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Tom Brady talks about Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels, and Billy O'Brien

Jan 9, 2012|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to share his thoughts on Tim Tebow beating the Steelers, Josh McDaniels returning to New England, and Billy O'Brien heading to Penn. State after this season. Tom also reflects on his days at Michigan and his hatred for Ohio State.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline get a -- with four GAT and T rethink possible. Our interview with Tom Brady has brought -- by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day of electrical solution capabilities can assist you and saving energy and reducing costs. And by auto trader compare brand spanking new -- special offers side by side -- Auto trader dot com and by Lexus of Watertown who invites you to a new level of excellence good morning Tom Brady you're up early on this Monday morning. Good morning -- your way into the stadium. Yet to kind of get a big on. We. You know we know obviously you know once -- outcome of the game was really settled first week. The -- pretty quick in and -- we're excited do Europe again. So all that film work you do on Pittsburgh last week has gone to waste correct. Well we did a lot of work and everybody did so you know all the potential puzzling Denver we -- them but three weeks ago -- A lot of this stuff that we've done -- prepared for that particular game you know you just. I think every game except the last two so other product on studies that to get caught up on on the guy. Did you watch last night's game live -- and if you did did you jump obviously like everyone else in America. Yes or yes I did I say that you have as a part of the I honestly it's. I don't watch it as much as they used to be that didn't get too anxious so. I can't become -- second squared five minutes but you know and I'm not -- -- play by play so that they into the game. You know there are -- agreement in the other room. And it is pretty amazing I know in Europe. Obviously -- can't sort of quarterback play what do you make of the Tebow phenomenon. Well I mean he's he's a good player and and and I think it's it's a lot for the defense to prepare for inaugural preparations for him that's the last time at the calendar at the very different style. But -- very effective they're very good team it's certainly not about one player on the team and and I know a lot of people make out to be one player a lot of teams split. You know the reason whatever the popular in this position because you know their team as a whole and certainly the -- that can play yesterday -- You know it's it was just a great win all around them so. We've we've we've got a big challenge we you know we realized Cory -- -- arguing game that would be we we're the beneficiaries of you know turnovers and you know we're gonna hope we need to get some turnovers this weekend. Talk is at the read option simply the read option was seems like a real simple thing. The provides the problems -- defense getting ready for Denver. While -- assure you I've never faced a reduction in my life I think about it defense the -- -- -- the issue did you linebacker as a freshman told -- that -- may have played much. Enterprise played five cents a year. -- And I never had to prepare for that I mean I'm look -- I think about on Villanova Louisville and and you know Brian Dawkins right -- they got plenty of players on defense from. For me to worry about. Just like last time coach talked about doing your job and I don't think there's anything. There's there's no better coaching point this week and -- -- to do their job going on the field and talked field take care. What you need to take care so we can get our best. -- for the most important universities and. What's it going to be like oh do you do you know give a feeling was gonna be like to work with. Josh McDaniels again as it's gonna be weird. I'm not sure you know I don't know what the -- plays out there tonight at eight -- great Frontline and obviously this familiarity that. We have with Josh is you know something that's. You know great so we you know world. We'll see how it works this year and in -- -- forward but -- you know it's it's always great to have another great coach -- on our staff so and he certainly. You know great coach and has been. And I always enjoy my time with the mother quarterback coach at all for all the way -- you know what he left he had put the Broncos. Do offensive coordinator Tom have different styles and different approaches and and and how would Josh and and Billie beat. Similar or different from one another. Well I think they've they've both have a great understanding of offensive and what we're trying to do -- Billy worked with Josh so. You know they're they're great friends in. You know how how old. You know it it. Their styles -- mean it it's the same offense so you know what we do what we've done since -- was here is. It is. You know pretty much the same offense have been lucky to be in the same system for twelve years so there's different wrinkles at different coaches have. You know but I junction and the Leo which were pretty close together. Are you surprised that Billy took to Penn State job because that is a big mountain to climb on so many levels over there. And might surprise -- and none and I think it's a great opportunity for firfer very deserving coach and he's. And he's he's worked his tail off for a long time to get opportunities and we're all competitive and you know if you're if you're a backup quarterback you obvious star quarterback today. And and I think that probably goes the same for a lot of coaches you wanna get your opportunity to be a coach so everybody's you know very happy for Billy and his family it's. -- it's a great tradition they have a great school and and you know obviously hopefully you know he doesn't start work full of America. You know first for another month or so we -- but we got to go out there and and and you know play our best football -- premiere and I know really committed that I know players are committed to that. And -- not that -- work so hard it is for opportunities like this. You know -- should buy you a present for getting this job at some bugs or something good if not for screaming at you Penn State -- -- we was. That's true. Well that's a regular occurrence of different if you look at to a world you know called back and force so. They you know they got a got a great coach and you know and because that they got a great coach and got but the got a great coaching abilities you know. Leave and and and you know I think it's a great coach so that's speaks. The way that you know those guys -- work ethic and and the position I put themselves into and also. You know playing for you know -- -- coach and her great organization like a lot of players have gotten a lot of opportunities about it -- -- Are you bred to hate to Penn State the way pay Ohio State or who has Ohio State like standalone and that in the and that term under those terms mean do you do you look at Penn State. And say I want them to lose every damn week the way you look at Ohio State. No it's different because you know and they -- the Big Ten. You know. -- probably wouldn't but ninety's. Then ninety's. Early ninety's but you know that's not quite the same rivalry -- there's only one of out of state level and -- for the state of Michigan it's and and vice Versa so but Penn State -- they've had such a good school nicotine over the years that it becomes a rivalry. And -- I had some great games against them and they hit some great players as Courtney Brown on the foreign convert like. They're too defensive. First round pick what you know my Ukraine to ensure it was a great linebacker. So you know -- they've had a great tradition and you know hopefully. Hopefully you can take care of little review cup itself took that you're actually room for -- heard for the war. You know the and I'm sure you. Heard about a random may be read the story in sports Sports Illustrated did you read -- you didn't talk to the guy. But they revisit your Michigan days and we often ask you know where does that. Competitive fire come with with Brady -- is that you know work ethic come from when you read that she get the sense Tom that. That guy we see every week number twelve under senator you know was born. Under fire at Michigan not only because of the Big Ten in the competition. The focus you'd never had anything handed to you we know the whole deal would two aunts and every other quarter or whatever it was you know you -- cried out the first half the -- would -- the second half. Do you agree that you know what -- and what you've become here was because of what you went through Michigan. I think -- that I grew up a lot there and then and it was. It was it was a very challenging experience about a young man I wasn't you know you're not. You know 25 point six and I was an eighteen year old kid who is a long way from home. And and going -- really battled through some some challenging. Situation just in terms of the competition on a daily basis and what was expected of me and and I had to grow up I mean you can't sit there -- and say. I try to look at everything as a positive and -- You know what -- -- the coach would say okay where you know you're gonna play this first quarter and you know -- -- -- place second quarter or the competition I was -- greasy. You know I just don't like -- -- rat -- that's the best thing in the world at least they're given me an opportunity to show what I can do resident. Bitch about how many chances like. And I only got it. You know a few reps say this guy got -- -- that must mean that they like him more no I mean I would get one -- I was gonna try to. Other trading the best I can do it don't want to look at it did well there it would lead to another rep and I think they're really. Helped -- competitive spirit of practice and you know treat practiced very seriously again. And that you know if you can't performance practice -- I don't buy into the that the paralyzed if you don't flip the switch you know this weekend I'll be greater put on game day -- that's just not. That's not the way were you got to prove -- day in and day out -- your level of consistency of practice. And as a professional -- and studying and all the discipline that it takes to be a professional. I was really fortunate to be able that run at a younger age so not really went -- I was on the scholarships so they could really cut me. You know but in the in the pros when when guys an outlook on the twenty -- -- -- on the street. And and they don't have a job so. It's all those opportunities that different guys get at different times whether. You know -- first round -- can finally get your chance to play earlier labor uptick like Wes Welker get the opportunity to Benjamin. Every one has a different story to tell so. I realize I'm just I'm really fortunate this -- I'd love to do at a place and I'd love to do it enough for daughter that I love to do -- coaches also. You know it's it's it's been a great situation. Before we look forward to the Denver game looking back the last Denver game you know why and how they were able to limit grown to four catches welcome to four. Bring up Fernandez to guess nine balls for 129 yards we will call about the game what they did defensively. Where there has great game and and I think the thing about our offensive is -- just try to find the open -- about. In Miami and west and hit four catches I mean that we came -- at fifteen and crop may have fifteen. You know you just never know so we're gonna try to spread around to different guys and make a couple whole field make a couple of everybody in the Chad caught a touchdown passes for such jumped out by asking. You know yet some other opportunities in the game. You know to catch -- beyond didn't play last game. You know it's just a matter who they're trying to cover what they're trying to defend where the coverages. It's packed sometimes it's packed in the inside the unit brought I was -- outside yet coincide when the cover short yet there would be. And all that goes until everybody being disciplined being in the spot that they need to be and then. Trying to take advantage of what we see up there so. -- there's no real magic formulas have got there and score points it's going to be execution and discipline anticipation and everybody doing their job beat on the same page. You know we talked last week about last year and about 2009. And that's what you know that. Them patriots fans are gonna that's the only worry they have -- Thomas last year. And you were in the same situation you -- home -- -- favorite and you fell to the -- you explain to us last week that it's a different year different team. One difference seems to me that when that NFL network did that -- England with Belichick he UN and Belichick on the sidelines talk and as you lost to Baltimore and he said I just can't get these guys to do the things that you know I need in the do and you were in agreement. Does it I assume. I'm thinking it feels a little different this year do you get the sense that this team is doing the things. That Belichick and you needed to do. Well I think we've done -- more consistent basis that's I think where where were definitely has. Put ourselves in a position on thirteen period. Very respectable record last shall we are fortunate to -- -- very. It was a very different -- questioned the strength of -- team you know different that there were last year so. You know how -- all played out -- -- -- it depends on how we play there's nothing that happened last week or last year or five years ago or ten years ago. -- that that that can play -- that that this game. You know we bring good attitude if we're committed this week which I know we will be there were gonna work or be -- player -- -- I mean. Does -- mean you win fifty and -- -- because that's what you want and that's what you hope now it's you know you gotta put -- got to do on the field so. You know that's that's where all of our energy is focused on how well we need to do this week so we can put ourselves in the best position to play our best that we can. And I mean I'm not call back and looking at a gain you know five years ago. While -- have a five years ago so. You know and so you know -- I think that's approach that we take in -- is that focus on. You know very short term goals very short term focused team -- and I think that's the thing that coach Belichick talks about net. Really we have bought into is that you of the game that we played Denver for a week ago will be nothing I mean not since. You know when -- you know that the determining factor in this game will be our level but fuchsia and that's why we need to be at our best. Probably take the field and this is time for mighty -- weekly stupid question where you hear -- not good question to you. Do you ever have a an adult and -- doubt in your team's talent or your preparation. But the question mark about something you would like to know about the opposition -- to walk on the field say gee I really wish I knew if they were going to. Do this or do that. Sure yeah community and that's every game. You talk about all the scenarios that that I can play out well it is this going to be a book game. You know who are they gonna double where they -- you know where's my house -- -- fresh you know are we going to be able to hold up on their pass -- you know our. Are they gonna matched this quarter on on this guy and you know you're its start in pregame -- Q do you -- they're expected -- -- further. You know there they'll match ups and you know how they want their personal -- that you get out there early in the game and how the game. Usually played -- On the first quarter outlook and the government you'd try to get your best stuff -- so. I think that's why it's important for us. -- -- this week -- you know we we talked about last week that would do better job look and you know when when you see how the game's gonna play out yet be able to make adjustments and and we got a good job of that this year so. Now I'm excited. I'm sure a lot of lot of guys Turkey that's of great last night were were excited to have the opportunity and brought there and and represent our team and and in this region looked at try to put our best football. That leads us nicely to the quarterback question of the week brought you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new -- special offer side by side at auto trader -- on the question is Tom. If Josh McDaniels could provide you one piece of Intel on the Broncos what would you like that to be. I think great question and then there's you know he obviously has some insight information on -- you know that team and those players as he coached them. I haven't seen judgeship -- I I really don't know. You know I think coach Belichick had a pretty good idea what he's gonna want just -- I haven't. You know I've I've talked to just briefly but but you know I really haven't had a chance to sit down and so. You know he's either great coach and and were lucky to have them and I'm excited to get back to work with them and how that plays into this week you know we'll see what will will try to figure that out now here in the next five or six days. Primetime T -- time Saturday look forward to a Tom conducted on the road. -- -- thank you take care Tom Brady Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline get a faster before GAT and T rethink possible absence compliment to me when you felt confident are. Are we using our conversation with Thomas brought to you by north east electrical distributors. Brighten your day with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy. And reducing costs and buy auto trader compared brand spanking new cards and special offer side by side. At auto trader dot com and of course by Lexus of watered down invite you to a new level of excellence.

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