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The first meeting of the Brandon Bass Fan Club

Jan 6, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Paul Flannery are talking about the Celtics seeming to find themselves during the first few weeks of the season. Mikey can't stop praising Brandon Bass and what he has brought to the Celtics this season.

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There's the same zone -- Good news. Slam match. -- -- -- I -- some years away. He has whatever it is that. -- Barbara Streisand didn't. Because we're taught as Paul has -- going nonstop -- vehicle you know what's weird right now obviously -- words the please visit land as -- of slim slam. But I used to use this song to close my old oldies show in the seventies. The song right here. Every dad played is this the sign off the show so I thought it. Now and we're stranded car brought some kind of special handle for now what's your road Twitter name -- -- -- the Flint -- as I know I've Farley but I just and -- remember what -- it's hard to remember the toughest a couple of its detailed. Seven letters of that off -- covers -- Celtics for the UEI dot com but also. As I've become aware is. Hard core in the other sports as well as far as following the knowledge of phantom you can cover any sport -- results -- what is it really comes down to him. He gives us without music that. He's he's you he's a sculptor to news in. The rhetorical and earlier we talked to -- wants -- Celtics or pat or pat sort of you guys is six point seven some of an injury fifty -- He plans. Has. A a thing a lot about my favorite new flavor of the month here. Brandon -- I love this so far burst out I'm adamantly you know what Mike he's gonna love this guy he's he's fun to watch he has -- he tries hard he does -- thirteen rebounds last is a funny guy too. Let's try to humor and great for sure you -- -- -- show Obama's drive for you talk to receive about Malaysia unbelievable the Bruins to score two goals like the span of the minute they're now up six nothing it's at. -- Sugar slackers tonight the -- slackers you know everything turnaround for the repair profile Peter Sharaud. The site says -- that was exactly what went that was a turning point now -- -- the karma can be spread through the Internet -- it. But Britain's best LSU guy brother plays for the younger brother. Great guy Alan pass. I read it somewhere it must feature that. And it was sort of walk the bathroom it's it's our Brothers and -- pilot should tigers now. But here's a guy who you know relieve the mormons he gets to play Lester he averaged -- games actually played 26 minutes a game for the first time his career. I'm thinking this guy's gonna get some minutes gets rebounds. Could be a force you to score you know morally score off the bench he was not to like about. You know -- he's -- I mean -- -- I guess there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it looks like my nickname is no past -- so play cut off the at the pass -- -- -- -- -- -- but you know -- he's he gets it but he also understands that that's not what he's supposed to do that's not his job on this team -- jobs -- points. And it's not it doesn't pass but he's not certain guys operate. No but maybe the surprise factor might be. Indian when they're not look at fort have it all over the course of time with Doc Rivers in the east this group of guys. Battled -- shore and went -- They're big on that oh yeah speaking of hockey debate on that -- hockey assists thing you make the pass that makes balls that ball well there are always present so I don't big of a bowel movements should. Well we. And I talked about the hockey the hockey assists and -- -- Cool I like that as side guys is that anytime Paul by the way it's been an article latest one Britain's best under the radar any to Begin yank it RA into an article I was right. I 78 games with psoriasis I looked it up. That is so great status like that all alone tells you what's up those are like two and a half years to do. This typically played four games like -- -- -- -- haven't assessed there's this game are actually I'd I lived in New Jersey bid in my childhood and I remember when Yankee -- and it was immediate. The immediate reaction to them drafting you -- it was oh my gosh they've totally screwed this up again. You know he was settled its patent. Right from the beginning you are so bad it's a bunch of odd ball sometimes you don't know he get these two communities all -- shoot to draft this guy he's it. -- look at -- it. Well -- got the Celtics had in his career -- much. Who's such a total abject failure Mars Juan and no no is start -- and -- here's -- I'll think of it eventually well but that now this year's. Celtic team because I hear from people all the time because I -- the voice of optimism here. You know -- pirated adamant negative campaign now. I always try to talk of the the good stuff as best I can't and I and I believe it is item and just to which for the sake of having you know. Roll. It's because I really really try to look on the positive side of things. Could this be the kind of thing where this team was close but no cigar last couple tries at it. -- tough you know him in Miami Heat -- question they're going to be good but. -- the Celtics. -- all these things together including health. And and have one more step up for Rondo. And these additional parts command and just get a little bit -- good fortune and win this thing this year I mean. And they do this yes if everything you just said -- -- happens with the epithets that's happened -- it and you know and and if if if Avery Bradley. If he can continue to be a bit of a player and humidity -- contributions some from some other guys in Pietrus they really need him right now. He can be in nice little addition you know defense has -- you know three what's the hold up with him well -- he had knee surgery. Ours is why you know he got traded to Toronto on an aid they did when they reported the trade. So that that's why is available in Phoenix -- him is -- going to be there anymore and so you know means -- -- and got the province of his career here now to help. Again it's all about the fit is it's sending -- I shattered Dotson talked about this. This is the guy you don't automatically go to is it -- -- into this business no but he can't do this and this that's -- asking him to do. That's all he's really qualified to do right and knowing his role would be able to just concentrate on that focus on that the one thing they need to -- two things seeded duke. What's wrong that's not great he's a great story I had just talked in the other night before before he had his breakout game is as good timing in my apartment. Yeah I mean he was trained from birth basically bureau. He lives his parents were actors he was a great high school player in Wisconsin went restate three straight state changes of Wisconsin but he went to Wisconsin. Universe Wisconsin's coached by Bo Ryan. And Bo Ryan everybody's role player in on his -- it's in the big men are taught to. -- only pass but also dribble and sets these screens so he -- like -- -- points and four rebounds college but as you know some with the Celtics at -- adjusted for Wisconsin that's like thirteen thirteen -- -- writer you know anyone overseas he played overseas he did you know he never got a chance. He got chance right now and you know it's it's one thing to say okay this gives a flash in the pan or whatever but the thing realistic -- with guys like Garnett. And Rondo and pierce. Tommy -- a hole -- -- -- -- that right but guys like that and they're not they're not easy marks you know what I mean they're not gonna just give -- -- to give -- -- they were legitimately happy for this did. -- -- -- two point six for for what he did the other and that's a lot to me into Els was impressive too and in his debut right up that didn't seem fazed or an all -- in his first NBA star would be out the year. None and that that -- -- a lot of these guys you know it's funny too because some players are just so good it would -- the one thing we do well. TII used Rodman is an example there on it was in the scorer. It was a -- good defender. He was read by machine machine at its high at the height was 68. Maybe 67 somewhat yet he could just out rebound -- how -- did his specials -- had some on this guy's case he seems to have like. A total confidence and so when it comes to jump up against the -- -- making that -- difficult for you know you -- -- he's asked him who's the toughest guys he's ever had to block you so zone is so bag yeah. An ugly and ugly but law stuff fairly sort. In my mouth my nobody's -- you can and I thought that planners corners are so let's say he knows that I am right could happen associates like Tyrone hill. I was not a good looking man tires are doing my idol Owens on the bench yeah. Paparazzi oh it's it's just -- -- show because we don't we have baseball. You know who -- it was that they Jorge Cantu did he win it that some ideas ways it looks like a blocked punt. But the worst thing is in the NBA you have the thrown in there. That's with -- without the nude photos he's ugly period no matter what yeah so but it's an interesting group of guys and a and I tell people it is reality has visited and every does that anyway right but. Can't we just wait to see. What you got after the 03 start you said oh boy and it after the four wins in a -- I've been -- not great teams. You -- the start that team they're playing defense they're moving the ball around it to -- Celtics do they look like himself -- so let's wait and see what they are before we decide and we're also going to Paul really couple weeks here next couple always gonna tell -- to united Dallas Oklahoma City some tees up for better teams if they -- Indiana tomorrow night at a testament. Very -- as good. Well they play a couple of OK to Brenda -- the next. It the next lose two yet Harland and on and Charlie have a hundred. When he. Points -- so 120. -- it was a it was a defensive I didn't watch the game but just. Judging from my Twitter and people I follow Jefferson in Europe you writers I tell their dislike this is the worst governors have more of the same from the knicks like their whole posture in life is okay whatever they score doesn't matter which is gonna score more. The patriots actually -- Complicit -- -- -- and you know not not that I would get some phone calls and talk about everything the NBA. We get these guys have been on -- longest did you want to tackle football first pocket money settlement act has got to well Tim first attempt. Yeah I Europe. -- just one -- didn't mention that I'll never hear anybody writing on the packers' defense. But they. You're not listening to every day or Milwaukee. Or they're so high in Green Bay they don't say anything bad about their team you -- a big old love cheese love fest. -- lovely town Milwaukee. Does that Milwaukee what do town. I got -- should be you've heard me say it I mean I've I've I constantly bring up the fact. That the Packers basically are the patriots when -- -- of the both the defense and the -- statistics they've they are reach other. Similar. Everybody like -- on the patriot because their team hasn't done as well as consistently. You just have set depicting it as well pages there's definitely the last decade. Well -- hit you know fair criticism of the -- Now that's true -- by definition to tell that to Mikey for years it sounds like it's sometimes though. And we're have been turned it around attempt. And make it such markets in Plymouth. A hallmark. Hey I don't guys mark so mark not but I I just wanted to start out really quickly now. About the patriot defense but then lack. Here I think we can all agree that they over achieved they -- into the playoffs all they could do it don't doubt enact this I think. They've done -- at all it can do is go up in terms of performance I want it should stop complaining about that -- be fine. That's a good -- like balance. I hate to oversimplify mark when it comes this whole offense defense saying the whole league's defense sucks this year. You can say that as a general thing that you throw an umbrella you throw overall these teams -- their high numbers patriots in particular don't you think -- a lot of the patriots numbers have been based on. Early first quarter stuff big plays happening in the first ten minutes of the game maybe on the first possession by the team that maybe 10% of those yards. Which -- hearing about the pats -- -- -- -- Like what happened early it happened quick it happened deep. Right yet they make they make stops and -- an internal look back out -- I think people are always looked at the top of the complain about with -- thirteen breeze you can stop complaining they want you know. You -- market becomes sort of become to a point where you say. -- -- -- last year 33 this year to me that's 275. And I don't know -- that doesn't translate into some kind of post season winning no matter what happens -- got two guys -- -- third straight year with this -- that they'll be labeled -- Mikey would you say if they bow out in the first first game of the players they'll be labeled as the Indianapolis -- used to be. As a team great regular season can't win of the playoffs. And start to get that but it's. I like -- labels like you know like what what's is that not factual. Why does that not accurate -- -- -- riders heating right now I'm not Haiti especially -- -- noticeable but. I'm just saying if it does happen though what are -- when I felt like just it was to Cincinnati are symbolic then you get these people calling in their supposed to be patriots fans they know that the team's 275 and -- he's nickel. I added are good at the way to go about their deep right. Ed I'd like up -- -- -- get it acumen that it make that became every every excuse the world why -- -- And he say what's point 75 -- is 275 up and find me somebody. Don't I mean it's I guess being a little bit spoiled but. Now publishers want. There's only so long a window here you know. I -- I picked an apple you know Brady's not going to be here forever Bill Belichick is -- going to be they're gonna have to start over eventually -- support but let's cross that -- recount to not let it ruin this season which could be. And will be gassed me. Another trip to the Super Bowl with the patriots scale -- in Hyannis. Where they'll say hello to Paul Flannery WEEI and a common John. Yeah. I was horrible that guy Orlando older news or -- protests he talks in the package he's much better powers how to package be any better then that patsy. -- well if you ask. -- that Ryder they'll say they go more play makers. I think the talented guys deep woods and Charles Woodson or through sixteen games knows what set. Because their playmaker here -- and they -- it doesn't matter -- aren't doing anything this they're just. Their defense is get a little better lately but you know where they're better the patriots defensively on Paper. That's where. Not statistically. On Paper. But they don't play games on Paper right Caleb. And -- led the league in interceptions. Do you think they are much and perhaps on that there's something very -- On those teams that we keep going over and over this stuff with the patriots and Packers defense both these teams so predicated on offense we know that elements. I don't think either defense I think -- it up to may be Green Bay improves will be but I -- the -- deepens pretty much been the same policies. Mean we can't say the patriots are without guys can make big plays we cancers -- -- -- -- red zone. Defense that can pick and stand up to most people most the time it does help to get Patrick job at that. -- secondary that's been -- tactics of a hit here's the thing nobody nobody's talking about who's gonna beat them. Right well I'm saying you know it is another -- -- yeah I think about it had -- Baltimore's Gooden and you know. Dealers or curtsy or similar but deathly afraid of that is those some kind of curse on the pats now they have won the post season games the past few dries. But you know that doesn't belied the fact that they have a better record -- all these other teams over the last couple of this year. And -- -- would you to me I could care less if they ended up having ten wins as long as they won the Super Bowl care less about what they did rate hike but it's it's the only thing you could use. You know valid only valid that you use to judge won't you got Gordon kaposi's. You could say world. You know head to head that that's like when you mentioned before we're talking about you're saving pages of these casualties today yet first questions over the -- of the chiefs a good team. And I said no. But then the guy text that it is right they beat the Packers yes and you the only team that won -- Packers game but it doesn't matter that that's saying well. All these comparative -- elements that go into the -- Kansas city's drastically different always has been Holman road it's always going to be your arrow it's a great artist -- personal in the OC use it. Your team gets three turnovers the you know you're usually -- you very typically when -- internal. -- in by have a and so. -- he hello Perry how to -- writing degree got force well you know Baltimore. They look right. Yet they look on the at home. Yeah -- end if they play the patriots they won't play at home. And then that okay in the day in and in slightly you know I'll call for the patriots but I look at it this schedule that. In the team the Baltimore played this year you know Pittsburgh twice. -- one tennis being one Houston one. They have been typical one. Then the eagle one. He's the Bengals twice they need you know -- compared schedules. The difficulty to get to 113 was a lot harder with the patriots had yet to eleven during. Now -- -- -- or so or thirteen before the season no right now there are gathered by two he says he had tougher schedule would you say the -- it's a definite beat the jets twice before the season starts or do you just say that after the season's over. In retrospect. You'd like to -- the -- -- to get all the time but no he had generally speaking going to -- you think they gonna split. -- well -- -- look at it's it's one thing you know you can have facts and line him up numbers and say this is this this is this that's all undeniable facts are facts and their. And they're written down for recent. But people take the giants. They just take everybody that the pats lost to this year all three of them. You had an eight point loss against Pittsburgh get a four point loss of three point loss that's fifteen points in three games but nobody will last that a model water. Great even and it has -- was audiences like law but he with a McGrady had hit a few bad games he had he wasn't it was never blowout situation well you know -- -- -- -- -- you playoffs. You know I think I think the defense to get better it pretty. Pretty amazing to see how that secondary has been just like jigsaw puzzle. Now you had to have a leader -- -- -- he says he wanted to talk about the Boston Celtics. Well they're all I did but you know you change the subject I'll talk about. What we're -- Celtics expert here and Paul Flynn. What are we gonna Celtics expert witness and -- winner. Well you know. You -- the -- I had volatility and during the draft. Pick out cloud of doubt in my job Brooke. Marciano I think from Providence College yet they traded is there week in and you know he made the switch. And we've got Jonathan good Jack gather evidence want to Johnson is an option but. Who does that apply that I get. Really could care of the dog doesn't give these guys outside because basketball basketball football game and is it the end it. You know you're underneath the basket we need to have the body to be -- to do that type. Type of playing but. You know. You this gadget guy -- -- score points and. On a bad team yet he is well I mean there's there's a couple of things going on here one as they did the -- the NBA works they made that trade before the pick came up. They decide -- swap places and there's another pick involved of the nets told the Celtics take -- Brooks. Draft him and that's who we want animals which we -- when we get to 47 of -- that we want to want Johnson. So the Celtics a statement they're gonna stay there would have drafted -- it's like they traded -- and now that they've picked up a second round and -- got a second round for the other thing here your other point about -- -- -- play young players which has been going on for the last three or four years yeah. People play these guys. At a certain point this season last year. But what he wants to see out of them you want to see the execution as much as the production. And right now that you want Johnson is the sixth big man of sex -- right now each one more is the third shooting guard of the read right -- played good yeah yeah I played look at William Blair probably had a chance to do. -- more is definitely ahead of -- want Johnson right now. But Jauron is going to play. They're in they're gonna have to play everywhere. Set the meaning that you don't really good skill that he doesn't have the body but I guess you know lot of these guys need the four year college guy right. And you know so not like it it is birth you know. Yeah that little bit dated the NBA game is so different is so different -- area and it relives. It every I don't know the NBA game changed pretty common maybe he's changed name to a -- are injured or judge who won. -- -- items -- lot of big -- points -- Eric thanks across from back have a remains my -- everyone always wants to play the rookies. -- yemenis a very curious about I'm sure -- serious I mean and they let it take Avery Bradley. A year and a half to have a game where he was able to be on the court like he was Muslim when in minutes and not you know and and be able to reproductive. I think is always a soft spot people's hearts for rookies -- like like mess and they got -- on that -- meek. Well -- -- together like the rookies -- you know what it is that think it's the newness yesterday relatives they wanna see what these guys -- do it right you know jobless it would -- in detail but I mean. You guys as the -- -- -- -- -- is it Kevin Garnett -- -- sound -- -- race -- just -- to -- jets so right now -- the -- person rotation donkeys who likes to play eight or nine he's playing Ted that's that's a bit of an adjustment but at some -- guys are gonna get -- they're gonna -- -- guys down and then tired all -- get tired and old and some other people get a chance to. Well it's -- supply. The solution to -- at these and Johnston which is Rhode Island -- somebody calls from Johnston Rhode Island hello Anthony. -- -- Editor on the all the playoff talk but I -- in the schedule and actually it's a major. No yes I haven't. Yeah actually. Yeah it does doesn't surprise. All the games so besides division -- -- -- you get the Broncos and -- common at the last. Along with our colts Texans and cardinals. They had Jacksonville in their I think. Jacksonville. Road -- I wrote game Seattle wrote game and not the ravens -- -- I mean. The ravens game might be tough and maybe -- -- a -- and even denied that all of I don't know about that. -- rams will be tough for next year they were this year that's for sure. Should be led have to be eaten at that. But you know the thing is there's always one of those surprise teams men -- a lot of it has to do with -- yeah you know one thing I'd never doing as if Francisco's look at the schedule and analyzes scheduled before the post seasons even over I know it's fun to look at -- oh OK that's cool. But to really think about it is crazy because you got all this important crap coming down next three weeks aren't. And you to get -- next year already is that kind of the old horse before the cart before that whatever the thing as. They'll well now we -- we have thoughts on the jets' next season. The jets' first of all kinds of it and say -- -- -- -- more time. Rex Rex Ryan should be fired OK why does not just because. I mean I -- he snuck in he got kind of got lucky was handed a couple of playoff -- the last couple seasons but this year when more was expected of him and by the way he self promoted the -- all that was expected from him himself. He's a one -- him. And talking about not kiss and rings and how about we wanna be the best damn team and it I don't have an egg and cheese burger Ahmadinejad this guy brought it on himself. Body when you can't. -- UK if you're gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk or fire his status like you making predictions these should be -- only prediction -- -- it's very quickly cut by the way you albeit thousand dollars Mikey by. Rex Ryan was fired -- yet. He's not going to be body you know because they've already made most these decision -- -- tell you don't know that the UU and on the Yuen the the committee are you with the jets but you made -- at the -- you of the one that made it would that he was fired say that'd make the playoffs you know him and I had a window isn't closed -- and -- -- waited about a month it's almost like Rex Ryan -- buddy -- son isn't it -- -- and rob Ryan's brother yeah -- it's so classic so perfect -- analysts have been. That was 790 -- fifty Paul -- is here. He writes for WPI dot com is latest this is it right here all right that's it is about my favorite new player on the Celtics Brandon Bass. And we'll take your phone calls talk Selz Packers pats what are you want talk about.

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