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Danny Ainge: "I was not trying to trade Rajon Rondo"

Jan 5, 2012|

Danny Ainge makes his regular appearance with Ordway and Holley and tells the guys there's a distinct difference between trying to make your team better, and trying to trade a guy away from your team (in this case Rajon Rondo).

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We're talking about hopes if you -- if you watch much of Ricky Rubio yet. The height is. -- of the globe warming -- that you bought into our body and I I think he's got phenomenal. Court vision of the the the pistol Pete Maravich -- might be a little bit overboard though he's got probably think he's better. I would -- better he's better at that -- -- -- I know I would say that that's probably a little bit of a stretch he's got a great. Shooter score yet in his sleep -- -- court vision great. And actually he's -- the ball right now make it surpasses. -- you can blame his teammates for not getting the ball he's laid it out for them and they brighten -- their communication is not there but I've actually been watching. Minnesota. And games. Watching. I am sick come out of watching. We'll get the most fun play one don't you okay guys that he's no skin where you know stayed in that group goes a foreign player rubio is a -- and -- -- an interest visa visually. When he wants to play a very good and -- than. And -- rules they they they only they don't have. Watch a movie you know what's gonna happen they don't have much. Looking at the Celtics right now do you see the as a -- to see the road today I mean does the -- my stuff is just taken off like. Like its army is holding his ground. Donald Arizona's -- saying that there are certain things about teams but it remind him wait for. A Bill Russell. -- that -- -- -- infielder. And a Bill Russell. Russell basketball player Bill Russell. What a great history of the game. Right I know use that at army I love -- Tommy. Tommy is referring to is kind. I can't even give that even the -- I can't give them to give them around now does not remind me. And Tommy would know Tommy play of the plate right next so he would know better than all of us is this just Tommy doing they. I long want to routine again I -- Famer. Compared McCarty anybody I'm sure you -- these -- about. You know Belgian -- look at it. At least at one in a car he's doing it. And or I'd love to me and and a -- gets overly excited season everything. From a certain. Point of view the the -- one's a little too much because I. Just happened put Russell whole different level from Greg Stevens. You see matches like to see matches line and it is -- these -- Gotta get we gotta get an accident actually guys but that's too much -- About Mac. Gaby compared to Russell. I'm not sure I mean he's been. A fund players to have around obviously the crowd loves and he's been productive because he's blocked some shots. He's got some nice thanks so maybe he's one of those what type of guys that helps you out a little bit coming off the bench -- whatever. Over the same categories. Russell much. To do that what does that -- would know all of them what does that word for it. -- can walk right into that. President of the a basketball operations of your Boston Celtics to any instruments slide for the former mr. ancient happy new year eight UN backed war -- you don't -- What wait what the hell did you know and up until December. What happened. -- yeah. Yeah you're working on Europe you're talking about things run out Tommy compared him to his timing to Russell magic. Is that what you had in mind when you picked up steam and the Bill Russell type player we use again. -- -- to -- that compares. Acts as applied right. Yet -- but he's played very well the first -- training camp he. He's been a positive. Influence on our team our coaches have really -- you know our players you earn their respect right away. He's been good. I said the player played over in Europe when you bring a man. Do you think he can help the team -- a look at him and saying we need the numbers as we need to practice -- tell us the truth. What did you think you had when you brought men. Well actually. Austin my son Austin has had coached in the in Mexico. For the US team. Group with a -- guys who went down there represent the country and and we'd like we saw the week we were hopeful for him but we weren't putting a lot of eggs in his basket we weren't even sure he would make our roster. But he's the guy that we were intrigued by. So when you put him on the scale Bill Russell and Greg kite -- -- defense and that led broad scale well. Let's hope he's somewhere -- between. How did you look at this season any I'm having a hard time. Getting into it because of this -- first because of the start the late start. Within 66 games just kind of throws things off weren't talking about all star voting right now. And in a lot of teams have played you know seminary games. You look at it this condensed season does it change anything for you lord you -- already adjusted to. -- -- -- You know Mike I think it's it's just were all trying to figure out. I don't think anybody knows exactly how it could go we we had some great moments not a great moments have watched. You know probably most of the games that have been played. In the NBA this year so far in scouting players seeing what other teams are doing it. You know everybody's -- ups and downs and it lot of players aren't in -- like they probably will be later. Some players are in great shape it in a particular advantage but I have a good start early on. So I think that it's going to be a long year. And I think it's going to be interesting to see how it all unfold in you know our our objective here is just to keep keep getting better. Just mental toughness and be persistent. And have some resolve and just you know fight through some of the bad times because every team is gonna help them in the short. Are you know you've got the copy of your of your depth chart. What are you get out of the rest of the team and how important is that. In that you don't over tax those top guys that your depth chart that you pushed -- it's important. In the post season is that you have those guys not worn out how important is it. That your bench really contribute during the regular season this year. No it's very important I mean we we need -- have all fifteen players contribute. You know not just your top eight or nine like some years in the more normal season now we believe that we're gonna need all fifteen players. So it's it's critical. Outlook what do you. What what do you see from firm Brandon Bass matter -- this morning. You with a doctor about bats when he made this comment but he said you don't know player -- you coach and some lucky on doing and they shot as a unconventional jump shot. How are Brandon Bass -- you know the player you -- at the player but now that you get to see him on your team. What have you seen from him that maybe I didn't realize that when he wasn't results. -- I don't know I I think he's pretty much what we what we saw him in Orlando mean he's a terrific shooter he's pitching the ball at a very high percentage the last couple years. He played in Green energy and character. You know ideally you'd never know how it's gonna -- Mike with your team by that I don't think there's anything that he's doing that surprising me. Or anything that he doesn't do well that's surprising -- but you always wonder how it's gonna fit with our system with a coach with. You know that the personalities. And basketball that's that's real challenging it's not like here you know put the guy into the two slot. In a baseball lineup but I mean this is you -- -- play with. In all the other guys on the court in in in a new system with the coach. You know I've followed him through all the stops -- -- in the college and follow them as as a hornet as a maverick. As a member of the magic. I'm always amazed why it in your opinion what guys like this drop -- mean even when he was coming out of school us. You know it's a good player or -- should be -- Out top fifteen top twenty player what what do you think guys like that and in the in his name is due to my mind right now for San Antonio went to -- Undersized players to one one. Where people don't go public same thing well look like that's like that -- well the wind was I think that you know they've been with Carlos Boozer they when he came out I think that -- they -- their their undersized. And they don't really fit fit the description -- the size of power or because of the size and don't want to simply because health. Is no he -- it is in his means. But. I think that he's just you know he's six foot six and a half power forward. And that doesn't really even a good look for six and power forward. And Japanese finding a way to be successful on these continued to find a way to be successful. The only way he was available to us. What this you know we gave up pretty good player in return it in Glen Davis. So. You've got some pretty good because it's something good you know where we're glad that. Brandon is playing well and hitting into our system. As soon as early as he as he that that's very rare. It wasn't that it looks like it's a terrific deal but. As you not a position when you have a free agent like you have with Glen Davis and you're in the position we you don't have a lot of flexibility to do other things. You really have to maximize that don't you mean the sign and trade. Really worked out great for -- but you could end up losing their player get nothing in return and I don't think you can afford moves like that and. Well known that it's it's challenging. Lenders because we can't. You know we weep couldn't pay the price that it -- wanted. And you know go that direction because that's sort of a limit our flexibility -- in the future and we're very fortunate to. Be able to turn that into a player that has played as well like -- -- -- system real well very early in the process. -- all the rumors out there with Rajon Rondo and yet there are all over worth now. He's out there and he's playing at a very high level I'm sure that doesn't surprise you but how much work did you guys have to do. In trying to make sure that Rajon Rondo was going to be on the same page and and doing what he's doing right now. You know why I sat down with Rondo. When he got back into town -- that with a lockout ended and I just told them the truth. What was going on. In. That was it I had conversations and told him exactly what was happening in in. George W trying to trade him away right I did not know. Well guess what you said overture to a what's the odds with the truth that's in that whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well no I'm not in a bucket and rehash that again that that history that. We never had it with us the rise it's basically remember I did actually you guys had represented at the B guy here it was discussed -- now. There's the thing that. There's dispute there's stories that come out later this you know try to dispute what I said at that -- don't buy it stand by that was not. Trying to trade Rajon -- There's a big difference. Between trying to acquire. A player and trying to trade a player and I know that some people say oh that's just semantics notes not. It there's there's. Rondo knows what I was trying to do and he knows that I wasn't shopping him around -- trade -- Mike has been reported. And -- there's a big difference. Our and he understands what you're trying to do what what do you think. What do you think his mentality was a -- OK you know I had a talk with daddy ain't she explained it to me. You get the sense that he was. More motivated. That approved his work as a player or from what you concedes it is the same old Rondo from last year before. We heard anything about Chris paltry discussed. No I think you know what I think that this is. Rondo is just churning. Out right before our eyes he's just incrementally getting. And understanding. The NBA and the whole process but I'm sure as. We all are. Brought to that conclusion at some point that we really are in a business. And you know you can't get emotional -- your feelings hurt. And in Rondo should take these things these conversations or had the cameras to call. As to who he is as a player. And I don't think that he uses it as a major motivation night and -- I think that he was very motivated I. We've got reports of summer how hard he was working. This offseason so he showed up in great shape and then he came out of the -- -- fantastic basketball for a and he had a great training camp. And he's got a good -- the right mindset when he goes out there on the court. I would agree with you I thought not only is he playing well but he handled it well when he finally had to address it. Is that a matter of maturity do you think he would've handled at the same -- two years ago. I don't know. You know that he he's surprises -- is very bright. In -- the same time he's very emotional. But he handles a lot of things very well. In he's he's in front of the media and he's got a lot of expectations. And he has handled everything. The way he should've -- that but he's doing he's getting better. I think you would just be an unbelievable. Nearly unguarded ballplayer it's. He -- kids get to align and make you know 675% of his shots and and consistently Papa medium range jumper what -- you. What do you think I know he worked -- price for a while on his free throws -- do you think that's been an an area of difficulty for him. You know I don't know I think it's a lot of players go through that he should the ball better this year from blinding. Anticipate that he'll have some great stretches of between -- he works hard on it. Shoot the ball from the mid range. You know much better last year and this year. Now the question is can we do is give and take more. Of those shots in just you know leaving it more and more because his percentages. Are. As good as some of the top shooters. The top point guard scores in -- -- mid range jump shots so we just needed to take more depleted -- more and I think that that that's coming. I wonder will you expect to see our Michael pitchers playing. In the Dallas game. I think it. We're not that aren't that that's going to be the date but I have -- heard reports of how he did today at how much you practice. Today that we think that the doubt came on the eleventh would be the game by. After the company is like it is with having an older team here and the schedule is not only compressed but. It's it's weird I mean you're playing Friday against India then you've got some time off here. Time early in the season where doc might like to practice and try to work on some things on the other hand. Can you work those guys too much knowing that you're playing with -- compressed schedule. You know docket -- is is one of the best bet he'd he'd get it in them there's a difference between working. Extremely hard physically and you know going through. Things that we need to work on on the court adopted very good at that he's not gonna push him or with guys. Because you distinctly the season finale means those late scratch. But we do need to work on and you can do -- he can work on things without without crack the whip but well Wear them now. I did it's great to have you back great to have the Celtics a basketball back we'll look forward to talking to you next -- have a good all right guys to play any any shred your public show.

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