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NFL Sunday Picks Their Winners for Today's Wildcard Games

Jan 8, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang go around the table and pick their winners for today's big matchups.

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Late word from the meadowlands. Atlanta's best quarterback Brent Grimes is a late scratch -- From -- I mean things are not are not looking good for the Atlanta Falcons today we talked about the questionable and injured players who were all active for the New York Giants and now we get word out of the meadowlands that Brent crimes -- late scratch for the Atlanta Falcons today I don't know what the what the issue is for Brent Grimes but apparently won't play today. That's tough. It's tough today you especially going up against -- -- you know we talk about what the recruitment of the duties here at that -- expect them. So this is the point where we we go around the table and see what we think is gonna happen in the -- the two games today and what the match -- will be next weekend and we'll start -- early game Atlanta at New York -- party told to the latest information that we had on. Actives and inactives in Brent Grimes being a late scratch for the Atlanta Falcons. Crystals start with the -- -- alike in this one. -- like New York I think New York is playing good football this -- they've had a few bumps and bruises at the end of the road but I think they are where they wanna be heading into this first postseason game a special player -- I think it's interesting to be by meaning is never one a post season game at home -- -- -- bricks through I think that he gets his first -- the -- went. I don't -- few. On -- momentum has a lot to do with -- season's success. Just the text -- -- by the way a plane going down has momentum to. This is why don't text or tweet because I -- I don't think it very much suited for dale and Chris. Will then pass it on the press yes he's here -- hot -- -- I think. Elicited -- Frontline is healthy. And you know sometimes. Things Jews. Go your way regardless and in for a guy like Tony Gonzales. Is much as I want him to do it -- post season when he earned it he deserves. -- like this now and again I'm going with the giants. I look at I'd like to you know. The argumentative here and take the other side but I don't think the other side's gonna win today either elect the giants as well. As we set on a couple of vacations today I think Eli Manning has worked his way into that. That a -- quarterback level he's not on the level with. With Rogers Brady and -- buddies on the next level just below that and and I think that. Matt Ryan has taken a step off of the level he was on before and certainly. Is not a bad quarterback in the NFL he's very good quarterback I just think that he. Is not of the same caliber that Eli Manning is that the giants for whatever reason every time I think their code to their playing to get their coach fired. They play to get their coach rehired there or keep his job and I think their in the process of doing that again. And in the late game today. This is the one that matters most patriots fans because next Saturday night at Gillette Stadium you'll play the winner of today's game in Denver between the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Denver Broncos Fauria I'll start with you -- -- in this. I think they're -- -- the wheels on the bus. Or. Hauling off completely in this one regardless of injuries but the Pittsburgh Steelers have and the guys that are missing. I just don't think I think -- Tim Tebow story has done it adding partly because I'm just sick of it I don't want to continue. On the fact -- get a good run. He surprised a lot of people you played some teams that made terrible decisions what he started finding out he's -- sort of find out how to stop them he couldn't. Read them over the hump so. We -- Pittsburg near the Steelers are gonna wanna -- Kress I think Pittsburgh Steelers win this game I don't think it's going to be exactly a high scoring. Affair I I think to gonna -- -- -- it's going to be a weird split thirteen to nine or something I -- think the Broncos are going to be able hold them down. But I just think that these don't have the no pun intended horses to run with the Steelers at this point in the season. I added I do it and Pittsburgh clearly went to him but I think just for doesn't -- well. It wouldn't it be ironic if Troy it was right and and Pittsburgh ended up playing Charlie Batch today in all the stuff with Roethlisberger was -- was a Deke him a AM and that they were gonna play Charlie back to all along I don't think that's the case. I think they are playing Roethlisberger today although I think that if Pittsburg could get up by a couple of touchdowns. They may decide it's time to have been ghosts on the sidelines for awhile and get ready for next Saturday night the -- Pittsburgh wins as well what can say patriots fan. I would rather Denver win. Because I think the patriots easier road to get back to the Super Bowl and play in Indianapolis in February is to go through Denver not to go through Pittsburgh next week. The Pittsburgh about a football team I think -- a tougher football team. I think James Harrison. His his mind has been spinning for a week now thinking about an opportunity to -- elect on a quarterback who's out running free and -- I mean you know what he's like. -- of nut job to Begin. He is gonna try to take Tim Tebow out of his cleats. At some point today and I think that's probably what's gonna -- idea. I think Pittsburgh wins. We've got the giants winning that means the patriots play Pittsburg next weekend means we've got the giants. Let's see now I'm trying to remember where they would -- I think the giants would go to Green Bay right. The giants would go to Lambeau next week yet because you wanna keep the one in the two's yeah it was separate possible for rent the we have to temperature. So the giants would go to Lambeau and that means that the the New Orleans Saints. We get to put that high powered offense to work against it before in game happening.

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