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Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien react to Alain Vigneault's comments on Marchand

Jan 9, 2012|

Chiarelli and Julien react to Alain Vigneault's comments on Marchand. Mut and Lou react to the comments.

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That's stupid that's that's a stupid comments. You know what -- do better. You can do it and then a player's career doing that I've never seen -- so take a run and any player in the NHL. Always -- -- so we'll do is play with integrity play the right way and you know. Marsh. This is just my -- my feeling on this somebody's gonna get it. Some reason -- say enough is enough and you're gonna hurt the kid because he placed her players. And in my mind if the -- doesn't take care of it somebody else will. The comments made about a player like that. I'm. You know Brad does play on the edge but. You know he's. He's no dirtier then donated through through their players so I think they can general. When you. -- you -- his news after an incident where a perfect game like that his UCL high handed propaganda and I just feel the need to responded it's not. Orders from coaches GMs -- players. It's. I don't I don't like to hear what kind of stuff. You heard the Vancouver coach -- big yell first coming -- Brad Marchand and this is threatening and I'm not sure it's an outward threat but at least -- sounds like a threat you could spin it that way he wanted to. Peter sure relic commenting just over an hour ago but in -- 937. -- WE yadda Charlotte got to stick up for his guy here whether he believes abortion on what he was doing with sell the -- or not. This idea where these teams around the league buffalo that it -- Ryan Miller the Vancouver Canucks are doing now. With this shallow hit Brad Marchand of -- the using the media. To try to spin it. That public perception of certain ways so when Shanahan and -- start to look at this stuff. There's a build up for -- it's bad it's bad precedent and I liked that you relish sticking up for is guys that -- -- an -- leave. That -- on condition be suspended isn't a bad guy -- enough for. Yeah existing Condo studies attacking. My shots it's it was gonna go after this guy so you know morning here. Another culture anybody. Start almost put a bounty out on your own player you know lower to start talking about that way. -- institute is when he gets suspended or find rather for a as a slew footing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's not like -- they always stick up for the player to somebody really -- believe in Kokomo and say not the case you know he -- backing him up. I I'm not sure but the self defense thing you can look at this play a million times and say well you know he tried to check on the guy six to he's 59. Get a little below the one good thing to me in this way I felt better vote NHL -- a suspensions and fines is that if we suspense of British general -- the reason. You know you will watch a video and have his reasoning. If he doesn't guarantee you history -- to do it. They surely not the only Bruins executive to speak up here in the last hour Claude Julian. -- is made available practice today and this was -- his take on what has gone on the last 2448 hours Boston Banco. Thanks pretty hypocritical. And it has been going on -- unfortunate. Because you know sometimes you gotta look at your backyard. You you know we we don't know that he's got the same type of players on this team. Well on the same thing except to get. Those quick as breathing. Down his throat. So hypocritical so it's it's unfortunate or. Because we're stupid we're idiots. There -- artists you know me so I guess we we need to. So -- you know I'll get have to say all the stuff today is you know the famous propaganda from. The other side at one point you don't say how much the idea to take but that was pretty hard to court today. Tomorrow morning I can assure you that it'll be all about tomorrow's game so. Will be focused we've been through before and him as a -- mentioned our guys are very capable I'm going. These kind of situations. Stay focused. Well well well -- world. I guess they're Smart and were a bunch of idiots. That's -- it is so -- really low rate from little Amir I mean. He can go up and down you know -- talk about the spear in the throat didn't borrows that there is this and they do in -- is talking tough. You know and in a talk at all this talk that they don't play the Bruins again if they did they still wouldn't do anything about it who what are they gonna do about it. If you didn't we sit this -- he runs the gonna make it Marsha on ice into one guided that ginkgo might make a run on. They'll share a surety play -- I won't play nation because immigrants at that bank. Know -- an opportunity right there what do so about it go get him Elaine the rain isn't isn't they've worked well they're not going to. Looking to -- this so much arrogance on that Vancouver team they are skilled team but you have to wonder if they got enough -- North. Got so there's mugs on it a little -- what they are I'm not gonna have they done enough to put -- of that unlikable Montreal category basic plan to the Canadians as the most unlikable Bruins rival. On the schedule we won't go that far. Yeah upright Ollie got no gas because they still play him amino vehicle I mean -- -- can probably see again here in the post season the playoffs. -- able to see vehicle over again yes leading up to that it would be -- ridiculous. Let's go to our guy Mike in the cape and get back to your phones and just a reminder about an hour ago won 1230 was expected conversation between marsh on. And the NHL's disciplinary committee the minute we get ward of a ruling you'll hear it here on 937 WE yup Mike. OK guys. I'm sure glad I grew up in the seventies. Nearly eighty -- the game because it was now. I don't know I'd probably just being like that that last week that would and got my date. Listen that it let I don't yet. I don't see a -- that on. -- -- the other night on the nominee yet he media blasted. The. Him on this ship now we got a guided the six feet tall and they want or. I would have done the same thing when I played 59 with gates. I'm -- eat. Seven and a half a why I'm I'm like we -- wide. On. I would've done the same thing yeah it was light truck -- -- -- -- seen nightly he went over shoulder. He came down on his shoulder pads basically on -- -- you would've balked at the alternate shot. I mean come -- This guy played it up the best he could have been everybody ought to take you know give Brad in India in the pot let's. He's got that little guy aggregate in the corner you know not get out of debt position and now gonna crucify him. What's gonna happen he can make all these guys -- in light. Anybody in your gonna it will only bring this game to our European level no one's gonna wanna hit. Because they're gonna get -- they're gonna get bandage in the Branyan knows better he's probably looking at -- -- string out knowing there was a slot. The -- he didn't get him and Andy's eating like every once they elected on that he went over his act anyway now. Now the other thing is look at the ocean okay he once I'm on the bench his leg was kept going up stepping on to get on the -- Back call back call it low it yet they got a right after unfortunate -- too -- 57 minutes it of Symbian out of the game by slug -- back there in the locker room. Egypt and -- game last night or Saturday. And the same thing let's go back to the Ryan Miller it up with -- Bryant Miller play and up are we get so excited -- you. All three if you're behind in that and you're playing the -- and you get caught you're you're you're ready. If you didn't think he'd get it now what do what do Ryan Miller hit a what debt goalie stick. Our right and I mean really proud of what would've happened that. We're not we're now looking at both sides in this thing and I think you know. The good -- -- I like I I I agree but he didn't have them. With a stick on -- and edit got to write that it suspend me on today. But what what happened yet but. What I'm a shot to witness to a great debate it any border. What do you really think you make a run at Marshall I don't QB what Marcia didn't -- out on a mind reader. So you don't decide disabled I was an act was wasn't that clear case and look at the rule 441 clip in the act of throwing the body from any direction across a below the knees of an opponent with backlit. That wasn't slipping because -- got a -- not I you really. I -- this -- that Mikey and listen to keep it the doesn't this it's -- back to eat turn around based BC hit him. Behind the legs but it was in the knee area and a lot to do with size I understand but. If she could be if the all of which chasing -- and -- -- trying to. Marcia didn't know that it did in. We did but it didn't turn it -- and meets. Now I'd hate to disagree with you on my shelf would try to get a -- by about our debt yet seriously to take the puck up the board. Mikey will Alter what we're gonna disagree on this forever we you'd call -- Crocker inning outs anytime. In this case I think he did go low on and I don't think it's wrong to say maybe deserves some sort of -- disciplined for that there's a history of I don't think marsh on it's a dirty player and many of our techsters apparently opera and -- He's a dirty player I don't buy that there's an edge he plays on and sometimes in a place like. What he'll laugh and a -- suspended. Under the India -- gradient thing but Texas says the skies as you when -- look at it from both sides are strictly look at it from the beside an -- out -- agree with that I think. That would Dellucci to dictate that listening to suspend of the only it's Benedict they've they've got that right commit to spend it on and you disagree that's one thing they didn't. The marsh on hit me was like oh yeah -- suicides got the big guys a little guy but still. Definition of the rule they had a -- adamant hitter in the -- in the upper area ought to fight upper area wasn't hip. Wasn't hip check he hit -- below. If you don't think that my next fantasy hockey team which in my first is not going to be New Hampshire and brand hand she and British and the -- and -- hands. Yet nothing common a love like in -- Rob is not in the car John -- -- -- They don't look then walked in the ankle victims the other day out and and you producer. Let -- out there at the pregame warmup -- I. -- -- and -- debate so complete circle on the -- of all meant and A medical center right ball I'm downloaded it before the game even that. In out at -- but he noted. During that -- with the seven guys. Now one big Cooper guy dropped -- in the data took the cheapest drive was it being smacked at somebody running up yeah he's one go to -- dot. Did you notice that. Well actually no I mean I would provide notice this -- just completely back down. Completely backing down enemy out of these are tough guy or not but it was embarrassing. We come back we'll talk Q Robert in Vancouver and Jason and -- a team all your phone call here from bonding which earlier heard from Deion Branch. Our picture Monday against our interview with those guys brought you by Verizon they feature wireless telecommunication provider of the England patriots bells will be available for online later on. And WE eEye dot com my -- back to your phone call. Again. It's. Lined up with the always. He's back so. It's just the -- One of the most despised teams in the National Hockey League despite their incredible skill level they're massive all the senator -- life event. Pay attention maybe didn't. Listen the big -- -- on the ice every night. -- the hub. Vancouver for -- with the caller called funny nickname. -- we get back to your phone's still awaiting word from the NHL's. Disciplinary committee and all things. Brad -- -- discipline committee what what if the roles were reversed. You know -- in somebody borrows you know hit McCoy he'd like that. Would've happened. Instead. Delegate the sitting sisters out there in that shift in and charges stepped right in -- between them in Marcia nobody goes FMR shot he just any of against the threat the -- Right glass doors to a damn thing. And the roles reversed. We saw what happened to talk to one of theirs that becomes a -- you would have -- is actually a response from eighteen the Bruins would have responded right then and there they respond every time this so different that Tina. -- the watch cook. Almost take to head off -- Marc Savard and that's what we love about this team that would have been a lot different would've gotten. Very much out of hand and look it was -- the meat was a clear case cut of she of clipping a look at the role again and I just. -- the marsh on the dirty player but like any bank from the league on this thing the next couple of hours odds go to Vancouver talked to Robert Robert -- Lamotte live. They -- things as they come across a prop. All was well within our that would put some of the great game we get that great sound great out here I'd love to see that -- report -- -- -- But listen I can't believe what you guys as they enter your fans listening to both the pulpit. Like. You know you -- hawking -- you know Claude -- the architect. You bring that that the way you could play a new law that -- yet developed world on shady crap but hitting spear or -- -- wrote that show what the key. -- wanna be objective -- guys. You know like I can't understand -- or won't he will Boston Bruins -- -- well or not their dirty. That's your that is game we can't play your guys that game and we beat you. But it is also hoping you're kidding me. You're kidding me Alec bella and intend to enter the might give me a break here man apparently trying to hurt him play in the book that. You want the game Robert Robert you won the game but did you that are really look like that the Bruins really in it to win a game that just want to continue to humiliate you guys and maybe. Try to come in -- -- on your left -- last. What the -- humiliated. How's that you lost one game how's the Stanley Cup do and -- back pocket. Oh yeah Paul Allen and just say we got the Stanley Cup -- We beat you there where we are the little game -- Now we just went out there -- stupid penalties is no question penalties -- -- -- the Stanley Cup you guys came out first two games of the cup. Try to push teams around didn't work he would sack list team -- -- over and help you proud of. That good look at the look back at the wake up in US if you were talking hockey here we talk hockey. Okay what we won we beat you won one game Robert. You haven't it. You can have your game Robert I'm so proud you wanna game Puerto three he scored four power play goals because the Bruins gave -- eleven chances you really think that whatever happened. This as a body answered the bell this is about selling the score we wanted to adopt every document had -- got two point. You know we have got to play every one of your players. How could I not heard a lot you don't start -- -- like her. And push out a way to find your pathetic. Team -- team Robert let's -- John Norton that all and all I -- penalty by ticket in a penalty when the game. The guys this. -- going to get -- going right now. And one more thing you -- what I haven't bought it. How -- go to court in Denver. But the -- not yet but is it big Boston Bruins haven't -- about the audio we don't shine that up real quick again one -- -- how much Eagleburger you city. While but it joke.

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