mean I'm not saying they. You know you in mater perpetuating it but -- our people -- town that are just looking for. They're thirteen three but. I know the defense sucks like I know they know they -- yeah like the same token it's like the thirteen and three and there's not really much enjoyment going on there's more just. Critique into how do you feel about. I -- the days the days and yesterday vs today in like. It's almost like this influx of media has kind of -- the regular season broke like a patriots it like well I think you know what. I think it really was always there because when I put in the Red Sox we get the post season before all four before all seven before we are spoiled. And I always there we were answering questions about the curse in that this team gather -- playoffs but they're not good enough to win. Lot of things some people up to talk about the patriot the other end but -- good not the Celtics great they made it but I -- -- good enough. I thought that same thing and close before that team won and all four. We just we look at -- championships that everybody were in making that you can just sit back. And enjoy the Boston Celtics I think they probably of the freest ride right now because the expectations aren't for that team to a championship of all teams and is sitting. Are the occasions are they -- people come that realization that this team is old yet again a shot and yet they could make and they run and if everything lines up itself was good do it. An effort to get the less pressure on many home because. We we we won our teams that would -- features we know what it takes to win a Stanley Cup now in order takes two in the World Series and NBA championship and a Super Bowl and really all foremost. Those those sports it's heavily on defense if you'll see in the patriots I don't believe so. I think you look at it and say I know what it takes to achieve which diploma eyes Tellme has had some sick people around here have become experts or takes to a championship so what those teams look like he. Well do you think that the negativity -- fuel success of some personality select some guys clearly have a -- in this market thing I think that's kind of is that fair to say that. They -- purposely negative. You know it's funny because I hear that sometimes I get accused its you just hate the south she beat the patriots is not the case you say what you believe. Analysts among the people in this market that have to be negative but when he talked to him. They really believe it and -- to meet people that pickle they're in just spout stuff. If they don't believe it because they just -- because -- web allies in the league because like people say wait a minute. He made you would you talk -- -- two months ago you said this on its rounds is trying to I was trying to be negative -- manufacturing you know it I think you have to be true you order fee if you see some that -- negative about you talk about it because if we don't. Boy you -- isn't serious trouble you get -- -- right. So what about like the influx of media nowadays have talked to holly about this little bit my knowledge. In Boston's obviously a market that kind of allows for all these different outlets. But from the Blogosphere where I originally come from the mainstream you feel like. The amount of voices tree the white noise or quality dissenting opinion. It's -- -- different opinion knowledge he said that stick around. These different personalities different people different approaches. Exit the media world is different approach every she Hillary was control personalities -- do with the wanna do but. I I just think it's so. People in Boston wanna talk so much about sports that they -- they want not just to have pains they want for. The only just don't want one show every single night to watch the for how far they want to maybe they want three at six. He just he can't get enough in me latch on that one pretty disagree with destiny get fired up. -- -- get into it and if you agree with every single pianist Tony pretty boy hits huge stretch Rangel -- everyone's right and look at I don't call anymore I don't talk any money. So the fact that there's a big market is for -- is okay because by nature of having selling so big. Tenet he treats is backing of -- opinion as long and -- good opinion doesn't matter if it's. And he can be varied it's very it's good opinion but like I think that. I don't know like sometimes and listening to. And a -- like different to different show exhibit at silly used to write for if you did you did you read this don't call -- -- show competing with yours and never never supported. And does feel like so let's talk about different ballots Twitter button there's a personality in this town they called a baseball player. That's the policy the golf if you -- me do that here again I guess out. How do you feel about that alike as a player I mean you gotta be you be outraged bigger than the guy yet that's -- -- Integrity. Yeah and neo Twitter can be extremely dangerous to that exit and you sort of lose that thought you caught in it your own little world in your tweeting Leo relies on people goes out to some times. And for me. Everybody's on different approach you know I get crazy times on Twitter but the same point I always think about. Who's following me you know professionals. Not not joked to radio host people in ninety fans that will see some stupid stuff fool whatever it is. Who's fault would mean again -- this baseball OK it's. You know I've talked to some guys they appear again it's falling -- only -- can Rosenfels instantly gotta say if they see some tweet about -- what the hell is -- don't right now. Yeah I always think about who. Is actually following me and it's not the not bags does when he I'm talking about the real professionals. And you try in need to hopefully that refrains you know from going over the edge. What about from Ellsbury is their perspective I mean who isn't like. There's a whole pain threshold argument to -- in -- ball player you wouldn't everyday grind and I know we have like you missed a good portion that season but. Is even fare from that person's perspective to be like what I'm getting called out. Any if he reacts to that then he's kind of lowering himself to that level and and you know to me like is they're kind of as a ballplayer do you feel like. You're almost like an unfair battle there against the media as far as. First if you can't win in the adjustment baseball -- other people's jobs talked for four hours total on TV so while you're doing your job dignity they gonna have the last word. So it's it's holy week will battle the fight right now you have your opinion. And you holding any sort of had this thought of a -- sort. Comes back you know commerce a bitch and I'll do my thing and -- Jacoby Ellsbury here is MVP type season maybe they wanna do an interview with -- well guess what suck it happens so everybody you know things thinks come around and they said what if you're playing you -- compute some guys Sports Radio show. That's a bad move that is a bad move because he's got you for four hours a day when you drag around listened to it. What can you do it cold after -- game you get to the next day can't win that's happened as some people it's unfair. What's the biggest difference between doing what are Loney and in the exports site. Enigma a -- with the radio you have a lot more time to get your point you know with radio in the TV wise. You know every segment what 67 minutes in you might have thirty seconds a minute now have to talk depending who you talk to what you all are. So you don't maybe get that the insight but you wanna get the quick points and you wanna get the facts out as quick as possible -- Stevie here. You can sort of set things up. You know UK and there's a lot more planning that goes on TV walked in the producers have set thanks for comment. You know here we sit down with the producers but it's it's a lot more boss maybe -- -- where we're gonna goal. -- with the research there were doing it's a big much. And was involved in that like sports reference I'm our show and on the what is it like 37 minute segments probably do you like that yet finalized but. I mean is there a lot -- back and forth between you and the personnel -- beforehand like I'm gonna save this embassy that airs at -- that's a thing and not at all. The produces tell you where we're going to Alicia -- they might come to you and say. We want to talk here's are heading into -- is good to get yet that's fine and there's no discussion save the kind of for TV. Because you do radio from what I do -- -- from ten to -- when I get there and do sports tonight the research part is over. It might be one thing that's on their own a lot of mayors to pull some up -- article read the background of it so that they found funny you didn't talk about the use you covered so. The prep work in TV is nothing it's usually done it's when you get here at 9 o'clock 8:38 o'clock in the morning. But what happened last night what's happened today what's broke what's next there's a lot more planning I think more eighteen plan. The support from where you're going users and -- because it's 6 o'clock you know the stories are. These fiery stuff kind of like tripping over not tripping over -- and ridiculous and and kind of like. So save it's you entangle eaten it since you find yourself Mike why gonna get my word and and we only have seven minutes and care bears going off on a tangent liked is -- kind of like happy medium there is it just kind of you guys come -- and understanding what I'm gonna go out and you're gonna go on any of the deal like the the writer or that river personality as a bond to come gotten hot here I mean -- have pretty dark in the. Will bond you the kind of until that there's a lot of times you get past segments in any like damage had a pretty good point but hey hey we can't fitted and yes and produces a game move on you know we'll go on this next subject may be at the camera -- on you give Michael one minute. I need to I guess some say. You know but it does teach you to. All of it filler it's gone get rid of what's your point. You know I mean let me ask your question it's a damn thing don't sit there and give me background story we get 45 minutes and also. It teaches you that but yet there's a lot of times when the show is over and you like Ella and at that point across because -- -- -- time. Do you enjoy doing TV like. I mean what is obviously radius probably harder radio is much harder. It's do you enjoy doing the TV thing boards because that's like half -- opinion and kind of compact and yeah you know I -- I enjoy doing the TV itself a lot to like you said that as far as work goes. The timing of it you know I mean you're going near the show is there you look -- already have your opinion so for me it's bloody easy because when I do going into. Night attendant two years or eight to two because of prep work. That six hours of prep for TV shows the X thirty minutes long -- so that's why for me it's a lot easier. It's usually the main topics here bill with the way the Twitter world this is something breaks and you're five minutes later on Twitter today he missed that story guys too late -- -- -- Things a break and every single day he got a caller called up and saying you know. What's the contract status of of of amended and -- names out of nowhere I mean you know it. Or is that what for yes I think it's they can hit you from every single angle. It on TV. It's more opinions -- leading us here's a -- more facts you know like what was -- teacher salary cap situation. You know I -- at a TV channel to show you know but here was -- -- situation -- -- and it creates -- this kind of like monkeys that joy of -- reaction creates. Chaos of times you know they're going and you know and then place them makes it. What about on what about. But -- likes. As far as sports -- goes to receive do you ever think that. It's terrible let's let's -- kind of like part of the inner optional event in his four as far as the format the general format you know being -- topics. DC that NBC universal are NBC you know how they're kind of actually officially trying to take on -- and it seems like that whether or not -- kind of see that. You receive them as a viable option taking over ESP -- that the machine is to be at this point I mean you're kind of part of that movement -- that from a local standpoint. Yes they did and it's tough -- -- Dem machine is think you know it is because it's on it's everywhere it's all over the place but doesn't mean that there's not room for others. You know and I think you do you see that now a little bit around so. NBC's growing. We are certain format that we do I think. It's all it's growing all across the country but to go after ESPN. And -- it's about overtaking them as far as taken little piece of that pie. -- -- locally when you guys have done at that Comcast is no one no one goes to channel five news in our fox 45. -- -- are really in those days old days I would be used to the five minute clip or ever written you know. God bless Windsor border all those guys grow allows a kid at five it was like five -- five whatever was -- six point five efforts fives he's got news. It was okay sports is coming up in you knew the routine yeah he music channel full was first to admit they're gonna go to five -- next until seven the last -- try to get. Ten minutes a sports that was your sports news yeah it's that the way it is anymore. I don't feel about coming from NASA in two Comcast -- -- nasty gotten a little bit cup of coffee and how do you feel well I mean let's put this way and Aston. Has had some issues hitting covers DO press conference thought that was a joke right. And I think overall I think they're -- daily show has some kind of flaws indoor sports plays a lot. It's better organized more compelling it's and in that with the combination of sports essentials that she's the better. Better 12 punch rather than -- daily which is kind of like convoluted. How do you feel about those two networks heeding that -- we'll ever be a competitor to Comcast. Novelist to change some of the production be honest with you mean to me it's. Dated is it different stream just having games and and being channel you know and I think that's what who just BQ link on -- ago Comcast families I mean we. I think we put some shows together it's it's. He goal there it is divesting vision and executing executing it in others we want a weekend show we presence we can't wait. From Friday to Monday so once sports Sunday -- their it is is there among Michael Fowler runs and it's actually outstanding it's what you want Sunday night music you do that's -- and I fill in there I feel that from a couple times a guest on this thing. I think it's outstanding show Sunday night of relaxing there is reading from your face. It used to be lady night you make adjustments you give it to 730 and it's all what adjustments and figure out what's worked and we -- like to have a baseball program on weekends also Saturday morning baseball field doing that up to three years. -- we want a new show not just sports tonight is sports -- central I mean it's. There's different street having vision and actually doing things and that's with -- -- get a little hearts and they putts which is outstanding the coverages Stanley Cup was outstanding. You know I was on vs after the game it's a town over there that broke things down podium on the mean. Yet at all I just think it. The coverage the production the ideas we do baseball -- during the winter when everything's great -- there's a certain mindset of wouldn't shows on the year the people or or it just makes cents and you know sometimes you -- it I think I look at the other channeling the -- hours. It's it's it does not how they can method that go through what people -- trivia questions and on the streets. -- what do you think about how much mile or -- can really get out of the local the local teams -- mean. So do you think that they can really mean it. Expanded more they have like the football right now they have six and zones now they have actually Alexia and if you think that how much more really and those are weekly shows only how much. Beyond sports I do think there's going to be other like almost like let's look straight down this way like they could get a Felger in ten way -- them like Maloney and -- -- nor -- holly showed -- did average selling batter. Think this is gonna be confined sports are obvious that the -- studios. Have you been nevertheless yeah. Outstanding as their Tuesday will be there again tonight. We are you with pressure probably tangling usually in the morning and yet in the end and early ones. What's the Celtics game but I feel because you get nearly the national edition and Comcast because you have the different times of of sports as central that are alive. I'm not so sure about that there's room for it you're you're quick glance with -- current -- sticks and stones. Baseball shows -- -- Saturday. To -- will be room for eight it weekly baseball sure once a week baseball show -- during the baseball season which you know might happen. So mean there's some other things that they could do but as far as say in it. You know -- sports tonight followed by you know Maloney someone else at seven that's tough time slot to 7 o'clock you know get Celtics games or. Red Sox games or Bruins seen elegant affected you have 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock open. Could be on of their -- Lance and six this jones' late night it's I think it's nice you can don't have that window -- Who do you think what do you think about like the the person -- so for instance you have all these kind of competing personalities in the day at both realizations kind of meeting on at night together and Comcast is that -- -- dynamic at all. You know I honestly for -- did. My interaction. -- that matters. None of it matters because to me it's -- -- look at anybody else institute say to act you know it's just. You do you talk sports in -- different angles you know you different opinions in eagle at one another NASA is it's not found that -- an idiot you know it's. I just don't think it matters Kazaa guys you're talking about I don't think look at that way that they -- the -- -- in Iraq predicted today and I felt as long as there's a big enough market for all of us who really cares. Yes -- and they you know that's the thing I've worked with -- you have worked with -- -- -- -- -- was even over there and I don't look at it that way I really don't etc. do the show with -- you know due to shows of Michael Hawley to do shows with. Whatever talent is there there there has been -- -- saying menacing names but their -- pot shots from you know. Mail mostly coming from that side of the side sure I would say for the most part which. I mean I've talked to some personalities here and they've been like I kind of wish we'd gays and easily or they would wish yet to doing that it's almost like the whole. Compact and full circle -- cut a hole like. What incentive -- the players have -- the media all what I had to do you know the median mean like so it's kind of like that weird. Do you like kind do you use. I know everyone's friends and -- but do you find that like those little pot shots is kind of like gamesmanship or. It -- kind of yeah I think it is I think is gamesmanship I think it is also in line to be crossed at times and a certain things of flip this off some people here that's been sent. Room. I just think it's it is you know I think. Twitters one thing early on that I kind of was like you know -- you don't you know like remember actually. You know aggressions dollar you know those guys the other -- out of control on Twitter sometimes to. -- re tweeting. Some tweets that I would never re -- the other -- -- -- you know whenever we talk to my followers you know I mean -- some stuff that they said about the shows. I would never retreat that would -- tweeting some things. You know Ripken so rip and I think it's like you know listen just. Have your followers you know at the suit they want but the re -- dropped an F bombs and and call a student and everything else it's it's just relax a little bit. Paramount the puck just you know you go back and forth and he he can't do it you can't manufacture its gonna be organic your -- shots and -- to dish out some of just comes -- that Vuitton. But to keep going circuit some point we're Patricia this guy -- it makes no sense. All about the whole like a guy facing a player in the locker room and and -- later on if -- -- -- circumstance where you personally attacked in the -- later on. They've had to like work with the sky maybe on sports and I like welcome in the eyes that can like them like if your actually had to say. Billy actually bag couple times -- felt he. Yeah but you know welcomed news this once and a couple guys like you know -- historian at Boston they talk about with. And -- it at the word from the of course it was will be different you know afterwards but. One of the most of that Heidi one thing that was as he actually started that whole chaos that's -- if you download Maloney has brought it up. -- he's BA Kazaa I talked about how. The the interview with Carl Crawford damme was injected with Gordon in the -- Heidi and Gordon overheard some stuff now. He made you go west campus or is it now that -- Maloney brought it up. You know maybe it'd get his whole thing about Heidi one sleeping with -- insides and it made it sound like ID you know and then -- era he via huge column and -- come from bush does happen over there is a key element -- city articles Randall -- in his. It was just you know that it was the day before was the -- Bob Poehler peace so. And that is they'll watney stuff came out and -- Hagerty was like yes he jumped him for no reason no reason at all and it was kind of and I like Hagerty of talking a few times -- got out. I mean he's good writer and he's good guide amoeba like. I think that. For whatever reason. I don't know why I think -- at some so so at some point it's kind of like forgot that he is NASA platform is not a bloggers on -- He's on CBS radio yeah I think a lot of people do make some insinuation that. You know. A reporter is sleeping with the captain which I know lot of people thought and -- like joked about but you cannot -- in the -- it's almost like calling a player -- and that. But -- sentinel that whole thing started with the -- literally brought it up. I got this in any start talking about so I only noticed it because people via -- -- me a tweet me call me everything else for that -- after the as a throwing what Republican what. Would you say it that night Comcast those with them with what the hell just happened here. And and he walked in like something about like are you -- is a UP pissed at me. And Mike -- commitment would you say Emma -- the exit against any tall as and I don't give jets. You know anybody else what some -- in with you yet and I don't you know I have other than that I. Listen -- this thing we do heartsick I mean it's -- -- put the product out there and the people decide that's it. Speaking of like ocean at moments I'm as a writer and my last question as memorable that -- crap my thoughts nicely checks and balances system. And on the other hand your -- dealing with its wholly different medium where. -- any second could be disaster and you could just gonna like. In whatever is gonna lose your mind for second only your mother to scuttle it happens you. Go ahead. And -- -- like your best right away dear god moment being like ocean it. Being out in media yet and in media not not as a player. Was probably my first first year in a baseball showed get involved in this whole damn things spring training talking about. Steroids. They'll pull the with the doctor -- that was the show is over bush had to come emblem sitting near them watching Jim Rome the next day. Talking about and everybody else writing articles about it and I'm like okay. All right. And by the way I'll stick by that a 100% each and every day -- corroborated it doesn't care what anybody would say eBay and in the back -- never happened it was just I -- it's an exact repeat exactly what I said but after that that's that. That's that old (%expletive) moment you talk limbo weird. Somebody like that McIlroy the Alabama and realized that you know what I'm just talking to people from Alabama did you -- little barn. I'm actually talking to the world in the country are listening and I think that's kind of like their first moment we like she gets people -- to listen everywhere. Yeah let's got to like gun. It was funny because Shaughnessy was -- the other guys he was like one of the other guy aggressors like oh yeah this won't like the hope paternal thing happens like. A man like this won't really be huge deal for colonel's legacy that's the house's initial Stanton -- like one of those you get to kind of see how Smart people are I think on the radio because. Do you keep it away from the anti American. This all these dogs and we've sort -- so I can only -- innings and I understand that I had a podcast a couple of guys anyway but and this no you're right. -- right India Gil Fuller. You get it destroyed for an easy yet -- a Smart people Arlington so he's a Pennsylvania guy and let's say that's the reason why he said what he said but. He wasn't able to react. The Tulsa right away yet you -- -- -- -- he goes you are absolutely wrong and that the that might point out until later on sports right Shaughnessy killed and again sure. That show you work on but yeah. That might take that's the tough part -- with some goes down on your show the last minute it's like okay. I need to gather my thoughts and think about what about the -- is some gonna stick with. And I'm gonna be backing that point up for the next hour two days weeks whatever that is and I think that sometimes it's a guy and -- take a minute if it's. You are not denied in my opinion on in my -- thought through here it is. Because if you don't think he just thinks there seems to ship. Yeah I mean that's what about when Gammons back you up after the cat. Kind of like went after being like that's absolutely you know. I'm not bring it back to the stereo you can -- John -- and did exactly what he had to do ankle in Soledad you know is that the public. I don't understand that he I mean but you induce it there and say you know we brought this thing in so. I had other players that I talk to them that team though like you know to really needs to let me know -- -- kind of a -- output. Come. -- Sinatra ever go away at this point be perfectly honest with the and it did. In America speak to the hole like. I guess wrapping things up -- speak of how like the biggest controversies and besides what the -- up like let's not like. Look at the parcel -- in the summer the pretty pretty yes -- -- -- nasty -- like. Things blow over like your first meeting crisis what the US PN official that. Apparently you know masturbating in front of a couple female employees think one of area leadership on the airplane like -- -- the big sort -- -- -- -- -- -- investigative piece of at -- day batting and -- alarming should that guy's life is to propel it thinks is coming go and uses like how you feel about that as far as. From a media standpoint like. No matter how big this story it's just those can be something else maybe two weeks later along -- You've talked about this collapse with the Red -- yet if we people get. The beer and chicken you know if it at first it was beer. Yeah then it was just -- and Beers and game that it was chicken. You know that it would it if none of that happened we talked about the collapse and it would a win away if the chicken never happened the beer thing was just about over. Nobody's talking with a beer anymore than arsenic chicken came out so he if you cut a story out if you tell him this is what happened. But he said the fancy just goes away when you give the story legs it's gonna keep coming back Communists and -- thing. That's a different animal I mean you're going to be talking all that because of how it affected everybody but. With every single new victim that comes out it gives another data talk about you know to -- and if it should not be forgotten because of vicious the whole thing was. But it gets talked about more more more when a new victim comes out or new stories tomorrow. And disappointment dissent eventually stories do go away. Bad -- you see -- -- last night I love Marchand Brooks and -- has joined the have been joined Johnson -- been covering the team for eEye dot com on -- to blog and joy joy Johnson will always hold a special place in my heart because is the first of a piece I wrote for eEye dot com and always remember him being my first professional athlete -- you. But I watch harsh on -- Brooks play in the first half -- and actually predates getting the optimal after the game and down. You look straight. -- -- joined Johnson -- on the -- people do you know but. A guy a pretty good last night you know -- Brooks -- a 62 presidents that housing sided. They need you know two picks lady you know he -- like you made a major move was second round pick in 2014. In the 27 to seven point fifth. Good for them but he yes I do look good men in -- did you watch PC last night almost take over -- news I did. In less than you got to be proud of that team didn't edit field the first half like they were they were out of the -- the violence the artists and they play great female shots but every shot -- -- -- defended -- share accuses rebound the ball against amnesia hoops. -- -- had to work very thing they got that for Stephanie they held -- close it's just it. Specific maturity experience at town practical orbit that we good at a -- sophomore freshman. You could -- closer legions of them the Red Sox as far as like just like up I know you're meeting -- -- obviously -- -- object to being near or not but like. You kind of like an affair as far as the benefited egos like. PC will always have a special place of the Red Sox and it just kind of -- Seconds. Closed yearbook. -- that's a great memories Providence is outstanding memories and same same with Boston. -- where I am now it's bill both you know they both are what they are. And you have actually you -- -- in great position -- the night three sentencing of up to guys on the ratings book and obviously gone with. Baseball coming up yet it's good if you make in the change. Here we thought kind of diving into this thing great baseball season would be good. But it probably was probably the worst thing it would be better if there was that the third season you know we deal and give people a chance to kind of get used to -- comfortable and say -- -- comes baseball. -- -- -- Giving them so much change once. During what could have been our biggest time you know now that we're -- found. -- and I imagine. If you know if baseball season started like in December or November. You know we're we're we would be so it's exciting we'll see what happens nothing guarantees that we'll keep pork and ardent. You know trying to entertain you go from there. I actually -- and gets on sports thing -- I will be there yes hi Lou we're -- thanks for during the podcasts and generous thing for the first podcast yeah personal life hold that special place not you know -- over the if you look at other players an open -- the it.

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