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Tom Brady talks about the playoffs, Andrew Luck and getting calls as a QB

Jan 3, 2012|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to recap the Bills game and look ahead to the NFL Playoffs

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors -- your day with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs. By auto trader compared brand spanking new car and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. And by Lexus of watered down inviting you to the December to remember sales event details at Lexus of watered down dot com conversation with the quarterback. Brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts and morning Tom Brady holidays. Are you good to talk to you pay are arguing your teammates -- jump right in what we were just discussing before you get on the line with the -- concern. That's slow starts and how remarkably. Calm. You survive these last five or six games you were behind and won the remarkably. Could be a fatal flaw in the playoffs. You know I think we're always trying to play better -- I think we because every game saying you know other things we can do so well understood if you better so. And I don't think with that reminded me and we get you know where Duluth we're gonna lose for journalism. And we don't think that you think you're gonna win and you think you're gonna pull the game about your confidence that if you play for four quarters and play hard. And you make more plays here fifteen minutes into the signature when the game. I believe though wouldn't we all have to be up 21 up and sit down 21 but if we're doubtful about some -- up until we come back with a game. Use the post game that the reason you fell behind is because we have the team worked extra -- offense and defense I get that you -- -- cute. But why not executing why what did the team not appear to be ready to play a kick off. I don't know. I don't know we just we just didn't make the plays. So we'll you know we'll go on and you'll watch the -- and we'll try to make crack so. If you know what would try to go out there and do better perfectly. Is it. Physical thing like a 1 o'clock game is like is that too early guys aren't physically ready either. May be just coast move a little slow could that be could be as simple as that. I I would open. I don't think anyone -- and put a finger on exactly what it is. And we won eight straight you know we we feel very good about that and -- we continue to make improvement so. Which certainly showed that we can score points and and and we get a lead on teams who don't usually give so. Notice there's been a lot of positives to take -- I think we. We we were gonna here for the next two weeks from obviously you guys I think the best team -- FC but. The last two years you luster it you have blessed to time to -- bounce from the playoffs at home. We've already heard from caller send -- to get the jets game last year in the ravens game before that. Obviously those were disappointing days for you Tom but do you do you know what happened -- to that does it make sense. What happened in those two games and you see. In the seat easily corrected. They're they're two totally different team in two totally different years. They're two totally different opponent that really have no impact on the next week came so. If it's completely different team that we have and prices -- that will say though. And -- -- -- it's very pointless to talk about something happened a year ago like it's gonna have any impact on what's gonna happen that we that it really won't. Tom I know the answer this question is it depends how the entire team and all three phase of the game plays but if you have to narrow it down. Somebody says Tom Brady what's your philosophy if you're going to pick a championship football team. Is one of two things defense wins championships. Or great quarterbacks win championships. What's more important legacy of Automask. You know I -- it depends on the game and it depends on the team this. It's there's not one thing there's certainly been great defense one person great course record of 1%. Includes both those. That 1 -- law so it. You know you got to be -- that make critical plays on defense when you need to you got to be able to score points in critical situation on the offense. It's about complementing each other and taking advantage of opportunities that you make it on the side of the ball so. If you offense you know gets a short field and then got to deal with figures that get the ball -- With the exception of the old crusty example that Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl managing the game. And very few others get a team win a Super Bowl get deep into the playoffs and win a Super Bowl without. Excellent play about the quarterback. And it all depends -- the team plays its you know quarterback an important position could you just protection aboard every play and you're decisions. Impact the whole team because you have the ball so. And the quarterback cast that have to play well versed after the Couric doesn't play well they still wins so. You know what there's there's games where I've played my best game but we want. Such -- you know it's it and become another score more points and the other team there's no formula that of them you know who. Plays better on that particular days you know if you had 45 to 42 doesn't really matter -- or fewer in seven to three. If you're distract or more points that they -- the next round. We knew we are happy when. You guys got gronkowski that reckon I was surprised to reasons is present you guys even knew. That about the reckon on the sideline the Jimmy Graham -- set the record or and being surprised that -- Belichick said let's go for let's get robbed this record. Was that kind of a team unifying thing. And you guys all felt good about at the end. I don't think any -- I didn't know about it. You know there on the sidelines so I don't know who knew about it you're oral. If someone must have known but I I was unaware of it so America richer came from. -- -- you upset that that Hoyer hasn't higher -- near the fifth that the. Heck -- -- certainly not either over a player he's you know he's he's got a great. He's got a great future he's he's been great to playlist and and he's a great person friend teammate and it's -- something going there and do well. That first quarter sacked Tom where you lost eleven you landed on your left shoulder rather violently on the way down you think all of this is in good and did it do any damage. United think about it at all you know I don't think about that one I'm not very. Maybe just try to play through tax -- hit. And some feel better than others but. You know I've played a lot of football games in. Only one. Only one. Has serious injury that took me out of the game itself. I'm hopefully don't have any of those in the near future. Correct me if I'm wrong do we see some new plays this week or plays we haven't seemed very much at all if at all. I in the second quarter there was a well designed reversed element where rub Welker ended up getting crushed and there was a well designed missed direction. That got called back because of the up a penalty with a lot with a lot of slump. A ball handling out there -- those two no place. Yeah we you know you're always by the -- took took you know put some new little tweaking offense a little dimensions so we definitely done that. You know you have to -- that -- in their recovery really a year your corporate offences is what it is and people it -- that now offer. Sixteen weeks you try to find a few things to keep my back. What play pleased you the most was at the Hernandez short catch a long run the BenJarvus Green screen pass or something else. -- we -- a lot of good place where there was really solid execution. Knows that those are good ones -- screen it -- grade Aaron and NATO targets on his hands his ability to catch and run with it is. Israeli the second and Crockett some big plays you know grab the ball well -- -- -- There's still -- there was some really good plays when we needed to and we Begin started this world look like but. You know we pretty much corner position after that. And did you watch any Andrew Luck last night on. Now lemon when you see a college quarterback obviously -- some good ones great ones that the now. I mean you look at it differently than we he looks like a sure thing mean is are we wrong to still look at a guy like that who's got all the tools. Excel and say he's going to be a really good NFL quarterback. I think it's hard. It's hard to really say anybody's short same. I think I've just been -- too many too many times where guys. Aren't really sure things in. It's it's it's really hard you know I think it's hard for my own perspective wanted to see good college players are. I think communism and you know have players doing first term -- Olympics third place where they just don't end up. You know really live it up to expectations. Maybe that they have to themselves or for that the people may have to them but. It's it's just it's a different game of the college game translate very differently to the program and it's probably pretty hard to evaluate. College talent because. It's very different in the pro game so. They're really takes. In -- player come in and and they have to be the right situation succeed. And then really -- work ethic and opportunity and take advantage of the situations that are presented themselves. It's it's that I would say it's very tough segment that's for sure you know he's going to be a great player. So the single biggest obstacle a college quarterback has to make but he comes in the -- is -- beat or complexity of the game. It is it -- -- it's everything it's it's you know the game just different it's. And college you know if you hand the ball off now than Michigan if you have the brought your gonna gain yards and on the pro if you get it off and go bad luck you're gonna lose four here. And and college set it back I dropped back and you know I'd have all over the world to make decisions could -- but the line was. You know I have very good offense a lot of well you know in the pros you don't have that you know you you if you are very good off and -- very good defensive line. If you're you're gonna accurate ball quickly. So. It's in all the -- -- chipped it really retrain yourself through. Hours and hours of preparation. And you have to. If -- just have to. Get to go through those kind of learning. Those those those. It's a -- from your mistaken and you know hopefully now people. He was yelling at you at this time of the sideline but giving -- you would Billy O'Brien was the -- does that show rather dramatically in television as well. You've got after it made field goal by the way. Yeah probably just our lack of execution you know it. It think it's frustrating for everybody and when we really don't. You know get the ball in the end zone when he -- get Indians owner. You know we're not really playing in the way that our coaches expect as they usually. Is they let -- -- After -- is great screen that gained 53 -- got pissed after what you thought I guess was a holding call on Hernandez you can hear you kind of packed off that you thought you saw. Yeah right yeah I'd I'd you know the guy that twisted error registers the in the rest into the itself. So it kind of pisses me off. You would you go up two officials say some collect data they just keep dementia. He says some but I'm usually talk inside on here. Where were better than I can't. It's as feels like we've been we talk about this every year but you may lose your offensive coordinators rumored to go to go on everywhere college -- everywhere I know you'll wish him luck. But will that be a tough transition on the break and another guy next year. You know I haven't thought about it. You know it I really don't know what the situation is with with -- here. And he he's been a great coach and a friend of mine so. You know I don't think anyone really knows what's gonna happen though. And I hope he's here for a long time -- Brodeur gets different opportunities and you know more in -- really knows how those opportunities global local roads and. And though it's not supplements in your control but did you enjoy the demise of the jets the jets are are not in the tournament this year even though there. Coach was promising a super ball to his fans a lot of patriots fans are enjoying -- patriots players today take note of the the downfall of the jets. Yet another few web site that likely they say they have on the New York papers so I read a few of those articles. I would be. If not -- They get there it didn't appear and I'm glad we didn't like that was the huge key to you know if he's -- that win against the jets in the medal in the meadowlands so. They. You know we'll we'll see you next year than it does not going anywhere but I'm sure there'll. Come back which is as much confidence -- here. And speaking officials' calls as we were just a couple of minutes ago to jewelry with the officials call this -- you were driven to the ground on the interception return. Probably if I you know it took -- -- a birdie on the side and at that point. Pretty good job -- Yet doesn't take much for me to go down so. Thank you get more calls on the average bear. Now I know they called all year and I don't know I got an animator in my first caller here. I don't I don't think I've gotten rough saying -- in it. And I know it's funny that people say yeah -- in a hypocrite and I don't get any calls. It's a little bitch and -- as. Don't all quarterbacks get calls. And then now it's it's it's part of the positions in every player. In every you know receiver kick called EB rootkit called the mean. The with a one accord that gets colder some big issue with it you know every every network and -- about quarterback getting calls and and never never heard lemon -- hold in the vehicle search -- and pulled the vehicle so. Part of the game. Do you sit down on by we can and watch all the games like we do word is you know you just wait till they're over and your that your videotape and watch for you have to watch. Yeah I'm -- -- I'll get a jump on and on all but. Opponents -- -- that's hopefully watch Oprah what's a lot of. A -- watch as many of the teams that are in the playoffs and want you know just -- on my home computer so. This has been in -- next week or plan Saturdays so if the game that could decide until Sunday. And you know you're sixty -- -- you -- -- has so much so that it ultimately this week. Arnaud we know you said at the end of the day there was all about winning clearly it is -- great year. First -- all that but is there one's individual thing you did that this year particularly proud of one record the 5000. The and anything that the that you look at look back on the regular season says that really meant a lot to you. Yeah yeah I'm I'm happy I was out there to start sixteen weeks. I think that's what I'm most proud of it. As they were -- former teammate and -- really come out every week in and and start the game. There will be durable and and try to be consistent player virtue that's for what most proud of. Here's the quarterback question of the week as we wrap this up from our listeners brought to you by arbitrator now compare brand spanking new -- special offer side by side auto trader dot com -- wants to note Tom. What's the best thing you got from Santa at Christmas and what's the best thing the boys got from Santa. The boys would be here. But he. Dogs dogs -- All my alignment got on the linemen attic I -- my locker got an open this year I happened to exercise just give card legal exchange the card drugs. I guess order is made big side they hadn't stopped 1214. In the -- -- I have to say that you are the most effective spokesman saw them in the store yeah and we'll bring media would just walk right by him and -- is -- and those are. Women's shoes but not because of Brady look at enemies. On the not so bad you know. Pretty could yeah I mean there's there's third -- The groups are often and he's especially if I'm here so we're out there walking -- -- to -- -- so locking I have and then. It was cold out my coupon -- so. So what boys like that may baucus and other haven't at Lagos that what you let but he goes and my youngest son he. He just like to open up does he get the wrapping Paper was slight favorite yet and -- and his brother was hoping it would be one. In an -- stands out in your mind from Santa. My wife just gotten hit a picture of the -- so. What I want to look like it is not to mention first round bye and home field it you know that's perfect as present my teammates got me so I am excited about that. Text -- mentions that maybe the reason you weren't watching in the was that the Fiesta Bowl -- that on Two and a Half Men they mentioned your wife's name. You know that. Heck I didn't know that now. I think that's -- we look that would like to see inside Dexter yesterday. Bulletin dark -- homeland season finale to -- more awesome that they and the bowl season finale is like. Back to back there were awesome. Text text was great -- for modern. I used extra care -- she -- and kill the guy the guy -- evil yet and I mean that's crossed the line stuff that he hasn't technically that's that's the violation of the law. Our top gonna duck and you talked down the road. I'd like thank Tom Brady Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline get it fast with forgy AT&T rethink possible our interview with Thomas brought to -- northeast electrical distributors. Brighten your day electrical solution capabilities the can assist you in saving energy reducing cost and auto trader in beer brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side. Auto trader dot com and by Lexus of Watertown inviting you to -- December to remember sales event details Lexus Watertown dot com and of course. Conversation with the quarterback is brought to you coffee with -- quarterback is brought to you by our great friends who don't -- which you like finale of homeland indexed you know -- I did not put a knowledge Dexter and call them and -- -- the finale -- homer was all the best and eyes of -- and. The most intense shows ever seen it was too slow is it was like. 24 and in your heart race and it. -- what was gonna it was incredible it was kind of a cop out and everybody survives. Death but you knew that was -- -- there there's the second year comes up and only at a particular everybody doesn't sound too nervous about. And it all thirteen days now but still doesn't sound like he's going to work as business as usual which is probably that's how they do it to -- you have to set. He's the captain and his team the jets captain and quite says that. The proper tone in New York we just say no number 10% of -- the worst captain of all time. Well so bad that Ryan's attitude -- use of next year. So then there's stuff you didn't doubt it there he's so although he's not have cannot there's no no no no captain's next he went out -- he's going to be back.

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